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Warnings: spookiness, mild swearing, inept writer at the wheel, homosexual themes (personally I don't think this should need to be a warning, but just in case you have a legit, respectful reason for avoidance and also so haters have absolutely no excuse bar idiocy)

Word count: 400


My mother died of cancer when I was two. I don't remember her, but Dad and Damon -my brother- have told me plenty of stories. She sounds like a wonderful person. I can understand why Dad never got over her. Which is why I was understandably shocked when he broke the news.

"You what?" Damon shrieked (in a very manly way).

"I said," Dad repeated, "I've found someone. Her name is Amanda, and I think we really could work. We didn't want to to rush into things without telling our children, though, so..." He trailed off.

"Wait. 'Our children'?" Damon quoted hesitantly.

"Yes. She has two kids as well. Cassie is fourteen and Joel is thirteen, so we're hoping you all get along okay."

Right between me and Damon's ages, then. Like that's all that matters...

"But... What about Mum?"

"I..." Dad paused uncomfortably. "Boys, you know I'll never forget your mother, but, well, that doesn't mean I shouldn't move on if I get the chance. She always was a remarkably selfless woman, and I don't think she would have wanted me to stay single for the rest of my life out of guilt."

I guess that makes sense, I thought. I was ridiculously confused, and Dad's honesty, as always, really helped. But... It had only ever been the three of us. How on earth could I get used to suddenly having two girls in my family? And another brother? What if he was mean to me? Made fun of me? I knew I wasn't the most intimidating or confident guy in the world, and I was used to being singled out for it.

That said, I wouldn't know until I met them, so my trademark fretting wasn't going to do much good right now. Shaking myself from my thoughts, I realised Dad was still looking at us expectantly. A glance to the side told me Damon wasn't going to formulate coherent sentences any time soon, so I sighed and tried to sort out my thoughts.

"Well..." I spoke for the first time. "Does she make you happy, Dad? This Amanda?"

Damon sputtered while Dad smiled at me.

"Yes, Timmy. She really does."

"I'd like to meet her then. And her kids." I went back to my cereal. Pushing aside my worries, I focused on the look of relief on Dad's face that told me I had made the right choice.