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I swear

I lie




"Maybe you should just leave Toby!" I shout at him as I pace around the kitchen, my eyes red and puffy.

"No, I'm not leaving you, you always say this." Toby yells back. I stop pacing to look at him.

"Well, I mean it." I say, crying through my words.

"No, we can make it past this. I promise Spencer." Toby says in a shaky voice.

"WE CAN'T!" I shout at him loudly. He stops talking and looks at me. "WE ARE GOING TO DIFFERENT COLLEGES; WE AREN'T GOING TO BE TOGETHER FOR TWO YEARS TOBY." I shout at him, crying again. He looks at me in the most sorrow way possible. "I have to let them know what I want at 12, and I need to leave here." I tell him, trying not to cry.

"Fine." Toby says in defeat. "Then I guess this is it." Toby says, quieter.

"I guess so." I agree with him, wiping away more tears. He looks at me, opens the door, and leaves, taking my heart with him.


I sit on my couch in silence with a huge headache. I start crying again at the thought of Toby. I get up from the couch and before I run out of the house, I quickly check the clock and it reads '11:36'. I run out the door and into the streets. I look up at the sky and it starts to rain- really hard.

The feeling of a million raindrops on my skin tingles each time it lands on me. I wrap my hands around myself and shiver slightly. I sigh and check my watch, it now reads '11:50'. Crap, this is the 10 minute decision, Toby or college. My eyebrows furrow in frustration. Suddenly a trash can falls down from behind me. I wince and turn around to check, but once I realized it was only that, I turn back to see Toby in front of me. I step back a tiny bit from him, scared to be close to him.

"I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye to you." Toby tells me softly. I nod silently and I look at him.

He grabs me into a long hug and I savor every second. I'm going to miss his touch, his smell, his smile, his everything. He pulls away softly and looks at me lovingly, caressing my wet cheek mixed with rain and tears. He pulls me into a passionate kiss.

I respond very quickly and I kiss him back, my hands traveling from his neck, to his hair, to his back. I feel the rain on his nose and his now wet hair. He pulls away again and I am slightly panting. "I love you." I cry. He hugs me tightly and caresses my wet tangled hair. I pull away from him with glossy eyes.

"I love you too." He replies. A warm feeling in my heart arises and I smile at him. I slowly turn my head and walk away.

I had confirmed the email that I was going to college. I said my final goodbye to Toby and left. I went to my college finally, and I unpacked my luggage in my new dorm, luckily I didn't have to share with anyone so I felt comfortable.

A month passed and I haven't spoken to Toby so much, an occasional "hi" in a text but nothing shocking.

One day, I had off from school so I spent my day watching Netflix in my pajamas and comfy brushed hair. I was right in the middle of watching an episode of my show, when I heard a knock on the door.

I stopped the episode, and walked to the door to see who it was. I open the door and I see the boy I fell in love with, baby blue eyes matching my hazel ones. He had the college shirt that I attend, and a luggage bag. "Hi." He greets me. I have the widest smile on my face, and I know what's to come now.

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