Author's Note: Yo.

I know you guys are patiently waiting on my next update of TBTBLTNEW, but I was hit by a massive inspiration while watching a few episodes of Best Wishes Season 2. And as you may have deduced from the summary, it is indeed the episode BW79: Iris and the Rogue Dragonite.

A quick heads-up before starting. This story begins from the very episode mentioned above, and will carry into the wider Unova plot after this. Kalos too, if I get that far that is.

So, let's get on with it!



Chapter 1: A new beginning!

(Somewhere in Unova)

The sky was dark and thunderclouds were forming. Flying type Pokémon hurried back into their tree tops and nests to protect themselves from the oncoming onslaught of water and thunder. A herd of Tepig followed an Emboar into a cave formation, finding safety from their natural enemy in the dry areas. Of course, it wasn't all doom and gloom for all beings; for a lot of Water types could be seen with wide smiles on their faces as they came out from their hiding places, rather than get into them. All in all, despite the less than pleasant weather, the mood around the area was peaceful and quiet.

But it didn't remain that way for long.

A ferocious roar tore through the sky as two massive forms came flying through it. Brilliant flashes accompanied with them savage beams and lasers of destruction, as was aptly noted by a flock of Pidoves who watched in horror as a nearby tree was blasted into oblivion.

The two hulking forms were none other than the two Pseudo Legendaries, Dragonite and Hydreigon, who were battling it out in a wild and uncontrolled version of a savage Pokémon battle. The two Pokémon, vastly known for their equal power; but polar opposite natures, showed their impressive stamina and strength as they launched attack after attack at each other. Both Pokémon had looks of rage on their features, although it was slightly easier to see it on the expressive face of Dragonite.

Dragonite, a Pokémon known far and wide for its happy and kind demeanor, showed none of its usual perseverance as it viciously attacked its foe with a powerful Flamethrower.

The fire type attack burned its way towards Hydreigon with surprising quickness, but the Dark type deftly dodged the attack with its flying skills.

Snarling in rage, Hydreigon's three heads worked in tandem as a triple Hyper beam was launched towards a alert Dragonite, who countered with a powerful Ice Beam.

The two attacks met in mid sky with sound of a gunshot, and with their creators powering them continuously, exploded in massive tundra of ice and energy, with large ice poles dropping down from the skies into the trees below.

Rushing forward, both Pokémon let out blood curdling roars as they clashed with each other with nothing but pure speed and strength. Neither gained an advantage though, with both the dragons thrown backwards with bruises on their thick scaly hides.

Unnoticed to both, the icicles from Dragonite's Ice Beam attack had fallen into a group of trees housing a large number of flying type Pokémon. With Tailows and Starlys accompanying them, the native Pidoves shrieked out in terror as they blindly flew into the sky, unheeding of the even greater danger present.

Dragonite launched a Thunder attack towards the reeling Hydreigon. Massive voltage generating around its body; and fueled with the electricity already present into the clouds above, Dragonite centered the electricity on the two odd antennas present on its head and launched the attack with a barking noise. The electric energy travelled through the sky in the blink of an eye, and reached its intended target.

Having only a split second to act, Hydreigon acted on instinct and covered its main head with the two smaller ones, who unfortunately played the role of hands in protection.

A mini explosion occurring, Hydreigon was engulfed in the large Thunder attack. With the slight amount of water on its body from battling with the Dragonite in the clouds, the attack proved more than little damaging to the Pseudo Legendary, who screeched in pain as its two smaller heads had a sudden inflow of unpleasant electric current through them.

Smirking in apparent victory, Dragonite started to take its leave, not noticing Hydreigon charging up another Tri-Beam, although it was expectedly less powerful than before due to the damage suffered by the magnificent dark type.

With its two minor heads snarling in rage at the unified brain, Hydreigon aptly launched the Tri Bema towards Dragonite, too enraged to notice a flock of panicking Pidoves flying around its foe.

Sensing the attacks, Dragonite was about to dodge and retaliate, when in noticed the small Pidoves directly in the line of attack. Growling under its breath, Dragonite covered the Pidoves with its own body, shielding them from the devastating Tri-Beam.

A mini inferno occurring at the site of explosion was enough for the Pidoves to promptly Quick Attack their way out of the temporary battle zone.

Unfortunately, Dragonite didn't escape unscathed in the least. With its left wing burned and a couple of flight oriented bones broken, Dragonite cried out in pain as it hobbled downwards.

Taking relish from causing pain to its adversary, Hydreigon decided to end the battle. Charging up a single headed Dragon Rage, Hydreigon spit the attack towards a helpless Dragonite. The blue blazing attack hit Dragonite with full force, massive explosion occurring on the site of contact.

Dragonite cried out in pain as it fell from the sky involuntarily, luckily falling into a nearby lake, splashing with enough force to cause a large tidal wave. Enough to knock back a large number of water type Pokémon onto the nearby forests.

Hydreigon roared out in victory, its smaller hands growling with equal fervor. Happy at having defeated its opponent; albeit with underhanded tactics, the massively powerful Pokémon flew back towards the direction from which it had tumbled out during its melee with its fellow Dragon type.

Deep under the lake, Dragonite settled itself onto the lake surface, only a thread of consciousness keeping it awake. Accessing the damage, the Dragon type decided to stay in the soothing water to repair the burns. Closing its eyes, Dragonite fell into a night long slumber. Having seen the ferocious battle high above, none of the water dwellers dared disturb the resting Dragon type.

A few hours later...

In a matter of hours, daylight hit the lake surface. With no way to know the time, Dragonite remained in its sleep, the action helping to restore the kind expression bore by Pokémon of its species, and thus actually allowing a brave Tympole to wake up the Pokémon.

Its face immediately turning into a scowl, the dragon looked towards the slightly shaking Tympole. Giving a grunt, as if to say 'Let's get on with it'; Dragonite shot itself from the lake surface using its power thigh muscles.

Exploding from the water surface, Dragonite gave a light flap of its wings to move a large amount of distance effortlessly. Suddenly noticing a human made structure, a Power Plant in this case, Dragonite grunted as it attempted to use move power in its flight. Giving a large flap of its wings, Dragonite didn't quite get the reaction it was looking for.

Instead of the expected increase in speed, massive pain tore through its back, emerging from its wings. With the sudden pain, Dragonite was unable to control its descent from sky, and ended up crashing a large tower present in the Power Plant.

Taking no damage from the crash, Dragonite grunted as it landed on the power plant grounds. The tower making a loud groan as it fell; Dragonite cringed at the loud crashing noise following it.

The tower had ended up falling with a lot of wires and equipment present on it. Luckily, due to it being morning hours no person was injured. Nevertheless, the damage was enough to cost a pretty penny to repair.

Sighing at the amount of debris it had unintentionally caused, Dragonite was just about to make its hasty retreat when a large shock hit its back.


Scowling at the irritating attack, Dragonite turned around only to come face to face with a large number of Magnemites. The magnet Pokémon were buzzing in anger at the dragon type for the amount of damage it had caused to their workplace. If a third party were to see he confrontation, none would have blamed the Magnemites for their reaction.

However, Dragonite was in no mood for answering to a bunch of magnets. Already pissed off from its loss to Hydreigon last night, and amplified by the pain in its wings, Dragonite let out a loud roar, the action causing shockwaves to push back the Magnets.

The battle at the Power Plant began.


In the nearby town of Undella, staying in a villa owned by none other than the Sinnoh Champion, Ash Ketchum and his friends were up and ready to start their day. Staying in the state of the art building, Ash and his friends had taken full advantage of the grounds healing facilities as well as training grounds to prepare for the upcoming Club Battle Championship.

Ash was accompanied by Iris, a girl from the reputed Dragon Village headed by the Dragon master Drayden, and Cilan, the Connoisseur gym leader of Striaton city. The trio had journeyed through Unova in Ash's quest to win the eight gym badges necessary to enter the Unova League. Having accomplished that task, Ash was now diligently training for winning the Unova League.

But in a surprising turn of events, Ash and his friends were joined by his Sinnoh companion, Dawn Berlitz, who had come to Unova to explore the region and meet with Ash. The blue haired girl had already finished her journey in Johto, and thus was invited by Cynthia to her villa, where she met with Ash. Deciding to stay for a little bit, Dawn had decided to participate in the upcoming Club Battle herself.

With Cilan off to prepare breakfast, and Ash letting out his Pokémon, it was up to Iris to find their blue haired companion. The dragon trainer sighed on exasperation as she watched Dawn tend to her hair. In their few days of correspondence, Iris had fully come to understand that the coordinator was nigh near fanatical about her hair, not even showing her face till she had it in the best condition.

"Oh come on, Dawn! You hair is looking all good and stuff, let's go down already!" Iris said, obviously hungry for the Food Connoisseur Cilan's breakfast.

"Hush, Iris. You know I can't show myself to everyone while my hair is not good. It's soo~ difficult to keep my hair in a perfect condition!" Dawn huffed in frustration as she ran the hair dryer on her silky blue hair. She couldn't even imagine how horrifying it would be if Ash saw her Dee Dee hair.

'What a kid.' Were Iris's thoughts at the moment. Still, she had come to like Dawn a lot during the few days after they had met, so she wasn't about to make any rude comments. Moreover, she found the situation to be more amusing than anything else.

Axew blinked as he watched the scene go in front of his eyes. Having never seen its trainer put much attention to her own hair, the Dragon type could be excused for finding Dawn's actions a bit weird. Piplup, who was more than acquainted with its trainer's behavior, simply rested with a relaxed gaze.

Suddenly, the lights in the room began flickering, and in a matter of seconds, all the electrical appliances switched off. Also included in this was Dawn's precious hair dryer.

"H-Hey! What happened?" Dawn went into a minor panic attack as the machine turned off.

"Why did the lights all turn off?" Iris looked around in confusion as Axew and Piplup shrugged.

The sudden opening of the door gathered the duos attention.

"It's a power cut guys." Ash informed the two as he entered the room with Pikachu perched on his shoulder.

Dawn pouted "Aww man... And I was almost finished too!" She said as she tried to straighten out her hair with her hands.

Making their way out into the slightly darkened corridor, the trio made their way towards the dining hall, where they clearly saw Cilan and Jarvis due to the large windows present in the room.

"Mr. Jarvis, is there something wrong with the electricity?" Ash asked as he approached the table.

"I am afraid so, Ash. Due to our town being so close to a power plant, we rarely have to suffer from power cuts, it's certainly most peculiar." Jarvis said gravely. "But don't worry, this villa has its own backup generators, so we won't have to stay in the dark for long." He added.

Nevertheless, the gang sat down on the table to eat the hearty western style breakfast cooked by Cilan. Having dodged dirty looks from Jarvis from day one, Ash finally decided to eat in a more...human-like manner, much to the relief of the others. Though the raven haired boy was certainly not happy with such a slow pace of eating.

Slow was for chumps, pig style eating was for real men. Just ask Goku.

For the next few minutes the only sound in the hall was of cutlers clanging as the teens started their breakfast. Eventually, Dawn and Ash engaged in a talk about how their respective journeys were going after their split. Ash was immensely proud and happy to know that Dawn had once again reached the finals of the Grand Festival in Hoenn. Likewise, Dawn was happy at knowing that Ash had completed his quest for collecting Gym badges a whole three months prior to the league.

She was not, however, happy to learn about the attitude of Ash's latest rival. And she was even more disappointed to learn of Ash's defeats to him.

"But why Ash? You are so much better and more experienced of a trainer than that Trip guy. How can you possibly lose?" Dawn asked in disbelief. After all, this was the guy who had taken down two legendary Pokémon in the Sinnoh League. Against an opponent who not even the Gym Leaders were able to touch.

Iris looked at Ash with a confused gaze too "That's something even I was wondering, Ash. Trip is a rookie trainer who hasn't even competed in his first league. Compared to him, you are like a grizzled veteran!" Hearing the topic, even Cilan turned his head towards Ash to listen to his answer.

However, Ash was completely non-pulsed by questions "I agree that Trip is a new trainer, Dawn. But what you all are forgetting is that essentially I am a newbie too." Seeing his friend's bewildered looks, he continued.

"I didn't bring any of my older Pokémon with me to Unova. So it was essentially a new journey for me with my starter Pikachu. All of my Pokémon are at a level they could be if I started my journey in Unova, rather than Kanto."

As looks of understanding came onto the faces of the trio, even Jarvis was listening with rapt attention, Ash shrugged "Sure, I could have won all those Club Battle tournaments, I could have even crushed Trip had I used all of my older and more experienced Pokémon. But what's there to gain from that? I have made new friends in Unova, Oshawott, Snivy, Pignite, Krokorok, Leavanny, Boldore, Scraggy, Palpitoad, Unfezant. I want to help them get stronger, strong enough to help me win the Unova League." Ash finished, smiling.

Cilan, Iris and Dawn looked at Ash with awed looks on their faces. Never in a hundred years had they thought their friend to be capable of such deep thinking.

However, Dawn had one more question that she had on her mind.

"Ok... So I understand all that about using your new Pokémon Ash. But what about Pikachu?" She asked, making Ash blink.

"What about him?"

"Don't play dumb with me Ash. Pikachu is your STARTER. He has more combined experience than your whole team, and most of your Pokémon back home. I understand that he was weakened after your meeting with Zekrom, but what about the 5v5 battle you had with Trip? Pikachu alone should have defeated all of them?" she asked a bit skeptically.

Before a sputtering Ash could formulate an answer, Pikachu decided to save his own sorry yellow behind.

"Pikachu pi pika!" Pikachu waved his arms around wildly, pointing towards his trainer. "Chu Pikachu pi!"

"Say what!" A vein grew on Ash's head.


"How was it my fault?"

"Chu Pikachu!"

"Oh noo~ you didn't!"

"CHU Pikachu!"

"Why you little-"

Before the quarrelling duo could come to blows, a sudden ringing caught the attention of the people sitting around.

Since it was so early morning, the group was curious as to who could be at the doorstep. Following Jarvis as he opened the door, they were even more surprised to see Officer Jenny on her Bat mobile-esque patrolling bike, with a very serious expression on her face.

"May I help you, Officer?" Jarvis asked politely. The teens peeked from his back.

"Yes. Can you call Champion Cynthia out please? It's a major problem, and there's a high possibility that we may need her help." Jenny spoke up seriously, without any pleasantries.

Hearing this Ash, being the adventurous boy that he is, immediately came out from behind the butler "What kind of problem Officer Jenny?"

Before the woman could answer, Dawn chose the moment to make her presence known "Is this somehow related to the power cut happening now?"

Jenny nodded at the bluenette "Yes, you are correct. Our power plant has been attacked by a rogue Pokémon. While we could have usually taken care of it ourselves, the Pokémon in question is very strong. It has effortlessly knocked out the various Pokémon employed at the Power Plant. Magnemites, Magnetons and even a Magnezone have been defeated by this Pokémon." She stated with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

Cilan was taken aback at the information "All of them at once? And even a Magnezone? This particular Pokémon must be exceedingly strong Officer Jenny." Thinking for a second, he asked "Do you know what Pokémon it is?"

"Its a Dragonite." At the shocked looks from the group, she continued "Yes, you must have understood by now how dire the situation really is. We really need Cynthia's expertise, and if necessary, her power to take care of the situation."

"I am afraid Officer Jenny, Cynthia is currently out of town. She left last night on some official duty. It is highly unlikely she will return today." Jarvis stated gravely.

Jenny's lips drew in a thin line "I see." Taking a few seconds to compose herself , she switched on the engine of her bike "Please be careful. While the Pokémon has just attacked the Power Plant until now, it is highly probable that it will increase its attack radius. Keep you Pokémon with you all the-"

"You're wrong!" Iris's sudden dismayed cry cut through Jenny's voice, causing everyone to look at her. "Officer Jenny, Dragonite's are kind and gentle Pokémon. They will never attack someone to just destroy!" The dragon trainer said with resolve.

The only Kanto native over there, Ash decided to support Iris's statement "That's right Officer Jenny. I am from Kanto, and its a well known fact that Dragonites are not vicious Pokémon. I am sure there must be a reason behind these happenings." Not to mention what the heck was a Dragonite doing in Unova anyway?

Dawn echoed her two friend's statements. Having fleetingly seen Professor Oak's Dragonite, she could hardly believe a Pokémon like that to be violent.

Jenny shook her head "It's not like I have a personal problem with it, you know. I can only deduce from what I saw firsthand." Dragonite's were already rare in Kanto. To find one in a far off region like Unova was a feat in itself. So in all honesty, this could have been Jenny's first meeting with the Pseudo Legendary. And first impressions always matter the most.

"Let's not come to a hasty conclusion here guys." Cilan said with a calming motion from his hands "Even if what Ash, Dawn and Iris say is true, I don't think it should be a debatable fact that Dragonite's are crazy strong Pokémon. And for all we know, this particular Dragonite may be more hot headed than the others." Cilan pointed out.

Dawn snapped her fingers "Hey! What about Meloetta? We can use her calming song to to pacify Dragonite!" She said with a smile.

However, this hope for a peaceful solution was quickly dashed by Jarvis "I am afraid, Ms. Berlitz, that even that is not possible. Meloetta, curious as she is, followed Cynthia in her car. I noticed a little bit too late, and chances are that she is still with Cynthia." Jarvis stated apologetically, making Dawn frown.

The group stood in awkward silence for a few minutes, before Jenny decided to leave.

"Well... I guess I should be making my leave then." Just as Jenny was about to twist the accelerator, Ash's voice stopped her.

"Wait! Officer Jenny, could we come to help?" At Jenny's skeptical look, he continued "We are all Pokémon trainers, and Cilan here was the previous Gym Leader of Striaton City. If the Dragonite is as strong as you say, perhaps we could do something?" He pressed on. Iris's face broke into a smile as Ash said the exact words she was about to.

She would never have been able to forgive herself if she was not able to help Dragonite.

Jenny was highly inclined to decline, but looking into Ash's steeled eyes, she couldn't help bit believe in the kid's words. "Sure. If you really want to, you may come to help." She said with a smile, causing Ash and Iris to jump in joy.

Plus, having a Gym Leader in support was indeed an added positive.


A few minutes later...

Ash, Dawn, Iris and Cilan, with Pikachu, Piplup and Axew, reached the power plant after a few minutes of running. Panting lightly, the four entered the plant, just in time to hear the loud voices.

"Damn it! We have to find some way to reach the Dragonite! It has sealed itself in one of the major control rooms." A worked said worryingly as he looked at his co workers and Officer jenny.

"What about we use the air vents? They lead to all the rooms in the factory, and we cod reach the dragon in no time at all!" A worker said, smacking his fist in success.

"No can do." Jenny stated with a scowl "The vents are way too small for an adult to fit. We must find another way." Just as the workers were about to suggest another idea, Ash and his friends made their grand appearance.

"Wait! Officer Jenny, we can go through the vents." Ash said as he looked at the policewoman.

Jenny looked a few times from Ash to the vent, before nodding resolutely "Take this Pokeball." She said as she handed the red and white device to the raven haired teen. Ash blinked at the gadget, before shrinking and attaching it to his pocket with a thankful nod.

"Come on Ash!" Dawn's voice echoed from the vents, causing Ash to hastily climb his own way into the steel structure. It seemed that Iris and Dawn hadn't wasted any time in making their way inside the vent.

Seeing his friend go up, Cilan was about to make his own when Jenny's hand on his shoulder stopped him. Blinking in confusion, Cilan finally understood what Jenny meant.

Taking a step back sadly, Cilan mentally wished the best of luck to his friends, before thinking to himself despondently.

"I guess it won't be 'Spy walking' Time after all..."


Catching Pikachu in his arms, Ash kneeled besides Dawn and Iris as they peeked from behind one of many large controlling machines.

The lone door to the room was effectively sealed by a massive slab of ice, no doubt from an Ice Beam attack. Dragonite itself was on the floor, its eyes closed and the Pokémon sleeping. Careful to not wake up the dragon type, Ash and the girls talked in low hushed tones.

"Why would Dragonite invade the Power Plant just to rest?" Ash whispered, a bit bewildered from the actions of the Dragon type.

Iris furrowed her brows in concentration as she ran a look on the Dragonite. Initially not finding anything out of place, the young trainer suddenly noticed the small purple bruise present on the Pokémon's left wing.

Gasping in surprise, Iris quickly explained the situation to her two friends "Guys, Dragonite is injured! Maybe that's the reason he came here, or maybe even crashed into the place." With Iris pointing the location, Ash and Dawn too noticed the wound on the Pokémon.

Dawn though bit her lips in confusion "But the wound isn't even that bad, it almost looks as if it has already healed by now..."

"Dragonite has been here for at least a couple of hours guys, so the wound may have healed a bit from what it was before" Ash interjected.

Unfortunately, all this talking and gasping had succeeded in waking up the extraordinarily sensitive senses of the Dragon type. In a single fluid motion, the Dragon type's tail crashed through the machine behind which the trio were

Yelping in surprise, Ash managed to pull the two girls; and himself, from out of harm's way. Pikachu had similarly jumped away, now crouching on all fours and cheeks sparking with anger. Piplup had similarly taken a determined stance against the large Pokémon.

Glaring up at the scowling Dragon Type, Ash tried to placate it "We are not here to hurt you Dragonite" The Pokémon scoffed, not believing him. Still, Ash pressed on "Please believe us Dragonite, we want to help you recover, come to the Pokémon center with us, we can heal you over there."

The Pokémon snarled, as if the thought of help disgusted him. And with its fist crackling with electricity, Dragonite was about to attack when its Thunder Punch was stopped solidly by an Iron Tail attack from Pikachu.

Pikachu's strength behind the attack was such that it managed to knock both Pokémon backwards. While Dragonite stumbled for a bit, it instantaneously retook its stance. Pikachu spun a couple of times before landing on his hind feet.

"It's not listening guys..." Iris murmured nervously as Dragonite and Pikachu clashed. Oh, how she wished Meloetta was with them. Everything would have been much easier

"Please listen to us Dragonite! I know that you are in pain, and you just want to rest. But this isn't the place Dragonite; you are putting yourself in danger!" Iris yelled in desperation as she ran in front of Dragonite, shocking Ash, Dawn and Axew, who she had left behind.

Dragonite however, was too angry to think rationally, and attack Iris with a Flamethrower. Eyes widening in fear for his friend, Ash breathed a sigh of relief as Piplup cancelled the attack with a water gun of its own.

Growling, Dragonite once again tried to attack with a Thunder Punch.

"Piplup, Dodge!" Dawn said, to which her Pokémon deftly jumped out of the attack.

Iris quickly made her way back to her two friends, nodding to Dawn with gratitude.

Ash enlarged a Pokeball in his hands "Last chance Dragonite! You have attacked us three times by now, and we have not attacked you even once! Why don't you trust us?"

Dragonite's answer came in the form of another charging Flamethrower. Sighing in resignation, Ash looked up with a fierce gaze and hurled the Pokeball in his hands.

Just as Dragonite's Flamethrower was half way through to the gang, the attack was literally cut through as a figure emerged from the Pokeball in a bright flash. The Pokémon emerging was bipedal, sand colored with black stripes, and with a much crocodile like appearance.

Oddly enough, it was wearing a pair of sunglasses.

No doubt, the Pokémon was none other than Ash's Krokorok.

"Krokorok!" The dual Ground-Dark type was confident as ever, glaring down Dragonite without even a little bit of fear.

Iris bit her lip to keep herself from stopping Ash. She knew by now that Dragonite could cause much more collateral damage if left unchecked. She only had Axew on hand. Excadrill and Emolga were at the Pokémon center, healing from their last night training with Cilan.

Not for the first time, Iris felt herself wishing for the legendary Pokémon who had been following Ash. Maybe things would have been different with Meloetta, but without her maybe this was the only way.

Dawn did not say anything, rather kept herself ready for helping Ash whenever needed. Piplup too got ready.

Pikachu was back on his trainer's shoulder, watching as the battle was about to start. While the electric mouse was indeed a bit disappointed at not getting to face Dragonite himself, Pikachu nevertheless followed whatever decision his trainer made. And if he thought that Krokorok should be allowed to face Dragonite, who was he to argue?

Seeing that Dragonite was not taking the initiative, Ash decided to kick start the match.

"Krokorok, use Crunch!"

"Krooookorok!" "Dagooo!"


Many miles away...

Meanwhile, a very sinister development was underway on the opposite side of the town of Undella.

Being a coastal town, Undella had a lot of beautiful scenery around it. World's best beaches, high end restaurants, five star hotels, and basically everything a tourist could need for having the best vacation ever. Not to mention Pokémon from all the regions could be found dwelling here.

But one of the more interesting things about the town in Eastern Unova was also something that few cared about. Being built on a mountain, the area surrounding Unova had a lot of underground caves and lakes. The main reason these places were bereft of tourists was because of the sheer difficulty in reaching them.

Tentacruel and Frillish were abundant in these areas, so it wasn't really a pleasant prospect to the average tourist to face such dangers; only for reaching a lifeless cave.

But the group of people gathered around one such formation were neither averse to danger, nor tourists.

Dressed in black, with only a single deep red R present on their shirts, Jessie, James and Rocket Elite Pierce were gathered around what appeared to be a underground pond only a few feet deep. It was a very unassuming formation. In fact, the only thing remotely interesting about it was the extraordinarily clean water present in it.

"Jessie, James, Meowth, secure the perimeter. We do not need any interference during the task. Operation Tempest in the single biggest mission in Team Rocket history, we cannot afford to risk it." Pierce ordered in a stern tone.

The trio nodded resolutely as they jogged away. Reaching their positions, they activated the devices which they retrieved from their back packs. The devices were meant to disrupt any and all interruptions they might have gotten from both police and Pokémon.

As the three did their jobs, another figure emerged from within the shadows. The particular individual was wearing a white lab coat, and was an elderly individual.

Dr Zaeger smiled at seeing the progress made. "Pierce, are you completely sure this is the correct location? We have been misled a total of 28 times by now?"

Pierce nodded "Affirmative, doctor. Meowth has provided all the data the three have collected throughout the year, they are fully sure that this is the place we have been looking for." The blue haired man personally didn't have a very high opinion of the three; not surprising given their record, but they had indeed performed beyond anyone's expectations for quite some time now.

Zaeger moved forward, a small rectangular device held in his hand. "So then... No better time to check it." Pressing the red button on the device, all of the five individuals started to feel peaceful and quaint at the voice which came from it

The beautiful voice belonged to none other than the Unova Legendary, Meloetta. As the song played, the entire structure began to shake and rumble, causing all of them to brace for any falling rocks or debris.

But instead, a very different and magnificent event occurred. The lake, which was only a few feet deep, began to shake violently, with a loud groaning sound coming.

Much to the amazement of the trio, a large temple like structure emerged from within the lake. The temple looked quite archaic in its design, with loads of mosses and water plants stuck on it. Not q single part was dry. A single door was present on what appeared to be its front.

Pierce looked up at the structure with success in his eyes "Ladies and gentlemen...

Welcome, to the Abyssal Ruins."

Undella Town...

At the Power Plant

The southern wall of the power plant had a huge gaping hole created in it. Out on the grassy land, Krokorok and Dragonite glared across at each other, panting a bit hard, but not much worse for the wear

A good distance behind Krokorok, Ash stood, fists clenched and covered with dust. The reason being Dragonite's sudden destruction of the wall behind it

While the first few attacks between the two Pokémon were aptly dodged by either, Dragonite did manage to hit Krokorok with a Flamethrower. Thankfully, the crocodile Pokémon's thick armored body hadn't suffered much damage.

Krokorok had responded with a Stone Edge attack of his own. While Dragonite might have been able to dodge it, its faulty wing betrayed it, causing the Pokémon to be hit by the machine gun of rocks. Not at all happy with the pain it was feeling, Dragonite proceeded to punch a hole in the wall using Thunder Punch, effectively destroying a large portion of it.

And now, they stood. Ready to start round two of their battle.

This time not waiting for its opponent, Dragonite started. A glowing white sphere created in its jaws, with energy crackling around it like electricity. The Pokémon launched the attack with precision, singular arcs of energy being launched like a Thunderbolt attack.

Seeing the Ice Beam approaching, Ash ordered "Dodge it using Dig."

Just as the Ice Beam was about to hit the dual type, Krokorok dug its way into the ground with unnatural quickness. Shards of Ice were created at the place where the Ice Beam had hit, showing that it was a very precise attack.

Seeing Dragonite look around in confusion had Ash's confidence rise. Noticing he slight bulge on the ground, and how it moved stealthily around Dragonite, Ash waited for the right moment.

There! Just as Krokorok was underneath the Dragon's tail, Ash yelled "That's it Krokorok, use Crunch!"

Dragonite's expression turned into one of alarm as it guarded it body with its hands. However, that turned out to be for nothing as sharp pain emerged from its tail.

Howling in pain, Dragonite attempted to shake the croc off, but to no avail.

"Tuck your hands and legs along your body Krokorok!" now that the croc did it, its body flew through the air like an extension on Dragonite's tail, with the Pokémon unable to shake it off.

"That's it Krokorok!" Dawn cheered from the background.

"AGOOO!" Dragonite, in a fit of rage, painfully flapped its wings once to give it a nice jump, and then smashed its tail onto the rock hard earth, earning pain filled cry from the croc.

"Oh no, Krokorok!" Ash looked on in worry as Dragonite's fourth tail smash finally loosened Krokorok grip enough for the Dragon Type to toss it away.

Krokorok landed with a painful thud on the ground. Testing its ribs, Krokorok was damn sure at least one of them had cracked from the successive smashes.

"Krokorok, are you alright? Will you be able to continue?" Ash asked with worry laced in his tone as he watched his Pokémon cough painfully.

Krokorok looked back at Ash with a confident gaze, despite its pain, and its glasses shone to show that he indeed was capable of continuing.

Ash smiled. He should have expected this from the beginning. The smile wiped off his face as Dragonite ran forward, a Flamethrower launching from its mouth towards the croc. Due to Dragonite's zig zag running, the Flamethrower turned a heck of a lot more dangerous than before.

Ash cursed as Dragonite disappeared from view altogether. The raging inferno covered the Pokémon's path, with huge embers crashing in a haphazard manner.

Dig was a failsafe option, but Ash wanted to try something more radical.

"Alright, Krokorok, defend using multiple Dark Pulse! Explode the Dark Pulses against the Flamethrower!" Ash yelled confidently.

In the background, Iris frowned "What is Ash doing?! Krokorok can easily defend using Dig."

Suddenly, Cilan's voice echoed in Iris's mind "Don't worry Iris. As both you and I know, Ash has a unique flavor of his own! This order of his must be some part of his strategy!"

Iris squeaked in fear, causing Dawn to look at the girl strangely. Shrugging it off as another one of the girl's quirks, she turned her attention back to the battle.

Dragonite smirked to itself as it charged its way towards the croc, maintaining the low powered Fire type attack perfectly. Once he got close range, the overgrown shoe won't stand a chance.

Krokorok was more than acquainted with his trainer's habit of using unorthodox strategies. And it was with personal opinion that he could say most of them worked

So without further adieu, Krokorok charged up a black colored sphere with a glowing center in its jaws. The whole process taking a thousandth of a second, Krokorok launched the attack towards the incoming inferno, which had no definite shape due to Dragonite's running along with it.

The attack exploding with the sound of a cannon ball, thick smoke filled the arena as Krokorok's multiple Dark Balls exploded against the fireballs.

Dragonite grinned to itself as it homed in on Krokorok's position. Despite not being able to see, Dragonite's antenna allowed for it to locate its foes with pin point accuracy.

So, when Dragonite reached the expected place of Krokorok's standing with a fist glowing with electricity, it was not a pleasant surprise to find the place empty.

It was then that Ash made his move "Now Krokorok! Explode from the ground and use Stone Edge!"

Against everyone's shocked looks, the ground behind the original Dragon exploded in a shower of dirt and dust, followed by Krokorok emerging from it.

As time ran into slow motion for the two Pokémon, Krokorok's glasses shone in the sunlight as a ring of stones started circling its body in an X shape.

Before the stunned Dragon could do anything, Krokorok launched the attack with devastating quickness towards Dragonite.

Each of the attacks hit with an ear splitting crack. Dragonite was thrown backwards, although remaining standing, as the rocks exploded against its thick scales, leaving angry red welts in their places.

"Alright! He did it!" Iris cheered as Krokorok's attack fell with power and precision.

"Now, finish this with Shadow Claw!" Ash said as he waved his hand in an arc, sure of his victory.

"Kroko!" Krokorok's claws in length and glowed with malicious energy. Still in the air, Krokorok raised its arm to slash with most power, thin wisps of purple trailing behind its claw.

However, while Dragonite was indeed injured, it was in no way down and out.

In a fearsome display of strength and stamina, Dragonite launched a point blank Flamethrower towards the descending Krokorok, who could do nothing as the fire swallowed its body

Ash yelled out his Pokémon's name, but dodging from such a close range attack, while in mid-air was something impossible.

Krokorok cried out as its hurt body hit the ground with a loud thud. Feeling burns on its body, the sandy colored Pokémon was looking black in many places due to the amount of soot created on its body. Just like all ground type Pokémon, Krokorok's body had a covering of dense dhst and sand. This was the maid reason attack like Thunderbolt and Flamethrower didn't usually hurt it as much.

But enduring a point blank Flamethrower was beyond the capabilities of the Ground type.

Not giving its adversary a moment to rest, Dragonite charged up a quick Ice Beam. The attack screeched as it cut through the air. The super effective attack hit Krokorok with the sound of a buzz saw.

Ash watched in horror as Krokorok's body was encased in a large slab of ice. The Pokémon's horror struck reflection shined inside the perfect structure.

"Nooo! Krokorok, you have to get out!" Ash yelled desperately.

Krokorok shivered violently inside the ice structure. The Pokémon was unable to even so much as twitch voluntarily. Every muscle, every cell suffered from minor frostbite. The pain was excruciating. Krokorok was close to giving up. Yes... Krokorok thought. Giving up would be so easy... So fast... Just close your eyes... Close them... Sleep... Rest.

But hearing Ash's desperate cry, something inside of the croc awakened. Feeling a strange warmth seep through its skin, Krokorok's eyes snapped open. A guttural cry escaping from its throat, the ice around Krokorok began cracking and splintering.

Dragonite watched with wide eyes as its adversary started cracking the ice prison. Ash, Dawn and Iris were equally stunned. But the reason for that was much different.

While breaking the ice prison would have been impressive, the reason everyone's jaw was dropping was because of the glow that had overtaken Krokorok's body. The Pokémon's body was elongating and growing larger by the second, and just then, the ice exploded.

Where once stood Krokorok, now stood a much larger, heavier, armored and red colored Pokémon. The glasses were ever-present, still miraculously fit on the new Pokémon's face. The Pokémon had an even larger snout than before, with jagged sharp teeth poking from underneath. Taking a deep breath, the Pokémon let out a war cry befitting of its new power.


"YES! Krokorok evolved!" Ash cheered as Pikachu fist pumped. It was at that moment that a whole group of people appeared, jumping over the barricade. Officer Jenny and a lot of workers arrived at the scene.

Taking no notice of the extra crowd, Ash decided to end the battle for once and for all.

But before he could even give a command, Dragonite stood up. Although panting harshly with many bruises on its hide, Dragonite still let out another ferocious roar. The power was such that shockwaves arose from the point where Dragonite stood. But although Dragonite showed rage, a hint of a grin appeared on its face. This was what he lived for, the adrenalin rush, the blood pumping through its veins, its muscles screaming in agony.

Dragonite loved every second of it.

And then it decided. Looking towards the raven haired trainer, the dragon gave a savage smirk.

Ash was worthy.

On the other side, a smile spread on Ash's face as he looked into Dragonite's eyes. Ash very well understood what meant by Dragonite's behavior.

It was going to give its all in its last attack.

Ash smirked. If the attack was what he thought it was, Dragonite stood no chance.

Sure enough, Dragonite's body shone with red energy, almost as if it were on fire. Its eyes turned red and its muscles bulged. With the sound of a thunderclap, Dragonite shot off from its place like a rocket, moving with unbelievable speed towards Krookodile.

The onlookers screamed at Ash to tell Krookodile to dodge, heck, they told it to do so anyways.

But Ash Ketchum had a plan.

And being his faithful Pokémon, Krookodile knew this.

Dragonite let out a guttural voice as it rushed towards Krookodile, unminding of the pain in its wings. The ground underneath it cracked with the sheer speed the Pokémon displayed.

Just as Dragonite was three feet in front of Krookodile, with its fist drawn, Ash uttered two simple words.

"Foul Play."

It happened in a flash. Just as Dragonite reached the dual type, showing speed that neither he nor Krookodile knew existed, Krookodile grabbed the Pokémon in a masterful grapple and in a micro second, slammed it onto the ground with the sound of a missile going off.

A large dust cloud created as Dragonite's hefty body crashed into it, The ground exploded with the blunt trauma force it experience, and rocks around were crushed by the sheer power radiated from the attack.

Dragonite looked on with one eye into the face of his defeater. Glaring tensely for a while, Dragonite gave a grunt, before finally falling to unconsciousness.

Letting lose a breath, Krookodile slumped besides the dragon, its own exhaustion coming into play. While mid battle evolution did provide a massive increase in strength and speed, it didn't exactly restore the Pokémon's base energy. Evolution was more like a sudden adrenalin rush, only a hundred times more powerful.

Turning his hat backwards, Ash enlarged the Pokeball in his hands. Taking a deep breath, Ash hurled the Pokeball towards Dragonite with expert precision.

The Pokeball hit Dragonite, immediately swallowing it up in the form of a red flash. Everyone watched tensely as the Pokeball bobbled left and right, sometimes shuddering violently. Yet, after the thirty second mark, it finally stopped. A 'ding' sound indicated that the capture was indeed, complete.

Running towards the place where Krookodile lay besides the Pokeball, Ash ignored all of the cheers which he got from the assembled crowd. Hugging Krookodile for the job well done, he picked up the red and white ball. He didn't even give his usual pose. Krookodile and Pikachu looked at their trainer with a strange gaze, but shrugged it off. Pikachu grinned at the now hulking Krookodile, with the two Pokémon sharing some friendly banter between them.

Ash's face initially showed disbelief. He had just captured a Pseudo Legendary. Yes, he did have Gible who could evolve into Garchomp but this was another matter altogether! Pseudo Legends were rarest of the rare. The Pokémon who the collectors found only after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste.

Yet, he now had one. One which he had captured. By himself.

Allowing himself to grin, Ash agreed.

It was a pretty damn awesome feeling.


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