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Chapter 4: World Tournament RO16!

(Lacrosse Town)

"Are you ready for the first match of the quarter finals?" Alder's booming voice was loud and clear as the crowd settled into their seats. A small cheer and applause coming, Alder was not satiated.

"I said!" Alder's voice boomed, "ARE. YOU. REEEEEAAADYYYY!"

A huge roar coming from the crowd, it was clear that Alder's energy had transferred over to the spectators. A colorful difference was present in the crowd today. While yesterday the attendance was top notch indeed, today it was coupled with a lot of people holding up signs of their favorite competitors so far.

With the tournament having advanced into the round of sixteen, it was truly coming to life. While the first day was quantity, today was going to be nothing but quality. With sixteen of the best competitors from over four regions, there was no doubt the day was going to be remembered for a while.

With the cameras rolling, and anticipation high among the fifty thousand strong Pokémon lovers, Freddy spoke up, "Welcome all, to the second day of the Pokémon World Tournament! Where the big boys play!" The crowd gave a cheering response to that, no doubt in agreement, "Now, before we get on with our first match, we think it would be appreciated if we give out the bracket of matches that will be taking place. So please look up to the titantron!" Freddy said as a detailed graphic appeared on the screen.

"And of course, our viewers at home can see all it in total High Definition! Sponsored by our television partners, Snickers! Hungry? Grab it, grip it, chew it!"

With millions of people shuddering from the horrible advert, the graphic showed in a detailed multi-picture form about the tournament.


Match 1: Ash Ketchum (Kanto) vs Ryuzetsu (Sinnoh)

Match 2: Iris (Unova) vs Georgia (Unova)

Match 3: Dawn (Sinnoh) vs Draker (Sinnoh)

Match 4: Katonhesi (Sinnoh) vs Jizoro (Kanto)


Match 5: Trip (Unova) vs Manning (Johto)

Match 6: Horatio (Johto) vs Hanare (Unova)

Match 7: Stanley (Kanto) vs Mariko (Unova)

Match 8: Sushant (Unova) vs Salman (Sinnoh)


(A) Match 1 Winner vs Match 2 Winner

(B) Match 3 Winner vs Match 4 Winner

(C) Match 5 Winner vs Match 6 Winner

(D) Match 7 Winner vs Match 8 Winner


(A) vs (B)

(C) VS (D)

"So there you have it folks! Our young stars will be battling it out in these eight matches, before proceeding to the quarters, semis and then finally the last round. The Bracket 1 matches will take place in one half, while the Bracket 2 will be in the second. In the middle there will be an intermission." Freddy explained patiently, before suddenly continuing with a fake joyful voice, "And of course, if you are hungry during that time, grab a snickers!"

With no one paying attention to the last bit, the cameras panned onto the official walking towards the Arena ground. Climbing up the stairs, and taking his place at the helm, referee Mike Chioda was all ready.

"Our first match will be between two of the most intriguing contenders for the championship." Freddy said as two pictures appeared on the big screen side by side, with multiple stats listed below, "On one side, we have Ryuzetsu, a man of nineteen who has been crushing his opponents to mulch by his fearsome Magmortar!" A video playback was shown, in which a huge red and yellow Pokémon decimated its opponents in a brutal manner. Whole fields were left in ruins after its appearance, "The fully evolved fire type has left countless enemies hospitalized in its wake, and its destruction does not seem to be ceasing!" Freddy yelled as the nineteen year old emerged from the gates, a smile being on his handsome face. With a lot of girls already turning into his fans, the man's motion of flipping his platinum blonde hair seemed to be too much as several women swooned from the action.

"And on the other side we have Ash Ketchum from Kanto! One of the youngest competitors in this tournament at sixteen, Ash has used a multiple array of Pokémon throughout his challenge here, making him a truly unpredictable opponent to beat! From the grimy Muk to the elegant Snivy, this boy has it all, but the question is, what will he be using today?"

As Freddy finished, the other gate of the arena opened. With his characteristic messy black hair flowing in the wind, and Pikachu firmly perched on his shoulders, Ash was clearly confident. A grin on his face, the boy then climbed up the competitors box, taking his place with suave.

The referee, seeing that both were in place, and the commentators had known their role, and shut up, lifted his flags, "This will be a one on one match between Ryuzetsu of Sinnoh, and Ash of Kanto. The two competitors may release their Pokémon." Chioda said, with the trainers immediately springing into action.

"Pignite, I choose you!" Ash's cry in the open, a large bipedal pig-like Pokémon emerged.

Coming onto the field with gusto, Pignite led out a loud shriek, with flames pouring down its nasal passages, turning the earth around it to ash. With thick muscles all over its body, the Pignite was an impressive specimen. Obviously very well trained.

Scoffing at the Pokémon in front of him, Ryuzetsu hurled the Pokeball onto the field gracefully, "With fire and brimstone, I call upon you, Magmortar!" With the exuberant introduction, the beast emerging from within satisfied every word.

Its feet digging into the rocky hard surface, and the land around it melting from its sheer presence, Magmortar let out an earth shattering roar upon its release. With people all around the arena screaming out in fear, Magmortar's bodily flames made the air around the Pokémon distort. With its cruel eyes set upon its opponent, Magmortar snorted a fairly large ball of fire, bathing in it as if going through some ritual to prepare himself for a battle against a fellow fire type.

Over at the other corner, Ash had a few drops of sweat on his forehead. Not from nervousness, but from the sheer damn heat the Blast Pokémon released, "Well…. Me and Pignite sure ain't getting it easy today." He muttered under his breath, before looking at his unnerved Pokémon, "You can do it Pignite. I know you can, your training against Infernape was not for nothing."

Pignite nodded at the words, remembering his hellish training he had undergone with his comrade, Infernape. The other dual fire-fighting type had not taken lightly to the lax behavior Pignite showed(comparatively) and put the fire pig to the hardest training he could muster.

As if hoping to some of its own strength, the bodily flames of Pignite too flared up, distorting the air around it. The nostrils flared, letting out steaming air that just reeked of ferociousness. The heat frm the two Pokémon was such that the rock around them started turning into lava, boulders turning into molten minerals.

"It seems like we might have to turn up the cooling, ladies and gentlemen. Because these two Pokémon sure are fired up!" Alder's grin could practically be heard through his voice as he surveyed the scenario.

"Begin!" Chioda brought down the two flags, with a trumpet sound indicating the start of the round of sixteen match.

In the stands…

Sitting at the third row, in a special box for the competitors, Ash's various friends and rivals watched in anticipation as the two trainers made their way out into the arena. With Ryuzetsu and Ash releasing their Pokémon, all of the competitors eyes narrowed, taking in every detail of their fellow's Pokémon.

Wiping off the sweat that had gathered on her forehead from the appearance of the volcano Pokémon, dragon buster Georgia suppressed a shiver at the thought of her ice types facing such a monster, "Magmortar sure looks strong…" Georgia murmured.

"Pignite's no slouch as well." Dawn commented, looking at the fire pig Pokémon, which was making its own intimidating stomps and puffs. "Ash brought back Infernape for training Pignite, so we shouldn't write it off."

"Hmm? Infernape? What Pokémon is that?" Looking confused, Georgia, and several other Unovan trainers stared at Dawn for clarification. A bead of sweat dropping from her forehead, Dawn sighed as she took out her Pokedex to show the picture of Infernape to the confused group.

While Dawn explained about the Sinnoh starter, Cilan and Iris were having their own discussion.

"Why isn't Ash using Dragonite?" Iris asked in exasperation, "He knew that Ryuzetsu will use Magmortar, so why not use his strongest Pokémon? I mean, Pignite is strong, but Dragonite is just another level!" The purple haired girl bit her nails as she looked at the two Pokémon standing on the field.

"I am sure Ash ahs a very good reason for that, iris." Cilan said, "Besides, I have a feeling that Pignite's mighty flames might just be enough for Magmortar!" He finished with a smile.

Sighing at the sommelier's optimism, Iris looked towards the field with worried eyes. She really hoped Pignite would come out of it okay.

Magmortar was really terrifying.


Looking the least bit annoyed, Ryuzetsu grunted, "Enough theatrics."

A testament to his training and skill, Magmortar immediately calmed down at Ryuzetsu's command. Lowering the immense temperature around it into something more controllable, Magmortar clearly showed that it was not just an uncontrollable brute, and was capable of taking orders.

"Magmortar, charge!"

While the command sounded unusual at first, it soon became clear as Magmortar began running towards its opponent. Starting with big lumbering steps, the fire type soon gained enough momentum to reach a good speed. Leaving a trail of fire underneath its feet, Magmortar looked like a burning locomotive as it neared Pignite.

Rather than being scared of the challenge, Ash embraced it, "Pignite, show your strength!" He yelled.

Snorting a puff of steam, Pignite charged forward with its head lowered, thick and powerful thigh muscles propelling it forward at high speeds.

With brutal war cries, the two Pokémon met in the middle of the arena with a loud bang. The sound of a gunshot ringing out, a huge dust cloud was created as the two Pokémon collided. A spinning wall of fire emerged from the point of contact, with the dust clearing to show the two Pokémon evenly matched as their fists struggled against each other. Shaking in effort, their bodily temperatures rose even further as they attempted to over-power each other.

"Pignite, don't let up!" Ash motivated his Pokémon, with Pikachu cheering right alongside him.

"Piiii!" Pignite's face contorted as it attempted to push its opponent, but to no avail as Magmortar held on. The amount of effort shown on the other Pokémon's face was considerably less, as the lava Pokémon almost succeeded in pushing forward.

While he could have let the battle of strengths go on further, Ryuzetsu had no thoughts of letting this match go any longer than he had to, "Magmortar, launch a Flamethrower from your canons! Throw the pig off." He commanded.

His eyes widening, Ash attempted to yell out an order of his own, but was unable to as Magmortar launched two streams of flames right into Pignite's hands.


While the flames themselves were nothing for Pignite, the force generated by them was enough to make him off balance. Stumbling backwards, Magmortar took advantage and viciously backhanded its adversary.

Landing with a loud splat, Pignite cried out in pain as the impact reached its body. An angry red mark forming on its face, the swelling itself was a testament to Magmortar's strength.

"Shit, Pignite you alright?" Ash asked in concern, smiling slightly as his Pokémon resolutely nodded back, jumping to his feet. Glaring at his opponent, Ash narrowed his eyes, "That was underhanded….. but it wasn't nearly enough!"

"Heh," Ryuzetsu chuckled, nodding approvingly, "Your Pignite's no slouch as well. But too bad Magmortar's just too damn good!"

With their respective taunts out of the way, both trainers wasted no time in commanding their Pokémon.

"Flame Charge!"

"Lava Body!"

With the two statements out of the way, the multiple psychic types stationed around the arena sweated as they attempted to shield the humans from the immense heat being given off by the two Pokémon.

Wisps of flame engulfed Pignite, rapidly enlarging to transform into roaring flames centered around the pig like Pokémon. Giving a fiery huff, Pignite stomped its feet onto the ground, charging like a bull towards its opponent. Leaving trails of fire in his wake, Pignite crossed the thirty meters between him and Magmortar in just about five seconds, a testament to his new speed.

At the same time, Magmortar's had taken an unusual course of action. Stomping i9ts feet onto the ground, Magmortar then proceeded to turn the boulder's bouncing off from the impact into molten lava. Almost like a god, Magmortar proceeded to engulf his body in the armor of Lava, bulking up even further.

"Buckle up Ladies and Gentlemen, this fight is burning away the bar which has been set till now!"

"PIIIIG!" Pignite gave a loud cry as it drew back a punch, engulfed by fire.

At the same time, Magmortar roared with a guttural sound, pushing its own two hands forward, covered in lava.


With the sound of a grenade going off, the two Pokémon met smack dab in the centre of the arena. A huge shock wave occurring, the ground beneath the two was tore apart from the impact. Small pieces of rubble and stones almost instantly melting, making it appear as a rain of lava.

"My god, I have never seen such a vicious hand to hand between two fire types! This fight is amazing ladies and gentlemen!"

The two Pokémon viciously met blow for blow, Pignite's superior hand to hand combat being nullified by Magmortar's sheer brute force. Elbows, jabs and punches were thrown amok, with the two Pokémon's respective fire armors turning the area around them in a vicious firestorm. Large blobs of molten lava were smacked off Magmortar with sickening thuds, making the Pokémon attack even more viciously.

"Come on, Magmortar! Show them WHO'S THE BOSS!" Ryuzetsu screamed.

"Pignite! You can do this!" Ash yelled.

It's eyes glowing with energy, Pignite snapped a quick knee towards Magmortar's bulbous face. Grinning in satisfaction as the blow hit, Pignite's own pain was satiated by the sight of Magmortar's lava armor ripping off violently from its face.

So happy was the pig like Pokémon that it failed to notice Magmortar's own grin. Spreading its arms wide as it let the knee hit it in the face, Magmortar's hands cut through the air with a swish as he jackhammered Pignite from the sides. The Pokémon's thick muscular body convulsing as the two arms crushed its ribs, Pignite's eyes widened with pain and spit flew from its mouth. Doubling over, Pignite was left defenseless to Magmortar's next attack.

Not even allowing its opponent one moment of rest, Magmortar followed the vicious attack with a long drawn punch. Hitting Pignite square in the jaws with a loud crack, a ripple formed in the air as Pignite was launched into the air. The power was such that Pignite reached almost ten feet in the air, with viewers all around the world jaw dropping at the strength behind that single punch.

The look on Ryuzetsu's face was jubilant, "Alright! Follow it with a Hyper Beam!"

"No! Hammer Arm!" Ash's cry was desperate, hoping that Pignite could follow up.

And he did. Despite the extreme pain it was feeling, its eyes snapping open as it screamed with effort, Pignite's left hand glowed with a red energy.

"Goddamn it! Magmortar, give it everything you have!" Ryuzetsu yelled, knowing that Hammer Arm could overpower Hyper Beam if Pignite played its cards right. And seeing as to how talented the Pokémon was, it wasn't a long shot as he would have liked.

"A clash between Hammer Arm and Hyper Beam! This is going to be explosive!"

At the same time Magmortar brought together its two cannons. Exerting a tremendous amount of effort and growling, Magmortar concentrated a glowing yellow sphere levitating above its hands. Ethereal energy coming off of the mini sun, Magmortar's growl rose to a full roar as it launched the beam of destruction from its hands.

"Now!" Ash yelled his face set in a determined expression, one shared by his Pokémon.

Screaming, Pignite launched itself arm first towards the approaching plasma cannon. Its arm turning into a glowing mass of red energy, the fighting type attack collided with the normal type one with a loud bang.

The Hyper Beam splitting into several smaller arcs, destroying several smaller boulders, Magmortar fed even more into the attack, screaming with effort as its feet cracked the ground. The Hyper Beam's radius expanded by a couple of inches, further trying to overwhelm Pignite.

For the pig like fire type, the force from the two colliding attacks was such that its body kept hovering in the air, kept in position by the power of the two attacks. However, brave as it was, even Pignite's young body had limits; limits that it had already crossed in activating the Hammer Arm.

In the stands…

While most of the thirty other competitors were already gaping in disbelief over just how freakin intense the contest had gone from the get go, Dawn, Cilan, Iris and Georgia were busy yelling their own supports to Pignite. Georgia, despite being Iris's rival, considered Ash a friend. Moreover, she definitely didn't want to face that Magmortar in the future at any cost.

"Come on Pignite! You can do iiiiiittt!" Dawn screamed, Piplup and Axew screaming with all their might as well. Several boys watched with a huge amount of jealousy.

Why didn't they have a hot cheerleader!

"Oh man…. Can Pignite even overpower the Hyper Beam? Is something like that even possible?" Iris questioned as she bit her nails nervously.

"Come on big guy…" Cilan's own eyes were narrowed in a rare moment of seriousness for the sommelier, "This exchange of attacks will leave both Pokémon extremely tired, not to mention the damage they have already done to each other."

Trip, taking a moment to click a picture of the extraordinary sight, narrowed his eyes as he surveyed the scenario, "While it is true that both Pokémon have done damage, Pignite did come off far worse. His entire body must hurt like a bitch, if the cracks from the hammering blows Magmortar laid on his were any indication. Looks like things are set against you, Ash."

How will his rival come out of this?


Slowly but surely, the red fighting type energy began to disappear, causing the Hyper Beam to increase its pressure towards Pignite, its power now such that it could knock Pignite out in one blow. Its entire body shaking in effort, Pignite's eyes slowly began to close, trying desperately to find that little bit of energy to keep going, to keep proving his worth to his trainer. Pignite could see a glowing ball of light in its consciousness, but he couldn't reach it, no matter how much he concentrated.

The Hammer Arm almost giving way, Pignite started giving up, losing hope that victory could ever be in his hands now.

However, Ash Ketchum wasn't going to allow one of his Pokémon to give out like that, "Pignite! You can do it buddy! I know you can! Remember all of the hard work you have done, don't let it go to waste!" Ash yelled, gripping the rails in his nervousness. Pikachu too yelled its support to Pignite, hoping that his comrade could find the will power to succeed.

Grinding his teeth, Pignite's will power began to return at the shout of his trainer and friends. Reaching out to that sphere of glorious energy, Pignite gave a loud snarl as he snatched it in his hands. Its eyes snapping open as the energy flew within him, as his glands began to release various enzymes and as his body began to metamorphose.

The entire arena looked on in awe as Pignite's body was covered with a bright light in the mid air. Its body contorting, convulsing and enlarging, Pignite's Hammer Arm held on, but with more comparative ease. Magmortar, now panting with effort, couldn't put as much power into the Hyper Beam. The cannon grew smaller bit by bit.

Finally, with a loud sound and explosion of fire, the bright light exploded. Like lightning, the Hammer Arm cut through the Hyper Beam, making it divide in two separate arcs. Landing on the ground with a loud boom, creating a dust cloud, the newly evolved Pokémon's appearance slowly began clearing to the crowd.

All of the video cameras panned onto the scene, trying to get the best view of the Pokémon. The same size as Magmortar now, the new Pokémon was even bulkier than its pre evolved form. A roaring fire on its neck and shoulders solidified its position as a fire type. Golden and yellow markings on its black body have it a regal appearance.

Eyes filled with confidence, where there was once Pignite now stood Emboar.

"Unbelievable! It seems that hearing its trainer's cry really rejuvenated Pignite, or…. Should I say, Emboar!"

"EMBOAAARR!" Giving a cry worthy of its new found power, Emboar stomped the ground with its powerful legs. Stretching its arms, almost getting a feel out of it, it sent a smirk at Magmortar. Initially taken aback at the sudden change in its opponent, Magmortar shook his head, and sent a smirk of its own at its opponent.

Things were getting interesting.

In the background, the Hyper Beam which had been cut by the Hammer Arm exploded in a glorious display. Sending showers of debris that were blocked by the psychic barriers, the huge crater formed clearly showed just how powerful the attack really was. And how devastating it could have been against any opponent.

Ryuzetsu, his mouth agape at the sudden event, slowly regained his wits. Sending a genuine smile at his opponent, he nodded, "Congratulations, Ash. It seems our contest has just got to a whole new level."

Ash, to say in the simplest terms, was fucking amazed. His eyes wide, as were Pikachu's, he stared in amazement at the back of Emboar. His eyes shimmering as his mind went on an instant flashback over just how far Emboar had come, from the moment he was abandoned as a Tepig….. it was almost enough to make him shed a tear.

But, wanting to save face, Ash put on a confident face instead. Joyful tears would have to come in private. "You can say that alright." He smirked at Ryuzetsu, "Still think you can win?" Ash taunted. A taunt which was shared by Emboar, who crossed his arms in a haughty manner.

Grunting, Ryuzetsu closed his eyes, "Hah! Very much so. Magmortar, Stone Ember!" Ryuzetsu commanded.

Snapping its cannons forward, Magmortar released a barrage of stones from it. Swirling around his body in multiple orbits, it then launched the projectiles at a high velocity towards its opponent. Swirling like shuriken, these were then joined by the multiple Ember attacks launched from the canons. Now looking like mini fireballs, the dangerous attack moved at high speeds.

The fiery rocks screeched through the air as they reached Emboar in two seconds, giving no time to dodge. Luckily for him, he didn't need to.

"Emboar, continuous Arm Thrust!"

Waiting a split second until the attacks could hit him, Emboar's arms blasted into action. Hitting out at the spinning projectiles with continuous open palms, Emboar's hands moved with such speed that it was untraceable to the normal eye. Multiple shots ringing out, the projectiles harmlessly fell to the ground, the fire put out by the sheer speed with which Emboar hit at them.

Looking in disbelief, the white haired trainer gulped, "Amazing…" He breathed.

Taking a more adventurous route with the last rock, Emboar punched it with such ferocity that it exploded mid air, showering it with tiny particles. With the wind making the rock dust flow around the fully evolved fire type, the scene was one to remember.

Taking a stance, Emboar extended its hand towards Magmortar, and gave a 'come hither' gesture, making its opponent scowl. Magmortar's own muscles bulged, and the air around it shimmered from its body heat.

Emboar and Magmortar were ready to fight.

Looking into each others eyes with an equal amount of fire, both Ryuzetsu and Ash smirked.

"Attack!" "Charge!"


Half an hour later...

In the stands...

Well, that was a victory well earned, Ash thought as he watched the ongoing match between Georgia and Iris.

After his and Ryuzetsu's rather primal war cries, their Pokémon had laid some good old spartan madness on each other. Both of them exhausted, Magmortar from overexerting the Hyper Beam, and Emboar due to his muscles freezing up from the loss of the post evolution enzymes, what followed was something that was very appropriately termed by Alder as a "Slugfest".

Neither of the two used any elemental or energy attacks. Punches, kicks, and jabs were the only things flying around, smacking onto each other with loud gun shots and cannon sounds. Neither Pokémon gave a quarter to the other as they exchanged blows after blows, meeting one for one with their attacks.

But eventually, the advantage was pretty clear to everyone watching the match. Magmortar was not only tired from using a long drawn Hyper Beam, it was also the clearly less talented in hand to hand than its o[opponent.

Emboar, being a fighting dual type, and having evolved not long ago, had a greater amount of stamina than its opponent. So, after fifteen minutes of a full on brawl, the fire type eventually managed to land a devastating hell kick onto Magmortar's skull, making the other fire type fall with a loud thud, and knocked out. Aft5er being declared the winner, Emboar itself fell down in exhaustion, showing that the Pokémon was indeed running on reserve during the last half of the match.

Nevertheless, Ryuzetsu remained professional about his loss, congratulating Ash and getting a similar response from him. Ash was amazed that Magmortar could give such a great competition to a Pokémon who had not only evolved in the match itself, but had also had a type advantage during their fist fights.

So, it was after this victory that Ash joined the other competitors in the stands, watching his friend Iris's match against her rival, Georgia.

But unlike his own match, things weren't particularly looking good for Iris.

"No!," Ash heard Iris shout, "Use Dragon Pulse, Axew!"

Ash shook his head. Bad decision. Not only will Axew, young as the little guy was, would waste too much energy, it would also prove pretty ineffective against Georgia's Beartic even if it hit. Sure, it could do a little damage from the resultant shock of the explosion, but how would that help Iris in a one on one elimination? Ice types were very resistant to the usually corrosive draconian energy, so Beartic was the logical favorite.

But if she had a strategy planned for after that... Ash's eyes narrowed as he waited for Iris to tell Axew to use dig, run zigzag, confuse its opponent... anything unorthodox at all, really.

But no, Ash sighed as Iris, rather than taking advantage of her opponent's disadvantage in not being able to track Axew, simply watched with narrowed eyes as the smoke cleared to reveal a partially singed, but otherwise unhurt Beartic. Did she expect something different?

"Had enough dragon girl?" Georgia taunted, "Face it, the moment you sent out Axew against my Beartic, the match was already decided." Georgia's statement was supported by nods from many of the other competitors seated alongside Ash.

Ash himself couldn't held but agree. Sending Axew out just for stroking her ego was really unfair to the rookie green dragon. Not that he blamed her, though. Ash himself had sent out Pikachu a lot of times despite the decision glaringly moronic.

Rivals tended to do that to you.

Still, a fact was a fact, and here the fact was that Axew was simply too under trained to take on a Beartic. Type advantage wasn't everything, but when the experience difference was as much as between the opponents on the field, it made a whole lot of difference.

"Axew has been amazing," Dawn murmured, sitting beside Ash and her expression saddened as she watched Axew struggle back up after meeting Beartic with a Headbutt, "But Iris should really have used Excadrill."

"Its just no match for Beartic." Trip added his own two cents, shaking his head, "The match is way too unbalanced to be called fair." The blonde boy said, still taking the time to click a picture of the match.

After meeting Trip, Ash sometimes wondered how it would have been if he had documented his entire trip on a camera. With the number of interesting personalities he met, the number of mythological events he was a part of, and the number of criminal organizations he and his friends stopped, it sure would have made a hell of a scrapbook.

Not to mention, da Legendaries.

Shaking his head, Ash drew his attention back to the field, only for his eyes to widen as Beartic hit Axew with an explosive Ice Punch. Standing up from his seat and shouting Axew's name, with Pikachu jumping up in concern as well, Ash's eyes met with the disappointing scene of an unconscious Axew, with a victorious looking Beartic standing over it. The small dragon had its eyes shut tightly in pain, with small bruises all over its body, and a little amount of frostbite on its stomach.

"And theeeeere you have it folks, after a very interesting battle the winner of Match 2 and going to face Kanto's Ash Ketchum in the Quarter finals is Georgia, hailing from our very own Unova!" Freddy announced as the crowd clapped for the victorious magenta haired trainer.

Ash smiled amusedly as Georgia gave a challenging look to him from her podium, and seemingly giving him a thumbs up, only to turn it into a thumbs down! He simply responded with a smirk.

Bring it on.

With a disappointed look on her face, Iris somehow managed a smile as she ran towards her unconscious Pokémon. Picking it up gently, Iris muttered soothing nothings to it as she walked back towards the trainer's room. The girl's posture spoke of her disappointment, with sagged shoulders and drooped eyes.

"Poor Iris." Dawn said as she looked with saddened eyes towards the retreating girl, "To lose like this against her biggest rival..." Piplup too looked sad as it tried to cheer up its trainer. Seeing its friend lose after training so hard must have been very disheartening.

As Ash reassured Dawn that there was no reason for her to go and cheer up Iris since Cilan was already there, the PA system once again came to life,

"Ladies and gentlemen, the third match of the round of sixteen is going to be between Draker and Dawn, both belonging from the Sinnoh region! The match will be starting in ten minutes, so the two trainers are required to reach the trainer rooms immediately. Thank you."

"Well," Ash said as he looked at Dawn with a smile, "That's your cue, Dawn!"

Commentary box...

"So, we have it?" Freddy's voice was one full of excitement and even a hint of nervousness, "You are totally serious right? No joking? We have the complete footage?!" The man's face was lighting up more and more as he continued talking on his phone.

"What's the matter with him?" Alder looked surprised at the behavior of his usually calm partner.

What had him so excited?

"And are we sure that he's going to use it? REALLY!? Holy shit...Ok, yeah. Thanks man! You don't know how much this means... yeah bye!" Freddy could barely contain his excitement as he ended the phone call. The man almost looked to be jumping in his seat.

Alder actually found himself to be a little nervous as he looked at Freddy, who had an unholy look of happiness on his face, "Uh... Farty? Are you alright?"

Ignoring Alder's horrendous habit of forgetting his name, Freddy looked at the champion with a wide smile, "Oh yeah champ. Things are ok, waaay better than ok if you ask me." The man's grin seemed to have become never moving by now.

"And why's that?" Alder asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Heh, you'll see Alder." Freddy said, not disclosing any information. "It seems that one of our competitors has been hiding a secret weapon none of us knew about."

The only question was, will he really use it in a round of sixteen? Will he showcase his true power?

Freddy couldn't wait to find out.


Ten minutes later...


"Haah." Letting out a deep breath, Dawn's nervousness faded away as she faced her opponent. A Pokeball in her hand, Dawn's face was set in seriousness, "Alright Mamoswine, its all up to you." Having left Piplup with Ash in the stands, Dawn was without her usual partner as she stood in the trainer box.

"And facing her," Freddy's voice started up, having already announced Dawn's credentials, "is another competitor from our neighboring Sinnoh region! Twenty year old Draker is a first time competitor in this tournament, but don't think he's a rookie! Draker has competed in various circuits all around the world, most notably in his home region where he is a one time winner of the Sinnoh league!"

As Dawn, Ash and most of the other competitors were surprised by the information, the man himself came out of the tunnel, a confident look on his face.

Wearing a red jacket with a blue undershirt, and black colored trousers, Draker walked with a relaxed posture with his hands in his pockets. The black haired man climbed the steps to reach the trainer's box, giving a respectful nod to the girl facing him.

"A Sinnoh league victor?" Dawn's surprise was evident on her face, "Even so... I cannot give up before the match has even started." She had trained hard with her friends for this tournament. She wasn't about to get intimidated.

Plus, taking a look back at her smiling black haired friend, "I won't disappoint you, Ash."

Seeing as both of them were in position, the referee raised his flags, "Are the two competitors ready?" He asked, and with both of them nodding, dropped his flags simultaneously, "You may send out your Pokémon."

"Mamoswine, I chose you!" Gracefully tossing a Pokeball towards the field, Dawn's shout was followed by the crowd taking out their smartphones and cameras, determined to capture another rare Pokémon on their devices.

Stomping out onto the field, and creating a mini earthquake in the process, the crowd marveled at the magnificent specimen that was the huge Mamoswine. Its fur shining, and tusks gleaming in the afternoon sun, the Mamoswine looked the perfect mixture of beauty and power. As expected from a coordinator. And when Mamoswine let out a powerful cry, Alder decided to indulge the crowd with some extra knowledge.

"And Dawn has chosen Mamoswine! A Sinnoh Pokémon, Mamoswine is a very rare Pokémon. Abundantly found during the ice ages, the Mamoswine population has dwindled due to most Piloswine choosing to never evolve due to the warmer climate!"

With the crowd 'ooh'-ing and 'ahh'-ing at Alder's trivia knowledge, Draker took the moment to take out his won pokeball.

"Draker has been using his Honchcrow, the boss Pokémon, for most of the tournament, will we be seeing the Dark type making another entrance, or does Draker have something else up his sleeve?"

Dawn found herself slightly disturbed by the exuberant amount of confidence that was being shown by her opponent. Surely he must be a bit nervous at facing Mamoswine?

But Draker didn't even look a bit worried, and with an almost lazy expression, one which spoke of his extreme confidence, hurled the Pokeball in the air, "I choose you!"

The crowd watched with a lot of anticipation as the Pokeball cracked open. Even Ash found himself watching with narrowed eyes. He had a feeling he had seen this man sometime... but where?

As the light from the Pokeball slowly started materializing, the shape of the Pokémon started becoming clearer. A fairly large one, and walking on all fours, the Pokémon's face looked to be covered in a fierce looking mask. Two glowing orange eyes pierced through the white light of the Pokeball, showing such fierceness that had many int eh arena had never even dream of. Before the Pokémon even appeared fully, the land around it melted at such an intense rate that it wasn't even visible to the naked eye.

The air around the Pokémon shimmered with such intensity that it made Magmortar's body heat seem like a mere candle. As the Pokémon finally appeared, Ash' eyes widened in disbelief, his hands clutching his seat.

"How..." Ash breathed, too stunned to even close his eyes for a millisecond, "How does he have this Pokémon!?"

Giving out an earth shattering roar, making the entire arena shake in its wake, the Pokémon had a grotesque appearance to many of its parts, melted out of shape from its own body heat. As the Pokémon opened its mouth, an otherworldly glow emanated from it.

"The lava dome Pokémon! The creator and destroyer of volcanoes!" Draker yelled, a mad grin on his face, taking relish in the shock of the entire arena, "I present to you!"

The Pokémon let out another roar, making Mamoswine shake in its place, eyes transfixed with fear. Dawn couldn't even make a peep. And for someone as experienced as her, this was something alright.



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