An unemotional color, detached, neutral and impartial

Merlin looked at the girl with cold eyes.

He had known her once, long ago. But now she was just a shade of what once was.

She looked awful; many the years had not been kind to her, even if they weren't many. She looked wild, like an animal that had been on its own for too long.

He felt like he should feel something towards her, but all he could feel was cold and distant. It was as if he wasn't really there; he didn't feel a thing as he walked towards her and plunged the sword into her heart.

"Goodbye Morgana."

The color meaning and all color meanings to come are from . This is something new I'm trying. Each chapter will be about a situation a character finds themselves in relating to color. Another chapter will be posted tomorrow. I'd love to hear what you guys think.