Yes, I know I said this was finished, but then I got this review from the lovely Nance, and it was such a lovely idea that I readily agreed with her brilliance."I just had an idea. Since Hallowe'en, or Samhain, is coming up, may we have an epilogue where Ygraine's ghost views all the colours of her son and the people surrounding him? Just a thought."

This is probably not at all what she imagined. I had originaly decided on a reflection of sorts and something better suited to the original Samhain, but I just really love writing dark stuff. I'm sorry!

Alright, this is the ACTUAL last chapter of this fic(hopefuly.) I have to admit, I am a bit sad to see it over. Enjoy.

And the pit of hell shall be empty of color, for there is no color when there is no light

I am watching. They think I'm gone, but I'm not, not really. They are bursting with color, with life, and I would be lying if I said I was envious.

There isn't much to do when you're dead, but I can't wish to live when living meant his death.

But even as I watch Arthur in all his golden glory and he makes me feel, I see others. I see the shy handmaiden with the big heart and the blood that might as well be blue, my husband's bastard striving for piece, my son's protector with the duty swallowing him whole.

But most of all, I see him all the destruction he's caused. I loved him once, but there is nothing in death but emotions, and mine have consumed me. Now all I feel for him is hate, and all I want is to see him suffer.

I imagine what it would like to touch, to grab a knife and to call his name. And as he looks into my eyes I will laugh, and I will plunge the dagger into his heart. I imagine golden sheets coated with red and I bask in the irony.

Arthur may make me feel, but this thought makes me feel alive.