Ronin Warriors Plot Bunny Storage

AN: These are my Ronin Warrior plot bunnies I've sentenced to storage. Please let me know if you wish to adopt one.

Plot Bunny 1:

The others are out having fun. Rowen is at home recovering from a bout of the flu. During a home invasion, Rowen surprises the robbers and is stabbed in the belly. Kento finds him laying in a pool of blood in the kitchen. (You can choose to kill him.)

Plot Bunny 2:

Ryo needs a new soccer ball. The others go with him to Toyama. As they're crossing the street, a drunk driver runs a red light and smacks into Rowen, knocking him up and over the hood. (You can choose to kill him.)

Plot Bunny 3:

Rowen is coming down with something and doesn't realize it until he collapses out cold in front of Kento's family's restaurant. It's revealed he has pneumonia.

Plot Bunny 4:

Badamon has been reborn and has taken over the dynasty. His new warlords and warladies have kicked Kayura, Sekhmet, and the others tell Mia of this. Rowen is out walking when he meets the new warlords and warladies. They beat him to a pulp before throwing him through the front window ala Shredder Strikes Back from the 2003 series of TMNT. The ronins and seasonals retreat to Ryo's cabin.

Plot Bunny 5:

Rowen starts getting bruises at the slightest touch. It's revealed he has leukemia and it's terminal.

Plot Bunny 6: (Pre Defeat of Talpa.)

One of the warlords (you pick which one) goes too far and accidentally kills Rowen. The other ronins go batshit crazy.