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Chapter 1.

"Thank you." Rook said taking their food from the Mr. Smoothies employee. Like usual Ben convinced him to go to Mr. Smoothies before they went to work. Not that Rook really minded anymore.

He walked over to the table where Ben's sitting at- or actually sleeping at. Rook raised an eyebrow, put the food down and gently shook Ben's shoulder. "Ben, Ben wake up."

For a moment, his only response was a tired groan, then Ben slowly sat up, rubbing his face. "I'm up! I'm up."

"Are you having nightmares again?" Rook asked, sitting down in his seat. A small worried frown appearing on his face. "You seemed pretty tired when I picked you up this morning."

Ben shook his head, still looking really tired. "No, I guess all the villain butt kicking has been draining me lately."

Rook tilted his head and looked Ben over. "Are you sure, Ben? You have been awfully quiet all day."

"Hm..." Ben mumbled reaching for his smoothie and pulled it towards him. He held it in his hands for a moment. Nice and cold... "I'm fine dude." He assured Rook, getting to his feet. "Lets have our food to go. Grandpa Max has that big mission for us today remember?" A top secret mission that only they would be told about.

The only thing that gave the energy to get out of bed this morning.

"Very well." Rook nodded and grabbed their food. For some reason he couldn't help but feel like something was amiss.


Max smiled when he saw the boys heading his way. "Ah, there you are." His smile dropped when he got a good look at his grandson, taking in the bags under Ben's eyes and his flushed appearance. "Hey Kiddo, get enough sleep last night?" He asked. "You look pretty tired."

Ben rolled his eyes. Seriously, first Rook now Grandpa too? Wasn't allowed to look a little tired anymore. "I'm fine, What's our mission?"

Oh boy, he knew that tone.

Sighing Max walked over and placed his hand on Ben's forehead. He frowned. "You have a slight fever Ben."

"Only a small one!"

"Why did you not tell me?" Rook asked, feeling a bit betrayed that Ben had not shared this vital information. He also felt a little foolish for not thinking of the possibility of Ben being ill.

"It's just a little cold." Ben waved away their concerns. He looked at Max. "So what's the mission grandpa?"

For a moment Max looked at his grandson. Ben's cheeks were slightly flushed, but he looked fine otherwise, maybe Ben was right and it was nothing. Besides, there wasn't anyone else he trusted with this mission. "Alright." He gave in. "I'm sure both of you remember the anihilaarg, right?"

"Hard to forget." Rook stated.

"Really wish I didn't." Ben added, crossing his arms. "That thing caused a lot of issues." Most of which only he remembered.

"Another attempt was made to steal it from our vault three days ago." Max informed them. "After a long debate Patelliday and decided it would be safer to keep the anihilaarg would be safer at a plumber station in the Nixail Quadrant. I already spoke to Magister Desmond and he agreed."

"And you want me and Rook to deliver the anih-ilaargh to that plumber station." Ben guessed now even more glad that he'd hadn't decided to call in sick today. Call him paranoid, but Ben didn't really trust anyone with the anihilaarg.

He still remembered the cold emptiness that became of the universe after the Anihilaarg went of.

Max nodded. "The two of you are the only ones worked with it before." He told them. He looked at Ben, deciding he needed to ask. He was Ben's grandfather first, being a magister would always come in second place. "You sure you're up for this kiddo."

"Of course." Ben grinned at him. "It's just a delivery, no biggy." He said with a small shrug. "If anyone needs me I'll be at Patilliday getting the anihila-aar-..."

"The Anihilaarg." Rook and Max corrected.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Ben muttered already on his way to magister Patteliday.

Rook was about to follow after him but stopped when Max put a hand on his shoulder. "Keep an eye out for Ben. Just in case this might be more than just a cold."

"I will." Rook nodded. Max had not even needed to ask. Rook planned on doing so anyway.


Once they got the Anihilaarg they hopped into Rook's ship and took off.

"Ben I really wish you would have told me you felt ill." Rook told Ben. He still couldn't believe the possibility had not occured to him. It was probably because of Ben's confidence.

It was easy to forget that even with the Omnitrix and cocky attitude, Ben was still just human.

"If I did you probably would have made me stay home." Ben replied, leaning back in his seat. "It's just a stupid little cold."

Hadn't Kevin mentioned something like that. Rook frowned thinking back to a conversation he had with the Osmosian a couple of weeks ago. "Last time you had a cold, did Humungousaur not get snot all over Kevin's car?"

Ben snorted, as if Kevin would let him forget that. "Yeah, Kevin will never let me forget that." He sighed when Rook's frown deepened.

"I feel fine Rook." Ben insisted. "so don't have to worry about anything like that happening to your truck." He shrugged. "Besides, it's just a delivery mission, I might not need to use the omnitrix, so there's nothing to worry abou-" Whatever he was about to say next was lost when Ben was suddenly taken over by a violent coughing fit.

"You feel fine, you say?" Rook questioned skeptically. He reached over and rubbed Ben's back. His boyfriend's words had done nothing to ease his worries. Ben usually avoided saying things like 'nothing like that can happen' in fear of jinxing it.

When he finally stopped cough Ben rubbed his now sore throat. "Ugh, you know what," He muttered, obviously displeased. "I'm just going to keep my mouth shut." He leaned back against the door, pressing his cheek against the cold glass of the window. Nice and cold...Ben let out a somewhat relieved sigh and closed his eyes. "Wake me when we get there okay?"

"Very well." Rook nodded.

They flew in silence like that for a few hours. When they were halfway to their destination Rook glanced at Ben to see how his boyfriend was doing. Ben was several shades paler than before he fell asleep.

Sighing Rook turned his attention back ahead, focusing on finishing the mission and getting back as soon as possible so Ben can get to bed.


The ship shook frantically after getting hit by a missile.

Ben's eyes shot open. "WHO WHAT WHERE?!" He looked around seeing Rook working the console and feeling the proto-truck shake. "What the heck is going on?!"

Rook grunted, gripping the steering wheel. "We are under attack!"

"By who?!" Ben demanded when another missile hit the proto-truck. He looked out of the window only spotting a large green space-ship twice the size of the proto-truck. "So far for top-secret mission." The teen muttered already working the omnitrix dial and hitting the it.


Finally Rook got to see what Kevin meant when said that Ben being sick effected his transformations. "Ben, your skin..."

Astrodactyl's normally orange skin had shifted to a sickly yellow color.

"It's just a cold Rook!" Astrodactyly groaned as he slammed his fist against the button that would open a hatch before quickly flying out of the proto-truck.

Rook groaned, praying Ben wasn't about to do something stupid, although knowing his boyfriend, he probably was.

Astrodactyl flew towards the attacking ship. "I don't know who you are and right now I honestly don't care. I am so not in the mood to be bugged!" He opened his beak to shoot an energy blast, only for him to start coughing. His eyes watered up and he nearly doubled over.


Hearing Rook's shout Astrodactyl looked up to see a missile heading his way. He formed an energy whip in his hands and wrapped the whip around the missile. with all his strength he spins around and sends the missile back at the other ship.

Astrodactyl smiled tiredly, watching the missile hit the attacking ship making it float off into the other direction. His whole body sore, Ben flew back into the truck. He turned back to normal when the hatch closed.

"Ben are you alright?" Rook asked as soon as the green light faded.

Ben was trying to catch his breath, that took more out of him then he expected. "Yeah," He answered shakily. "I-I'm good. How's the truck?"

"Not good." Rook answered solemnly. "The missiles caused a lot of damage. We need to make an emergency landing so I can see for myself."

Ben slowly sank back in the passenger seat, his breathing a lot heavier than before. Maybe Rook and grandpa Max were right and he was getting si- The young hero hissed silently when he felt a stabbing pain in his abdomen. "Emergency landing?" He squeaked, clutching his stomach and hoping Rook wouldn't turn around to look at him.

The last thing he wanted was to worry his boyfriend. "On which of those two planets ahead do you plan on doing that?" He sighed with relief when the stomach cramps passed.

Rook frowned. "There is only one planet ahead." He corrected.

Ben looked at his boyfriend and immediately clenched his eyes shot. 'Please just be turbulence, please just be turbulence.' He silently pleaded, when he felt the world tilt and a sharp pain in his skull.