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Chapter 6.

Rook wasn't sure what to expect when he and Max followed the doctor to Ben's hospital room. His mind went back to that moment when he thought Ben died. He remembered the cold, hopeless feeling that had gripped his heart

He'd completely lost control and if Ben hadn't stopped him- there was not telling what he would have done.

And then he remembered how helpless and useless he had been when Ben lay on the ground, screaming in pain.

So naturally Rook prepared himself for the worst.

Which why the sight that greeted him when the door opened came as such a surprise.

Ben was asleep on the hospital bed, looking peaceful and for the first time in two days, not in pain. Aside from the IV attached to his wrist he looked perfectly healthy.

Rook sighed in relief, he pulled up a chair and sat by the bed. He could hear Max chuckle behind him. "I told you he'd be fine."

"You did." Rook nodded resting his chin in his hands. But that was so different actually seeing it for himself.

Doctor Rennsen remained in the doorway. "Magister Tennyson, you mentioned that you want my patient to be transported to Earth?"

"Right." Max nodded. "I probably should get started filling in those papers to allow us to transport him." He put a hand on Rook's shoulder. "I'll be right back, Rook. Keep an eye on Ben for me."

"I will." Rook said watching Max walk out of the room with the doctor. Magister Tennyson had not needed to ask such a thing. Rook couldn't look away even if he tried.

A little while later Ben began to stir, Rook immediately sat up straight when he saw Ben move. "Ben?"

After letting out a soft groan Ben spoke up. "Crap, did Vilgax finally manage to kill me or something?"

Rook chuckled. "Thankfully no. You are very much still alive." And thankfully feeling good enough to joke around. Although Rook wished Ben took his health more seriously.

Ben opened his eyes and drowsily looked at Rook. "Rook? Aw man what happened?" His confused look turned to a concerned one when he saw Rook's wet furry cheeks. "Are you okay?"

"That is what I should be asking you." Rook smiled tiredly.

Ben frowned. "Dude, I'm fine, sore but fine. It's you I'm worried about. You look like you've been through hell." He tried sit up, but stopped when he noticed the small remote next to his hand and grabbed it.

Fortunately- or unfortunately, depending how you looked at it, Ben had found himself on Plumber medical beds enough times to know how to use the remote to adjust the bed.

He adjusted the head of the bed so he could sit up without aggravating his surgery wound. "Rook?" Ben asked reaching for his boyfriend's face and gently running fingers over the wet fur. "Hey, Fuzzball, I'm fine. Please don't be upset."

Rook couldn't keep it in any longer. "How can I not be upset?! It has only been two days and I nearly lost you three times!"

Ben was a little surprised by Rooks outburst, but started to feel guilt sink in deep. "Rook, I'm sorry that I freaked you out so bad and made you stress out. I let my stubbornness get the best of me and it bit both of us in the butt, yes that's an expression." he said when Rook frowned. I promise, next time I feel off I'll tell you right away. But you can't let this keep bugging you. I'm fine now."

"I know that Ben," Rook sighed. "I see you here safe and sound, and yet..." And yet he could not let go of the image Ben falling unconscious during the snowstorm, or when the building Ben was in collapsed, nor could he ever forget Ben laying on the ground of a spaceship, screaming in agony.

It was just too much...

Ben bit on his inner cheek. He'd never seen Rook look so... So defeated. "I'm sorry for putting you through all this." The words felt familiar and Ben wondered how often he'd be repeating them in this relationship.

"Ben..." Rook held onto Ben's hand. "I am sorry you had to be put through all that. No," he shook his head. "I am sorry you had to be put through that, and the constant threats on your life, villains attacking and the media harassing you." He met Ben's eyes. "I wonder how you do that..."

"That's easy," Ben smiled and brushed his thumb over the tear stains on Rook's cheek. "I have the sweetest Revonahgander boyfriend who I know is always there for me."

Rook gave a small smile at that comment. "Thanks Ben."

"And, for all the stuff you did for me for the past few days, I think you deserve a reward." Ben pulled Rook into a kiss, which Rook gladly accepted and kissed back. After a few moments when they finally pulled apart, Rook sighed happily. "I really needed that."

"Yeah, me too. I would have done it sooner but I was afraid of getting you sick too."

Ben scooted over on the mattress and patted the empty space. "Come lay down you look exhausted."

Glancing at the IV drip and deciding he wouldn't mess it up by laying next to his boyfriend Rook lay down on the bed and wrapped his arms around Ben.

Ben snuggled up against Rook's chest. "You know, what?" He asked pressing the button the remote that put the bed back in it's original position. "When we get back to Earth, I'm gonna make this all up to you." He promised.

"Really?" Rook smiled, resting his chin on top of Ben's head. "How do you plan on accomplishing that?"

Ben grinned. "I have a few ideas..." He trailed of suggestively- or at least that was his plan but he broke of yawning. Rook kissed the top of Ben's head. "Get some sleep Ben, I am sure now nothing can-"

Before Rook could even finish his sentence Ben covered his mouth and glared at him. "Rook I swear to God if you finish that sentence you will regret it later."

When Ben removed his hand Rook smiled sheepishly. "Sorry."

Now with the paperwork done, Max and Patelliday walked into the room to find Ben and Rook sound asleep. Patelliday smiled at the young couple. "I bet ya by the time Ben's old enough to move out of his parents place Rook's going to propose to him."

Max chuckled. "That wouldn't surprise me."

Patelliday looked at Max, his eyebrow shooting up when he saw the expression on his old friend's face. "Don't tell me ya want the poor to guy to actually ask your permission to ask for Ben's hand."

"Call me old-fashioned, Patelliday," Max smiled. "but I expect no less from him, or Kevin." He expected the same from the person who would eventually win over Lucy's heart. He was protective of his grandchildren, Max doubted that would ever change. He just wanted what was best for them.

And looking at the smile on Ben's face as he lay there, asleep in Rook's arms. Max knew that, for now being with Rook was what was best for Ben.