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Steve's POV

Smoothie and I stared each other down as the waves licked at the shore and the seabreeze blew across the beach.

"Shave!" I suddenly darted next to her shoulder "Ax Kick!"

I slammed my leg down and she blocked me by leaning her shoulder into the attack.

"Your speed isn't all that special." She said lifting her sword with her other arm and careening it towards me.

Smoothie was far taller than me so doing much damage wouldn't be easy. I jumped onto the end of her sword and used it like a springboard to jump again and fly back.

"A sword that big has sweeping wide swings, it's not all that useful for hitting a smaller quicker target." I said.

"You've already seen this is no ordinary sword." She leaned it on her arm and pointed forward "Juice Shot!"

I was quickly forced to dip to the side as a high pressure shot of water flew out the end of the sword and blasted the ground leaving a crater and kicking up rubble.

"Juice Blitz!"

Smoothie started letting off a flurry of shots, I weaved in and out of them, pulling my bandages off as I went.

"Hellfire Fist!"

I launched a flaming punch at her, purple and black flames seemingly overwhelming her.

"Huh?" I gasped as the air was cut and a liquid sickle shot out and cut the flame "Iron Body!"

I quickly crossed my arms to block and took the hit.

"GAH!" I felt a sting in my arms as I coughed out a little blood "it hit me?"

"Your feeble defense is worthless before my blade." Smoothie swiped her sword and made my flams disperse; her sword now covered in black energy.

"Haki." I glared.

"HHRRAAA!" She lifted her sword straight up "Sea Splitter!"

She swung straight down and sent a cascading juice wave at me.

"I can't block that!"

I quickly darted to the side to dodge her strike.

"I told you." Smoothie appeared next to me with her leg pulled back "your speed isn't all that special."

"AHH!" I yelled getting drilled with a kick and sent tumbling across the street.

"You can't run for my reach is too far, you can't block for my strength outclasses you." Smoothie began stalking closer "You're finished demon."

"Damn." I coughed a bit standing up "Alright this one's tough."

"You truly insist on fighting?" She scoffed.

"I'm not giving up, that's not really my style." I smiled.

"Such arrogance!" Smoothie glared raising her heel.

"Don't look down on me!" I yelled throwing my hands up and catching her foot "Just because you're so tall!"

She's weighs a ton!

"HNGH!" I pushed her back and turned my body, transforming into my demon form "Brimstone!"

I blasted her right in the face with a beam of red-hot energy, her helmet cracking and shattering as a result as I jumped it.

"Hoof Stomp!"

I dropkicked her right in the head knocking her over once more.

"GRR!" Smoothie glared at my reaching out and slapping me away like a fly "I'm going to start killing you now."

"Bring it on." I snarled.

She stabbed at me with her sword but when I flew a circle around it, she kicked me up with her long legs and sending me back towards the jungle like area of the island we're on.

"My power is the Wring-Wring Fruit." She touched a variety of trees as she passed by them, the plants slowly shriveling up and drying out like they'd been caught in the sun for weeks as their stems and leaves were twisted and contorted "It allows me to absorb the liquid of anything I come into contact with into myself and my weapons."

Suddenly she looked even larger.

"I'll stomp you out runt!" she made a hard powerful step and released all the liquid she just absorbed from the forest like a flood.

I quickly flew up to avoid the flood of juice as the island around us was trampled and washed away.

Suddenly all the juice began reconvening near the center of the island in one single sphere.

"HMPH!" Smoothie pointed her sword at me "Hyper Concentrate! Island Bombardment!"

A gigantic column of juice was shot right at me, it was like it covered a square mile.

"IRON BODY!" I quickly crossed my arms in an attempt to block knowing dodging was out of the question.

I was slammed by the gust of liquid; my iron body blocked a lot of severe damage but it was still too much to stay aloft on my wings and I painfully crashed down on the sand.

"Ugh." I looked around and saw the whole island had been dried out, what was once a jungle like small archipelago now looked like a few square miles of Alabasta desert "She sucked all the liquid off this island?"

"My power will dry you out." Smoothie appeared through the sandstorm "Prepare to be slain demon."

I'll die if I don't do something…


Smoothie got close and raised her sword high bringing it down in a sudden and harsh swing, but rather than make the expected slicing squelch she anticipated she was instead met with a loud clang and snap as half her sword was sent flying up.

"What?!" she gasped.

"Close one, barely got that off." A gravely masculine voice said.

Smoothie jumped back and saw a demonic creature staring at her. This one was different than what she'd fought before, rather than bulky and muscular it was much lither and thinner but still toned, its legs were thick and covered in blasting red flames that burst like wings near the thigh, it still sported hard and sharp horns that were more vertical and its face was less brutish and more refined, similarly its wings were sleeker and straighter.

"Your body…" Smoothie glared.

"Life Return." Steve explained "The ability to control biological functions, in the right hands you can even use it to change the shape of your muscle mass, I saw Lucci do something similar once so I worked on it myself with Sandersonia and Marigold. I'm faster and lighter my punches may be weaker but-."

Suddenly the demon appeared right in front of Smoothie and delivered a sharp flaming kick to her chest.

"AHHH!" she yelled out as she was burned and knocked back.

"My legs are far stronger." He glared "This is my technique Life Return: Incubus Form!"

Steve's POV

"HMPH!" I raised my leg up to kick smoothie again "Hellfire Femur!"

"You plan to defeat me, a Longleg with kicks?!" Smoothie raised her shin and blocked my strike "Don't make me laugh!"

She pulled back rather quickly though.

"What's the matter my heat too much for you?" I smirked a bit letting off more flames from my arms and legs.

"I can handle it just fine." She said wiping some sweat off her chin "I've got more than enough juice stored up still to sweat this out."

I dropped low and took off at her with a flash of flight.

"Thruster!" I collided with her only to be stopped as she dug her heels into the sand.

"Speed or not you're still too weak to really lift me when I'm dug in." she grabbed my "I'll drain you dry!"

She started twisting my arm and I felt the energy getting sucked and wrung out of me.

"Iron Body!" I flexed a bit to try and stiffen up and block her.

"Your armament is weak, so is your iron body." She slammed me down and her heels turned dark black "You call that Haki, when two users clash the one with the stronger Haki will win, mine is far stronger than yours."

I cranked up the fire on my feet and blasted myself back to avoid her heavy stomp attack.

"I guess my skill is too weak." I sighed "In that case I'll need to find a way to make my Haki as stronger than yours."

"I won't be allowing that!" she ran in and pulled her leg back like she was about to kick a soccer ball "I'll send you flying!"

I went to block only to get drilled again and nearly crash into the sea but I managed to fly myself back to the shore.

"Hellfire Comet!"

I slammed into her knee with a dropkick and made the giant woman buckle a bit before she chopped me with her hand, again I attempted to block only to be swatted into the sand.

"Dammit my defensive moves do nothing against her."

"Combining your Iron Body and Armament has made you lazy, you lack the resolve to properly use either of them!"

"Resolve?" I mumbled "Hancock…"

"Giving up, good you'll make this much easier!" Smoothie pulled back for another kick "I'll send you flying to a place no one will ever find you, where you'll be alone forever to suffer for your insolence of opposing Mama!"

"Alone…I won't leave them alone."

I glared up at Smoothie and turned my body to block.

"You know that won't work!" She hit me with her foot only to pull back "GAAAHH!"

Smoothie fell back on the sand grabbing her foot "How?!"

"Hmm." I glared at her covered in a deep inky black, a lattice like structure woven in.

"The ultimate defense." She gasped.

"Black Iron Body."

I used my speed to moonwalk through the air and pull back for a kick.

"Hellfire Femur!"

Smoothie grabbed the snapped half of her sword and used it to block by coating it with armament.

"You're a monster!" she glared "I must kill you before you kill my family."

"Really." I landed back and shifted into my normal demon form "I was thinking the same thing! RAAAAHHHH!"

I let out a loud roar and that seemed to stun her for a moment.

"Look into the eyes of hell!" I charged in.

"I can't…." Smoothie's legs were shaking "Mama…save me."

"No one can save you now." I reached out and swiped my arm through her "SUNDER!"

An eruption of soul energy and hellfire burst out of Smoothie's chest.

"AAHHHH!" she fell forward and dropped into the sand.

"NGH!" I then suddenly fell forward as well and passed out "The energy needed for Life return and the Black Iron body is intense, I'm exhausted."

I panted a bit as I tried to get a hold of my breath.

"You really are a demon." Smoothie groaned from the ground "I wonder if you really will…beat Mama."

"My goal is to make it to the One Piece with my family and my crew." I said "if your family gets in my way then that's just what'll happen. Like I said, I'm taking Big Mom down cause compared to my family, she's nothing."


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