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Steve's POV

"Ah here you are." I smiled entering one of the abandoned houses in the secret camp and seeing Robin there with Lil and Toko "You girls trying to hide from me?"

"Hush now." Robin looked over at me "She's sleeping."

I looked down and saw Toko resting her head on Robin's lap, despite the obvious tear stains on her cheeks that awful cursed smile was still locked in on her face.

"I wish there was some way to help her, and the others stuck like this too." Lil frowned "Do you think there's some way to cure them?"

"I don't know." Robin frowned a bit while gently stroking Toko's hair.

"I bet there is." I reassured her "after all, our ship has the greatest doctor in the world, if anyone can eventually find a cure for this it will be Chopper."

"Yeah." Lil smiled "Still, I wish we could help Toko, her life has been so hard and now her Daddy is gone."

"Right now, the best thing we can do is prepare." I told her "And take down Kaido and Orochi."

"Right." She nodded leaving me and Robin "I'm going to go practice some more."

"Be careful." Robin warned before looking at me "That means you as well dear."

I nodded "I'm gonna do it, I'm going to beat them and when I do Toko and all the others will be able to smile for real, a smile from the heart."

Robin looked down "I hope so too."


"Luffy is out of prison for now, he and the others on his side will meet us when the time is right." I told Kin'emon "According to Chopper, Luffy insists on doing some kind of special training over there."

"Luffy-dono is strong and wise, but will he be ready to attack with us when the time is right?" he asked.

"Monet is over there with them; she'll be able to organize all that it's one of her specialties." I explained "So long as someone there can explain the meeting point to her, she'll coordinate the arrival of our forces from that side.."

"We have Lord Yasuie to thank for arranging the change in meeting point." Kin'emon frowned.

"Wish I got the chance to know him more." I nodded "He seemed like a pretty swell guy. My concern though isn't organization it's the other thing Monet mentioned."

I growled a bit.

"That hag Big Mom showed up and got taken off to Kaido's castle, who knows what trouble that'll be."

"Regardless I'll take her down."

It seemed like everyone was in surprisingly good given the situation, training and preparing however they could.

Lil's POV

"HRA!" I swung again feeling the whip slap against the rock and send a recoil down my arm, the vibration making me drop the baton from my other hand.

"Miss are you sure you can handle this?" Azwraith asked.

"I can do it." I rubbed my wrist "I need to do this; I have to be stronger. If I can't even use I'm just a sitting duck while you guys fight, Bastille almost got be just because the marines grabbed me, I need to be able to defend myself too."

I swung again.

"Everyone can't protect me, I need to protect myself!"

Wyper's POV

"It'll hold." I looked at the canon "Barely, this stuffs in rough shape."

"Can you get them working in time for the raid." Raizo asked.

"They're a bunch of old fireworks launchers they're not meant to fire cannon shells." I scratched my chin "Especially in the shape they're in."

"So there is no hope."

"I never said that." I smirked "Leave it to me, it'll take some sky engineering but I'll make sure that we can blow through anything."

Monet's POV

"I see, and how quickly can you get it moved to the staging grounds." I didn't even look up as I signed a paper.

"Three days with the main path, five if we go the long way to avoid trouble."

"Then take it the long way, these tools and men are useless if Kaido and Orochi catch them before the raid." I opened a book "Quit dawdling we don't have a moment to waste."

I looked over back to where Luffy was training, shattering metal with punches.

"We might actually have a chance, even Doflamingo never dared stand up to Kaido. Luffy and Steve can't be bogged down with needless administration, I'll handle this burden on my own."

"What's next?" I smiled "Are those the latest delivery of swords put them over there."

Rose's POV

"HMHP!" I swung my arm back and sliced through some bamboo "Dammit missed again? You're faster than you look Shinobu."

"And you're slower than you should be." She reappeared "Are you sure you are a student of Ikaruga?"

"You've seen my arm and my moves that should be all the proof you need to know who my master is." I said.

"Those don't make me doubt." She explained "You're sluggish swings do. You are a Kunoichi are you not, they someone your age should have no issues keeping up with me. And your ninjutsu is crap!"

"Alright lets go again." My arm shifted into blade mode "I'll be counting on your guidance sensei."

"Ninja, assassin, bounty hunter or pirate, I don't care what I have to be I will become strong enough to help my friends fulfill their dreams."

Shinobu vanished again and I went hunting after her in the bamboo forest, trying to keep my eyes peeled for any slight change in the environment.

"Where'd that old lady go?" I landed among some dead leaves "Hmm?"

I heard noises and walked over to see one of the last waterfalls in Wano, there underneath it was my brother.

"Is he an idiot he can't swim." I stepped closer only to back up a step when I felt the air "Wait…impossible."

I looked over and saw how misty the air was and instantly realized what he was doing, he was able to stand under that waterfall because he hand cranked his hellfire up so hot it was flash boiling into steam before it even touched him.

"Incredible." I smiled "Now I wanna get even stronger too."


Steve's POV

"We're back!"

I looked over and saw Chopper riding in with Monet, Tama and Luffy.

"Finally made it huh?" I smiled.

"Sorry for our delay, there were a few more things that needed my attention and with Luffy in this state I figured I should handle them before he woke up and complained about taking too long." Monet said while pushing up her glasses and handing a series of charts and ledgers off to Kin'emon "4,200 members, though I was unable to confirm content with Law and the Heart Pirates or exactly what Kidd is planning either."

"Thank you for your assistance." He bowed to her.

"Luffy, you gonna wake up?!" I yelled.

"Yeah, I'm here." He yawned "Oh hey how's it going?"

"Not bad." I grabbed his hand and pulled him up "nice to see you survived your turn getting put in chains."

"I managed, and got way stronger too." He laughed.

"Well good so did I." I nodded "I've got something to take care of before we go but everyone is ready now Luffy."

He nodded and I put his hat on his head.


I walked up behind Robin and Lil and stood there silently for a moment. They were there with Toko at a small little makeshift grave.

"Well, I was wondering if you girls were trying to avoid me." I laughed a bit.

"Hi Papa."

"Nothing like that." Robin smiled softly "Just…taking a little time."

"You guys are all going to fight the bad guys, aren't you?" Toko asked "The people who took my Daddy away."

I stepped forward and knelt down onto one knee to be closer to eye level with the girl.

"That's right." I nodded.

"I wish I could help you but I'm small and weak and I'd only be in the way like always." She said, her face still frozen in that dreadful smile.

"Yeah, you probably would." I teased.

"Steve." Robin rolled her eyes.

"Toko you can't come with us it's too dangerous." I looked at her "Everyone has something they can do, so stay in the village and look after them for us ok?

I put my hand on her head "And I promise I'll do what I can do."

"My Mama and Papa are strong." Lil told her "They saved me, and they'll save you too I'm sure of it."

"You are a strong and brave girl Toko." Robin smiled at her and gave her a hug "I think your father would be very proud that you're not giving up."

"Daddy's gone; Miss Komurasaki is gone…I don't have anyone else left."

"What are you talking about silly." Lil said giving her a hug too "You've got us don't you."

"Hmm." She nodded slowly.

"Big Mom, Kaido, Orochi I don't care who stands in our way here." I stood up.



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