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Steve's POV

"Well, aren't they having fun." Robin laughed a bit seeing Luffy, Chopper and Brook in samurai armor.

"Might as well enjoy it while we can." I smiled.

"You guys look like beetles." Lil laughed putting on a hat with a similar horn to it.

Everyone was starting to get a little antsy, there were two days till the attack and things were lining up well, almost too well, I think everyone was just ready to get to business. Giving the incoming danger Robin had sent Toko off to the nearby village with that Tengu guy Luffy met and promised we'd come see her when this was all over.

"Time is lining up." Monet said "The lunar calendar indicates that there will be a full moon the night of the assault, the Minks having access to the Sulong transformation will certainly be helpful."

"I wanna see it up close myself." Lil added.

I looked over and saw Luffy was near the edge of the cliff looking out at the water.

"Don't fall in, you sink like normal even without that heavy armor on." Rose joked.

"You're wearing armor and there's a big fight coming up but you look worried." I walked over "That's not like you, what's up?"

"Big Mom is here." He said "But Jinbei isn't."

"Yeah figures the old hag would show up and complicate things, but if she's here I guess we'll just kick her ass too." I smiled "And yeah he's not here yet but he'll come, his business is done I'm sure he'll be here, no reason to get so worried."

He nodded.

"Lighten up pal or you'll turn out like me." I laughed patting him on the back "Leave the worrying to me."

That seemed to make him laugh "Yeah you're way better at this serious stuff."

"It'll be time soon." I looked out.

Two Days later

"This sea is out of control." Nami said.

"Just keep sailing forward!" I yelled "We can't risk the wait! They're counting on us you know."

"I know that!" she snapped.

"Sunny can handle it don't worry about it." Franky laughed.

"Hey are we close enough yet?" Luffy smiled.

"Yeah, go ahead." I smirked.

"Wyper!" Luffy yelled "FIRE!"

"Alright!" He pulled a lever setting off the main canon to blast one of Kaido's warships.

The waves were tall and heavy, even for Sunny this was hard to sail through, yet as I looked by all the foam and rain I could see one small little dingy with Kin'emon and his friends on it.

"Sorry we're late." Luffy yelled "The sea was crazy."

Another cannon went off as Kidd's ship swooped past.

"You're stealing all the fun." I laughed.

"Just stay outta my way." He yelled.

"LAW!" I shouted "We're behind schedule."

"It's not like I can do anything about it." He grumbled "Besides you're damn secretary said something about a whole army, I'm not seeing more than three ships!"

"Monet." I looked over at her.

"They should have been here, something is wrong." She said holding the railing.

"Luffy what's the plan?" I asked.

"Allies or not let's just destroy the battleship." He shrugged.

"I fear our plan has leaked to the enemy." Kin'emon explained.

"We can barely hear him over the storm." Rose hissed.

"It's fine." I yelled back "Back up or no let's just blow by what's in front of us here and now and deal with the rest later!"

"You don't stand a chance." Some of the underlings from Kaido's ship said "Your ships are sunk; your allies are dead and with Big Mom and Kaido in an alliance you're finished. We caught most of you once before, we'll just do it again."

"That hag." I growled.

"Those guys sure are sounding cocky." Luffy glared.

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing." I smiled at him as I transformed "Let's blow 'em away!"

I flew up above one of the ships.

"Tempest Kick: Submersible Torpedo!"

I sent out a barrage of kicks that blasted through the ships and under the water.

"Papa!" Lil yelled pointing "They're kidnapping Momo!"

"It's that painter isn't it." I flew forward "I never liked that guy."

Before I could get close a massive cloud drawn of ink blocked my path.

"The hell?"

"Ukiyo Portrait: Evening Shower."

"IRON BODY!" I quickly covered myself to block a barrage of ink arrows.

"Ten Layer Igloo!" Monet quickly put up a barrier to block the Sunny from the attack.

"I'll be fine!" I could hear Momo yelling "Don't worry about me, defeat Kaido and Orochi, save Wano."

"That's the spirit kid!" I smiled.

"Now you're acting like a cool Samurai." Luffy cheered "We'll come save you, that's a promise, we are friends after all. You heard him let's go to Onigashima."

"Looks like a ship escaped the barrage." Franky said.

"We're going that way anyway who cares." I told him.

"If they sound an alarm, it will cause more problems." Robin admitted.

Another cannonball flew passed.

"Or that could happen." She said.

"A long range gun seriously?" Nami groaned.

"I retrofitted those firework canons for the other ships but they can't make a shot that far." Wyper said "There's no way we can fire back at this range."

"This will be a problem Strawhat." Law yelled.

"Franky go faster we gotta get closer." Luffy commanded.

"A Coup De Burst puts us to far though." Franky said "We can't go any faster."

Suddenly the ship bombarding us got completely obliterated when a beam of water shot out of the sea.

"Seems like something is happening." Brook said.

"What the hell was that?!" Usopp yelled.

"There's someone on the ship." Nami held up her binoculars "AH!"

"Let me see!" Lil pouted.

"Sorry for the long wait, I'm back as promised." Jinbei smiled


"See I told you not to worry." I nodded at Luffy as Jinbei swam over.

"He's really here!" Lil cheered hugging him "AWESOME!"

"Sorry for being so tardy I was tending to the injured sun pirates and things ended up running long with the party." He laughed.

"Jinbei is amazing at the helm Franky you gotta see it." Nami smiled.

"It was like we were surfing." Chopper added.

"Someone who can finally bring out Sunny's full potential, nice."

"I think we should celebrate." I smiled.

"Well, we're all out of food and you can't drink." Rose said.

"I smell something nearby, lets just steal it." Zoro smirked.

"Is this really the time for a party." Nami huffed.

"Don't be a stick in the mud." I spread my wings "They have stuff we need and we're pirates so let's just take it!"

I flew up and opened my mouth "Brimstone!"

The guards at the gate were wiped out in an instant by out attacks giving us a moment to celebrate.

"For the first time in a while we're all together, everyone in one place." I raised my glass "So we have to officially celebrate!"

"We can all finally cheer for our new members, Jinbei and Monet!" Luffy said.

"YEAH!" everyone else joined in.

"We'll do a real celebration later after we win." I smiled "And we beat Kaido, Orochi and Big Mom!"

"It's our biggest fight so we'll have the biggest party when we're done!" Luffy put his arm around me.

"Guys it's gonna get crazy after this understand!" I said "you all know what you need to do, we help the samurai and take down these jerks. But as your Captains we only have one order."

"Kick there ass and come back alive!" Luffy and I yelled.


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