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Steve's POV

After hours at sea we finally arrived on the small marine infested island. Luffy and I were just stunned to have made it where we wanted to go. Neither of us has any idea how to navigate so we Coby had to do most of that work.

I should make a note we need to get a navigator as soon as possible. It's gonna be important.

Coby kept complaining about how if neither of us had any navigational skills we wouldn't make very good pirates but I pretty much just tuned him out after a while, I mean he wasn't wrong but at a certain point it just got annoying to listen too. We walked around for a little bit before my rubber pal said the inevitable "Let's go eat."

We decided to head to a small bar to grab something

How are we gonna pay for all this food, Luffy eats like a giant, and we don't have any money to even pay for scrapes.

I opted to put it out of my mind for the time being if anything we could just skip out on the bill like normal pirates. Towards the end of our meal Luffy asked if I thought Zoro was still at the Marine Base, which sent most of the bar into a panic

"Guess you can't just casually drop his name around here." Coby said while trying to calm down for the excitement. Coby than began talking about some guy named Morgan at the Base which just seemed to freak out the other patrons more than dropping Zoro's name did.

"Come on let's get going." I told my two friends "We should go look for Zoro."

After we left the restaurant Luffy wouldn't stop laughing about how exciting that place was but it was the look on Coby's face that worried me more.

"What's wrong kid" I asked him, I already had a felling his was curious about the reactions of the other people in the bar when he had mentioned Morgan's name.

"I understand why they would be scared of Zoro but why did they have such a panic over the marines?" Coby asked looking at me with a sad look on his face.

"Well you see Coby..." I started before being rudely interrupted by Luffy who interjected

"Maybe he's a bad guy."

Wow thanks captain obvious.

It didn't take much for me to understand that maybe this Morgan guy wasn't on the straight and narrow like the marines in Coby's fantasies.

"Not all people are as black and white as we would like them to be Coby, there are bad marines and good pirates the world has a lot of grey areas in it." I told him.

I felt bad crushing the kids dreams like this but it was bound to happen. He needs to understand the world isn't all fairy tales, I thought he would have learned that working on Alvida's ship for all that time.

"But that impossible!" Coby yelled.

"He's serious." Luffy told him "The worlds a rough place Coby, there are no rules people forge their own paths."

After that we walked in silence alone with our thoughts.


When we finally arrived at the Marine Base, we were met with a large metal gate. I figured it was time for Luffy and I to part ways with Coby so he could go follow his dream but once again he kept making lame excuses about not being mentally prepared yet.

Whatever kid can go when he's ready, it ain't my problem.

I watched as Luffy climbed up onto the wall to look into the court yard and I soon followed suit.

That's when I saw him. A man tied to a mock cross. He was tall, probably just shy of my height if he was standing up straight. He was wearing a white shirt and black pants with a green sash around his waist. He had on a black bandana and had three earrings in one ear

"That's him alright. Zoro."

"Looks like those ropes will come off pretty easy." Luffy stated.

"Yeah shouldn't take too long." I said getting ready to hop over the wall.

Coby started screaming about how if we released Zoro he might kill us and destroy the town.

Then Zoro looked up and spotted us staring at him and spoke "One of you wanna come over here and untie me I've been tied up for a while now, nine days or so."

This guy's already asking for favors and he doesn't even know our names

"I can repay you if you want, I always keep my word."

Now he's bargaining I didn't even say no.

"Don't do it he's lying he'll kill you if you set him free." Coby said starting to panic again.

"No, he won't." Luffy told him "He can't kill us because we're strong, well me and Steve are I'm not too sure about you Coby."

"Wow way to be nice to the kid Luffy."

Then I looked over and saw there was a little girl at the wall with a ladder "SHH" she whispered and began climbing over the wall.

What's this kid doing she's asking to get shot.

"Go help her you two." Coby spoke trying to order us around.

"Nah you do it." Luffy told him.

"Luffy's right you wanna be a marine hero right well go save the person in distress then." I added.

The girl walked up to Zoro who began telling her to get lost and leave him alone. I couldn't really tell what was going on but it looked as if she was trying to give him something. Zoro began yelling at the girl.

"Get Lost or I'll kill you!" he screamed.

"Wow that escalated quickly." I remarked.

The gate at the side of the courtyard opened up and a peculiar looking blond man stepped into the yard.

"What a weirdo." Luffy said, and I couldn't help but agree the man was pretty strange.

"Oh, good a marine now the girl will be ok." Coby said letting out a sigh of relief.

Said stranger spoke to Zoro before he walked up to the girl and took whatever it was, she was attempting to give Zoro. He then proceeded to shove it in his mouth which made me realize that it was some sort of food that she was trying to give Zoro. Suddenly the weirdo began gagging and then stomped on the rest of what I now saw were rice balls. He then pointed out a sign that read "Any person who helps criminals will be punished the same". He proceeded to order one of the marines accompanying him to throw out the poor little girl. By the time I realized what was happening the girl was flying through the air.

"Luffy!" I ordered and he quickly grabbed the girl before she could suffer any damage.

When I looked back over the wall, I saw the marines had left.

"Come on Luffy let's go talk to this guy." I told him

"Coming!" Luffy yelled "Coby you check on the little girl okay."

Luffy and I walked up to Zoro and he spoke "What are you doing? Why haven't you left?"

"Because we're looking for people to join our pirate crew." Luffy said.

"So, you just gave up on life and became a pirate." Zoro spoke throwing out an insult.

"There's nothing wrong with being a pirate, and we only asked you because you came with a recommendation from my sister." I told him.

"Who's your sister and why the hell would she tell you that I would be a pirate?" Zoro asked.


"Oh HER, figures she'd say some crap like that,so what I don't listen to her. Don't tell me you're just gonna set me free and force me to join you just because your sister said I was a nice guy." Zoro scoffed.

I can't believe Rose said he was a good guy all he's done so far is hurl insults, she probably only sent me here to free some guy she has a crush on.

"We haven't decided yet I don't care you seem like a good guy" Luffy told him "But Steve still seems undecided so well wait on it."

And with that we started to walk away.

"Luffy you now it doesn't matter what I think both of us are allowed to ask people to join the crew." I told him

"I know but since everyone seems to think he's a bad guy let's just wait it out for a little bit." He answered "I'm sure we can figure it out later."

"It doesn't matter." Zoro yelled "I will never join you because I have something I need to do, a dream to fulfill."

Zoro had a look of determination on his face, there was part of the story he wasn't telling.

"Come on let's go Luffy." I hollered.

"Wait can you pick that up for me?" Zoro asked gesturing to the smashed rice on the ground

"You wanna eat that? It's all muddy" Luffy said picking up the rice

"Well I guess you can't be too picky when your starving" he said shoving the mixture of rice and dirt into Zoro's mouth.

Zoro ate it like he hadn't seen food in ages and then said "Tell the little girl it was very good, thank you"

With that Luffy and I exited the base.


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