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Well, I guess this is it. There is nothing I can do about it, I have to go back home.

Home, for most it brings up a bunch of great memories and feelings; for me however just the mere thought of going home brings up nothing but negativity and dread. Sadly these feelings are all caused by family. They have never really showed any compassion for me, everything has always revolved around my sister. Me, I've always been in the background. Hell, if I'm being honest I think my parents are dreading me coming home even more than I am.

You see the only reason that I'm coming home is because I got a job. Ever since high school I knew that I wanted to dance, and teach. So I decided to become a kindergarten teacher, I love children they are so innocent and trusting. It doesn't help that they are really the only people that I can have conversations with. I'm almost cripplingly shy.

I guess I should say a little more about myself. My name is Kimberly Lynn Connweller and I am a recent graduate of John Hopkins University. As I've already said I'm about to start my first year as a kindergarten teacher. I will be working at the Tribal school back home.

I love my home town, though I guess I should say I love my litter reservation. I live in La Push Washington a small Indian reservation about twenty minutes away from Forks. The only thing the town has to show for itself is its beautiful beaches and cliffs. The beaches were my personal favorite; no one ever bothered you there. And you could just look out on the horizon which never changed and seemed to go on forever, it was actually very relaxing.

"Kimberly! Would you at least humor me by pretending to listen to me!" My mom snapped at me pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Sorry mom, what was it that you were saying?" I say with a small sigh turning to look at my mother who had insisted on driving me home.

"I was asking you how long you were planning on staying at home with me, because as you know you are an adult and should be paying for everything yourself. Your sister never felt the need to move back in with me after college when she got her job." My mom said making sure to put emphasis on the word job.

"That's because Kelly got knocked up and married right after getting a job. She moved in with her husband who you refused to even meet until the wedding. And if you remember correctly Kelly doesn't even have her job anymore because she got fired." I say quietly.

"Your sister doesn't have her job because of some bullshit lie that a jealous coworker spread about her. You also know that she hasn't gone back to work because she is busy being a stay at home mom which is more than I can say for you what have you been doing for the past couple years? I haven't even heard of you having a boyfriend! You've never had a boyfriend! So I'm going to take all the grandchildren I can get out of Kelly thank you."

"I'VE been going to school so that I could get a job for the past couple years, and I've had boyfriends they were never anything serious. I didn't want to waste your time if they weren't going to stick around for a long time." I said with a sigh thinking back to the one boy that I would have dropped everything to be with.

I know that any normal person would have forgotten about their high school crush by now. But there was something about him that could even now make my heart beat faster and makes me a nervous wreck. Not that I'm not normally a nervous wreck in front of other people but still there is something different about the way that he could make me feel.

"Just go put your things in your room. I'm not going to deal with your attitude anymore." My mom snapped slamming the door to her car shut and walking into the house.

I sigh and look at the house, the one place that I never wanted to come back too. I slowly got all of my things and walked into the house not bothering to say anything to my mother as I went up the stairs to my little room. I was going to start apartment hunting in the morning I just had to make it through tonight. Hopefully I wasn't going to have to stay here long.

Maybe I will just get some sleep; it has to be late enough to do that right? I mean come on; I've been in a plane for hours then add on a three hour ride in the car alone with my mother. I deserve to get a little sleep, so that I can prepare to start my life here tomorrow. With these thoughts in mind I decide to skip dinner and just go straight to bed.



I groan as the little bit of light that Washington gets drifts through my curtains waking me up. I roll over and look at my clock to see what time the world had dared to wake me up and see that it's already 830 in the morning. I guess that means I should get started on the day, I have to try and get some apartment shopping done. Even if I can only find a temporary place until I find some place that I can actually stay other than my mother's house.

I quickly jump out of bed and grab my favorite apple scented body wash from my bag then run to the shower. I set the temperature to as warm as I can stand it and let the warm water relax and prepare me for the long day I was going to have. I stayed in the shower a little longer than I should have, waiting until the water started to get cold before wrapping myself back in a towel and heading back to my room to find something decent to wear. I didn't want to be too dressy, but I didn't want to look like a slob. I guess that means I should try and find something semi causal to wear.

I walked over to my bag, which I had been too lazy to unpack last night and started digging through. Something casual, this can't be too difficult to find can it? Of course it can because almost all of my clothing is made of stuff that own for work. I never really was one to dress down, so now when I want to of course it's going to be difficult. After digging for what felt like hours I finally found an outfit which I thought would be suitable for the weather and not too overly dressy.

I quickly threw on a pair of light blue skinny jeans which hugged my curves in all the right places, not to mention made my butt look amazing. I paired my jeans with my favorite Aztec tank with my bright yellow jacket. I also threw on a pair of pink toms for comfort while walking and my favorite necklace that my dad gave me before moving to London. Then threw my already almost dry hair up into a loose high pony and deemed myself ready for the day. (


I walked down stairs with a grabbed an apple for breakfast before saying a quick hello to my mother and walking out the door. I had to accomplish two things today, attempt to find a place to stay as well as contact my best friend and pray that she will be able and willing to complete the long journey of driving my car from Maryland to Washington. Well I already know that she is willing I just have to pray that she has decided to leave, so I'm not waiting three months for me car. My car is my baby, and also my graduation gift from my daddy; a red Mercedes Benz S-class.

My daddy has a lot of money which is a really nice perk when you're a daddy's girl like me. I've always been close to my dad, even after he left my mom moved to Paris and remarried. This is part of the problem that my mom and sister have with me, they hate that my dad takes such good care of me when they feel he should be contributing to them, this is completely false if you ask me. They just want to use him for his money and could care less that he and his wife have hit a rough patch and he's trying to do everything in his power to win her back. Dad is one of those people who are normally more invested in his job than in his family, unless that family is me then he's completely invested.

Daddy loved La Push and he only left for his new wife, everyone expected it to be the other way around when word of my parents upcoming divorce spread around the reservation. They expected mom to leave because it's no secret that she hates it here, but instead she and my sister stayed while I went off to live with my dad because as my mom said, "Why would we want to keep that brat here?" I lived with my dad through my junior and senior years of high school, and if I'm being honest I don't think that anyone noticed that I was gone. I didn't have many friends in La Push, unless you count Embry the boy who always had a little crush on me.

Embry and I never became anything more than friends partly because I moved away right as we were starting to get close and partly because well, my heart through all of high school belonged to another boy. That other boy being Jared Cameron. Jared was the center of my universe through all of my time in La Push; I don't know what it was about him. Maybe his popularity and the fact that I hadn't grown into myself and I was just an awkward child, who didn't really appeal to anyone, let alone the king of the entire school! Anyways, enough about Jared he is long gone and just a childhood crush who never noticed me.

I knew from Facebook that Embry was still living in La Push not that he ever posted much; I only saw the pictures that his mom would post. Mama Call was like my second mother who actually cared about me all through my time here, well you know until I moved but I think everyone is starting to understand that. Maybe I will go visit her at the store, I haven't seen her in years and I've really missed her. I used to call her every night when I lived in Paris, and we would just talk for hours. I still talk to her a little now, but not enough for her to know that I'm coming back and I love surprising people so I guess since I'm only a couple minutes' walk away I will go visit and say hello!

I hummed quietly to myself as I got closer to Mama Call's store, peaking in the window when I got there. I grinned seeing her relaxing behind the counter, it never was really busy in the store except on the weekends when everyone wanted to pick things up before there fishing trips. I quietly slipped in and walked around a little knowing that there was no way that she would recognize me now. After browsing for a little while I picked up a chocolate bar and a water bottle and walked up to counter. There was one other person here so I knew I wouldn't have to wait long to get her attention.

"Hello, how are you today?" Mama Call asked not bothering to look up from my merchandise, in her normal complete concentration mode.

"Oh I'm alright I guess, I would be better if I got a nice warm Mama Call hug though." I said with a smile evident even in my voice. No sooner had the words gotten out of my mouth did Mama Call look up with a complete look of shock on her face. The shock quickly turned to a blinding smiling and she ran around the counter and gave me the biggest hug, which I of course returned. I had missed this woman more than I could even say.

"KIMMY! Oh my goodness! What are you doing here? I haven't seen you in years, god you're gorgeous! Paris sure agreed with you! Embry is going to be so excited when I tell him, well that is unless you're planning on going and surprising him too! He's at the beach right now with Jacob and Quil, he might be with some of his other friends too but I really don't know. His group of friends has grown so much in the past couple years. " I don't know when she stopped to breath but apparently she did because she managed to get all of that out in rapid succession.

I laughed, "I've missed you so much Mama Call! I didn't want to tell you I was coming back so that I could surprise you. I just got a job teaching kindergarten at the Tribal school, I go in for my refresher course on the legends in a couple days so that I can remember them clearly to teach the kids. I guess you can say I've grown into myself a little, and I was planning on stopping and seeing Embry I can't not see my little love muffin. Especially since he tells me almost everything, he's truly one of my best friends."

"You got that job! Kimmy I'm so proud of you! I knew that you were going to succeed! I can't wait to get to see all the children come and tell me about their teacher after the first day of school when they come to get their free ice cream!"

Mama Call and I spent a couple more minutes like this just catching up on all that had happened over the past couple years. Apparently Embry had gone through a phase where he kept sneaking out but now he has a job with the elders of the tribe and is on a good path, not that him being on a good path would surprise anyone. Apparently there are a lot of boys working for the tribe now, though some of them apparently also have other jobs away from that. I don't really know, I couldn't keep track because she kept rattling off names of people and what they were doing and asking me if I remembered them, most of which I did. Our conversations were only cut short when it started to get busy so I decided that it was time to go and visit Embry who was down on first beach about a two minute walk from the store.

Of course the walk to the beach was nice and short. So once I was on the beach I couldn't help but smile, everything was so calm. The beach was a little louder than normal because of all of the students still on summer break. Most of them were in the water swimming even though it couldn't have been much more than 60 degrees outside. It didn't take me long to spot Embry, because I could recognize his walk anywhere! If it wasn't for his walk I wouldn't have known it was him though! He was huge and muscular! Damn Mama Call had not warned me about that!

Okay Kim, enough ogling time to start operation surprise; damn that's a lame name. Oh well no turning back now, I quietly started walking over to Embry who had his back turned to me talking about some stupid video game with Jacob and Quil; both of which had also become huge. I grinned to myself and made a 'shh' motion to Jacob who saw me and leaped onto Embry's back covering his eyes. Leaping onto Embry was no small feat considering that his what had to be 6' 7" frame dwarfed my little 5'3" frame.

"Guess who!?" I whispered creepily in his ear much like I used to when we were in high school.

Embry immediately stiffened, making me fear that he was going to try and hurt me in some way before relaxing and starting to laugh. "There is only one person who would ever be dumb enough to jump on me and I know for a fact that SHE is living in Maryland at the moment.""

I giggled and jumped off Embry's back, amazed at how outgoing my normally shy self was being. Then again I was dealing with my very best friend in the world, and really the only person who knows the true me. I quickly walked around so that he could see me and grinned, waiting for him to truly realize who was standing in front of him. Embry frowned for a moment in concentration before an ear splitting smile spread across his face. He quickly jumped forward and pulled me into his arms hugging me tightly.

"Embry! I'm home!" I sang as he let me go, grinning.

"Kimmy cup! I've missed you like crazy! I mean last I knew it was finals week which made it okay that you weren't answering my Facebook messages! How long have you been back here? What are you doing back here? When are you leaving me again? Did you know that you've gotten hot? Sorry that was probably worded wrong. Seriously though you are beyond hot, like you have boobs and have you seen your ass in those jeans!?"

I laughed stopping Embry's uncontrollable rambling. "I've only been home for a couple hours I just flew in last night. I flew here right after finals so there's a reason that I haven't contacted you. I'm back here because I'm the tribe's new kindergarten teacher. I didn't know that I had gotten hot though…" I said with a blush, "but I guess that it's good that you tell me. Though I think you should know that all women have boobs.."

"Where are you staying?" Embry asked after a moment of finally letting everything that I was telling him sink in.

"I am staying with my mom at the moment, but you know how she is so I'm looking for a place to stay, even if I have to dip into the forbidden fund."

The forbidden fund was the trust fund that my father has set up for me, because of this fund I can live comfortably for years and never have to worry about working. I don't like the idea of being the spoiled rich kid however so I don't really dip into my trust fund, unlike my sister who had almost gone through hers by buying all of her cars, multiple houses, and designer everything. I've never wanted to be thought of as the rich girls so the only things that I have allowed myself to splurge on were my clothing, since my loving daddy had bought me my car.

Embry looked shocked, he's always known about my money situation but he also knew that I NEVER wanted to spend my money unless I have too. I want to keep it for when I have children so that I will be able to take care of their every need without having to worry about the money situation.

"I know of a couple places if you want to follow me, and most of them aren't very expensive so you shouldn't have to dig into the fund if you don't want to." Embry said with a little grin.

"Awh you are the very best Embry!" I said with a smile before turning to Jacob and Quil and giving them a tiny smile and a barely audible "Hi" and shy little Kim is back. Why can't I just sound confident I mean I've known those two for years, I used to make pies and cookies for them!

Jacob grinned, "Yup this is most defiantly Kim, she never was able to talk in front of me." I blushed at that because I knew that it was true. Every time that Jacob came over I would turn into myself and only mumble and blush. To someone who didn't know me you would probably think that I had this huge crush on Jacob, this wasn't the case however because well, we've already covered that.

"Seriously! She would sometimes talk around me, then I would make a comment and she wouldn't say anything to me again…" Quil said, almost looking like he was proud that I talked around him.

Embry just shook his head and linked his arm with mine, "C'mon you guys! We've got some apartment shopping to do!"

With that all of us took off around the town looking for a reasonable apartment. I didn't want anything big I just wanted a place to stay until I got the money to buy my own house. Embry took me to a couple houses and every time I thought that it was something I would like one of the boys would stop there joking and point out a potential problem which freaked me out and made me say that we should probably keep looking.

Finally we came up to a little house it wasn't extravagant but it was cute, and according to the newspaper that we picked up at Mama Call's it was also for rent. It was a little log cabin almost like a hunting cabin that was hidden in the woods a little ways. It was two stories tall but not all that large, and it even had a little front porch! I smiled just looking at it knowing that it was perfect, not what I was used to since I've been living in a rich girls paradise most of my life but it was nice. I smiled to myself and quickly walked up the porch and inside, it opened into a nice little country style kitchen which went right out into a country style living room in a very open way. There was also a small little bathroom downstairs that didn't have shower. Upstairs there was a large master bedroom, which opened right into a bathroom this one of course had a shower. It was only a one bed room house but that was all I needed. I was in love. (


I looked at both Quil and Jacob and gathered all of my courage before finally saying, "Don't say anything. This place is perfect."

They both nodded in what appeared to be approval but I couldn't really tell. The realter who was showing us around however turned to my quickly and started talking to me about price and all the other important information which I was supposed to know. After telling me everything I needed to know we made an appointment for tomorrow morning to sign all the papers so that I can move in.

I couldn't be happier right now. I finally have my first house! Well it's a rental but still! I have or I should say as of tomorrow I will have my own place.

I spent the rest of my day in my own little blissful haze. I was so happy that I even had an almost normal conversation with Jacob and Quil, I say almost because I never really raised my voice or said much but I participated and that's more than I normally would do. I wasn't out all that late because I had told my mom that I would be home for dinner since Kelly had called and said that she couldn't come because of something having to do with her pregnancy.

When it was finally time for bed I was more than ready to get some sleep, that is if I can sleep at all because I'm almost shaking from excitement about going and signing my renters agreement tomorrow…

There you go you guys! I hope that you liked it as much as I do. I really feel like something good could come from this story!