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The entire top floor of the Merlyn Global building had been cleared out. Office chairs and desks had been replaced by buffet tables, dining tables, and dining chairs. It was all so lavishly put together, glittering under various chandeliers that had not been there before, that it looked more like a grand wedding reception than an office party. When they entered, Tommy was pacing dejectedly between a large flower pot and the elevator door, a glass of champagne in hand.

His slumped shoulders immediately straightened when he caught sight of them. "Thank God. Wait here. I'll go tell my father it's his turn to greet the guests," and before either of them could say anything, Tommy disappeared in a sea of finely dressed businessmen and women.

"He's having the time of his life," Felicity said, shaking her head.

Oliver laughed, briefly glancing at her. He was trying not to look at her too often; he was sure that he'd stare too long or that his expression would betray his thoughts. Things had been so much simpler when he hadn't known what he was doing…

"Right. So my father will take over now and I'm a free man. Hello to you both by the way. Oliver?"

Crap. He'd been staring. "Hmmm?"

"Distracted, are we?" Tommy said with a smirk. "I mean, I don't blame you," he gestured at Felicity. She wore a simple green dress; the thin straps were beaded as was the cinch just below her chest, but other than that, the floor-length dress was plain. "Emerald green is a lovely color on you."

Oliver knew that in Tommy's mind, it was a joke, but the distraction was very real and he didn't want to give himself away. He wasn't sure how Tommy would react, especially since he was still technically with Laurel, so he ignored the comment: "Forty years for Merlyn Global. That's older than you, congratulations!"

Tommy shot him a 'I know that you just sidestepped my comment,' look but let it go. "Thanks." Felicity hugged him and Tommy took her hand once he pulled away "Alright can we please get away from this stupid elevator."

He led them to an empty table near the large glass windows. Tommy ordered a bottle of wine brought to their table and sat down with a big huff. He looked about ready to bolt.

"Breathe," Felicity said to him with an amused expression.

"Yes, yes…that's what everyone keeps telling me. Anyway, where are your parents?"


Tommy rolled his eyes, "Yours," he made an exaggerated air-hugging gesture to signal that he meant all four of the people included in that category.

"They," Felicity began mockingly, "are on their way. Our moms were taking too long, so we decided to leave without them and Thea is coming with her friend Roy."

"Her friend huh? Yeah, I wonder how long that's going to last…"

A very noticeable blush crept up on her cheeks and Oliver had to hide his smile by becoming very interested in the wine. He caught Tommy's momentary look of confusion, but thankfully his friend let it go.

"And where's Stefan?" He asked to change the subject.

"He—um…You see, we had lunch yesterday—or rather, we were supposed to, but then I overbooked myself with a family lunch and so we talked in his office. I did most of the talking—or no, actually we did equal talking and um… well, you know when people just drift apart? We didn't exactly…there was um something else, but—"

"They broke up," Oliver finished simply.

"Right," Felicity added unnecessarily before taking a long pause to drink the wine.

Tommy looked confused again for a moment, nodding very slowly as he tried to process all the unnecessary details Felicity had thrown at him during her rant. "Wait. Who broke up with who?"

Felicity shrugged. "It was mutual."

Tommy looked between them for a moment before taking Felicity's hand. "Okay, we're dancing." He didn't give her time to protest before he took her off to the dance floor and Oliver knew then and there that the act was over; Tommy had figured it out, and if he hadn't he would by the time the dance was over.

Hands covered his eyes from behind.


"You always guess," she said as if he'd just eaten the last piece of cake.

"That's because no one else does that to me Speedy."

She gave him a quick peck on the cheek before coming around to sit beside him. "Point."

Roy shook his head before extending his hand.

Oliver shook it firmly, just because he was Thea's big brother and he felt like he had to remind Thea's guy friends occasionally. "How you put up with her is beyond me," he said jokingly.

Roy smiled and sat down beside Thea.

"So where's your wife?" Thea asked in an innocent sing-song voice.

Oliver shot her a warning look. "Felicity was dragged off to the dance floor by Tommy. He's probably interrogating her now. And she's not my wife."


Oliver chose not to answer that.

"So you finally cracked?"

"Is that what you call it?" Felicity said evasively, as Tommy spun her slowly on the dance floor.

"C'mon, you know what I mean. The windshields are clean. You can both see clearly now… Is that the something else that prompted your break up with Stefan?"

"'The windshields are clean, really?'"

Tommy sighed heavily, "Forget the crappy metaphor and answer the question."

Felicity caught Oliver's eye as they danced near the edge of the dance floor. He smiled softly. Thea turned in her seat when she noticed Oliver wasn't paying attention to what she was saying and Felicity had to squint to see what the younger Queen sibling was mouthing. She wasn't sure, but it looked a lot like 'I told you.'

"Felicity?" Tommy said, reminding her that she had yet to answer the question.

Still, she didn't say anything. Laurel was his friend and she wasn't exactly proud about being the reason that Oliver was going to end his relationship with Laurel. And, as if that wasn't enough, they were still technically dating because of her. She told Oliver not to break up with Laurel over the phone—good in theory, but not so much in practice; especially not good when she'd spent much of the day stealing kisses from her best friend who was still seeing someone.

"It's complicated," Felicity finally said.

"Is it?" Tommy retorted without missing a beat. He didn't believe it.

"Can we just dance Tommy?"

"We can, after you answer my questions."

Felicity shot him a pleading look, but Tommy's face remained neutral. "Fine. It's not complicated. It's quite simple really. We kissed and he was going to pick up the phone and break it off with Laurel right then and there, but I told him not to do it over the phone. I also told him to give it the weekend—just in case, you know? Could be a spur of the moment thing for him."

"It's not."

"How do you know?"

"Because I've known him my whole life and because, unlike you, I've been watching you two since the day he brought you home."

Tommy glided her across the dance floor in silence for the rest of the song, but when she tried to return to the table at the end of it, he held her in place. "One more." Another slow, song played and he began taking her across the dance floor again. "I am happy for you—both of you. I am. Heck, I was waiting for it from the very beginning. I gave up on it after a couple of years, but then Thea kept the dream alive," Felicity scoffed at the exaggerated tale. "Having said that, Laurel needs to know. It's not fair to her."

All the guilt that she'd been accumulating and chasing away over the past few weeks came back to hit her like a train. "I know," she said, dropping her head onto Tommy's shoulder. "It's just—I didn't want him to do it over the phone, you know? It's really crappy…but so is 'sneaking' around behind her back—even if it's only one weekend. It's a lose, lose situation."

"Hmmm, it is. How about I drop it for now?"

"That would be lovely."

"Just—don't tell her near a bar or anything, okay?"

Felicity froze. "God, you don't think—that bad? She'll be that heartbroken?" The pit of her stomach was in knots again and she wanted it all just to go away. If only she hadn't encouraged Oliver to get back together with Laurel—then no one would be getting hurt.

"Maybe…I'm not sure. We used to talk about everything, but not so much anymore…"

She lifted her head from Tommy's shoulder just in time to catch a far-off gaze. He smiled at her, blinking rapidly to re-focus. He cared for Laurel, that much she knew, but how far did that go? She sucked in a breath, ready to ask, but sealed her lips once she saw Thea from the corner of her eye. If it was more than friendship, bringing his attention to it now wouldn't do any good. It didn't do them much good knowing...then again, it sort of did...She decided not to say anything anyway.

"Just let me know when you tell her and I'll be there for her. Just in case," Tommy finally said. Felicity nodded. The song slowed and he stopped. He leaned down and placed a kiss on her cheek, "I'm really happy for you two. It's about damned time."

Oliver came up behind Tommy just in time to take her hand, placing the other, low on her hip. He repositioned his hand quickly to the small of her back, pulling her closer than strictly necessary.

"Oliver," she whispered half-heartedly. "There are cameras."

"Felicity," his lips ghosted over her forehead, sending shivers down her spine. "I have to tell you, I couldn't care less…" He dipped his head just enough to place a brief kiss on her neck. "And if you mention Laurel once more, so help me, I'll get on train, plane, whatever—right now and knock on her door to break it off. There is no one else. Just you—me…" He trailed off and she felt his hold on her tighten, muscles stiffening as he swallowed whatever he couldn't say in a room full of people.

Oliver guided her smoothly in the other direction. There were various flashes, though Felicity couldn't be sure that they appeared on any of the pictures. As per-usual, there were cameras documenting everything—pictures that would surely find their place on some wall at the 45th company anniversary and so forth. There was a sudden increase in the volume of conversation and before Felicity could ask, Oliver answered.

"Our parents just arrived."

"Where do we hide?"

Oliver chuckled, guiding her to the right. "We don't. They've already spotted us."

She could see them now. They were all huddled around the table where Thea still sat, talking to Malcom and Tommy, stealing glances at them every few words and between laughter.

"They're talking about us, aren't they?"

Oliver shrugged, "Probably. Aren't they always?"

"Yes, but now we're making it rather obvious."

Oliver said nothing, lips still pressed against her forehead. She imagined him rolling his eyes. He pulled away a fraction of an inch, dipping his head down and capturing her lips with his in one swift motion. And then he held her there. His dance steps slowed to a sway so that he didn't break contact. He kissed her so slowly…Goosebumps rose up from every inch of her skin.

For weeks, she'd been wondering when it had all started—their 'not just friends' way of acting. Now, she remembered.

The first time he'd told her he loved her he'd dragged her out for a jog a little less than a year after they'd met. He'd shown up in the morning, two water bottles in hand and announced that they were going for a jog. She'd laughed at him and told him that she'd watch him jog. Eventually, he picked her right up and set her down in the middle of her closet.

"Get changed," he'd said. "I'll wait right out here."

It was the absolute worst day for a jog. Rain poured down mercilessly and, despite the fact that she pointed this out, he'd insisted. For some deranged reason, she'd followed him out, listening to her haggard breathing and slow squishy steps as she tried to keep up. The heavy rain turned to a drizzle and, once she was sure she was going to lose a lung, he stopped.

"We met here, remember?"

She wiped the water off of her face and looked around. It was the same park she'd tried to study in and, just beside them, was the same bench she'd stood from without looking when he ran into her. "Yeah, I remember." She heaved a few breaths, "Listen, Oliver, if you wanted to go down memory lane, or nostalgia lane or whatever, you could have just let me walk here, sit down, and wait for you to come by on your jog. That way, I wouldn't be in danger of losing a lung…"

He'd laughed. "So you won't be joining me again I'm guessing."

"Nope. If you want me alive and well, it may be best if I don't join you again."

"I do want you alive and well…" he looked around. "I'd marry you, you know?" He chuckled, brushing away the hair that stuck to her face. "But I love you too much for that."

She hadn't known what to say at first, so she'd just tilted her head at him, offering him a look of disbelief. "Do you love me enough to give this whole thing up and head back to my place for some nice coffee and hot chocolate?"

He'd sighed in mock defeat. "I do."

A soft moan threatened to escape her and she suddenly remembered where they were—in an office building, full of people, full of cameras, and their parents. She broke the kiss, burying her face in his chest to avoid looking anywhere. "Oliver!"

He laughed warmly, obviously amused.

"Who saw?"

"Everyone," he said without missing a beat.

"I told you that they knew!" Her father's voice rang out.

"There is no way—this just happened. I'm sure of it! I would have known," Moira retorted.

Her mother and Robert jumped into the very loud discussion. Then Thea and even Tommy joined in. Felicity cringed at every word. The song ended and Oliver's hands slid away to lead her back to the table, but she took fistfuls of his suit jacket, refusing to let go or look at anything.

"No way, mister. You did this, and now you're going to dance with me until they calm down over there—or better yet, until you think of an escape plan."

"There's only one elevator that leads to this floor, so we'll be stopped in our 'escape.' And I don't think that jumping out of a window is on your bucket list," he informed her in whispers. The amusement was still thick in his voice. She was going to have to get back at him for this.

"Is there an open window?"

He laughed so loudly that the discussion at their table ceased for a moment before starting up again with twice as much volume. "No open window, you'd have to go through the glass. It's not an option… the glass is bullet proof. We're also on the top floor."

Felicity groaned into Oliver's chest.

The song ended and she pulled away, finally daring to look up. The discussion, quieter now, was still in full swing. Oliver led the way to the table. Everyone's mouth still moved, but their eyes were all locked on them.

"Look, the point is, they got married a long time ago. They just didn't know it. But they did. And now they know," Thea argued.

The table fell silent when they reached it. Felicity was suddenly very aware of Oliver's hand holding hers, of his shoulder touching hers. They'd been this way in front of people before, but now that it was real it just felt—it felt like she'd stood on a table and yelled out her deepest secret for everyone to hear. Because somewhere, in some corner of her mind, she'd always known that she didn't just love Oliver—that she was in love with him.

Moira didn't waste a second, "Hello darlings, you look brilliant." Felicity knew what she meant. They looked brilliant together, as a couple. Moira hugged them, giving them each a peck on the cheek.

Each parent followed Moira's lead dutifully. Felicity could practically feel the mountain of questions they forced on her with their eyes. They stood in awkward silence after the greetings because, this table wasn't their table—they were supposed to be seated with Malcom at the center table. No one moved.

Oliver heaved a sigh, "Really?" No one answered. "Felicity and I—we're togeth—oh hell, how the heck do you tell your parents? You know, if you hadn't all been plotting our marriage way before now, then this would be very easy. But now, you've just made it very awkward," he informed the stunned group.

Felicity was just as stunned. Up until that point, Oliver had been so calm and confident—even fueling the fire with the kiss on the dancefloor. She burst out laughing uncontrollably. Oliver looked at her incredulously for a moment before shaking his head. He kissed her on the forehead and then calmly took his seat. Felicity wiped a tear away, still laughing. She took her seat beside Oliver, placing her hand over his knee and kissing him on the cheek before laying her head on his shoulder.

There was nothing to feel awkward about. She was happy. Oliver was happy. And, according to Oliver, the parents had, like everyone else, been talking about their relationship long before it happened. What was the big deal now?

When the parents still didn't move, Felicity turned, "Malcom is getting lonely over there. You should join him. We'll talk later."

Moira held up a finger. "Hold on a minute. You two will answer one question before we leave: when did this happen?"

"Last night," they said in unison.

Moira nodded and then her expression became unsure, but she quickly regained her composure. "It took you long enough," she said pointedly to her son, patting him on the head as she passed to make her way to Malcom's table.

"Why does everyone keep saying that?" Felicity exclaimed in exasperation.

Back early. Didn't feel like staying. –Laurel

The text came in sometime after 1 a.m. Oliver hadn't looked at his phone all night, but he'd randomly pulled it out moments after the text was delivered and now he wasn't exactly sure what to do. What he wanted was to leave the gala and go over to her place to break things off. But he didn't feel right about leaving Felicity behind after he'd purposefully made it clear that they were now together—he didn't want her to have to deal with the questions, which were plentiful and came from all directions, by herself.

"Something wrong Oliver?" Felicity leaned in to ask.

He tilted the phone so that she could see.

"Ohh…" Her smile, which hadn't faded all evening, diminished. There was a disappointment in her voice that he rarely heard and always sought to banish.

He stood, taking her with him to a somewhat secluded corner of the room near the elevator. "I'm only contemplating if I should go and break things off now. I really want to. I want to be able to really be us—just us."

"Oh." Her tone changed, disappointment vanishing quickly.

"Felicity, you didn't really think—"

"I don't really know what I thought," she said, smiling nervously. She looked away at the city below them. "I don't have doubts—but sometimes I wonder if maybe you feel pushed—"

"I don't. Why would I—Felicity, I need you to know that this is it. You are it. I've known it for years, but I've ignored it because I figured, we had worked so well for so long… and then you started dating Stefan and I liked him. But you showed up to work with that stupid turtleneck sweater and I didn't like him so much anymore—someone was touching you and being with you and it wasn't me. And it bothered me because I actually liked him. I never liked your other boyfriends, so it never bothered me because I was one hundred percent sure that it wasn't going to last very long…"

"But Laurel—"

"She was coming back and some part of my mind reasoned that I still wanted her—but I don't. It was a stupid thing I held on to for far too long. I even forgot about it, you know? Once I told you how it ended the first time between us I forgot all about it. I only thought about her on the rare occasion that she was brought up in a conversation. That's it. I thought about you—I think about you all of the time."

She smiled and kissed him briefly. "Go on then. Be…careful with her though Oliver. She's…fragile—at least that's what Tommy seems to think."

Was she? Laurel…fragile? He wasn't sure he could imagine that. But if Tommy said it—then he really didn't know her at all. He sighed, looking back at the party. The guests were lulled on champagne and wine, laughing, swaying as they talked.

Thea had finally convinced Roy to get on the dance floor. They weren't really dancing—it was more of a sway-and-stop since one of them made jokes and the other had to make a full stop to laugh it out. Even so, when one of them stepped back to laugh, the other's hands always followed. Their contact rarely broke.

"Is that what we look like?" Felicity said so quietly that he almost missed it. Her tone held a mixture of amusement, awe, and disbelief.

Oliver shrugged. "Maybe. I think so…" He trailed his fingers along her shoulder as he watched the odd little scene. "You really didn't know?"

"Hmm...?" she replied, without looking away. Thea was now doubled over with laughter, and Roy was attempting to get her to stand straight again. Before he could repeat his question, Felicity spoke, "There were times…but, like you said, we'd worked so well for so long that I wasn't sure if it was in my head."

"I love you."

She turned, tracing his jaw with her fingers silently. And then she looked him directly in the eye. What the hell had taken him so long—to do this, to tell her? But he had told her. In the park—drenched and breathing heavily from a jog. She hadn't responded right away, she waited until they'd gone back to her place. When they were dry and sitting on the couch she had said it back.

"I love you too."

Out of the corner of his eye, Oliver saw his father leading Richard around—explaining what the top floor usually looked like. Richard stopped, adjusted his glasses and extended his arm towards the dance floor. "Don't tell me they don't know either," he said in exasperation, referring to Roy and Thea, who were still doing their dance-laugh-dance routine.

Felicity heard him too. She laughed turning towards her father.

Richard shook his head and continued his round with Robert.

"If I go now, will you be able to fend them off?" Oliver asked, looking over at Malcom's table, where the two mothers were doing a very poor job of pretending not to follow their every move.

"I'll be all right. Who knows, I might accidentally bring your mother's attention to those two," she gestured at Thea and Roy.

He laughed. "I'll go then. I should be back before this thing is over—if it ever ends. If not, I'll see you at your place?"

She nodded, gently guiding his chin down so that she could reach his lips.

When Laurel opened the door in her pajamas, Oliver realized that he hadn't really prepared something to say.

"Oliver," she paused and looked him over, "you just came from the Merlyn Global party?"

He shifted awkwardly from one foot to the other. "Yeah…It's still going on. I just wanted to talk to you."

Laurel was quiet. She looked unsure and for the first time since she'd been back, Oliver really looked at her. He could see it now. There was a wall up—how he hadn't noticed it was beyond him—and she was calculating every expression, thinking through every word. Maybe Tommy was right, she was fragile and he hadn't even noticed.

"Come in," she said finally.

He walked slowly to the couch, listening for her footsteps behind him.

"Can I get you something to drink?" She asked.

"No. I just—" he patted the spot on the couch beside him.

She let out a heavy sigh, quickly tying her hair into a ponytail before sitting down beside him. "I know what you're going to say. You shouldn't have left the party to say it." There was no bitterness in her voice. Her eyes appraised him calmly and he couldn't tell if it was a genuine calm or if she was hiding behind an act.

"I did. Laurel, I don't want this to be—I don't want us to be angry, or upset…You're still my friend. I love you."

"You're just not in love with me."

He shook his head. "No…I thought I was—"

"But it was just some idea you'd been holding onto for too long."

He blinked at her. How could she have known what he was going to say? Her expression was unreadable.

"Well…yes. How did you—"

She laid her head back on the couch. "I knew almost immediately. Like I said outside your house that night though, I wanted this—us—so I ignored it. I thought that maybe we could still work. I thought that eventually we'd work out because you'd been that way with Felicity for so long…"

He looked down at his hands, unsure of what to say. He did love her as his friend and he didn't want to hurt her, but he was in love with Felicity and by the time he realized how much time he'd wasted dancing around that fact, he just didn't want to waste any more. That's what had made him almost call Laurel and break it off over the phone. Now, he was glad that Felicity had stopped him from doing that. This was better. It would still hurt, but it was better.

"You know, it's easy to tell what you're thinking about." Laurel said quietly, looking at him with her head tilted back against the couch. "There's a smile that you seem to think is quite secretive, but it really isn't, that appears on your face when you think about her."

"Sorry," he said for no reason.

She smiled slightly, but Oliver could see the façade cracking, or maybe she wasn't bothering with it anymore—either way, there was a sadness in her eyes that somehow looked like it had been there for a long time.

"Don't be. That's good. She makes you happy."

They were silent for a moment.

"And you?" he asked. "What—who makes you happy?"

"I'm still…figuring that out. I know I'm happy to be back here in Starling City. My friends make me happy," she poked him gently in the shoulder and smiled.



"I am your friend." He just needed her to know.

"I know." She lifted her head from the couch and sat up to hug him.

This wasn't the end of it—they both knew that. He knew she would avoid him for a while. She'd lean on Tommy for support. He also knew that, after some time, they'd be okay again. They'd hang out—she'd tell him to bring Felicity along. He would. It would just take some time, but they'd be okay…

"I want a child named after me Felicity," Moira told her seriously.

Felicity had tried to divert Moira's attention to Roy and Thea, who were back at the table, talking to Tommy and a friend of Tommy's who had just arrived, but Moira had an excellent ability for thinking about various things at once. She'd been switching between commenting on Thea and Roy's obliviousness and making 'jokes' about her and Oliver.

Oliver's father returned to the table with Malcom. "Leave the kids alone, Moira."

"You don't even know what we were talking about," she replied defensively.

"I don't need to know. I know you. And poor Felicity looks like she's going to jump ship any second." Robert patted her apologetically on the shoulder before sitting down.

Before the topic of children-naming could come up again, Oliver strode in. She didn't move immediately, she tried to catch his eye first. Tommy intercepted him, blocking her view. Her mother was saying something about planning another trip, but Felicity wasn't listening. She stood up, excusing herself without taking her eyes off Tommy's back and made her way over there.

"Are you sure?" Tommy was asking.

Oliver caught sight of her over Tommy's shoulder and shot her a reassuring smile. She felt herself relax, muscles melting into a less-rigid stance. It had gone well, or…well enough. That was all that mattered.

"Yes, Tommy. She seemed sad, but all right. There was no yelling—no protesting…nothing. She said she knew and she was happy for me. She even told me to tell you not to leave your dad's party. You can go check on her tomorrow," he replied, looking back at his friend.

Tommy remained silent for a moment before nodding to himself and making his way over to the bar. "Behave," he called at them over his shoulder.

"It went well?" she asked, unnecessarily.

He wrapped his arms around her. "It did."

He was just about to kiss her when Thea interrupted. "Ehem!"

Oliver rolled his eyes and Felicity had to bite her lip to keep from laughing. "Yes, Speedy?" he said, not moving away.

"Just because she's your girlfriend now, doesn't mean that you have dibbs. I feel like I haven't hung out with Felicity for a long time. I'm stealing her away now," with that, Thea laced her arm with Felicity's and she felt herself being dragged away.

Oliver sighed before letting go.

"Wait. I have one condition Thea."


"No talking about your brother. Now it's weird."

Thea scrunched up her face in a disgusted expression. "Ewww… Of course not! I don't want to know!"

Felicity laughed.

Monday morning rolled around quickly and Felicity's response to the alarm was to bury herself further into his chest.

"No," she said to no one in particular.

He chuckled, lazily running his fingers through her curls. She'd washed her hair the night before and her strawberry-scented conditioner was still quite strong. He liked it. It reminded him of…well, her.

"We have to get up," he told her.

He felt her shake her head against his chest. "I don't want to," she mumbled.

"We have to go to work."

She groaned, tilting her head up so that her lips rested at the base of his neck. She planted a lazy kiss there and then another. "Why did you have to go and be the CEO?"


"It's your fault," she accused.

He chuckled again, trailing his fingers down her spine. "And why is that?"

"If you just—kept your hands, and lips, and just everything else to yourself, I'd have no problem getting up."

He lifted his hands away, "There, now let's go."

She shook her head again, "It's too late now."


"Because, we've basically been in bed all weekend. Now you just want me to get up—"

"And come to work with me, yes," he finished, amused. "Aren't you usually the one who gets me up?"

"Hmph!" She turned her body away, pulling the covers with her.

He decided to swallow the laugh. "Fine. I'll go shower first and then you can get up."

"This is why we should have stayed in bed," she said, once they were in the car.


"There's like a hundred emails—this'll take up the whole day!"

They were walking through the lobby when Oliver remembered that he promised to meet with the financial department that morning. Some of the accountants were already

gathered by the elevator talking over some points.

"I'll head up with them. You go on and get started on those emails…" he gave her an apologetic smile.

She glared at him briefly before sighing and reaching up to kiss him goodbye for now. Oliver noticed the silence as soon as their lips met. Felicity froze, noticing exactly where they were and what they were doing. She pulled away after a moment, wide-eyed. He shrugged to assure her that it was all right. They would've figured it out eventually. The lobby erupted in applause.

"Finally!" Someone shouted.

Felicity dropped her head onto his shoulder. "Why does everyone keep saying that?"

"Apparently, everyone knew before we did," Oliver whispered in reply.

"Sorry. You're on your own. I love you," she whispered, before rushing into the elevator.

He watched the elevator doors close and then cleared his throat very loudly before turning around to greet the accountants as if nothing had happened. "Good morning gentlemen."

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