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Felicity listened to her heels click rhythmically against the tiled floor as she made her way back to the top floor of the building. She was more than ready to go home and snuggle into her bed. She'd spent half of her day with Oliver in yet another meeting. Thankfully, Cruella de Vil hadn't been there today. Felicity was getting really tired of seeing Isabel Rochev. She was even getting tired of hearing the woman's name. She seriously hoped that the board would come to a decision soon because then she would be free of the constant Stellmoor International meetings.

The other half of her day had been spent in the IT department with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, there hadn't been time for him to be her boyfriend. They had been investigating a slight security breach. Someone had managed to get through two levels of their firewall. Two levels had gotten the hacker nowhere, but it was still a breach. The hacker had been very thorough in cloaking his/her steps and even with her help, Stefan hadn't been able to identify the hacker.

On top of it all, Thea had kept her out late last night. Oliver had been able to save her on Saturday night, but Oliver hadn't been there yesterday, so she had been forced to comply with the girl's wishes. She had let Thea drag her to the Verdant. "Those damned puppy-dog eyes," Felicity muttered as she stepped into the elevator.

She was halfway to her desk when she spotted the tall brunette talking to Oliver. Laurel. She froze. She didn't want to interrupt them, but the entire top floor was composed of glass walls. She darted for her desk, hoping to take her things and leave unnoticed. She almost made it. Almost.

"What? No 'goodbye'?" Oliver asked just as the elevator doors slid open. When she turned to face him, apologetic smile in place, she found that he stood only a few feet from her. One hand was in his pocket and the other held her cellphone. "I'm guessing you would miss this," he shook the phone.

Laurel stood beside him, smiling her usual smile. For some reason, Felicity had never felt like Laurel had ever graced her with a genuine smile. Her usual smile just came off as fake in Felicity's eyes and it had always bothered her slightly. She would never say anything however. She wouldn't want to question the mighty Laurel. Yet another thing that had always bothered her; she felt as if Laurel felt that she was better than her. Of course she knew that it was all in her head because Laurel—on the few occasions that they had interacted—had never been anything but nice. Felicity pushed those resentful thoughts aside. She didn't really know Laurel like Oliver, Tommy, and Thea did, so she had no right to judge her. Besides, she was Oliver's great love and she made her friend happy. Really, that was all that mattered.

"Sorry. I just didn't want to disturb you." She took the phone from Oliver's hand and gave him a reassuring smile. 'Good luck,' she mouthed.

The elevator doors opened and she turned to find Stefan. "Good afternoon," he said stepping out and coming to stand beside her.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Warren," Oliver replied. Felicity sent a questioning look in Oliver's direction. His expression had suddenly changed with the appearance of her boyfriend. He looked tense, almost angry. But Oliver was too busy practically glaring at Stefan to notice her questioning look.

"Good afternoon," Laurel said pleasantly.

"Right. Stefan, this is Laurel Lance. Laurel, this is Stefan Warren," Felicity said.

Stefan shook Laurel's hand and turned back to her. "Ready to go?"

"Yes," she said, tearing her eyes away from Oliver.

"Where are you going?"

Felicity's eyebrows drew together in confusion. Oliver knew better than to ask that sort of question in front of people. She had no problem with him asking her that when they were alone, but it just came off as too protective when he asked in front of people. "Home," she replied, plastering a smile on her face.

Stefan pressed the elevator button, nodded in Oliver's direction, and placed a hand on the small of her back, leading her into the elevator. "You don't by any chance know what I've done to offend our CEO, do you?" Stefan asked once the elevator was moving.

"I have no idea. I was hoping you could tell me," She replied honestly.

He let out a humorless chuckle, allowing her to step out of the elevator first. "I'm not the best friend, remember? That's you."

She stopped suddenly in the middle of the deserted parking lot. His chest collided with her back and he placed his hands on her waist to keep her from losing her balance as a result of the impact. She turned in his arms, eyes narrowed, head tilted in question. "What?"

"You're his best friend."

Felicity let out a breath of exasperation. "What did you mean by that?"

"Nothing," Stefan said, smiling in reassurance. But she knew him and she could tell that he was lying.

"Stefan," she said in a warning tone.

He sighed, his grey eyes trained on the ceiling of the parking complex. "I don't recall doing anything to offend him, so I'm assuming it has to do with you."
"Me?" If she thought about it, it made sense, and yet, it didn't make sense.

Stefan smiled at her, shaking his head and crashing his lips against hers. A soft hum of approval escaped her and Stefan deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue along the seam of her lips. She allowed him entrance, desire and need shooting through her. He pulled her flush against him, but she still felt like she wasn't close enough. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she threaded her fingers through his hair as their tongues danced. When air became a necessity, they parted, breathing heavily. His pupils were dilated and she supposed hers were as well. "How about we finish this at my place?" she breathed.

He kissed her soundly on the forehead before taking her hand and leading her to his car.

"You never clarified what you meant earlier when you said that Oliver's attitude towards you probably had to with me," Felicity said as she watched the city race by from the passenger window. She'd all but forgotten about the conversation when Stefan had kissed her earlier and she was almost positive that he had kissed her for that exact reason.

Stefan sighed heavily, indicating that he'd hoped not to backtrack to the conversation. "There was nothing to clarify. It's the only logical explanation that I can come up with. I didn't do anything, so it probably has to do with you."

"But you're leaving something out." It wasn't a question. It was a statement.

He was silent for a moment, both hands on the wheel, eyes on the road. "All I know is: Oliver Queen didn't have a problem with me until you showed up to work in that fitted white jacket—until I left evidence that we'd slept together."

"That's ridiculous Stefan," she said immediately. She couldn't even believe that Stefan had just said that. Oliver liked Stefan, whatever had changed, Felicity was sure it had nothing to do with her. Heck, maybe it didn't have anything to do with either of them. Maybe something was just going on with him and he was taking it out on Stefan…by... glaring at him? Felicity shook her head. "That's ridiculous Stefan," she repeated.

"Really? Because that's when our CEO started being stiff and throwing me the occasional glare," Stefan's tone was humorless—a sign that there was no changing his mind on the matter.

Felicity dropped it. When they arrived to her house, the conversation was discarded in the car and they lost themselves in lips and moans.

They were seated at one of the best restaurants in Starling, but it was all the same to Oliver. He wasn't interested in the soft music, expensive food, or vintage wines. He was interested in Laurel.

She was telling him about her job as a lawyer—about the cases she'd worked on recently and about how she was going to work in the DA's office. Oliver could tell that Laurel was passionate about her job. Her eyes would light up when she would tell him about how they had won the case, and she'd glower at the table when she would tell him about how they had lost the case. He liked seeing her like this. It made him realize how much he'd missed her.

By the time they had gotten to dessert, the conversation had diverted back to him. "So, Felicity is your secretary?"

Oliver cringed at the use of the word 'secretary,' knowing that if Felicity had been here to hear that, she would have lost it and gone on an all-out rant about she was qualified for much more than being his assistant. "Executive Assistant," he corrected.

"Didn't she graduate from MIT?" Laurel asked.

Oliver almost laughed. Felicity never let him forget that. "Yes. She's a brilliant IT expert."

"Then shouldn't she be working in the IT department?" Laurel asked before diverting her attention to her ice cream.

"Yes." Oliver sighed. He had always felt slightly bad about that. "I asked her to be my EA after a fiasco with the last one." Laurel raised her eyebrows, encouraging him to continue the story.

"My father's EA retired when he did, so I had to hire a new one. She was young and qualified. At first, everything went well, but Felicity came looking for me one day and found that I wasn't in my office. She did however find my new EA snooping through my desk. Felicity told me about it, but I argued that she had probably been cleaning or something. Anyway, weeks went by and the incident was forgotten, but my EA started being really touchy and a little flirty. I ignored it at first. One day, I stayed late. Felicity was teaching me how to use the new software, so we were down in the IT department. When I'd finally had enough technical talk, we decided to call it a day. I went up with her to get my stuff, so that we could leave. You can imagine my surprise when I found a very naked EA waiting for me in my office chair."

"No way!" Laurel exclaimed, almost choking on the wine. "What did you do?"

"What could I do?" Oliver chuckled, shaking his head. "I was going to say something. To be honest, I have no idea what I was planning to say when Felicity walked right past me into my office. She was livid. I've never seen her like that."

Laurel laughed. "What did she say?"

"You should have seen it! She walked right up to my desk and said. 'Okay Barbie find your clothes, put them on, and report for work at some strip club tomorrow because you're done here!' She was in such shock that she didn't move a muscle. So Felicity continued: 'I'm going to call security in exactly one minute. It takes them exactly one minute to get here and they will escort you out clothes, or no clothes.' And while the woman scrambled to put on her clothes, Felicity calmly grabbed my stuff, shut down my computer and walked right out. She handed me my things and headed straight for the elevator. I just followed her, still unable to grasp what had just happened. She called security from the elevator and I never saw the woman again."

Laurel laughed, shaking her head in disbelief. "Wow. Just…wow. That still doesn't explain how Felicity became your EA though."

Oliver shrugged, taking a sip of his wine. "I just kept asking until she said 'yes.'"

Laurel changed the topic then, telling Oliver about how Sara had come to visit her in Central City just before she had moved. Apparently, the younger Lance was also considering moving back home. Oliver hadn't been close to Sara, but he had remembered that she had been almost the exact opposite. 'Responsibility,' hadn't really been in Sara's vocabulary back then, but according to Laurel, she'd changed. Apparently Sara was now some scientist or researcher of some sort, Oliver wasn't really paying attention. Instead, he was trying to pluck up the courage to ask Laurel to give him another chance.

He overthought it throughout the rest of the dinner, barely catching what Laurel was telling him. He brought her home later, walking her to her apartment door; her things had been delivered yesterday and she had quickly moved in. When they reached her door, she turned to him and thanked him for the wonderful evening. He smiled nervously.

"Anytime." He let out a breath. It was now or never. "Laurel, I know that you just got back, but it's been years…I can wait. I only need to know if eventually…there's a chance that you would like to try us again."

Laurel shot him a radiant smile—the kind that made his heart beat just a little faster. "It's been long enough," she said before crashing her lips to his.

Before either of them could really register what was happening, he had her pinned on the bed. They were making up for lost time and some part of Oliver's mind wondered if being with Laurel had ever felt this good. One kiss had brought back every ounce of passion and love that their relationship had once held. This time, he wasn't going to let her go.

He arrived late the next day. Felicity wasn't at her desk when he stepped out of the elevator and he entered his office slightly dejected. He'd wanted to share his happiness with his best friend. Ever since he'd met her, Felicity had been part of every happy moment of his life and now he needed her to be part of this one too.

"I take it your date went well. :D Don't worry, no meetings today, but you see that LARGE pile of paperwork there - That has to be read and signed…TODAY!

Love, your genius best friend.

P.S. Get started on that paperwork now…NOW Oliver!"

He sat down and stared at the pile of paperwork apprehensively. It was a tall stack of paperwork and he was in too much of a good mood. He peeled the yellow sticky note off of his desk and threw it in the garbage bin. He always thought Felicity's notes were adorable, but he didn't particularly like the ones that reminded him how much work he had to do.

He wrenched open the bottom drawer of his desk, ready to hide the stack of papers from view. He laughed when he spotted the yellow note sticking to the bottom of the drawer.

"TODAY Oliver! It has to be done TODAY, so GET TO WORK!

Love, your genius best friend who will love you even more if you DO YOUR WORK."

He closed the drawer, grabbed a portion of the paperwork and began to read. 'Uninteresting' was the understatement of the year. The stack of papers consisted of contracts that needed to be renewed. Nothing was new. Every company he read about was a company that Queen Consolidated had been in business with for years. He even recognized one or two of the contracts from when his father had made him work at the QC for a summer.

About two hours had gone by when the sound of clicking heels made him look up. He smiled gratefully at Felicity, who held a coffee cup in her hand. She stopped right in front of his desk and calmly raised the cup of warm liquid to her lips. He shot her a fake glare.

She smiled over the rim of the mug. "Just came by to check on my favorite CEO." She looked down at the smaller pile of paperwork that had been slowly growing beside the larger pile. He could see that she was happy with his progress so far. "Very nice Oliver." He leaned back in his chair, looking up at her, his fake glare still in place. "What?" She asked, taking another sip of the dark liquid.

"I think your favorite CEO deserves a little reward," he said, staring at the mug in her hands.

Felicity set the cup down on the edge of the desk and walked around it to stand before him. He turned his chair to face her. She wore a tight red pencil skirt, with a black blouse. Her hair was neatly tied up in her usual ponytail and her lips were a bright red color to match her skirt. She bit her bottom lip to keep from smiling, but she was failing miserably. She pushed up her glasses before slapping her hand down on the top of his head and ruffling his cropped hair.

"Not what I meant," he grumbled. "I thought you said you'd love me more if I did my work." He gestured at the smaller stack of papers to remind her that he had done work.

She reached over and grabbed the mug, calmly taking another sip. She set the cup down and bent down to place her lips just below his hairline. The warmth from her lips spread throughout his body and he suddenly didn't need the coffee anymore.

"There," she said smiling proudly at the place where she had kissed him. She giggled.

He didn't have to ask. "You left a lip mark on my forehead didn't you?"

"Yep. It looks cute."

He stared at her blankly, trying to keep a straight face, but it didn't last long. Within seconds, he cracked a smile.

She reached over to rub the red lipstick off with her thumb and while she did that, he discretely tried to get a hold of the coffee mug. When she pulled back he brought the mug to his lips, never taking his eyes of hers in order to gloat over his accomplishment. The mug was empty and she laughed when he stared disappointingly at its bottom.

She plucked the cup from his hands. "How was your date? You were late this morning."

"It was really good," he said happily. "We're back together."

"That's great Oliver!" She opened her arms, inviting him for a hug. He was going to stand up to hug her, but she had other ideas. She had already begun bending down to hug him in his chair, so when he tried to stand, they both lost their balance. He fell back in his chair and Felicity fell right on top of him. "Is this what you meant?" She mumbled.

He chuckled as she pushed herself off of him. He placed his hands on her hips to make sure that she was steady.

Someone cleared their throat from the door and Oliver turned to find Stefan standing there. Felicity stepped back so quickly she lost her balance and fell flat on her butt. Oliver stood and pulled her up, acutely aware of the fact that Stefan was glaring at him.

Felicity quickly made her way over to him. "We're going to lunch Oliver. You want us to bring you anything?"

"No," he said, looking at Stefan. He was vaguely aware of the fact that his expression was hard, but he didn't really care.

"Okay. See you later. If you make the second pile bigger, I promise to make you coffee when I get back," she called back at him as they walked towards the elevator.

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