[Hello, and welcome to my first FanFiction story! It's inspired by Mad-Idina-Fan98's fantastic story The Teacher and Me, but mostly based on the Glee plot line of Shelby Corcoran and Puck. Please read, enjoy and review (if you so wish, dear Reader).]

Chapter 1 - Collision

Fiyero Tigelaar was snoring.

His carriage wheeled and bucked, bounced and knocked, but still he slept on in mindless and oblivious affluence. Mouth open, molars showing, legs dangling over the stanchion of the compact vehicle, and eyes squeezed lazily shut in the obstinance of sleep.

So you can imagine how he slept even in the face of hitting someone with his private carriage.

"What the Hell are you doing?!" A serrated voice ripped him from the Land of Nod, jolting him awake. His bleary eyes cracked open, blinking away the sleep gathering in the corner of his eyes.

"Wuzzit? Garth, wuzzgoinon?" He mumbled, as Garth (his most loyal hand servant) pushed the low voice aside to converse.

"Prince Fiyero, we've arrived at Shiz University."

"Never mind that, what about you almost hitting me with your stupid carriage, you idiotic sybarite?" The voice hissed. Fiyero's now-focused eyes found a green face. A female, green face.

"Who are you?" The voice came again. Fiyero blinked. The face sighed, closing her eyes.

"What is your name?" She enunciated carefully, as if he were slow.

"Crown Prince Fiyero Tigelaar of the Vinkus, Champion of Kiamo Ko and Mighty Hunter of the Thousand Year Grasslands!" Garth exclaimed, his birdlike chest puffed up with pride, a wide smile stretching his mouth.

"You mean Crown Prince Fiyero Tigelaar of the Vinkus, Champion of Sleep and Mighty Slayer of all intelligence and common sense." She snapped. That resonated with Fiyero, and he shot upwards to defend his soiled title.

"I could have your head for such talk, Miss-"

"Thropp, and I doubt it. Not unless you wish to learn anything at this fine institution." Her chin lifted just a fraction.

"What to you mean, Miss Thropp?" He spat.

"I mean, Master Fiyero, that I am a professor here at Shiz. So if you wish to be treated as any other student would, I suggest you apologise to me." She was a teacher? Miss Thropp's arms crossed, and Fiyero couldn't help noticing how he couldn't see her veins under her greeny skin. But she was a paler shade on her wrists that on her forearms. His eyes travelled up her black sleeves to find her wearing a black, below knee-length frock that hugged her body. Miss Thropp tapped an impatient combat boot-clad foot.

"I, well, I... You see... I regret... Uh..." Fiyero stammered, unable to wrench his pupils from her shapely form to her eyes, where his gaze should be directed. He swallowed.

"I'm waiting, Master Tigelaar." She singsonged, tilting her dark head from side to side.

"I apologise, Miss Thropp." Surely that would satisfy her?

"For?" She prompted, leaning forward a degree and lifting a dark eyebrow. From this angle, Fiyero could admire her elegant swan-like neck.

"For... almost knocking you over with my carriage." That had to be enough.

"Whilst you were?" The corner of Miss Thropp's mouth quirked upwards, a smug, half-smile playing on her thin, pretty lips. Pretty?

"Sleeping?" The influx in his voice rose, exposing his confusion and nerves.

"I suppose that half-arsed apology will have to do," she mock-sighed, "Welcome to Shiz University, Master Tigelaar."

She spun on her heel and sped away, giving Fiyero a view of her pert behind. Dazed, Fiyero reflected on his situation. Within a few clock-turns, he had arrived at Shiz, almost knocked over a teacher, admired said teacher and apologised.

I shouldn't feel this, Fiyero desperately thought; I shouldn't feel aroused by a professor! But her manner, all sarcasm and wit and insults was - dare he admit it? - sexy. And her body didn't hurt either.

Oh, dear sweet Lurline, he thought, throwing his head back onto velveteen seats, what have I started?

[In Oz, they don't seem to use our measures of time, so I have devised my own system. *pushes glasses up nose* Here it is:

Clock-ticks = seconds

Clock-turns = minutes

Clock-circles = hours

This story will be bookverse, but with influences from the musical. Also, Elphaba will blush dark green. I know the science of this is flawed, but GM states that that's how she blushes, so I'm going to go with my own scientific theory on this one detail. Humans have about seven layers of skin, and I imagine Elphaba has more, say ten. She has this as a defense mechanism for her water allergy: if she burns, less damage is done to her skin. And because of this, her blood - although just as red as ours - doesn't colour her cheeks like it does ours. I personally see Elphaba as a mix of Nikki Davies-Jones (the Britain tour Elphaba) and my own imagination, but feel free to imagine her how you wish.]