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Everything was in it's place, perfectly set out for a big day, a royal wedding. The union between the Crown Prince Fiyero Tigelaar and the Third Thropp Descending Elphaba was going to a quiet spectacle, much to the chagrin of their friend and confidante, Galinda Upland of the Arduennas.

She wanted a large service in a pretty local church, filled to the brim with emotions and vows written from the heart, a passionate consumatory kiss and a wonderful reception, and a panoply of well-wishers, family and friends.

The realistic truth was a quiet ceremony, traditional vows and a small reception. Elphaba had refused to go any bigger than that, and had pointed out dryly that she was in no condition to 'dance the night away', as Galinda had exuberantly suggested.

"Elphie? Are you in here?" Galinda shyly peeked around the imposing wooden door to Elphaba and Fiyero's chambers. Spotting the couple kissing energetically, the petite socialite blushed furiously, then remembered an age-old wedding-day rule.

"You two! The groom cannot see the bride before the ceremony! Fiyero, begone! You don't want any bad luck to darken your union!" she gasped, yanking Elphaba away from Fiyero's arms, who threw his hands up in surrender.

"Understood, Miss Galinda. I'm leaving." Fiyero smiled, before looking at Elphaba lovingly. "See you soon, Fae." he grinned at her subtle wink. As Fiyero carefully shut the door behind him, he heard Galidna reprimand Elphaba like a mother.

"Elphie, what have I told you about..."

Her voice trailed off as Fiyero went to see his father, chuckling quietly to himself.

"Galinda, if I have to sit for a moment longer, I may commit mass homicide."

"Nonsense, Elphie!" chirped Galinda, pulling another lock of Elphaba's hair away masterfully, "You wouldn't hurt a fly." Elphaba looked down at her swollen seven months pregnant stomach.

"I don't believe I could, in this condition." she chortled, rubbing at her abdomen.

"Elphaba, you do not have a 'condition', you're growing life!" Galinda smiled perkily, as Elphaba snorted.

"A sickeningly optimistic euphemism. Technically, I am host to a parasite. It takes all of the nutrients from my food, and breathes from my air supply." said Elphaba matter-of-factly.

Galinda looked vaguely traumatised.

"Well, I suppose that's one way to look at it..." she babbled nervously. Elphaba laughed loudly at the expression on the little blonde's face, clutching her belly for support.

Galinda frowned prettily at Elphaba's antics, trying to cover up her embarrassment in vain.

"Just be still, you mean green thing." she huffed, forcefully holding Elphaba's head in place. The green woman stopped laughing as another strand of hair was yanked into behaving for Galinda.

"Fiyero, ngwas i, dyma yw diwrnod dy briodas. 'S'dim meddyliadau difarus?" Marillot teased. Fiyero, my boy, today's your wedding day. No regretful thoughts? Fiyero just looked at his father dispprovingly, who promptly let out a hearty laugh.

"'Drych ar y wep sur 'na! 'Mond tynnu dy goes ydw i, bachgen." Look at that sour face! I'm only pulling your leg, boy. Fiyero shook his head and straightened his lapels anxiously.

"Dwi'n caru Elphaba, a dwi 'rioed 'di bod mor siwr am unrhywbeth yn fy mywyd." Fiyero looked in the full-length mirror, following the intricate spirals in the carved frame. His history. Now his background would become their background, his and Elphaba's.

Marillot raised a bushy eyebrow at his serious son. This was the first time Fiyero had commited to one thing so whole-heartedly in his life, and the King was overjoyed it was to someone as wonderful as Elphaba. They were a curious, but perfectly matched pair.

"Da gen i glywed. 'Dach chi moyn priodi, a dylech chi." Marillot paused. "Heb son am y babi, wrth gwrs." He added. I'm glad to hear it. You want to get married, and you should. Not to mention the baby, of course. Fiyero scowled at his father.

"Dim ond un o'r rhesymau yw'r babi, Dad." He said sternly. The baby is only one of the reasons, Dad. Marillot held up his hands, and looked seriously at his son.

"Fiyero, dwi'n deall hynny. Ma' dy fam a finnau'n hapus tu hwnt am y briodas a'r babi. 'Da ni'n caru ti, ac Elphaba." Fiyero, I understand that. Your Mum and I are overjoyed about the wedding and the baby. We love you, and Elphaba.

Fiyero beamed at his father.

Fiyero stood at the altar, resisting the overwhelming urge to pace back and forth. Elphaba was only a touch late, barely even a clock-turn. Glancing worriedly at the door again, Fiyero began to wring his hands.

Marillot, who stood next to him, hands linked in front of him, leaned over subtly and spoke through gritted teeth.

"Fiyero." Fiyero looked up, an expression of worry on his features. "Ma'r briodferch i fod yn hwyr. Ymlaciwch fach, a gwenwch, fachgen!" The bride is supposed to be late. Relax a little, and smile, boy!" Fiyero promptly grimaced. Marillot just sighed, and demonstrated a composed smile for his son. Fiyero rearranged his mouth to mirror his father's, and achieved a passable grin.

Just then, the double doors opened grandly, revealing Elphaba in her wedding dress.

The gown was very simple, as per her instructions. The creamy bodice wasn't constricting across her torso, and the skirt was flowing, just brushing the ground. The half-length sleeves covered her upper arms, but showed her wrists and delicate hands. The scooped neckline ran along her collarbones, and settled on the edges of her shoulders. The dress fit forgivingly over her rounded belly, allowing her to breathe.

Contrary to Elphaba's belief, the white of the wedding dress did not clash with her skin. In fact, it enhanced the pearlescent quality of it, lighting a delicate sheen, like an emerald.

Fiyero quickly clapped a hand to him mouth to stifle a sob. She looked beautiful, the picture of a glowing bride. Elphaba smiled serenely at him, meeting his eyes. The pair seemed to have an inaudible conversation as Elphaba walked slowly down the aisle to the rostrum. Fiyero hurried from his place to help her up the stairs, supporting her under the baby's growing weight.

Finally the couple arrived together before the minister, who smiled gently and benevolently before addressing the spellbound congregation.

"Dearly beloved..."

Elphaba laughed joyously, gripping at Fiyero's lapels as he guided her frantically to their rooms, clutching at her hand tightly. Bursting through the door and falling onto the king-sized bed, Fiyero was careful of Elphaba's abdomen. He held her carefully and slowly let her down onto the bed, controlling her descent.

The pair met in a sweet kiss, hands roaming over each other's bodies.

Sitting up to look at his six-hours wife, Fiyero felt his breath escape his lungs. She looked up at him lovingly, tendrils of inky hair coming free from her fancy hair arrangement. Fiyero let his eyes wander over her body, lingering at her eyes, mouth and stomach.

She was seven months pregnant with his child. Their child. A baby that they had created together. Accidentally, but lovingly nonetheless. And she just looked more and more beautiful every day. Whenever she rested a hand on her belly, Fiyero couldn't help smiling, seeing her so maternal.

"Oh, Fae, I love you." he whispered reverently. Elphaba smiled happily before sitting up with some difficulty because of her baby bump. She fondly carressed his cheek, and kissed him gently.

"I love you too, cariad." she breathed, calling him her love in Vinkun. Fiyero's mouth dropped open at her words.

Suddenly his mouth was on hers, hard and persistent and passionate. Mildly surprised, Elphaba just decided to go with it. After a round of energetic kisses, Fiyero groaned.

"Fae, you would not believe how sexy that was. You calling me love in my mothertongue - oh, Lurline - I love you, I love you, I lov-" Elphaba cut him off with a kiss.

"You're fairly attractive yourself, cariad." she emphasised the foreign word, and Fiyero moaned again, diving for her mouth.

Husband and wife spent the magical night together in bliss, beyond happy.

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