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Entwined together on the spacious king-sixed bed, Elphaba and Fiyero lay comfortably in each other's arms, Elphaba between Fiyero's legs. The pair both had their hands on Elphaba's swollen belly, stroking it gently with contented smiles on their faces. Warm and snug, the green woman nestled closer to her husband. She smiled reflexively. Her husband. She had never even thought of marriage and everything that came with it. Spinsterhood seemed fated for her. Yet here she was, happily married and about to have her first child.

Speaking of whom, he/she was giving her grief this morning. Kicking and moving around, shifting her centre of gravity regularly and uncomfortably. Elphaba couldn't help herself, she moaned a little when the baby heaved a particularly ferocious kick to her kidneys.

Fiyero glanced down at her worriedly.

"Fae, cariad, are you alright? It's not the baby, is it?" As Elphaba was nine months pregnant, Fiyero was on high alert for any developments that could suggest labour.

"It is the baby, but he's kicking around a lot." groaned Elphaba, rubbing at one area of her rounded abdomen to try and calm the baby. Fiyero stroked with her, but - soon frustrated by the lack of reach he had whilst behind her - shifted around to lay Elphaba gently against downy pillows, and settled just between her legs, at eye level with Elphaba's stomach.

"Baban," began Fiyero softly, hands resting on either side of Elphaba's belly, "I know you're anxious to get out, but please give your poor mother some peace. She has carried you for nearly nine months now, and she needs some rest from your kicking. Could you do that for her?" Slowly, the movements miraculously stilled, and Fiyero's features stretched wide with an overjoyed grin. Elphaba felt calm once more.

She sighed in relief, and rubbed the underside of her stomach, whispering her thanks to the baby.

"Thank you, Yero," Elphaba smiled at him lovingly.

"You're very welcome, Fae," Fiyero chuckled, rubbing with her.

Fiyero's brain suddenly reminded him of something Elphaba had said.

"Wait just a clock-tick, 'he'?" Elphaba grinned sheepishly.

"Instinct. I don't know for sure, Yero, but the baby feels like a he." Fiyero pouted.

"I was hoping for a little girl," he teased lightly, and Elphaba flicked his forehead sharply.

"I don't have a choice, Fiyero," she hissed, "You get what you're given with pregnancy." Fiyero instantly backed down, hands high in surrender.

"Yes, yes, of course, I'm sorry-" A sharp intake of breath and tensing of muscles from Elphaba cut him short, and he immediately began to fuss.

"Fae, is it the baby? Is it coming?" Elphaba, unable to answer since her mouth was clenched shut in pain, just nodded tightly, rubbing frantically at her belly. Fiyero jumped form the bed, and threw open the door.

"Mam, mae Elphaba ar fin ca'l y babi!" He bellowed down the corridor, and soom, Baxiana came running. Mum, Elphaba's gone into labour! The Queen pushed past Fiyero and just as he was about to follow her, the heavy door slammed in his face, just missing his nose.

"Ma'n ddrwg gen i, bach. Dim ond menywod yn y stafell geni." I'm sorry, dear. Only women in the birthing room. Fiyero heard his mother kindly, but firmly say from behind the door.

Fiyero regretted his decision in letting his mother go in first. He needed to be with Elphaba when their first child was born!

Just as he began to pace worriedly, he heard a keening cry of pain from Elphaba.

A few clock-circles passed, and soon Elphaba was ready to push. Baxiana, accompanied by the Royal Midwife, murmured encouragement and praise, holding the green woman's hand tightly, while Fiyero sat outside the door, breaking apart at the screams of pain Elphaba released periodically.

"Now, my flower, you're just about ready to begin pushing." Baxiana soothed the verdant woman, who was breathing frantically and deeply, sweat bubbling on her forehead, cheeks flushed a deep ivy-green from effort.

"Fiyero!" she screamed, tipping her head back onto the pillows, trying desperately not to thrash about in agony.

Fiyero winced, hearing his name on Elphaba's bitten and chewed lips, and knowing he wasn't allowed in to comfort her.

"Fiyero, I will kill you when I'm done!" Maybe he wasn't needed for the reason he thought he was. Best to stay away. "You cad, you sybarite, you absolute-" Elphaba cut herself off with an angry screech as a contraction took hold. As the contraction passed, Fiyero heard audible panting.

"Yero... Yero," Fiyero heard Elphaba whimper, and yearned to go to her, "I need you, Yero, please, please-" Elphaba had never begged for anything in her entire existence, but she wanted Fiyero with her right this instant! She needed him to help her.

That was the last straw for Fiyero. He leapt up and burst into the room, finding Elphaba lying on the bed, legs splayed open. She opened tired brown eyes, and called him over weakly.

"Please, Yero, please..." she reached out an exhausted hand, and Fiyero readily took it, squeezing her fingers gently and bringing them to his lips to kiss lovingly.

"I'm not going anywhere, Fae." He whispered to her, and brushed inky tendrils of sweat-soaked hair away from her face. Kissing her hand once more, he turned to his mother, who looked unbearably proud of him.

"Eich Mawrhydi, bydd angen gwthio rwan." the midwife ordered. Your Highness, you must push now. Elphaba gathered her remaining strength, and released it in a shrieking yell, pushing for all she was worth. Fiyero felt the bones in his hand crack under the pressure Elphaba was inflicting on them, but decided to grin and bare it. He had essentially caused this for her.

A thin wail broke the silence, and both Elphaba and Fiyero grinned widely in relief, hearing their child cry for the first time.

"Llongyfarchiadau, eich Mawrhydi. Mae mab iachus gennych." Congratulations, Your Highness. You have a healthy son. Fiyero translated quickly for Elphaba, and she instantly reached her arms out for the child. The smiling midwife placed the baby boy into her arms, and the green woman cradled him gently, supporting his delicate head on her upper arm.

"You were right, Fae. It was a he." Fiyero whispered to Elphaba, who simply smiled and adjusted the blanket around her son, swaddling him close to her chest.

The new parents smiled down at the bewildered baby, who let out a nervous cry.

"Croeso i'n byd ni, ein baban bach ni." choked Fiyero, feeling tears of happiness close his throat. Welcome to our world, our little baby. Elphaba looked at him, surprised. It was strangely affecting to see her husband cry over the birth of their son. Shifting her baby to one arm, Elphaba stroked Fiyero's cheek and kissed him softly, an unspoken assurance of her presence. Fiyero smiled through his tears, and kissed her forehead, before bending carefully and kissing the baby boy's smooth forehead.

"You realise of course he needs a name," teased Marillot, swinging the nameless baby back and forth gently, and grinning with a grandfather's love at the coos of delight from the infant. Elphaba hovered uncertainly, trusting the king wholeheartedly but also unable to quell her mother's instinct to have her son back in her arms, where she was positive of his safety.

"Llyr?" Fiyero suggested, "I've always liked Llyr for a boy." Elphaba smiled at him, liking the sound of the name.

"Does it mean anything?" she asked curiously, and Baxiana supplied the reply.

"The Mythical Sea." Elphaba's memory suddenly sparked and she was transported back to her old classroom at Shiz, and Fiyero's first promise to her.

"I will love you until the skies end, when the stars break and burn, and the Mystical Sea boils and swallows us whole."

She tapped Fiyero on the arm and whispered in his ear. With every word, his smile grew, and eventually, he reached for his son and handed him carefully to Elphaba, who rocked him gently, soothing his distress at the end of the fun swinging. Fiyero's arm around her waist, the pair turned to face his parents.

"Fiyero and I have decided we like Llyr, but could we possibly change it slightly to Liir?" At the confused looks on the King and Queen's faces, Elphaba explained, "It's similar, and a Munchkin interpretation of the name." Marillot and Baxiana smiled with understanding, and nodded readily.

Elphaba and Fiyero grinned at each other, then looked down at their burbling son, who was fisting his chubby hands in Elphaba's dangling hair, watching it swing to and fro. The infant regarded his parents, and giggled.

"Liir it is," pronounced Fiyero softly, as his and Elphaba's foreheads touched in an arch over the Liir's head.

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