Sesshomaru flied looking for Kagura. When he come back to the village, he heard that Kagura has left few days ago. Miroku, InuYasha, Shippo and Kohaku already gone looking for her. He was mad at them, why they didn't keep eyes on her?

Meanwhile, not far from Sesshomaru was, Kagura was injured.

She gone to apologize, not everyone happy to see her though. They were afraid, few of them try to attacked her but she was faster than them, she avoided them and flied. The last place she visited was Koga's. Koga was mad at her, he told her to not come to his territory again yet she did it. Although she said she wanted to apologize Koga still attacked her, he was faster than her, he dig his claws in her stomach and left her. He didn't kill her.

Kagura flied, her wound was pain but she smiled "This is what I got for what I've done. Serve me right" she landed in a flower field. It was a beautiful place but she seemed familiar with that place. She sit between the flowers, felt the wind and pain in her stomach. Her wound started to healed "Seems I'm still alive. This is not the reason why I come back then" she touch her stomach "But I don't regret to apologize" she smiled again.

Sesshomaru smelt Kagura's scent along with her blood. He flied to where that smell coming, he went through a familiar place. He remembered that place. He was there, walked with Jaken and Rin looking for Naraku's heart, following the crystal of youki that Kagura gave them. He smelt Naraku's scent, but he knew the only way to killed Naraku was to beat his heart, in the second he also smelt Kagura scent, he turned away and following where the scent coming, left Jaken and Rin behind. Jaken shouted at him, asked where did he go because he went to another direction that crystal of youki reaction showed them.

Sesshomaru frowned, the more he came closer to the place where Kagura scent coming the more pain he felt in his heart. As he recall, last time he was there, he saw Kagura was dying and he couldn't save her. Right now Kagura was injured too. He was afraid if he couldn't save her again.

Sesshomaru arrived in a flower field, he saw Kagura sitting with a same pose and in a same place when she was dying. His heart beat fast, he moved in front of her quickly. He sensed she wasn't dying, her wound healed.

Kagura sensed someone. She opened her eyes and looked up to golden eyes youkai in front of her. She saw his emotionless face was full of fear for seconds and he was panting.

"Sesshomaru" her eyes widened. Somehow this situation felt familiar to her "You came. I don't apologize to you yet".

"Apologize for what?" he said. His tone calmly.

"For bad things I've done to you".

"What bad things?".

"I couldn't remember. They, Kagome and other friends, don't know about our stories. The little girl, Rin, told me I did nothing to you, but since I was Naraku's servant I must be done something bad to you. Please, forgive me".

Sesshomaru knelt down "The only bad things you did to me is you deliberately forgotten me" he touch her cheek.

"What? I didn't! I really couldn't remember about you or anyone".

His eyes softened. He was just looked in to her eyes for a long moment. Kagura blushing but Sesshomaru kept looking at her.

Kagura get his hand off her cheek "I still don't know how and why I return, I want to find out" she got up "I will looking for my answer. See you, Sesshomaru. I wish we will meet again soon" she smiled at him.

Sesshomaru grabbed her hand "I know how and why. The gods bring you back so you could get a chance to have a better life".

Kagura shocked "Really?" she paused for a moment, thinking "I... I don't know how to start this life but... I think I better find a new clothes and wash my self. See you, Sesshomaru" she tried to get off from his grip but Sesshomaru tightened his grip.

"You can clean yourself in my place. Come" Sesshomaru took her in his strong arm, brought her to his castle.



Kagura just took a bath, she let her hair down and wore kimono that Sesshomaru's servants gave her. They offered her a room to rest and leave her alone.

Kagura lying down in a bed but she wasn't tired at all. She was thinking what she would do next, where she would go. She was plan to asked Sesshomaru lo let her live by his side and be his servant because she really wanted to know about him more. But, no. She was a servant, she don't want to be a servant anymore. She also thought may be InuYasha and Miroku will let her to be their companion. But speaking of companion, Kohaku will be the perfect companion for her, from what she heard before they were in a same ship. They were Naraku's puppet, they were wanted to killed Naraku. They have similarities.

"What are you thinking?" Sesshomaru's face was above her.

Kagura scream, surprised "Don't do that again! Ever!" she took her pillow and hit his head. He laughed silently and sit on her bed, beside her "I know this is your castle but shouldn't you knocked first before enter the lady's room?" Kagura get up, sit beside him.

"I did but you didn't answer me so I let myself in".

"What do you want?" she pouted.

"What are you thinking?" he repeat his question before.

"Nothing, just thinking where I would go next".

He cupped her chin, forced her to looked at him "Where are you going?".

"I want to live my life. I don't know where to go or what to do yet, but I have to find somewhere I belongs and my purpose of life".

"Allow me to be part of your life".

Kagura surprised for what she heard. She pinched her cheek. It wasn't dream.

He looked at her deeply. Sesshomaru hugged her, put his nose to her neck, Kagura pulse raced.

"Kagura, stay with me" his lips mere centimeters from her pointy ear, his voice lower and seductive "Be my mate".

Kagura wrapped her arms around his body, crying. She didn't know why, she barely knew this guy, but her heart is full of joy. It felt like many years of waiting has payed off, her dream finally come true.

Sesshomaru smiled, he hugged her tightly. He didn't want to lost her again.

The end.



I know my english is terrible, thats why from the beginning Im really sorry for my bad english. But thank you so much for reading this til the end. Thank you so much for your time