About Dreams

Chapter 1- Prologue

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Blood. Blood and heart-breaking screams. Fire everywhere you looked, all the plants and houses, persons, burning.
A little five-year-old girl was running through her Clan's compound, pretending not to see the corpses that were on her way. The girl had pink hair and her eyes were flickering between jade and light grey, she seemed to not notice that she was surrounded by a white chakra. As she entered to one of the burning houses she started calling for her parents.
"Mommy, daddy, where are you?!".
The little girl continued to call for her parents again and entering to all the rooms that were on the downstairs part of the house. Apparently deciding that her parents weren't there she climbed up the stairs and entered one of the rooms. There a little boy was crying and coughing, he had white hair and beautiful green eyes.
"Kimi-nii! " The little girl called for the boy, at the same time kneeling by his side, upon further inspection it seemed as if the white chakra that surrounded the girl was protecting her from the flames and the smoke. The little boy started coughing up blood.
"Sa-Saku..." He couldn't finish, he lied there, unmoving in the girl's arms, the little girl started crying, repeatedly calling for the boy, hoping that he would open his eyes, smile at her and tell her that everything was going to be fine and that he wouldn't live her side. Just like he always did when playing with her.

He didn't.

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