I probably should be updating my Nix story but I suddenly had a random idea that I turned into this one-shot. So Nix shippers enjoy and cry with me :)

The Garde raced out out of the John Hancock Building as amber flames hissed and roared behind them. Not one of them had a single idea how it had started, only that it had left them with no home, nowhere to hide. The Mogs could have started it for all they knew, so they were cautious.

Number Six was at the back of the group, although she was faster than most of the others. She was holding Ella's hand, and Ella was still teary-eyed from her recent nightmare. Her nightmare had foreseen that the fire was coming, but she refused to tell the others what the outcome would be. They all feared the worst.

Suddenly Ella stopped running, causing Six to stop as well.

"Nine," Ella whispered. "He's not here.

Six frantically looked around for Nine. He wasn't among the others. Her heart suddenly felt heavy. It couldn't be possible that he was still inside...could it.

"Ella, follow the others. I'm going to find him," said Six.

Ella stared at her shocked. "But Six you'll die if you go in there! Get John to go, he has his Lumen..."

By that time, Six had already entered the flaming building. Ella watched her go as tears began to roll down her cheeks. Then she turned and ran after the others, knowing that there was nothing she could do to stop Six.

Six frantically ran through the building screaming Nine's name. She could feel the flames around her, but they didn't seem to hurt. They almost seemed to make her stronger. She didn't realise it at the time. But legacies develop when you need them the most. And she needed to find Nine.

She did find him eventually. Half collapsed on the hallway floor, coughing from the smoke, choking. She felt her heart suddenly feel lighter to see him alive. She ran over to him and held him in her arms, feeling the relief of finding him. She only realised how much he meant to her when she almost lost him.

He leaned on her as they made their way out of the building, ignoring the pain his burns caused. As soon as they were out of the door, and the smoke thinned, Six allowed him to sit down. She could see that his burns were bad...too bad. She knew that he didn't have much time left, but she wouldn't let herself believe it.

"It looks like you actually care, Sweetheart," he said.

"I do," she whispered as a scar burned itself into her ankle.