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Okay, this one is angst full right at the beginning with underage sex and non-con right at the beginning. It's John centric at the beginning, Sherlock doesn't appear until chapter twelve, so a long wait I know.


!Underage Non-Con Sex!

Most is only alluded to, with no true scene, but still, a warning to you all.

Overcoming Misfortune

Chapter One

Fourteen-year-old John Watson watched as his elder sister walked out of the front door once again. This was the fifth time in six days that she had left him home alone. Their parents were away on a second honeymoon, and wouldn't be back for just over a week longer. Diane and Andrew Watson had left their eldest child in charge, and the twenty year old Alpha had taken that as he right to go out every night and party. She hadn't bothered to make sure that her little brother was well taken care of. All the Alpha wanted to do was to party and have fun with her friends, without her parents hovering over her shoulder. John sighed; he knew that his sister would come back drunk, unable to ever get herself up the stairs without help. He would have no choice bit to take care of her once again, when it would normally be the other way around.

John turned around and walked up the stairs to his bedroom. It was at the back of the large house, with empty guest rooms between him and the rest of his family. It gave him a chance to have some peace and quiet when he was studying, but sometimes he felt a little separated from them. He was a little worried that she would send their neighbour to come and check on his again. Harry had sent Kevin over twice so far, and John hoped she wouldn't do so again. There was just something about the Alpha male that creeped him out.

John walked into his bedroom and over to his bed. He took off nearly all of his clothes and lay down. He was feeling a little unusual. One moment he would be freezing cold and then the next boiling hot. It was even worse when he felt as though something was crawling underneath his skin. Anything that touched him irritated him. It had started that morning, and he was going to mention it to Harry. The Alpha had been in a bad mood that day, and had only cheered up when friends had called to invite her out.

John curled up into a ball and hugged his stomach as it gave a sharp twinge. John went over what was going on with his body. It took a few moments for it all to click into place. He was going through his fist Teen-Heat. A weakened version of a Full-Heat. His body was now starting to change from a child Omega to an Adult Omega. He would only have a few heats before he reached eighteen, enough for him to know what to expect.

John glanced over to his phone on the bedside table and was about to reach for it. He sighed and shook his head a little. He wouldn't call Harry, she wouldn't care. He would have liked to call his mum. She would have been able to help him. The presence of another Omega was able to calm the symptoms when another was in Heat. He rolled over and faced the window, he would have to tell Harry when she got back, she needed to know.

He closed his eyes and tried to think of something else other than the itching of his skin, the heat and cold that alternated within him and the pain that stabbed him in the abdomen. He let his mind wonder leaving behind everything as he slowly drifted off into an uneasy sleep.


John watched from Harry's doorway, as the young Alpha was once again getting ready to go out for another night of fun with friends. Harry had got in at four that morning, and had only woken up an hour again. John was glad that Harry hadn't thought to send Kevin to check on him. John was still feeling unwell as the effects of his Teen-Heat intensified a little more.

"Harry?" John called out softly, he didn't dare enter her room, he still remembered being lifted and almost thrown from it when he was a little kid.

"What Johnny?" she asked, slight irritation in her voice as she turned to look at her baby brother.

"I think, no I know that I'm going through my first Teen-Heat." He explained to her, hoping that she was going to listen to what he said.

Harry looked to him and shook her head, "I don't think so little brother, how could you, I would be able to smell you. I am an Alpha you know."

John shook his head, remembering what he had read and been told during his Omega/Alpha classes two years ago, "No you wouldn't."

Harry gave him a tilted superior look as she told him, "I'm the Alpha, John, I would know. Now, go to your room, and keep out of trouble. Don't know when I'll be back tonight, so don't wait up." She smiled as she then stood up and walked passed him, shutting her bedroom door behind her.

"Harry," John called to her, "I'm being serious, a pre-adult omega doesn't give off a scent, even when in Teen-Heats. Because the heats are about fully developing the organs needed."

Harry turned to him and shook her head, "John, just go to your room, I don't want to hear excuses from you," she told him, pointing towards his room, " I want to go out and have some fun while Mum and Dad aren't around for once."

"But…" he called to her as she carried on walking away from him and down the stairs. She was soon out the front door, John standing there at the top of the stairs feeling isolated and alone once again.

John looked almost ready to cry as he shook his head and went back towards his room. His arms wrapped around his stomach as it began to hurt more than normal. John entered his room and grimaced as he felt wetness between his legs. He closed the door and undressed. Climbing on his bed he curled up, he was in a full Teen Heat now. It was more painful than an adult Heat, but only because things were rapidly developing. The urge to be close to an Alpha and mate with them wasn't there, since his scent glands were only just beginning to form and wouldn't be developed enough until he had gone through a number of heats. He winced as the pain started in the base of his neck at the back.

"Mum," he whimpered as his mind began to fog over.


John's mind still felt fuzzy as he had a clear moment in the fog. He had no idea how long he had been lying there, restless with pain as his body developed what it needed. John was just thankful that his body wasn't demanding the presence of an Alpha, as it would do when he reached adulthood. He smiled as he felt a cooling breeze, letting the heat his body gave off, ease just that little bit. A cool hand then pressed down on his partially formed scent gland. The pressure was enough to trigger an automatic response as he let himself go limp in submission.

"Harry?" he questioned softly, as the hand moved away. He opened his eyes and they widened in fear as they met the pale from of his next door neighbour, "Go away Kevin." John said as he across the bed, away from him.

"No," he smirked. The smirk sent shiver down John's spine as he moved a little more across the bed trying to gather the strength to get off the bed and run away. "I've been waiting a long time for this to happen, since the moment I met you. You were such a cute little kid, and I knew that you would be the perfect little Omega for me." He continued to smirk as he climbed onto the bed and roughly grabbed John's neck, bringing the fourteen year old closer.

"Let me go!" John shouted in protest as he struggled to get away.

John froze and pale blue eyes widened in fear and pain. He felt teeth clamp down on the partially formed scent gland at the back of his next. Slowly a fog descended over his mind and all the fight he had left in him abandoned him. He felt nothing as thought he was drifting in limbo. He tried to fight once again, but he was only able to call out for help, but his mind sent a wave of pain though him, stopping him from resisting the Alpha anymore. John began to feel things happen to him. He felt alone and scared, he could do nothing to stop them. All he wanted to do was to shout and scream for help, to run away, to be somewhere safe. John had no choice but to know and not be able to do anything to stop it.


Kevin lay down on the bed beside John, sweaty, stated and slightly out of breath. "Tomorrow night," he breathed heavily as he grabbed John's chin and made him look at him, "you will open your bedroom window, and you will do that every single night. You will let no one find out about our bond. You will obey me in everything. You will act just like normal around others."

John tried to fight and felt pain as his reward, he felt and heard himself as he answered, "I will do so Alpha." John wanted to cry, to do something to hurt the evil man before him.

"Good to hear little Omega." Kevin smirked as he pulled the young teen towards him, arms wrapped possessively around him.

John couldn't help but huddle closer to him, the newly formed bond needing the close contact with each other as it began to settle. Inside John was still crying, wanting to move away. But as soon as he was able to get his body to begin to move it was paralysed with pain. John had no choice but to remain there.

It didn't take the Alpha long to fall asleep, safe in the knowledge that John couldn't do anything towards him. John couldn't fall asleep, his mind too scared to even try. He looked to the window as the sun began to rise on a new day. A new day where John was now bonded against his will to his next door neighbour and rapist, Kevin. John could just about hear as the front door opened and someone stumbling inside. The door slammed shut loudly and Kevin grunted in his sleep. John watched and shook in fear as Kevin settled back into sleep.

John knew it was Harry. He hoped that his sister would come and check on him, just come to his room and look in and see what was going on inside. He heard her going up the stairs and willed all he could for her to come, and not go straight to her room to sleep off the alcohol that she had drank that night. John tried to call out, to say something that would bring her, but instead pain raced through him as he tried to disobey the orders from his Alpha. He wanted her to come and save him from the rapist that was asleep next to him.

John felt tears in his eyes as he heard her bedroom door open and then slam shut, causing the man beside him to wake up and for his nightmare to continue once again. His mind screaming and crying out for help as his body betrayed him.

I am feeling rather bad about what I have poor John going through. I just hope you will enjoy the story. There is a lot done for it already, around 30 chapters, and I've reached halfway in the plot.

Thanks for reading so far.