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Chapter 1: The Pink Kidnappers

Charlie awoke with a gasp, her chest heaving as she took in large gulps of air. She pushed herself into a sitting position, her hands struggling with the metal cuffs on her wrist, and glanced around the pitch-black room. It took her eyes a couple of minutes to adjust before she realized she was in some sort of cell. She clamped her hands against her mouth to muffle her whimper, her eyes squeezing shut.

"Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic." She muttered to herself, taking deep breaths. She dared to glance around. There were chains hanging from the wall next to her and the little light there was came from the open space in front of her.

She shuffled forward and tentatively raised a hand. There was resistance. Like a force field, she thought. She groaned and shifted back to where she was. Something caught the corner of her eye. She turned and saw a large lump on the other side of the room. It was a man.

Charlie gasped and crawled her way towards the man. He was a very skinny bloke, his dirty pinstripe suit emphasizing his lankiness, his hands handcuffed high above his slumped body. She snorted at the sight of the red converse that adorned his feet.

"Hey." She whispered, shaking his shoulder gently, bending her head to catch a glimpse of his face, but all she could see was his spiky hair. He didn't move. "Sir, please, wake up."

She gave up after a couple of minutes and curled herself next to him. She pressed herself tighter against him as she felt the first trembles skitter across her body and closed her eyes. Abducted.

Charlie had waited outside her hotel for a taxi to take her to the outskirts of the Amazon forest for the fourth day of work. She had been really excited about this expedition. This job was her last days as a shovel bum, but it was all gone now. She might never get home.

She buried her face against her hands and cried. It felt like hours before she felt the man shift underneath her. She sat up, quickly wiping her eyes and nose, and stared at the man. He groaned and lifted his head.

He was very good-looking in a bookish sort of way. His dark eyes looked around the room, cloudy, before they focused on her.

"Well." He said, "A vast improvement from the last time I woke up. I won't go into details, but lets just say the Klintesh and dim lighting don't mix well. I'm the Doctor by the way. What are you here for?"

Charlie could feel herself relax. She knew she'd like this man from the moment she saw the red sneakers. "No idea. I'm Charlie. It's actually Charlene, but only my mum and my boss call me that." She gave the room another look. "Who are the Klintesh? Are they our kidnappers?"

"Who says I was kidnapped?"

"Are you saying you just invited yourself here?" She asked incredulously. She reached forward and lightly shook his chains. " I hate to break it to you, Doctor, but you picked the wrong people to play house with."

The Doctor smiled. "I like you, Charlie."

"Thanks. So," She began, leaning herself against the wall, wincing as she dragged her jointed legs up to her chest. "Who are the Klintesh?"

He sighed and rested his head against the wall. "The Klintesh are very peaceful creatures. Well, theywere. Very pretty in the right lighting. Big almond eyes and their skin the color of a cat's tongue. Their planet is light years away from here. In a different galaxy actually. Don't know why they would come here to kidnap us though."

"Hold on. Pink skin? Planet?" Charlie shook her head. "Are you saying they're…they'realiens?"

"Yup." He said, popping the 'p' at the end. He tilted his head at her. "I'm alien too."

She stared at him. He stared back. Charlie leaned forward and pulled on his cheek.

"Ow!" The Doctor pulled his head away from her and attempted to rub his reddening cheek against his shoulder. "Why'd you do that for?"

She ignored him and shuffled closer, placing her bonded hands on his chest. She could hear his heart. He gazed at her warily. She furrows her eyebrows at him. "You don't look or sound like an alien."

Before the Doctor could say anything, Charlie moves her hands to the other side of the chest. She could hear another heartbeat. "H-How?'

The Doctor's gaze softened. "Alien, remember?"

Without hesitating, the woman placed her head against his chest, dragging her hands to the other heart. She closed her eyes, allowing the sound of his heartbeats to wash over her. "Two hearts. Brilliant, Doctor, you are brilliant."

The Doctor smiled down at the woman . "Thank you."

She pulled away and raised an eyebrow at him. "Do you have anything else doubled? Two brains? Four lungs?"

"No,but I do have a spare hand though. I mean I did. My last companion accidentally created a new me with it." He shook his head. "Never mind. Long story."

Before Charlie could comment, the room was suddenly filled with bright lights. They both groaned and shielded their eyes.

"Absolutely horrid table manners." she mumbled, rubbing her eyes. She finally looked up and gasped. They reallywerealiens.

The creature before her was tall and lanky, much skinnier than the Doctor. Its skin a rosy pink and its eyes black and shaped like almonds. It was wearing a dark purple robe that contrasted sharply with its skin tone. The alien was flanked by two others-much bigger if that was even possible-dressed in white robes and carrying a silver sphere in their hands.

"Doctor, , I am ever so happy that you accepted our invitation to visit our ship." It purred, a smile grazing its pale lips. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kuu and I am the Captain of this vessel. These are my men; Tra'a and Kaa."

"Pleasure. May I ask why we were graciously extended these invitations?" the Doctor asked.

Charlie interrupted, " Can you both cut the fake pleasantries? It's utterly ridiculous. How did you know my name was Potter? I never said my name."

Kuu's smile widened. Charlie winced at the sharp teeth that glistened under the artificial light. " But Ms. Potter, my people know you. You are the human that single-handedly brought our planet to the brink of extinction."

The woman gasped, her wide eyes meeting the Doctor's startled ones. She shook her head furiously. "No! No, you got it all wrong, it's not me. I've never left Earth! I didn't even know there were other planets with life until now."

Kuu didn't look perturbed. "Are you or are you not Charlene Grace Potter?"

Charlie paled. She gazed wordlessly at the man next to her.

"Captain Kuu." The alien turns to meet the Doctor's determined face. "There has to be a mistake. How is your planet endangered and by a mere human girl? She couldn't have had the power or knowledge to bring down an entire race! No offense Charlie."

The young woman nodded furiously, her hands raised up in a silent prayer. Kuu stood straighter and clasped its hands behind its back. " She didn't, but you did.For her."

Both prisoners were speechless, gazing at the Klintesh. Charlie whimpered and buried her face in her hands, her shoulders shaking.

"Come,come, now , there is no need to cry. My people have already forgiven you and your Doctor." the alien cooed. The young woman lifted her head, her eyes blood shot and tears staining her red cheeks.

"P-please. W-we didn't d-do anything. Please,please, release us." She begged.

"If we are forgiven, why are we imprisoned? The Klintesh I know would never do this." The Doctor spoke at the same time, shooting a comforting look towards his new friend. She was too young for this kind of thing.

"You would be surprise at how quickly people change when facing starvation." Kuu said, running a hand down its robe. It looked up surprised. "Did I say forgiven? Excuse me, my english is very poor, I mean youwill be forgiven once you have repaid us. With your lives."

Charlie broke into sobs and quickly buried her face into her knees again. The Doctor's eyes widened. He lunged forward, the chains jerking him back, his face set into a snarl.

"You can't do that! We're innocent!"

Captain Kuu smiled serenely and bend forward to pet the young woman's hair. She flinched back, her shoulders heaving. "Ah,but I can. Rest tonight, my dear friends, tomorrow your punishment will await." the alien lead its soldiers outside the cell. It paused, " How does your people say it? Oh, pleasant dreams, Doctor, Ms. Potter."

The cell was plunged into darkness. The only sounds were the Doctor's angry breathing and Charlie's sobs. After a while, the Doctor sighed and turned to face the young woman.


She looked up at him, wiping her face with shaky hands. "Doctor." She croaked, "Captain Kuu is absolutely insane. Why would he think..?"

The Doctor gazed up at the ceiling, his face turned thoughtful. "We could have…in the future."

She looked at him incredulously. "Time-traveling?"

He nodded excitedly, a giant smile grazing his face. "Brilliant, isn't it? Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. Don't you see,Charlie? They were hoping to find our future selves to punish, but got us too early!"

"Great. They're going to kill us over something we haven't even done yet." She sighed, rubbing her forehead. The Doctor smiled sadly, "Come here."

He waited patiently as she rested her head on his chest. "I'm sorry I put you through this. Apparently, I always put my companions in danger, but I promise you Charlie I will get you out of here alive. I just need you to trust me and to be as brilliant as I know you can be. Can you do that for me?"

The young woman met his gaze. "Yeah, of course. I didn't get my dream job by sniveling and cowering in my boots you know." She pushed herself up and gave him a confident smile. "So, Doctor, What's the plan?"

He grinned, "Atta girl! Now, inside my jacket, on the left side, there should be a pocket, you should find a metal stick."

Charlie reached forward to do as he said. "Good, now if you flip that flap, you'll find four buttons. Press the third one down and point it at my cuffs."

She pointed the sonic screwdriver towards each of his metal cuffs and watched in awe as they broke away from him.

"Ah, that's better." The Doctor exclaimed, stretching out like cat. Charlie quickly pointed the screwdriver to her feet and shoves the cuffs off.

"This is amazing. What do you call this thing?" She asked, allowing him to take the screwdriver back to undo her own.

"Sonic screwdriver. Can open anything and reverse anything. Now, let's go."

They hurried to the force field. He trailed the sonic around the ream of their cell.

"Try it." He called. She walked forward and met no resistance. She turned back to grin at him. The Doctor grinned back and gave her a high-five. He leads down the corridor, his sonic lighting the way.

"If I can find the transport room, I can call the Tardis and we'll be able to go home."

"Tardis?" She panted as they raced down a maze of corridors.

"Yes, my ship. I have a key here that if I touch it can let her find us and teleport us away." He spouted quickly, "She's very clever that way."

Two Klintesh guards suddenly appear at the end of the corridor, metal spheres in their hands. The Doctor and his new companion spun around and headed down the corridor and turn in another one, mindful of the guards following them.

Before they reached the end of the corridor, another pair of guards appeared.

"Charlie, in here." The Doctor whipped open a door next to him and ushered her in before locking it with his sonic. Charlie whimpered, trembling as she stared at the sight in front of her.

"My, if I knew how eager you were to seek forgiveness I wouldn't have postponed it for tomorrow." Kuu greeted from its chair in the center, its bodyguards flanking him. "I suppose we could do it now if you like."

"Captain Kuu, as impressed as we are at your dedication, we really do have better things to do than die. Why, like I had told Charlie before coming here, there's this amazing planet filled with noseless dogs. Oh! And you couldn't believe the amount of planets that contain Prika. Nasty little buggers. Worse than Earth's mosquitos." The Doctor rambled, casually stepping nearer to Charlie and slipping his screwdriver into one of her back pockets.

"Very amusing, Doctor. Kaa. Tra'a." the Captain commanded, getting up from his seat. The two guards approached them. Charlie back away, her hands up. One of the guards grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her back, making her cry out.

The Doctor could only say her name before he was shoved to his knees, his hands bonded behind him with the metal sphere.

Captain Kuu clapped his hands. "Great. Now that that's settled, who would like to go first?"

They both stayed silent. The alien tutted, "Shame, I was hoping for a show of bravery. Bring the Doctor first."

One of the bodyguards dragged him forward, throwing him at Kuu's feet. Charlie was struggling against the other bodyguard, tears growing in her eyes as she called out the Doctor's name. Kuu smiled, his eyes trailing the Doctor's form, and pulled out a long metal stick from his robe.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting for this. How long mypeople have been waiting for this." He murmured, caressing his weapon. " and now it shall all end. Any last words Doctor?"

The brunette looked up at him, his face carefully blank. "You are making a grave mistake, Captain Kuu. Sacrificing whole civilizations and galaxies for petty revenge. Rethink this. Let us go. You are committing suicide."

Kuu laughed. The cold laughter crawled down their spines. " Ah, Doctor, I'm not afraid of death. Not mine nor of the billions you claim I'll cause because of your death." He leaned forward, his face inches from the Doctor. There was no smile. No amusement written in the alien's eyes. Just madness and ice. " I stopped caring the moment I saw thousands of my brothers and sisters drop dead from starvation and murder. Why would I care about others when no one helped us? No, Doctor, your death and of your friend will bring the Klintesh the justice and peace we yearn for."

Kuu, without breaking eye contact, plunge the metal into the Doctor's chest. Charlie screamed, thrashing against the guard, her blurry eyes not hiding the Doctor's pained face.

"Goodbye Doctor." Kuu said cheerily, and plucked out his weapon. The Doctor slumped to the ground, his eyes racing around the room. They met Charlie's and held them.

"Sonic." He mouthed, his back arching as he felt the pain cause one of his hearts to collapse. With her own racing, she nodded and took a deep breath. The young woman stomped on the guard's foot and smashed the back of her head against his face. The guard cried out and released her, his hands clutching his face.

Charlie dropped herself to the ground and swiped her legs across the guard's feet, knocking him on his back. She rolled herself back to her feet, her hands stretching to reach the sonic screwdriver in her back pocket.

"Ooo, I didn't know we had a fighter in our mix. You really shouldn't have held this a secret, Doctor." Kuu tutted, his eyes dancing in amusement. "It'll be very fun killing you, . Tra'a."

Tra'a stalked his way towards her, but by that time Charlie had already freed herself and threw the metal sphere at his head. He ducked. She ran to the other side of the room and found a long metal stick like Captain Kuu's, except it was thicker and had a black button at the bottom .

She turned around and swung the stick at Tra'a, pressing the black button. The stick's end erupted into electricity and hit him on the side of his head. The guard dropped to the floor. She turned her attention to Kuu.

"You want to try me too?" She panted, holding her stick higher. Kuu smirked, but raised his hands up, dropping his stick to the floor. "Good, now step away from him."

She made her way slowly to Kuu, picking up the metal sphere along the way, and stood a few feet away from him.

"Place your hand behind your back and turn." She commanded. He complied. She pressed the sphere against his wrists and it morphed into shackles.

"Are we quite done?" He drawled. The young woman glared at the back of his head and kicked the back of his legs, making him buckle and fall to the ground.

"No not really." She purred, before swinging the metal stick against his head, flattening him to the floor. She bent down to check his pulse. It was slow, but still there. She straightened up and dropped the stick. "Now, I'm done."

"C-Charlie." the Doctor moaned. She gasped and race to his side, dumping herself on her knees. She grabbed one of his hands. Tears and sweat were cascading down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry I didn't stop Kuu in time. Please don't die." She blubbered, gripping his hand tightly in-between both of hers. " We're suppose to travel together remember? How else am I suppose to meet the Klintesh and cause all this mess. I don't exactly have the means to make intergalactic travels."

He chuckled, but that quickly turned into a coughing fit. She tightened her grip. He gazed at her and lifted his free hand to cup her face. He notice his hand glowing slightly.

"I don't want to go." His voice broke, his eyes glistening with tears. "There's still so much I haven't done yet. So much I wanted to show you. I wanted you to bemycompanion."

Charlie sobbed, grabbing the hand on her face. Tears blurred her vision. "I am your companion. You just need to stay with me. Please, your Tardis hasn't arrived yet."

The Doctor shook his head, he was already seeing golden particles surrounding him. "Charlie, listen to me, you need to get far away from me. Hide behind something, I don't care. Just get to safety."

"W-why?" She whimpered, her eyes widening as she finally notice the golden glow that was appearing all around him "Doctor? What's going on?"

"Regeneration." He gritted out, his back arching as he felt the energy bounce restlessly inside him. " My body releases energy that heals my body from the deadliest injuries, but in exchange I'm turned into a completely new man."

He groans, the energy was spiking faster.

"New man?" The young woman whispered, her hands covering her mouth. His pain-filled eyes met hers.

"Yes, but Charlie please, I'll essentially be the same man. I'll still be the Doctor." He urged. His hands curled into firsts and he slammed his eyes shut. " GO! I can't hold it in any longer."

She ran to the center of the room and hid herself in Kuu's chair. The Doctor screamed and suddenly he exploded, a cloud of golden light flooding the entire room. The machines in the room short-circuited and burst into flames.

Charlie ducked her head into her legs and clamped her hands against her ears as the Doctor's screams echoed through out the room. The heat from the light and the fires licking at her bare arms.

Then it all just stopped.

She pushed herself up to see over the console chair. The Doctor was young, looking to be around her age. He had long dark hair that curled slightly against his forehead and softer features from his previous face, except for the large chin. She cautiously unraveled herself from the chair and made her way towards him.

He didn't notice her. He was too busy muttering and checking himself. "- Arms, hands,ooh, fingers, lots of fingers. Ears,yes, eyes too. Nose? I've had worse. Chin? Blimey. Hair…"

He ran a hand through his hair and gasped violently, yanking his cliff to eye level. "I'm a girl!" his voice cracked, his hands automatically reaching for his throat. "No, no. Definitely not a girl." His expression darkened. "Still not a ginger though. There's something else, there's something that I'm forgetting. Something important…"

"Doctor?" Charlie asked hopefully, wincing as a machine next to her gave out a spark. The man whirled around, his vivid green eyes boring into her face.

"Ah!" He cried, pointing at her. "I remember you. Claire? Cher? No, that's not it. Think, think, think." He slapped himself on the forehead.

"Charlie?" She supplied, crossing her arms and biting back a smile. This one was definitely a nutter. He scrunched his face.

"No, that's not it either. Caera, Carly, Carrie. Why does it start with the letter C? Out of all the alphabets in the universe and your mum had to pick the dullest letter.C." He said in disgust. The ship gave a violent shake, knocking them both into the ground.

"Doctor! Never mind my name. Just call the Tardis so that we can get out of here." She shouted, struggling to get back on her feet.

"Right!" He shouted back, reaching inside his jacket pocket. A wheezing sound filled the air and a blue police box slowly materialized in front of them. The Doctor reached forward to caress the door.

"Hello there old girl!" He cooed, before opening the door. He turned back with a wide grin. "What are you waiting for? Into the Tardis. Scoot!"

Charlie snapped out of her daze and hurried into the box. She halted by the door, her eyes wide.

"Holy cricket." She breathed.

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