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The sun was setting behind the trees and the stifling heat was quickly being erased by a biting wind. A group of archaeologists carrying digging supplies, emerged from the Amazon forest and headed for the trucks lined up at the outskirts. Two people broke away from the group for a moment. A stocky man with spiky blue hair turned to his co-worker.

"You sure you don't want to come with us? I'm sure they'll have your favorite drink. Besides, I sort of already made a bet with a couple of the guys that you could drink -up-his-ass under the table." He said, wagging his eyebrow at her. Charlie laughed and shoved him playfully. "Please say you'll come. I'll share the profits with you."

"Thanks, but I'll pass. I've already made plans." She said apologetically, placing down her shovel to redo her braid. The blue-haired man scoffed and crossed his arms.

"You've had plans for the last two weeks. What's going on Potter?" His eyes widened. "Holy shit, you're fucking someone aren't you. Tell me the truth!"

Charlie rolled her eyes and made her way back to the group. "Don't be so crass, Mike."

"You're avoiding the question." He grinned, following after her. He stepped into the last truck, pulled her into it and firmly shut the door, preventing anyone else from getting in. "I knew it from the first day you came to work with this huge satisfied grin on your face. Ever Mr. Holiness could see it."

Charlie glared at him. "I'm not seeing anyone." She said firmly. Mike opened his mouth, but she quickly placed her hand over it. "I'm not. Not in the sense you think I am. I just…" She struggled for a moment. "He's a really good friend. We take mini-trips and he dresses like a grandfather and he eats the strangest things and he's incredibly silly, but that's it. He's just a friend."

She cautiously pulled her hand away. Her blue-haired friend shot her an incredulous look. "So you decided to abandon this fine piece of male specimen" gesturing to himself, " for a man that is fashionably-impaired and has a stomach that the bloke from Weird Food travels would be jealous to have? Are you sure he isn't your boyfriend?"

The blonde laughed. "Very sure. He's like my little brother except that he's freakishly tall."

They arrived at the base. It was a giant yellow office building with a collage of the world's Seven Wonders drawn at the side of it. Mike opened the door to the car and helped her out. Once they went inside to put away their gear and clean up their appearance, they quickly found themselves outside once more.

"Last chance to ditch your strange friend and come with me. I promise to show you a good time." He winked, placing his hands behind his head. Charlie smiled and shook her head.

"I know you would, but I really do have plans. See you Monday." She said, reaching forward to squeeze his arm. Mike sighed and bid her farewell, jogging to the back of the building where his car was held. Before he slipped from view, he turned back to face her.

"Do you need a ride home?" He called.

"It's fine. He's picking me up." She shouted back. He nodded and waved.

Charlie stood by the entrance of the office for a moment, listening for the signs that he left. Satisfied, she reached into her bag and pulled out a silver key. She smiled as she heard the familiar wheezing noise. Patting down her damp braid, she opened the Tardis doors.

"Honey, I'm home." She sang playfully, dropping her bag on the little seat and approached the console. She rubbed it. "How is the mighty Tardis lady feeling today?" She closed her eyes and smiled as she felt a rush of warm affection pulse into her heart. "Splendid it is. Where's the Doctor?"

"I'm here!"

A loud crash sounded underneath the console followed by a string of Gallifreyan expletives. Charlie walked to the railing and leaned over it.

"Doctor?" She called, trying to catch a glimpse of him. "Are you alright?"

"Fine,fine." He popped up in front of her. She shrieked and jumped back, her hand grasping her chest. The Doctor pulled his googles over his head and winced, shooting her an apologetic look.

"Sorry. How did your digging go? Did you find anything yet? If you want I could pop back a few to tell the Incas to leave something here. I knew their king you know. Though I don't know how friendly he'll be since I married his daughter the last time I was there." He frowned thoughtfully, fiddling with his bow tie. Charlie smirked.

"It's fine. I'd rather not risk the chance of you missing your hearts if the king does remember you." She yanked on one of his suspenders. He yelped. "Besides, I won't be a shovel bum for long."

The Doctor rubbed at his chest as he climbed up to the platform. He shot her a look of disgust. "I don't understand human's love of archaeology. Waste of energy, I'd say."

The blonde rolled her eyes and bounced next to him at the controls. "So, where are we going today?" She asked, watching him fiddle with the buttons. "I rather liked America in the 60s. Who knew Hoover was an alien impostor?"

The Doctor snorted. "No, you liked the 60s because you snogged the President."

She batted her eyelashes at his amusement. "Well can you blame me? President Kennedy was incredibly charming and extremely attractive." She pointed a finger at his face. "Oi, and he snogged me. Get your facts straight Spaceman." She poked his nose.

He slapped her hand away and yanked a level. The Tardis immediately started convulsing. Charlie grabbed on.

"I was thinking of taking you to Space Vegas." The Doctor shouted, typing in the coordinates. "You'll love it!"

"If it's anything like Earth's Vegas then I'm sure I will." She shouted back.

The Tardis landed and the Doctor quickly headed for the doors. Charlie stayed put. It took him a couple of seconds to realize she wasn't there.

"What are you waiting for? Space Vegas!" He exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air. "You might even be able to take a picture with a three-eyed Elvis."

Charlie crossed her arms. "Check the monitor."

He groaned. "Don't be ridiculous. We're in Space Vegas."

"You said that the last five times we attempted to actually plan a trip. I almost lost my life three times!" She pointed out, glaring at him. "Check. The. Monitor."

The Doctor dragged himself up to console, a scowl firmly etched on his face. He grabbed the monitor and typed for a moment. He paused,staring at the screen for a moment.

"Well?"Charlie asked, leaning against the console with a smirk. The Doctor turned to her sheepishly. "No Space Vegas, I take it."

"No,no,no. I can fix it. Space Vegas coming up." The Doctor began fiddling with some buttons. Charlie shook her head and stilled his hands.

"Where are we exactly?" She asked. The Doctor looked at the monitor again.

"Oxford university, Oxford, 1940."

His companion gasped and tugged him down the platform towards the door. "That's in the middle of WWII! Let's go see."

"Wait!" He tugged her back, almost knocking her off her feet. "You can't go like that, you'll start a riot!"

Charlie looked down at herself. She was wearing leggings again with another colorful sweater. She scrunched her nose at him. "They still haven't invented leggings yet?"

"Nope." He popped the P. He pointed towards the hall. "Go on. The sooner you go change, the sooner I can introduce you to Benny Goodman."

She sighed and walked away from the doors. "Fine, but I'm not wearing a skirt. I didn't shave today and I'm not planning to."

Charlie came back, adjusting her light hair inside a brown cap she found. Once she was satisfied that her hair was somewhat hidden, she turned her attention towards the Doctor. She giggled as she watched him struggle underneath a pile of ties, a fedora sitting haphazardly on his head.

"I think you should keep the bow tie and lose the fedora." She said in a deep voice. He looked up startled. He stared at her.

"You like?" She said, twirling for him with a wink. He seem to snap out of whatever he was in and dump the ties on the floor.

"Y-You look like-" He stuttered.

"A guy. I know. That was the point. I didn't want to explain myself once I introduce myself as Charlie or why I was wearing pants." She said nonchalantly, adjusting her grey sweater. "Besides, I always wanted to cross dress."

"Right."He said slowly, before he seem to register what she had said and gripped his fedora tightly. "I like this hat. I'm wearing this hat. "

She raised her hands in surrender and headed for the door. "You're the boss."

"Yes."He said, smiling goofily. "I am the boss. -Doctor. Don't you forget it."

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