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Chapter 1

He didn't know just how he had got here, he knew he was in the past and in France but that was it. He couldn't remember what he had been doing, he ached and was in pain, all he wanted to do was sleep but he couldn't he needed to find somewhere to hide until he could heal. His magic was drained and he could feel the strain that his magical core was feeling, he didn't know what to do, he didn't know where to hide or where to go.

But he had managed to hide, he had seen people being dragged off and didn't want to be one of them. He knew what they did to people who they called witches even though he wasn't a witch but a wizard, Harry shuddered he knew what they would do to him. So he hid, he had spent several years in a war and he didn't want to die in some unknown place surrounded by unknown people. Harry shook his head it would be easier for him to die here and now rather than go back where he would be used and abused, at least here he would have some form of freedom.

Still he would run, hide and steal it had been the way of his life for the past few weeks. Naturally the guards had tried to catch him but failed every time, it had become a game for him. He would leave them clues and would wait for them to try and catch him but they didn't, still it was fun. He had of course heard of Claude Frollo, it was then he learned that he was in France he still didn't know when but at least he now had a country.

Still none of them knew what he looked like so he was safe for now, but he knew the moment that they knew what he looked like he would soon find himself in danger. Still it would be fun while it would last, he had heard rumors of Frollo much like any other person and he dreaded the day when they would meet. He knew that it would be the day that he would die either by the noose, being burned at the stake or by Frollo's hands. He knew that one day he would die he wasn't blind or stupid but he hoped that he had many days left ahead of him, that was if he continued to be safe.

Still he would be safe and keep safe, he wasn't blind he had seen how people looked at him. The lust in their eyes, he knew that it burned through their veins as well it was never ending for him. Where he came from people lusted after him for his money, power and title, here the lusted after him for his looks.

He would have sold his body, had he needed to but he was very good at stealing now. He could heal as well, it was why he was somewhat known. After all it was easy to sell a potion than it was to do a spell, still not getting caught was his main focus. His life was his own for now, and he wasn't going to give up his freedom for anyone, he had fought so hard to get his freedom and now he had it he didn't want to give it up.

Harry hummed as he dropped off the roof of a house and landed on his feet, he looked down the dark alley there was no one there which was good. He quietly made his way out of the alley, making sure to avoid the main streets where the guards would be patrolling. He hid behind a wall as he heard the sound of footsteps. He quickly peeked around the corner and saw two guards stood at the end of the alley where he was hidden.

"Did you hear?"

The second guard looked at the first and shook his head.

"Hear what?"

The first guard smiled showing his yellow teeth.

"Frollo is coming down hard with this new thief on the loose, he wants whoever it is caught and soon."

The second guard grunted.

"Good, then maybe we wont have to do this night patrols anymore, my wife is nagging me that I am out at all hours."

The first guard snickered.

"I don't have to worry about that, I ain't got a wife."

Harry held his breath as the two of them continued to walk away from his hiding spot. He was safe for now. Harry hummed a merry tune as he quickly sped away making sure that no one could see him, once he was safely at his small hide away he looked at what he had managed to steal. A couple loaves of bread and some old clothing not much but they were enough to see him through, and he was no stranger to hunger and he never would be. It was lasting reminder of his youth one that he wished he could forget but couldn't.

Harry tore off a small chunk of bread and began nibbling on it, if he played his cards right he would be able to make the bread last a few days perhaps a week should he be lucky enough. It would give him time to plan his next place of attack so to speak; he had never attacked the same place twice making it harder for the guards to catch him.

Harry laid down on the small hard cot that he had managed to 'borrow' off a man who was too busy hitting his wife, to notice that Harry had stole it. Still it was better than sleeping on the ground even though he had spent a good few months sleeping on the ground. Harry closed his eyes and allowed himself to drift off into a light sleep; he never fell into a deep sleep in case someone found him while he was sleeping.

~~~~ Claude Frollo ~~~~~

He was completely surrounded by fools! Once again this thief, this vermin had managed to get away! It was almost as if the guards were letting the thief walk right past them, he had no idea if the thief was male or female, young or old. But to make a mockery of what he was trying to do?

That was something that he wouldn't stand for, people had mocked him for most of his life and he hated it. He would bring the thief to justice and he would see him or her either burned at the stake or hung, even if he had to tie the noose around their neck himself.


The guards saluted him and they quickly left the room, he gazed into the fire that was happily burning away in the fireplace. He wanted this to be over so he could sleep, so when he closed his eyes he didn't hear the mocking laughter of the thief as they managed to get away once again.

Oh how he longed for the day when the blasted thief and those gypsies were gone, never to darken Paris again. It seemed like a dream but one he wanted to become real, one he wanted to make real. He looked at the scroll that he had been trying to read but his mind was elsewhere, he looked down at the scroll and shook his head there would be no reading it now, not when his mind was in so many different places.

He carefully picked the scroll up and cautiously rolled it back up making sure that he hadn't tore it, he would read it later when his mind was not so chaotic and trying to pull itself apart, but for now he would allow his mind to be troubled, to be loud and chaotic. Still he wished that things would be quite so he could think, that he could come up with some sort of plan to catch the thief. Not that it mattered as whoever it was, was one step ahead of them all of the time, it didn't matter how many traps or plans they had used the thief still escaped each and every time.

His parents and brother was long dead his brother killed when he tried to help a gypsy, Claude himself couldn't understand why his brother had tried to help one. But he had still lost his brother because of what happened; because the guards had beaten his brother to death it was part of the reason why he was wary of gypsies and women. He kept expecting his brother to come in through the doors and ask for money or to talk to him, but it didn't his brother was the only one whom he had allowed himself to be compassionate with and now that he was gone Claude had slowly began to close himself off.

Still he had some pleasures in life and one of them was reading, it gave him a small respite from day to day thing normally he would enjoy reading but now he found that his mind was far too occupied for it Claude sighed and looked out of the window, some days he wondered why he did what he did.

~~~~~~~ Harry ~~~~~

He awoke with a groan, his muscles were sore and he really needed to bathe even if it was in the river. Still it was a truly beautiful day, it was a cloudless blue sky and the sun was warming everyone up. The light giving life to plants and trees, Harry loved the morning but his most favorite part was the sunrise and sunset watching as the sky lit up in all sorts of colors.

Still he had things he needed to do, Harry stretched as a group of people walked passed his hiding hole not noticing that he was there.

"They caught him again?"

There was some giggling.

"I know, there is going to be a public lashing! I can't wait to see it."

Their footsteps quickened as they walked away from Harry's small hiding hole.

"Then lets go! After all it has been some time since Clopin Trouillefou has had a public lashing."

The group of women had left the area but none of them knew what they had set in motion, Harry's face could have been made from stone with how little emotion he was showing. How could people find enjoyment out of this? Harry shook his head well it looked like he now had a plan, he sighed so much for laying low and not getting onto anyone's radar.

But he wasn't going to sit back and allow a man to get a public lashing, it didn't matter to Harry if the man was a gypsy or not it wasn't right. He would have to act quickly if he wanted to stop it, he tied his long hair into a messy ponytail and left his hiding hole. Harry climbed up the side of a house making sure that when he got to the roof of the house no one could see him, but with everyone heading towards the palace of Justice he didn't need to worry as much as no one was paying any attention to the roofs.

Harry made sure that his mask was in place; he didn't want anyone being able to recognize him. Harry knew that he would have to act quickly and efficiently; there could be no real room for error. He watched as a gypsy man was dragged onto the platform, people were laughing and jeering at him, Harry felt his lips curl it was barbaric and disgusting how people could find enjoyment out of this was beyond him.

He watched as the man's colorful shirt was practically tore off his chest, Harry felt himself get into the position. He only had a few seconds before he could act, he waited until the whip was just about to hit him when he threw the smoke bomb, it was small but no less effective. As people were coughing and choking Harry quickly ran through the smoke and found who he was looking for, he made quick work of the leather bindings and pulled the semi conscious man to him before throwing him over his shoulder and quickly left but not before stealing Frollo's hat as he left. That would serve him right, and if Harry felt nice later he might just give it backā€¦in pieces.

~~~~~~ Claude Frollo ~~~~~

He coughed as smoke filled his lungs, it was hard to breath he looked around and could see that other people were in the same state that he was. The smoke was thick making it hard to see a few feet in front of him; he felt someone or something bump into him as he stumbled back. He coughed as the smoke slowly began to clear but everyone was still coughing some people were even rubbing their eyes as they tried to see, but they only made it worse and their eyes watered.

He gave several harsh coughs as the smoke cleared, he looked around and snarled Clopin Trouillefou had escaped in all the confusion. His hands clenched as he looked around, he could see no other gypsies or any way that he could have escaped which meant that this was someone else, someone who had decided that he or she would aid Clopin who ever it was he would find them and make them wish that they had never interfered in what he was doing Claude snarled and walked away, he noticed as he walked that someone had stolen his hat whoever it was, was going to pay no one made a fool of him!