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Again. It was happening again. Revy's dtraumatizing childhood experience of getting beaten and raped by a crooked police officer who also arrested her without reason in New York was supposed to be nothing more than a horrid memory. Yet here she was, being forced to relive the same horrors and brokenness of that night by said crooked police officer who she thought was dead. While he was noticeably older and had several scars now, he was definitely alive, and he was still raping women and underage girls at the jail that he was working at. Ironically, he had just moved to Roanapur a couple of days ago to work as a police officer there before he had arrested her.

Revy is now wearing a black-and-white inmate uniform. She is handcuffed, thumbcuffed, anklecuffed to a steel ball (ball-and-chain), toecuffed, and is getting ready to be raped by this man once again who had just finished beating her.

Flashbacks from Revy's last horrifying encounter with this man were rushing through her mind at a mile a minute. The fear, the shock, the sorrow, the screams and cries for God to save her, and the brokeness that she'd felt after nobody came to save her was now happening all over again. Little did she know, however, that this time the outcome was going to be different in such a way that it would change her life forever.

"PLEASE, SAVE ME GOD!" Revy screamed out at the top of her lungs with lifeless eyes. The corrupted police officer from her past was laughing at her desperate cries for help. "God doesn't exist, bitch," was the crooked cop's reply. Just as he was about to push rape her, a third voice that carried immense power in it suddenly came out of nowhere and echoed all around the Revy's cell. "OH? THEN WHAT WOULD YOU CALL ME, THEN? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The police officer just sneered at the voice and said, "Okay then, 'God', then try to do your worst while I sit back and blow your brains out, you little fucker!" As soon as this twisted police officer had uttered those words, an explosion of green energy decimated the back of the wall of Revy's cell from the outside. The crooked police officer's full attention was now on whoever caused that explosion. What the police officer saw next made him shake with terror, while Revy was in so much awe and disbelief at what she was seeing that she couldn't move or speak.

The smoke cleared to reveal a 12-foot tall, extremely muscular man. He had spiky yellowish-golden hair, 2 golden wrist bracelets, a golden necklace around his neck, no shirt, white baggy pants with a red sash around his waist, and golden boots. Also, his eyes were completely white, which made him look all the more ominous.

"S-stay b-back!" The twisted cop said shakily before shooting all 12 of the bullets from his weapon at the giant muscular man. All 12 of his shots successfully hit their mark, only for them to slide off of his body, the bullets now crumpled up. The cop then began using every weapon on him, but nothing had any effect on the now seemingly invincible giant. Once he was within arms' length of the Revy's would-be rapist, the giant grabbed the demented cop's head and squeezed, crushing the corrupt man's head instantly. For the first time in her entire life, she felt a very clear emotion towards her Savior: Love.

"Please wait!" Revy cried out to her hero before he was able to leave her cell and continue his path of destruction. She was relieved when she saw him turn his had in her direction, though the frown he was sporting was a bit unnerving to her. "Please tell me your name..." Revy softly whispered to him. His response was immediate. "I AM BROLY, THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN. NOW DIE!"

Die? Was her savior actually going to kill her out of cold blood? She shook those thoughts aside, and before the man now known as Broly could attack, she yelled, "Please don't leave me! Take me with you!" THAT was a response that Broly certainly wasn't expecting. Begging for her life or screaming out in terror was the reaction that he was used to seeing, but this woman had just asked if she could come with him! Taken aback by this, Broly finally asked, "Why should I? Do you not fear for your own life?" Revy's immediate reply was, "No. I wouldn't have ever thrown away my own life for anyone else before now, but you saved my ass, and I'd rather die than stay one more minute in this fucking Hellhole! So if it gets me killed, then fine! I don't have any-fucking-thing to lose...HEY! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!" Broly was indeed listening, but The Legendary Super Saiyan was too dumbstruck by what Revy had just said to say anything, and he didn't know how to react in this situation, so he just stood there with a blank look on his face. After about 30 seconds of silence, Broly was intrigued by her and decided to humor her and allow her to tag along for awhile. "Where to, woman?" Upon hearing his question, Revy blinked twice in a comical fashion before gawking, as she had not expected The Legendary Super Saiyan to grant her request. "The Black Lagoon Company headquarters in Roanapur. And my name's not 'woman', it's Revy!" She said, regaining her composure and giving him directions to the place. "Get on my back." That was all Revy needed to hear, as she nodded furiously and then proceeded to do as she was told.

By now, several cops were closing in on the location of the cell that Broly and Revy were at, and all of them wearing full body armor and were ready for battle. Since The Legendary Super Saiyan now had a passenger on his back, he decided that it would be better to just fly up 300 feet into the air and blow the jail the fuck up, along with everyone else inside. Now Revy had seen a lot of things in her lifetime, but being on the back of a man who could levitate in midair was definitely new experience for her, if the way her eyes comically bulged out of her sockets was anything to go by.

While Revy was busy freaking the fuck out, Broly was now laughing maniacally upon hearing screams of terror of everyone in the building upon being vaporized by a small ki blast from The Legendary Super Saiyan before flying away. Unfortunately for Revy, she didn't was not aware that Saiyans were naturally capable of high-speed flight, and she almost fell off of her savior's back in mid-flight as a result. The ball-and-chain that was attached to her feet wasn't helping anything either. In that moment, Revy began to tightly squeeze her legs and feet together around Broly's stomach to get a better grip. She a got a grip, but NOT where she was expecting. Still...


As soon as Revy had stopped herself from sliding off of her savior's back, she noticed that her feet were warmer than the rest of her body. Revy also noticed that the chain of her toecuffs felt like it was meeting resistance and that her toes were wrapped around something very hard. With her two big toes already pulled all the way up and her 8 little toes being pulled as far down as they could go (courtesy of the ball-and-chain attached to her feet), Revy started wiggling them until she heard a grunt from Broly. Upon hearing said grunt from her savior, Revy realized that her feet and toes had slid under Broly's pants and onto his 20-inch dick. Then she tilted her head sideways and saw her hero blushing deeply. Then she got an idea which was accompanied by a mischievous grin plastered on her face. "Aww, do you enjoy this?" Revy asked before wiggling her toes on his massive cock again to drive her point home. Even though Broly didn't answer Revy's question verbally, the way his face had just turned 12 new shades of red was a dead giveaway. Revy then proceeded to slowly rub her feet up and down Broly's long, rock-hard cock before doing the same thing with her toes. She would also wiggle, tap, and twitch her toes on Broly's manhood every few seconds to mix things up a bit. After about one minute had passed, Revy began to rub her feet and toes faster against The Legendary Super Saiyan's massive, hard dick, causing him to release some precum. She then proceeded to wildly wiggle her soft, silky little toes all over the head of Broly's massive boner, causing Broly to moan as the chains on her toecuffs rattled loudly. Revy's poor little toes were struggling to wiggle faster, as it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to move them so much because of the heavy ball-and-chain that was attached to her feet. As Revy quickened the pace, Broly was nearing his limit, his breathing now becoming heavy and rugged. With one final, violent yet sensual twitch of Revy's soft toes, Broly let out an earsplitting roar and climaxed. Her feet and toes now covered in the Legendary Super Saiyan's warm, sticky cum, Revy chuckled upon seeing his face turn beet-red. "So, what do you say to fucking me like an animal when we get back to my place?" She asked him in a sweet and seductive tone. Broly just grunted in response to Revy's question while muttering something about mental concentration and annoying distractions. Revy pouted cutely before shrugging as they continued flying towards their next destination.


It was late at night when the Broly finally arrived at Revy's apartment. The Legendary Super Saiyan had decided to decimate a neighboring city with a small ki blast after letting Revy rob a gunstore for weapons and a drug store for cash. "Holy shit...THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING! You just blew up an entire city with one fucking attack! Hahaha, I'm think I'm starting to like you more and more, Broly. By the way, I wouldn't mind teaming up with you sometime. We'd be the most badass team out there." Broly just responded to Revy's comment by grunting once again as he continued towards their original destination. After letting her off of his back upon arrival of said destination, Broly effortlessly crushed all of Revy's restraints, much to revy's shock and amazement. She offered to let The Legendary Super Saiyan spend the night in her room with her, which he agreed to. Hey, the guy needed to wash his pants for obvious reasons, and Revy had a washing machine that he could use. As Revy and Broly crawled into bed together, Revy muttered, "Thank you for saving me," under her breath. Of course, she wasn't aware of his advanced Saiyan hearing, so she squeaked in surprise and embarrassment as when she heard Broly grunt in response. Then they went to sleep, but not before Revy gave The Legendary Super Saiyan a kiss on the cheek for saving him once he fell asleep. Whilst asleep, they were both having the same disturbing dream of Ghost Nappa was constantly making "BOWCHICKAWOWOW" sounds. It was going to be a long night...


Like I said, maybe in the next chapter, Broly will tell Revy about the Saiyans and how he arrived in this dimension. Okay, maybe I'll split these two topics into separate chapters after all. Peace out.