Mr Bay, We Wanna Tell You Something

The Autobots traipsed through the forest, cutting down trees as they went. Optimus scanned the land for the human of designation Michael Bay. He was at the edge of the city. It was night time.

Optimus tried to gently open the door, but in his haste and size he just broke it down. Outside, his Autobots were grumbling. "I'm still alive!" Ironhide growled. "He made me look like a limesicle!" Ratchet remarked. "He didn't even put me in his movie!" Elita 1 wailed. "Shh!" Optimus tried to hush them.

Michael Bay was at his study desk, drawing an Autobot. Ratchet scanned the picture, his optics zoomed in. Michael Bay was drawing him! Sunstreaker glanced at the picture, and snickered, "Is that Ratchet or what? Ratchet heard this, and transformed one servo into a drill, the other a blowtorch. "I can change you to look like me, ya' know!" Ratchet cackled evilly, activating his blowtorch. Optimus' aft was sticking out at him as he peered into the house. Elita came over and whacked it. Optimus let out a startled yowl. Michael Bay looked up. He stared at the Autobots, his mouth gaping.

The Autobots activated their holoforms.

One by one, they filed into the house, leaving their vehicle forms outside. Optimus went first, then Elita and Ironhide. Bay stiffened when he saw the weapons specialist, very much alive. Ironhide glared at him. He gulped.

"We have some complaints to make. For one, I am not cold-hearted, thank you," Optimus began. Jets roared overhead. "Here they come," Ratchet the Hatchet grumbled. Megatron and Starscream landed. They glared at Bay. "There is a truce!" Megs roared. Starscream got his null ray ready, aiming it at Bay. Megatron stopped him.

"I am still alive!" Ironhide continued. "Plus I'm not a limesicle!" Ratchet/Hatchet grumbled. Michael Bay stared at him, "But you do look like a limesicle!"

Hatchet growled, "Didn't I just say that I don't!" He scanned Bay.

Michael fainted.

"C'mon, let's go before we cause trouble," Optimus ordered. "I like trouble," Megatron pouted. "We know you do, Megsy, but we're not in the mood!" Optimus replied.

"Party pooper," Megs grumbled as they left.

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