The king and Queen imagined big celebration for their homecoming. Well they were far off. Word of the mistreatment of Elsa had spread like a wild fire. The people were utterly appalled and disgusted. They all agreed when the King and Queen returned they'd immediately arrested. But then came the question of what to do with them after they had been put into jail. There were two options: life in prison or execution. They had a vote and execution won.

There was a wall of soldiers/guards around the castle. And when the royal couple stepped out of their carriage, they were immediately held at gunpoint and commanded not to move. A guard walked up to them and hand-cuffed them.

The next day, early in the morning, the execution was prepared. Anna and Elsa got a front row seat. But despite all that had occurred, neither girl wanted to see their parents die. Even if they did deserve it.

When the king and queen were brought out, the Queen was in tears, begging to be spared. She claimed her husband made her keep Elsa locked in her room. But the King claimed it was his wife's idea. No one really cared which one was right. No matter their reasoning they couldn't change what had happened. And so neither one was excused.

Anna had to look away when the axe came down; her stomach wasn't that strong. Elsa held onto her little sisters' hand, comfortingly. Elsa felt tears but she wasn't sure if it was from joy or sorrow. Even if they were cruel to her, they were her parents. And now their heads had fallen onto the ground. The world is probably better off without them.

After the axe came down the whole kingdom erupted in cheers and celebration. No one really cared for the King or Queen even before the word of the abuse came out.

Of course they were all worried about what the other kingdoms would think of them. So they came up with the story that the King and Queen had been shipwrecked on their way home.

Very short but i thought it was a good ending. I might go back and change it later. But please review and tell me what you think! All of you reveiwers have been wonderful have really encouraged me to finish this! Thank u for reading my weird little story. Means a lot to me.