This is the remake of the story! Yes, I'm very sorry if my previous story had been more of a burden than a fun to read story. Anyway I'm planning to make many minor changes, and a few major in the story. Like before the most pairings will be LuffyxRobin. Yes, this is still a harem but this is just the main pairing.

Luffy here would be Dark(not so much though)/Strong/ Smart. However he won't be as clueless as he was, but still dense on most part.

So let's make Luffy here a bit taller, like Zoro but instead of a muscular build, he's more of a 'sexy' type. Slim and muscular.

"I'm hungry!" Luffy whined, it has been five months since he, Ace, and Sabo, had left their home to become what they've always dreamed of to be Pirates.

His stomach grumbled as he held onto his straw hat. The boy was starting to cry, it has been a week since the three boys have been stranded on a island with no other people besides them. Their "GRAND SHIP" or that's what they wanted to call it is a small boat with a single said, which miserably failed to save the during that storm that caused them to be stuck in this island.

"Just keep quiet. I'm going to go look for some fruits!" His brother, Ace, always has been taking care of Luffy, besides the fact that the three of them have run away from their home, also afraid that they're grandpa will turn them into Marines.

"I want MEAT!" he screamed, rolling over the sand nearly taking out the small bonfire that they've manage to create.

Ace sighed, hunting meat was never that easy. Not with what they've had which is nothing... Absolutely nothing. "A little help?" looking over at his blonde friend who's left side of his mouth was toothless. However the kid didn't reply, not a word. This caused the two to gain his silent attention.

"Meat..." the blondie muttered, which the two heard like it was cannons firing at their side.

A giant turkey, but how? They've never seen an animal here which isn't after their meat too. Yet, for some reason that strange logic failed to cope up in their mind, they where hungry, so eat fruits? No, they want MEAT.

"MEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" Luffy screamed, dashing towards the unusually large turkey in which he startled causing it to run away from them, thrice the speed.

"That idiot. Let's go Sabo" Ace said, grabbing a twig which might... just might be use as a weapon, knowing that it will truly not, but hey.. they're desperate for some meat.

The three run, faster, slower, faster again. It's been a wild chase, however their numbers have been more of a disadvantage rather than an advantage. One of them already sneak behind the turkey, just five more feet and he'd be able to grab it. No, he just had to show up..

"Meat!" Luffy yelled, jumping on the bush he was hiding, yet he was far from the turkey. Again the turkey ran and so did they.

"Idiot. Why'd you keep showing up when we are about to capture it?" Ace scolding Luffy, slapping the back of his head, causing a small tear on his eye.

"Don't give us that pouting face, we are all hungry here" Sabo added, pinching his arm causing the boy to wince and says his sorry.

"Hey guys, look!" Ace said, pointing on that huge ship on the horizon, it had the face of a whale. Beside it was a smoke, meaning there are people in there, and people meaning there's food there.

"What does the devil child want?" A pirate captain said, with a smug on his face and a triumphant smile.

"I need work" the child replied, she's been through this types of people before. Acting all high and mighty when in fact, they're just as weak as those back in the four blues. No, she needed this one, this one had the money, resources, she'll use him.

"So... you know some hidden treasures, huh. Tell me, why do you need us then?" the captain replied. This one was cunning, but no matter she can always outsmart them all. After all, she's probably the last person on earth who can read a Poneglyph.

Poneglyphs. An ancient stone, full of markings which only a few people can read, her people in fact. However due to the World Government, and using the so called 'Buster Call' she's the only one left. Yet, every night, she keeps on hoping that some may have survived, even her mother in which she knew she didn't. Friends? Who needed them, all she wanted was to achieve her dream, the dream of her people. So she can finally rest.

"What do you think? Can a child carry all of those treasures? No, and all I ask in return is a few percent of it." She didn't begged, she'd never do that. She had already tried that. People cursed her, accused her, disgusted by her, all because that she's a people of her clan, a people who only wanted the untold knowledge of this mysterious world.

"HAHAHA. Fine" A smirk crosses he captain's face.

Typical. They'd take it all for themselves, however the treasure is not what she needed.

"Okay. That's the plan" Luffy said, his face was saying it all 'my plan is foolproof, just do it and we'll take all of their food'.

"How is 'We charge towards them and grab everything we can' a plan?" Ace replied, arching an eye brow.

"Because..." It finally hit him. In his mind, it was sure to work, they're old and grumpy, but the three of them, they're young fast and agile.

"Uhuh. That's what I thought" Ace replied.

However no other ideas ran through their heads, one did though... Luffy's idea.

"Snatch their foods, and run back towards our camp. The forest will help us loose them."

A few minutes later...

"Jii-chan, we caught this brats stealing our food."

"Good work, Marco, go-" before the old and giant man could say anything, Luffy dashed towards that giant old man, and kicked him in the groin.

'Ooooooohhhh...' Everyone thought, their facial expressions was in pain. Well how could it not, they could hear something similar to a glass shattering into am million pieces. Some shivering, other's eyes were twitching, and the rest were... in pain, as a man they too could feel that.

"YOU BRAT!" a gigantic fist hits Luffy in the head. Causing a huge bump on it.

"Marco, get them into the ship, wash them.. " the three were glaring at him "and feed them" with that the three became like puppies, following the orders of Marco obediently, so long as they eat something... meaty.

Ace, Luffy,

I'm leaving the Whitebeards.
No, they're not bad, actually they've treated us like family.
It's just that, I wanted to see more of the world, and not the sea thing.
Sure, we've travelled to different places in the years we have stayed, but I want to see more.
Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself.
Best buds, like always.


P.S: Luffy, Ace, beware of the girls at the ship. They're... staring.

The morning, they've found the letter. The two did shed some tears, but were still happy that their friend has a dream for himself too. They knew that, each of them had, it was just a matter of time.

The two then became... vigilant, as they too have noticed how the women were looking at them. Marco said to pay them no mind, however it was a bit disturbing now that they knew, damn Sabo.

Ace became... 'friendly' with the ladies, however he didn't allow Luffy, not until he's eighteen. Constant teasing from Marco and Marshall have almost led Luffy to a certain room, to do some certain things.

It's been a year since Sabo had written that, and left in that fateful night. They've cried. Ace already joined the Whitebeard crew properly and made quite a name for himself. 'Fire Fist Ace' not so bad for a starter. However Luffy was still sixteen, so meaning Ace was eighteen and was able to join.

What Sabo did, made Luffy think for himself. Still remembering the straw hat that Shanks gave him, and how the red hair has been rejecting him as he wanted to join Shank's crew. Why did Shanks rejected him, when Edward let them in. What did the red head saw, and what did their Jii-chan too.

"Ace, dinner is rea-" Luffy was clueless at what he saw, entering his brother's room without knocking was a bad idea.

"Get out!" A furiously blushing Ace screamed, as he motioned his hand for Luffy to slam the door shut and get out.

Luffy walked back towards the kitchen, where the entire crew was anxiously waiting for dinner.

"Oi" Whitebeard's voice roared in the entire room, causing everyone's attention, silencing them all.

"Son, where's your brother?" Whitebeard asked, it was rare for Ace to miss dinner. Yes, Whitebeard treated Ace, Luffy, and Sabo, like they were his own sons. He had them personally trained by his crew, as each and everyone of them specializes in different fighting styles and weapon.

"Shyahahahahaha" Marshall's laugh caused everyone to look at him "Ace missing DINNER!? That's impossible!" everyone followed his laughter, the two brothers would never miss food, not even when it's not meal time, they'd sneak in the kitchen and munch down as much meat as they can, sometimes they had even fought to the death for one piece of meat.

"Ace was wrapped around Carla.." Luffy replied clueless.

"..." everyone was silent, trying to decipher his message. With Luffy that could mean a thousand thing, sure he's smart when it comes to most things, but as long as their is a 'girl' involved in it... not so much.

"I don't get it" Luffy said, as he started to chew down his food "He has a blanket yet, he's naked and sweaty, doesn't Carla get uncomfortable with that?"

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA" everyone burst into laughter, everyone. Some of them even had beer coming out of their nostrils, as an uncontrollable laughter occur. The women then started to flock around Luffy, they were barraging him with answers to what he just said, he's sixteen and does things should still be unknown to him... not the kissy smoochy part, but the inserting part.

Blushing furiously, Luffy tilted down his head, he was embarrassed, he even got a full course lesson from the ladies. Wait, Ace was gonna kill him if he finds out that he told everyone about it.

"So, you're Nico Robin, eh?"

"Yes" she replied, devoid of emotion, even her face had no expression.

"Interesting." the man replied, he was sitting on his chair, as the woman was facing the back of him.

His hand slips down the armrest, revealing a golden hook.

"SURPRISE!" Everyone cheered, as Ace was trying to sneak inside the kitchen with Carla, no wonder that the activity they did was rather... exhausting.

"My boy, is finally a MAN!" Whitebeard was playing along his crew, faking a tear shedding down his face.

"Wha-" Ace was definitely caught by surprise.

"Welcome in becoming a man!" Marco said, wrapping an arm around Ace's, as he winks at Carla who's face was now red.

How did they knew? They tried to keep it down? It's a huge accusation if they were just caught sneaking in the kitchen, I mean Luffy and he did that all of the time... Luffy... Luffy... LUFFY!

"LUFFY!" he yelled, his body shots up straight "That idiot!" slamming the palm of his hand into his face.

Family. If its one thing the Whitebeards taught him was family, it's the greatest adventure for anyone.

They offered him a place amongst them, he denied. It was supposed to be his turn well one year before his turn to be exact but what the heck Edward made his decision, finally along side his brother, side by side as they take fame and glory all for themselves and for the Whitebeard crew. However things had changed. Sabo made him realized, he wanted his own.

Edward chuckled "I can understand that." he replied, as everyone was still not believing that Luffy, the kid who usually spoke about him being a pirate.

"Then, what will you do?" Marco said, concern was in his tone, this kid had the potential it'd be a waste if he lives a normal and dull life.

"I'm gonna create my own crew!" He announced, making a statement amongst his friend.

It was finally his time to leave the ship, start in East Blue, his hometown. It's been forever, and he's sure as heck going to get beaten up by Makino who's dead worried after they've said nothing and just vanished.

"Here" Whitebeard said, handing him a large bag, inside it were full of suits, all of them black and a red necktie.

"Jii-chan, don't cry.." Luffy said, hearing the old man sobbing.

"I'm not crying!" he retorted, then finally gave in, again one of his sons was going away, at least this one had the guts to tell them.

Few moments of saying his goodbyes along his friends, not to mention the amount of kisses he received from both cheeks and some stole his lips, he was finally ready to set sail. Good thing that they were not in the New World or it'd be a heck of a time trying to sneak past the Marines.

"Hey!" Ace screamed, causing the boy to turn around. "Gift from Jii-chan, says you'll need it!" Ace added, throwing a suitcase towards Luffy.

"Oh no..." he gasped "I forgot to pack up some foods..." he whined, getting the attention of that shiny suitcase ahead of him.

"I really do hope it's food, Ace said I'd be needing it" he said, opening the box to see a weirdly shaped fruit.

"Well, better than nothing." He said, eating it down in a whole bite.

He felt dizzy, his vision was blurry and everything was spinning around, what the hell was in that fruit.

His vision slowly darkens and the last thing he heard was thunders roaring loudly in the sky.

Well? I've changed some parts, I mean it'd be boring if I just redo it and added some minor details. Plus, I plan to add some twist.

Figured it'd be boring for you guys to just reread this in a more detailed one, so twist it is then! Mwahahaha! Now, it's 12:02 am here and I'm still going to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with my imaginary girlfriend. :3