"Where are we..." Luffy said, looking upon the vast sea in front of him. The crew have been sailing for days with no food and water. They have a little money but there is no sign of land anywhere, even if it's just a uninhabited island it would be fine, fruits would have to do in this starving days. Luffy had no energy left on him, his physical and mental energy were wasted by annoying Zoro like a child about how 'HUMAN' meat taste like.

"Is.. that?" Zoro stared up above the cloudy skies. Everybody got his attention and took a glance. No matter how you looked at it it's a bird, and bird has meat, if they are lucky it could be as delicious as a chicken or turkey. Luffy used his remaining energy to turn his body into lightning and reappeared in front of the bird.

He tried punching, but his arms were too weak. He tried to blast it with lightning, but the only thing that came out were sparks. He screamed, the bird was larger than it would seem, waaaaay larger. It's beak went wide open as it targets the weakened boy, it shut close with extreme speed that in a blink of an eye darkness covered Luffy's sight.

"What the hell is that idiot doing?" Zoro complained, as he watched the bird ate their captain alive.

Everyone was dumbfounded, Luffy the man who single handedly stopped the war at Alabasta, the man who rescued Zoro and destroyed the Marine base at a blink of an eye, was eaten by a fucking bird. Their mind was blown at this sudden events, sure he was starving and weak but they all thought he was just being a child that whines about not having what he wants.

Their mind was still trying to cope up that they didn't realize that Luffy was the bird that Luffy was in was getting farther and farther.

"Row!" Zoro yelled, grabbing one of the oars that was on the side of the little boat.

Everyone followed as well, save for Robin who's mind was still running thousands of simulation at how will a bird digest a lightning man.

"Oi!" Zoro yelled, as he turns his head towards Vivi "What's her name?" Zoro whispered, in which Vivi responded with a 'Hmph!'.

No matter what angles you looked at it, a 'princess' should never do hard or manual labor, even if she entered a underground organization.

'Women..' Zoro gritted his teeth, his face was full of disgust 'I hate women..' he thought.

"Woman! Row!" he yelled, grabbing the attention of Nico Robin. She immediately sat in line with them and grab an oar, while she used her power to sprout hundres of arms to help with the rowing, on the backside of the boat, pairs of feet swam as they were connected to the boat.

Zoro shivered at the sight, while the other women cheered for the powers and helpfulness that Robin has brought. He has met many pirates, sure they weren't 'Grand Line' level but he's seen some weirdness from them as well. However this was probably the weirdest one ever, it felt like in ice was running down his spine.

"What's that... is that a Carousel?" Alvida said, seeing a ship that was design like an amusement park. "That's pretty cool!" she said, however upon spotting the flag with a skull cross with two bones on it's back her smile immediately turned into a frown. Pirates would never let her do her thing.

"Captain Buggy, look!" one pirate said, as he looked upon the Clown themed Pirate Captain, who's laugh was absolutely annoying.

"Shoot it down! That looks delicious!" he said, as he motioned his hand, waiting for the cannon to fire. "Fire when ready" he ordered, as the men obliged.


The thunderous sound of a cannonball hitting it's target is truly loud, as it smoke scattered upon the blue skies, the bird fell down along with the eaten man.

The crew of Luffy instantly saw this and rushed more to their captain's side. Sure he was a Logia type, but they just feel like he needed help. They screamed his name as they rowed faster and faster, not wanting to leave the sight where the bird fell down.

"Get some men down there and grab the bird." Buggy ordered, rubbing his tummy along with his annoying laugh.

Meanwhile a orange haired girl was currently on her way back to her 'current' boss. She had stolen some gold along the way, but she's still planning to steal some more, even the gold of her allies she plans to steal. Hearing a loud crashing sound she decided to investigate the scene.

She got into a place and spotted a huge dead bird, as the trees and the houses that it crashed into was destroyed, debris were everywhere.

"Are you alright!?" She asked worriedly, as she heard a loud coughing sound, and a figure of a man formed upon the cloud of dust.

"Yeah. Do you have any food?" he asked, making the orange headed girl giggle.

"Yes, I have some" she replied, still giggling at this man. Here she knew that this man had just suffered a near death experience and the first thing he said was about him wanting some food. She can understand that he was hungry, but after that experience your mind is still going on about food.

She handed the last remaining bread she have, as Luffy, without any sort of hesitation annihilates the food by eating it.

"Thanks." he replied, with the usual grin on his face. He was cute, he wasn't like any man who's face was built with muscle and power, he was different, sure he's not like some model who's face was created by the heavens itself but he was close to that part. Maybe a few more years and he'll be 'hot'.

"My name's Nami. I'm good at stealing things from pirates" she said, handing a hand to Luffy. "What's your name?"

"Luffy. Monkey D. Luffy" he replied, shaking the hand of the now identified woman, Nami.

As the two walked towards the town, they were greeted by a handful of cheers from some women. Screaming Luffy's name, Nami knew this was his friends.

"Are you alright?" he was barraged with questions from Vivi and Alvida. Zoro smiled and nodded.

For Zoro the captain was 'cool' yet he still has a lot to prove. Sure they were pirates but Zoro said something about not hurting innocent people in which Luffy agreed, so they've decided that whenever they need or want to steal something, they steal at a criminal or a pirate. Whether land or sea it matters little to them.

"Guys, this is Nami. She saved my life" Luffy said, as he introduces Nami to his crew.

Nami playfully punched his arm, earning her a glass shattering glare from Vivi and Alvida. "I just gave you some food, nothing more" she replied, as the two laughed in their own little world that was made by just few and short conversations.

"Aren't you going to say something?" Zoro said quietly, as Robin continued to act the way she is. Her 'Poker Face' was starting to annoy the three styled swordsman, I mean who wouldn't. Here they are having the some fun in that little boat of theirs and she'd just sit there and smile at them. It was sort of creepy for the green haired man.

"You bastards!" a voice said, turning around to see three pirates with their weapons drawn out "You're not allowed here!" another yelled, throwing a mud at Luffy. Unfortunately it didn't kill Luffy, since he was lightning he cannot dodge that mud attack, even though he is Logia the elements just won't allow it, it was more like Nature's law rather than the power of the devil fruit.

His suit was dirtied, his black long sleeves shirt was. He glared at the three men, earning them a gasped.

"Y-Y-You think I'm a-afraid of-f-f-f you!?" he said stuttering, as he pointed his sword towards Luffy.

"Of course you're not." he replied, reappearing in front of the man who said it and slams his head down into the ground.

He then grabbed the other two by their necks and clashed their heads, the sound that it made was like of a church bell, signalling the people to attend it at once. Nami was by far impressed, not only by the looks but by the fighting skills this man had shown. Then an idea popped into her head.

"What are you guys?" she asked subconsciously, well no matter it's more like icing in the cake.

"Pirates" Luffy replied innocently, dropping the two men that he was holding.

Yikes, her face was smiling, but her insides were shattered. Her plan can't work with these guys... unless.

"Would you like to meet my boss? He has lots of gold" she said, as Luffy wasn't at all interested by the face he had shown. "There's food there as well" she added, if she was to trap them or lure them she didn't need to tempt them with her wants but their needs.

Luffy's eyes sparkled as a bit of drool drops out from his mouth "Let's go!" he yelled, as everyone soon followed the raven haired man.

"Boss.." Nami said, as she leads Luffy and the others towards the center tent, which looked like a circus camp rather than a pirates den.

"Ah.. if it isn't Nami. What do you want today, Nami?" the clown replied, "Do you finally have the gold to join us?" he added.

"I think I do, plus if that's not enough.." she said, pointing her eye out at the crew before him. "I think there's plenty of room to let them join, don't you?"

Buggy took a few more seconds before he got the slightest idea what Nami was giving, these men right here, they sure look strong but not as strong as the Great Captain Buggy, or is what he'd like himself to be called upon. The clown then eyed the women amongst the raven haired boy's crew, noticing that all of them were beautiful, he and his crew instantly turned into hound and howled.

Luffy sighed, it's a disgusting sight amongst his own kin. "How about this, you get to choose to fight one of us and we all pledge our loyalties to you" he offered as Buggy starts to think this through. It's probably a trap, but he did say he can choose any of them to fight him, he's a fool if he thinks Buggy will the any of the two man in front of him.

He analyzed the situation carefully, like the genius that he is, he then saw the poker faced woman, who's combat experience was probably lower than the twin flintlock pistol carrier, or the agile blue haired woman. He snorts, it was his sure win, and once he won the game, he can do 'anything' to them.

"Her. The black haired woman" he said, as he laughs loud and so does his crew. Luffy smiled and nodded, Robin took a few steps before stopping right beside Luffy. She smirked at the thing that Luffy whispered to her, then the grounds was cleared of any person as the duel was about to begin.

"We're gonna have some fun time later" Buggy said, licking his lips, as if he can't wait to taste that juicy meat in front of him.

"Begin!" one of the pirate yelled, as the cheers for Buggy was loud. Luffy and his crew were silent, they trusted their nakama enough that she could bring them victory, and that they would protect her as much as she will with her life.

'I pray to God, that this man won't suffer Hell.' Zoro thought, he was interested to see the woman's wrath but is afraid that he might be the target.

Buggy's body began to disassemble itself, as his parts, legs, feet, hands, arms, torso, and head began to float freely into the open air. He was laughing, thinking that how could this woman hit him, a man who can turn and disassemble his body at will. It was his victory, or so it would seem.

"Dos Fleur: Slap!" she yelled, as arms sprouted around different parts of Buggy's disassembled body and began to slap him.

His face, his torso, and his groin were all being slapped, and not the kind of slap which didn't hurt. No its sound echoed in the now silent crowd as they saw their captain being tortured, unable to do anything except yell in pain and agony. Robin smirked, she enjoyed hurting this man, besides her friends were laughing like seeing a Comedy Television show.

"Do you yield?" Luffy said, wiping the tear off his face.

"N- Ouch! No! Ouch! He-! That-! Hurt!" with Buggy's desperate attempt he merged with his body parts as the sprouts began to dissipate.

"Dos Fleur : Grab!" the moment she finished her sentence, Buggy began to look around his body for the attempted attack once again, yet he found none.

"...!" Then a sudden excruciating pain he felt, "My Little Buggy!" he yelled, as he groaned, screamed, and rolled over in pain and pure agony.

Even Luffy was... well he was the most shocked that Robin did that. Then Zoro elbowed him signalling to end this fight. "Do yo-"

"I give up!" he screamed, crying as tears fall down his eyes causing a chuckle from Robin and laughter from the two women behind him.

His crew were on the verge of tears as well, they were truly sure they head something shattered where his 'Little Buggy' was supposed to be.

After the duel, Buggy tried to grab a breath and attempts to override the pain the he was still feeling. "Attack them!" he screamed, as the men drew their swords out and all charged at them, even Nami who was still behind Luffy and his crew were almost sliced as a sword tried to swing around her.

"Chain Lightning!" Luffy said, his arms were spread like an eagle, as lightning began to pass through each and everyone of Buggy's foot soldier enough to render them unconscious or paralyzed. He then glared towards the Clown Captain and his Lieutenants. Buggy shriek in fear at the power this man had just displayed in front of him.

"Richie!" Buggy screamed, then a large lion appeared, its roar was ear shattering. "Kill him!" as the lion roared and dashed his way towards Luffy.

"Kiten!" he yelled, then a large tiger like lightning blast the lion out of sight. He then resumed his walk towards Buggy who was now cowering behind his chair.


Luffy smiled, as a unicycled man with two swords tried to sneak attack Luffy, was blocked by the now bandanna wearing green haired swordsman.

"P-Plea-Please!" Buggy begged, as Luffy then blast a lightning to Buggy enough to paralyzed him and let him feel the shock for the next few days to come.

"Come" he said, before leaving the town they were spotted by the townspeople and asked what had happened.

Buggy and his crew have been here for quite a long time, that it was enough to differentiate travellers and his thugs. The town's mayor, thanked Luffy and his friends and offered them a prize and to stay for some time. Marines were on the way and Luffy was generous enough not to accept the reward, after the town had suffered they needed the money that they have. Plus, it didn't go unnoticed to the young man how, Nami, had sneaked pass them and grabbed every gold Buggy has with him. She's a kind hearted person, but when it comes to money, there's no one more evil than her.

"Cool.." Luffy said, since the Mayor of that town was insisting that they should take something, the crew decided a few new things to wear, and some food along the way. One by one they grabbed the clothes they liked, and started to change their outfit. Luffy also realized that wearing a suit this early time of his rookie year was probably dangerous, I mean where can a seventeen years old kid can grab that kind of style.

Zoro was the first to changed, wearing a red long jacket that goes up to his ankles, he remained his white shirt inside, and the black pants, but a new brown and black sneakers instead of just the typical sandals that he's wearing.

Alvida was the next to change, she was wearing a tight white V-cut shirt that showed her curves and her ample breast, she's now wearing a long jacket similar to Zoro except that it's pink and has hearts on it, she still wore her cowboy hat, some new stilletos, and a white tight pants that hugged her bottom heavily.

Vivi came out, well her clothes wasn't revealing too much, she wasn't used to wearing clothes like that. She was wearing a white dress shirt with a black stripes from north to south of her shirt, three undone buttons showed a little bit of her cleavage, complemented by a tight black pants and the black shoes.

Nami was wearing a black dress, not too fancy, not to revealing, it was more likely suited for her still growing body. It made her looked cute and angelic rather than a woman and a viper. Most female pirates had an intimidating set of clothes that they are wearing and it gave her some authority as men simply followed any beautiful woman out there in the sea.

Robin came out as well, she was wearing a black laced shirt, she was wearing a black bandeau bra that hugged her huge and ample breast tghtlu, showing her cleavage and her tight curve stomach. She was wearing a black mini skirt that had black ribbons design on it as well, she was wearing a fancy black stilleto that made her even taller than she once were.

Luffy was the last to change, White buttoned undershirt, a black tie, and finally his body was hugged by a black leather jacket, with only two pockets on each side of his waist. He is now wearing a black combat gloves, with a silver plate behind his hand. (A/N: Remember guys, Luffy's height is about Zoro's though his build isn't as wide as the green haired swordsman. Don't worry about the timeskip, I already have his looks) And was wearing a jeans, with black combat boots.

"So... How do I look?" Being the last to change will, and always will grabbed the attention of all. Zoro smirked, Vivi and Alvida were blushing, Nami was too busy with her new clothes, and Robin like usual was smiling, though her mind once again was running all sorts of dirty simulations. She shook her head slightly, it was very unbecoming of her to think like that, but it was fun.

Luffy was mature, smart, strong, brave, caring, but he's still innocent. Though it was still not proven, it's probably women's intuition that tells them he's one.

"So, how do we sleep now?" Zoro said, as he and Luffy was left on the deck of the boat, as they tried to sleep against the freezing temperature the night and sea brought, while the women inside slept comfortably, though some of them wished a certain raven haired boy was with them.

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