Hi! I'm not gonna keep making chapters so often. Cause I'm not the best writer. But I will try to make chapters more. But for now, Stick with the ones you got. :) Anyway, Ya Tugger, Misto. No Slashing at all, I'm not gay. If you don't like my writing or stories. DON'T READ THEM! Simple. And tell me if there are spelling mistakes!

"Your BRAT!", Yelled the ginger tom fallowed by a slap to a black and white toms face. Falling to the ground the black tom reached his hand to the cheek on his face, when he took his hand off he saw blood and the pain had just increased. Then the black and white tom looked up at the ginger in question. Why would he do that? The Ginger toms face was filled with rage, His eyes burned like fire. The young tom and not know what he'd done to get slapped. The memory was faded.

"Don't you EVER try to runaway! You stupid peace of crap." The ginger did not like him running away, because if he found any cat the black and white tom would tell them about the ginger cat.

The ginger grabbed him by the neck and started to choke him. The black tom couldn't breath he was gasping for breath when the ginger slapped him once more.

"You know what kid? I'm gonna erase you mind, Ya, and throw you onto a street. So you can get your skull crushed under a tire. And as the tire will crush you ugly face, you'll be in pain until you die!" The ginger dragged the kitten outside. He put his paw on his face, and BAM! The kit didn't know anything. And then he tossed him on the street. But instead of watching he turned around and ran back to his lair. The kit left alone to die. The kit felt the ground as he got up. The ground was hard and a little bit painful to stand on cause of all the shards of glass and pebbles.

Then aloud roar came from up the street. The tom turned his head to see this thing. A big red and white monster was headed for him. HONK! It made another roar, as it got closer the kit stood in shock. Until a big brown and golden thing came at him knocking him aside the street. The kit felt another rush of pain as he hit the ground.

The impacted had been so much for the kit. Then the kit turned his head to the street looking at the red this heading for the cat like figure who had push the kit way. The Brown and Golden tom jump up into the air. Flipping once be for landing on the monster. Then the Brown tom had got to his feet when the monster went crazy. And the brown tom took a look at the kit. And jumped off landing on top of the kit. And yet another monster came roaring over them. The kit could feel the Tom go limp. And the kit started to freak out.

What to do! A brown and golden tom was on him and not getting off. Then the kit decided to try to move the tom. All the kit got was a little move of the fur. The male was 50 x bigger then him. Literally! The kit was starting to hear another roar coming up the street. And yet another Monster had gone by. This time it sweep the large tome off the kit. And the kit got to his feet. But when he was just about to run another monster was coming up the street at full speed. The kit looked at the tom that had saved him. The tom lied there not moving. And the monsters foot was headed right for the brown and gold toms head.

The kit ran to the tom in fear that he wouldn't get up in time. So the kit started to shake the toms head back a forth. The monster running closer and closer. Then the tom opened his eyes and got to his feet. GE! He was huge! The little black tom said. Then the tom reached down to the kit and picked him up. The monster was almost on them. Until the huge tom jumped outta the way and to the sidewalk.

When they made it over to the other side. The tom dropped the kit. The kit was scared. That thing didn't stop? Why? And to double the creepiness, was the tom. His huge figure was to much for the kit.

The kit just stood there in shock. The tom was looking down at him worried. "You ok little one?". The kit just looked up to him. Still shaking. "M-mes, sior." The kit meowed. The tom was questioned at this weird language. He hadn't heard a word like that. And cats know every language. So the tom thought he couldn't talk well. "I'll take that as a yes. Now do you mind me takin- Oh wait. You couldn't answer that." The tom sat there think wait to do.

Until he got a idea. "Nod your head up and down for "Yes". And Back and forth for "No"." The tom waited until the kit could understand. But 30 seconds later the kit Nodded his head. "Good. Now would you mind me taking you to my place?" The kit sat there. Thinking. Then he shook his head. "Great!" The tom said. "My name is Rum Tum Tugger. But you can call me Tugger. Oh wait, if you can talk.". The tome looked at the kit. And the kit just siting there didn't move until Tugger nudged him. The kit flinched at this movement. The kit looked up at the tom. Still scared.

The tom said. "I'll just take you anyway.". The tom picked up the kit and left to the Junkyard. The kit was drifting into a long sleep.