Ahh. The New York bank.

A seemingly tranquil environment on the outside. On the inside, a figure could be seen running towards the window, carrying a sack of money. In a split second, the tranquillity was flipped around and The Mandrill leaped out of the building, landing in the next second. It took him only a moment to sprint in an ape-like fashion to a manhole covering. But a female police officer aimed her taser at him from behind and he paused.

"Freeze! Step away from there!" She demanded.

The Mandrill swiftly turned and held up his cape vampire-style. And in a fashion similar to a certain reptile from the Jungle book, his eyes swirled in some creepy hypnotic color. The woman's eyes turned the same color as well. The Mandrill used his special ability(besides the eye thing), being his pheromones, to knock the officer out. He grunted, then resumed his escape.


The Mandrill jumped as he felt a sharp pain in his rear and did a 180°. He was greeted by the sight of Wasp flying in and Batgirl swooping in on a line.

"So..You're Mandrill? Weird Baboon guy? Pheromone powers? Other stuff? Cool." Batgirl shrugged.

"We're gonna have to ask you to drop the money...or you will get your butt kicked." Wasp crossed her arms.

The Mandrill blankly stared at the two girls for well over a minute before bursting out in laughter. "BA HA HA HA HA HAAA! You actually think I'm scared of you?!"

Batgirl pursed her lips. "Definitely scared." She muttered.

"Yep. Scared." Wasp muttered back.

"I'll tear off those smug grins, and then I'll-"

Iron man landed with a loud clank behind them, while Superman and Sora softly did so on either side of him.


Oh man...sorry!

So after...hehehehee...he made that Face, he jumped back defensively.

"I-I can take you all on! I-"


Wonder woman thudded down to his right.


Hawkgirl and Thor landed to his left.


Batman swooped in dangerously fast to land in front of him. The Mandrill backed away, then gasped as he'd backed right into Antman's giant boot. He backed up again and this time, ended up running into a wall. Or the Hulk glaring down at him.


"Poor man of apes. He brings great shame to monkeys everywhere." Thor shook his head, feigning sadness.

"Well Actually monkeys aren't...never mind..." Spider-Man gave up.

"Weellp!" Iron clapped his hands, making a horrible metal sound. "That's one down..."

"And 98 more to go..." Sora sighed. "And that doesn't even include the heartless problem."