I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Didja miss me, readers? I know I diiiiid! I had a lot of sudden busy stuff to attend to( I still do actually) but for now i make my confident return. I hope you enjoy this dissapointingly short chapeter. Thanks!

On a strange moon: There is people escaping a planet in ships, in the planet, it was horrible, the heartless are rampaging. Then we finally see Ernest, trying to escape in panic while carrying some strange items like a sample of strange blue blood and a key. He was surrounded by a bunch of heartless, then he closed his eyes as the explosion engulfed every heartless with him alongside it...

"ERNEST!" Deadpool shouted.
Ernest gasped. "S-sorry." He rubbed his head before drinking water. "Has Mickey arrived yet?"
"No, not yet, another flashback?" Deadpool knowingly asked.
"Yeah. Hey everybody my names Ernest."
"And I'm deadpool!"
"Welcome back to the protectors, we got a lot coming up in this story!" It's just the 2 in a kitchen the rest of the protectors doing their business in the mansion.

(The first eighteen seconds of the Justice League unlimited plays as metropolis is being invaded by hydra. We see many goons shooting at citizens. Immediately, the instrumentals of Avengers EMH Theme play at 0:11 seconds.)

The world is in chaos,

the planet's close to dead.

Each day there is a loss,

caused by a villains hand.

(Batman and Captain America step in front of hydra, glaring. They laugh at them and point guns until one by one: Hulk, werehog, flash, Leo, Flower, Batgirl, Freakazoid, Deadpool, wonder woman, Ant-man, wasp, hawkgirl green lantern, Iron man, Spider-man, Superman, Martian manhunter, Optimus prime,Supergirl, Bumblebee, Thor,the ninja turtles, Sora, riku and power pack step in too.)

You think you're on your own... but you're never Aloone!

(The heroes charge forward as Cap and bats shout: ) JL-ASSEMBLE!

Together, we will fight as one,

(Thor and Leo strike a Large drone with lightning, while Werehog and hulk smash thru tentacled tanks like paper.)

The battle shall be won

Evil's backed to the wall

( A drone is about to punch a hole in Wonder woman with a drill fist, when a Batarang slices thru its head. Optimus shoves a large drone off it's feet, where green lantern whacks it high in the air for hawkgirl to smash to bits. Michelangelo shouts excitedly as flash hurls him at oncoming goons while Batgirl and Spider-Man ferociously fight alongside Supergirl and Superman.)

Today we will not fall-Tooogether we are strong, Assembled we are Oone

( Deadpool wildly screams as he punches goons along side freakazoid. Power pack finishes taking out a large drone with hulk. Batman front flips over a goon, grabbing his head and throwing him to Spider-Man.)

Tooogether, we are strong- Assembled we are Oone

Toogether we are strong- Assembled we are Oone

( The supreme tentacled tank gets ready to blast them all to smithereens, but Iron Man blasts his all powerful Uni beam, destroying it.)

Tooogether we are strong...

(Iron man hovers above his friends and they all heroically pose for the Daily planet and Bugle.)


(The main title appears:)


Written and Directed by: Zam the hedgehog

Starring-Stan Lee

Co-starring- Deadpool

"Do you get the feeling that there's something different about those two?"

Elsa looked up from her newspaper at the sound of Tony's voice, her expression almost completely disinterested. With Stark around, the look was frequently seen. "...I beg your pardon, but who are you talking about?"

"Hansel and Gretel." Tony muttered sarcastically, then shoved a thumb over his shoulder to gesture at Spiderman and Batgirl leaning against a far off wall. They both had hushed voices, but seemed to be enjoying the sound of each other rather well. "Who do you think, Queeny?! Bats and Spidey have been awful close ever since they got back from their universal trip."

"And you have a problem with this because...?" The woman still looked disinterested, and began to inspect her nails.

Tony groaned aloud, and opened the refridgerator swiftly. "I don't HAVE any problem with it. It's just strange to see...even you've been super friendly with Steve lately."

"How on earth it is weird for me to socialize with..." Elsa's gaze looked interested when she caught sight of Steve Rogers walking in nonchalantly. A red fade lit her cheeks, a result of her eyes noticing how his tight shirt framed his muscular form or how his form went well with his face. And to go with the blush, an excited smile formed. "Steven! Good afternoon! You look great! Especially your hair!"

Tony scowled when Steve caught wight of the Queen and froze in place, a red tint spread in his cheeks, caused by his eyes scanning over her impossibly beautiful face and those uncovered shoulders of hers. For this, he added his own happy and dopey grin. "Uh... Thanks! Right back at you!"

"SEE?!" Tony began to walk off in frustration. "It's like everyone's been shot by cupid for crying out loud."

There was a buzzing sound that emanated from the billionaire's pocket, and he pulled it out to stare at it. Unluckily for the lot of them, it was Batman.

"Team, it's time to multitask."

Over the Atlantic, During an Overseas storm...

"I'm siiiiingin in the rain!" Freakazoid sang for the three hundredeth time in a row. "I'm siiiiiiiingin the rain!"

"I hope we find this missing sub fast!" Leo hoped aloud, gaining the attention of his flight skilled team. Superman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter were in front while A jetpack using Freakazoid, Green Lantern, Anna and Leo operated in the flanks. "I can't be out in this storm for more than three hours."

"No offense Leo..." Superman glanced back over his shoulder but kept his gaze centered into the surging waves. "But you willingly signed up to be out here. You knew the risk...If we don't find anything in two hours and a half, you can head back to the Javelin."

"...I didn't say I was scared." Leo glared softly.


"Please be quiet." Green lantern stared at Freakazoid pleadingly, who giggled.

"Aww, jealous of my singing talents, Hal? By the way, you were great on Malcolm in the Middle."

"Alright Team." Superman pointed a little ways to his right. "Air filters on. They're down there."

The team placed suction grip air filters over their noses and mouths, before diving into the water headfirst. The group shot down past the various wildlife that lived near the raging surface, and neared the obvious wreckage of the submarine. No bodies floated out, so it could be assumed that everyone within was still alive. Superman turned to face Leo and Anna. "You two be careful. Anna, you should work with Green Lantern to rescue the people on board, since fire won't work too well underwater. And if you used your electricity Leo, you might kill everyone within two miles of you."

While Leo grimaced at the thought, Anna smiled and nodded before she joined Green Lantern. Hal was creating a tunnel of green to first suck out the water, and then provide a passageway for those on board. The man watched a few people cautiously test out the bridge. "Watch for sharks, will ya? I'm not looking for a chunk to be bitten out of me."

"What's a shark? Some kind of creature?"

Hal looked at her in disbelief, before sighing. "...Okay. Think of a giant grey fish with beady eyes and a dorsal fin. Yknow, on it's back. Oh, and it's got a lot of sharp teeth."

"Right. Sharp teeth..." Anna turned with her back to Lantern and stared out to the distant darkness, which was illuminated every once in a while thanks to lightning. She didn't see much at first, just some odd shape she thought was a rock. The next flash showed that this rock had a very strange shape to it, as if it had...masts. Anna peered closer at the shape, and noticed the curves in it. It looked like a boat. Yet the boats she'd seen in this place were more advanced. Why did this boat look like one from her world?

"We've got company!"

Everyone suddenly whirled around to spot several unearthly ships floating towards them through the water. Their weapons clicked, pointing towards the heroes...

The base was less than impressing, at least for those of the team that were used to them. There were a few plane hangers, some weapon caches but nothing major to be of interest. Upon entering a connected 'cave' to the base, it was discovered that there was certainly a lot more to meet the eye. you see, they had w-

"Uh...Elsa? You're drooling."

Elsa, who's jaw had dropped three minutes ago, suddenly closed it. Even with her growing time in this place, The snow queen was still surprised by many things. For the moment, it appeared that five giant robotic beings were responsible for her surprise. Batman had brought her, Batgirl, Spider-man, Ant- man, Wasp, Thor, Iron man, Ernest and Buzzgirl to a secure facility in Jasper Nevada. Ironically, she'd been wondering why the ceilings were so high up.

"I can see we have...Startled you. It seems humans are startled by our appearance, despite the wonders of this world." A certain Autobot leader announced to them with a strong, baritone voice. Optimus Prime has a gray face with a blue helmet and antennas of the same color, heavily detailed and designed with multiple plates and layers of pieces on top of each other. He has two sphere shaped bases for his antennas, with dark blue coloring around it. He has a red chest with windows from his vehicle mode and a dark grey strip on both of his metallic ribs. He has huge shoulders that overlap his arms, two wheels at the back held by his smokestacks and four wheels at the back of his legs. "I hope that as time goes on, you will become more comfortable. "

"I'm slightly comfortable already!" Ernest shouted out raising his hand. "Feel like i'm safe at home, snuggled in a blanket!"

"Who are these guys, Batman?" Batgirl asked, to which Batman gazed at her without a single blink. "These are the Autobots, possible new allies of ours. Agent Fowler will be here soon to discuss partnership with us."

"I am Optimus Prime." The red and blue robot explained to the group below him, before gesturing to his mechanical comrades of many colors. "These are members of my team: our stealth operative Arcee, our scout Bumblebee, Our medic Rachet, weapons expert Ironhide and our battle tactian Bulkhead. "

"...Verily, Midgardian Technology expands more than I realized." Thor whispered curiously to Iron man, who looked over the one designated as Bumblebee as if he were an artist studying a muse.

"Yeah...wish I could meet the genius who invented these mainframes."

Antman, containing some level of excitement over seeing these fully sentient automations, grew in size until he was at Optimus' level and reached out to shake his hand. " It's very...pleasant to meet you, I suppose. My name is Dr. Hank Pym...although I'm also known as Antman. They are ' Ernest, Wasp, Spider-man, Batgirl, Thor, and Iron man. I'm certain you've already met Batman."

Optimus was silent, his gaze centered at Ernest as he were remembering some distant and hazy memory from long ago.. "I do not know why...but I feel a slight familiarity with you...Are you a traveler of universes?"

Ernest rubbed his chin, his brow furrowing from his serious thoughts."Hmm... Well... I CAN travel though universes but I don't interfere with that universe I visit. Unless if THIS universe interferes with another or if another interferes with OURS. Does that answer your question?"

Optimus, for the sake of not getting himself confused more, nodded. Rachet looked behind the small humans, a metallic eyebrow raised in slight annoyance. "It appears we have another guest."

A dark skinned man with slightly tall hair dressed in grey business clothes entered the room. His expression was the embodiment of the word 'Sourpuss'. " I'm not a guest, Rachet. I own the place."

"William Fowler." Batman somehow stood straighter. "I assume you've come with a situation?"

Superman cut through the ship's hull with his lasers, and then turned to push away another that was attempting to get near to the bridge the civilians were walking on. From the corner of his vision, he spotted Wonder woman a similar action while Freakazoid...was whacking at a ship with a huge rubber mallet that he got from seemingly out of no where. It looked like Leo had taken a spot next to Anna reluctantly, and Anna looked as if she was staring off into the distance at something...in shock/

He was distracted by the sight of what looked like a man riding upon an advanced mode of transportation. He was blonde as well as heavily bearded, and carried glaring eyes along with a legion of fully armored soldiers, each brandishing a type of spear. The man intensified his glare at Superman, and the man of steel determined him to be the leader here. "You! Turn back to where you came from immediately! Or rue this day."

He briefly wondered how he could hear underwater, before responding with: " We can't leave!"

"Then you stay at your peril!"

"There's no way you can expect us to leave these people to die down here!" Superman gestured to the bridge. " Let us take these people out and we'll be out of your waters."

"...Fine. Do with them as you wish." The man sneered, and pointed at the submarine. "But the vessel stays here."

"I..." Superman began to say, but knew that arguing might cost them the opportunity to save the people. He could figure this out later."...Alright."

The jet was loaded with as many as it could hold, and those it couldn't hold were carried by green lantern. Superman stayed behind near the apparent king of the oceans, hardly noticing that Anna was lingering by him for some reason. But Superman was more focused on speaking with the king of the oceans. " This could have gone better you know...It could have been peaceful."

"They tresspassed in my lands. this was not going to be peaceful at all." He deadpanned.

"But now it can go more peacefully. You should try to be calm with...neighbors. Not at their throats or on the brink of war. "

The king still glared, but Superman thought he saw just a glimmer of understanding within him. if he was going to respond though, it was interrupted by Anna suddenly clearing her throat. "I...I hate to interrupt but...There was ship that I saw down there in the water...You...Y-you wouldn't happen to...know how it got there, would you?"

The King raised an eyebrow at her statement, yet it was so slightly that it would hardly be noticed. he looked down into the waters as if to see what she was referring to. When he apparently saw the ship, he looked back towards her. "That ship invaded waters long ago, sailing over it without a care. I sank it with aid from the creatures of the sea as a warning to other land dwellers...Apparently it wasn't enough."

"...You k...W-were there any survivors...?" There was strange sound in Anna's voice, as if she were on the verge of...crying.

"Nothing could have survived my wrath at the time. Or the predators of the sea." he sneered before motioning with his hand and slowly dissapearing under the water's dark surface once more. Superman immediately turned to Anna, seeing her abnormally pale skin and wide eyes. There was something about that ship and it's passengers that struck a tragic chord within Anna...

"...What is it?"

"He...He killed...M-My Parents."