Elena Gets Bitten by A monkey

Summary: 11 Year Old Elena is on a class trip to the zoo, when she wonders off to see the monkey's, what could happen, this is based off Nina getting bit by a monkey in Bali, that she told Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night, Season 2 with Stefan & Elena still dating

I don't own the vampire diaries, it belongs to the CW & Julie Pec

Mystic Grill Present

Elena & Stefan are hanging at the Grill with Caroline & Tyler, when Stefan touches her thumb

"Elena where did you get that scar." Stefan said

"At the Zoo when I was 11 in the 5th grade, we were on a school trip." Elena said

"Ugh Mr. Marcy, he was worse then Mr. Tanner, we do something wrong we have to do rules, he made us stay after school if we went to the restroom." Caroline said

(Mr. Marcy is based off a teacher I had in the 5th grade)

"Even I hated him." Tyler said

"I want to hear this story" Stefan said

"Well it all started like this" Elena said

Mystic Falls Zoo April 2003

Every is gathered around their teacher

"Alright everyone settle down, we will stick together, if I find anyone not in the group, you will be writing rules when we get back to school, now let's go." Mr. Marcy said

Everyone follows him when they stop at the monkey cage where the monkey handler is their.

"Alright who wants to feed the monkey." Sara said

Everyone put their hands up

"Alright how about you little girl, what's your name." Sara said

"Elena Gilbert ma'am." Elena said

"Well Elena come right up." Sara said

Elena walks up & Sara puts some food in Elena's hands & she walks up

"Be very careful sweetie." Sara said

Elena opens her hand & the monkey's takes the food

"Elena say cheese." Caroline said

Elena smiles but as Carolina takes the picture the monkey bites her near the thumb, Elena screams & Cry's

"Elena stop crying otherwise you will do rules when we get back to the bathroom." Mr. Marcy said

"Emergency is on their way & sir I don't like your tone towards her." Sara said

He didn't say anything

Present day mystic falls

"So I went to the emergency room, the monkey bit a nerve & I can't feel anything, it still works." Elena said

"Will Vampire blood heal it." Stefan said

"It's a war wound so I don't want vamp blood." Elena said

The End