"Fae, if you didn't want me to come in you could've said so nicely," Fiyero said, sounding forlorn. Elphaba shook her head to clear her thoughts. In her room, in bed.

"No, no, Yero, it's fine; you can come in.

The door clicked open to show Fiyero's worried face. "Fae, what's the matter?"

He sat down on the edge of her bed.

"Bad dream," she mumbled, sitting up and yawning.

"Aww, Fae…" He looked around awkwardly. Normally, he would've dumped a girl right there, but Elphaba was not a girl. She was more of the girl. His eyes lighted on the couch in the corner. "Urm," he stammered, "do you… do you want to- to talk about it?" Standing up, he motioned towards the old but squishy sofa.

"Not really…" she murmured. But all the same, Elphaba removed the covers and let him lead her to the couch. After arranging himself, Fiyero nestled her into his side.

As her breathing deepened, Fiyero thought she might be asleep; until she began whispering. "You and Nessa talked to me… and you broke up with me, saying that you actually loved her the whole time… you said you blamed me for her legs because I didn't tell you about them, and you said I looked repulsive-" The words were tumbling out of her mouth now, fighting to be heard and denied. "-and she said I was embarrassing- which was ridiculous, because of course I was a wreck, you had just broken up with me- but the worst part, right before I screamed, you said you would be the lucky one if- if- she married you." Silently, tears rolled down her face as this deep fear was cast into a new and uncertain light.

"Elphaba!" Fiyero gasped, pulling her head into the crook of his neck (marveling at how well it fit), planting tender but firm kisses on her hairline. She twisted her head around to face him, wishing so hard for a confirmation of the tone she had heard in his voice. "Please trust me when I say I would never do anything so cruel," he pleaded. His fingers played with the small wispy strands of her hair, tucking and re-tucking them behind her ear, looking into her creamy brown eyes, wishing they weren't so filled with dread. "Fae, I love you, with all my heart and soul." He reached down and kissed her nose.

When she folded herself back into the round in his neck, a thought occurred to her. "Yero, why'd you come in the first place?" she said, causing the subject of her inquiry to blush and duck his head.

"Cause I was lonely…" he mumbled.

She laughed drowsily at this, the laugh petering into a yawn. While part of her knew this moment would end, he'd go back to his room (and likely leave in the end), another small part of her assigned itself to this moment, to recording every detail and replaying it for her to go back and enjoy whenever she pleased. It was with this thought she drifted off, the warmth of her love wrapped around her.

Fiyero felt her get a little heavier, her pulse where his thumb was caressing her wrist smooth and slow, her breathing even out. He smiled, sleep claiming him as its next victim. His last thought was how it would feel waking up with her in his arms.

"Goodnight Fae."

The sun filtered vaguely through the curtains as Fiyero woke up. He kept his eyes shut, growing accustomed to his surroundings. Which were pleasantly different. Something smelled heavenly, like citrus blossoms in May. Something was tickling his nose, which he scrunched and then let loose in an attempt to itch it without hands. Speaking of hands, his were cuddling something. He opened his eyes- to see the most beautiful girl in the world. It was all he could do not to jump. Elphaba's arms were tucked in, her legs tangled with his, her head on his chest. He felt so special being the one she was snuggling up to. He knew what she would say to that. Fiyero Tiggular, The Great Crown Prince of the Vinkus, Is honored to be a pillow. His mouth formed a slight, groggy smile. He soaked in this beautiful moment, treating it like a gift, enjoying every clock-tick. He knew if she woke up she would flush furiously.

"Mmm…" she moaned in her sleep, almost as if in response to his thoughts. He smiled at the connection they shared. Longingly he wondered if she would ever realize how pretty she looked just right then. Probably not, but I can try.

Fluttering for a couple of seconds before opening completely wide, her eyes sent Elphaba's brain signals she couldn't begin to comprehend first thing after she awoke. It was spazzing out, alerting her to where she was. Who she was with. Why he was there. What could happen. What had happened. Following her realizations, she tried to squirm out of his grip, warmth spreading rapidly from her cheeks to every inch of her body that was in contact with Him. 'him', she corrected herself. "Yero! I'm so sor-"

"Shh," he cut her off. "It's fine. C'mere you," he said, pulling her tighter. Elphaba wasn't sure if she was ready for "c'mere" yet, but stopped wriggling all the same. He kissed her hair, and she sighed and snuggled closer, her resolve broken. I hope he won't regret this, she thought, though not quite sure what 'this' was.

"Let's try this again. Good morning Fae!" He said quietly.

Holy OZ that is sexy- no no no no nonono and NO. She smiled a small smile and rolled her eyes. "Good morning Yero."

"You're looking lovely this morning. Not that you don't look lovely all the time, I am just acutely aware of it now. Did you sleep well?"

"Duh." Fiyero chuckled at this. It was a deep rumbling sound that vibrated in his chest against Elphaba's ear. She wondered if there was ever a moment so perfect in her life, so happy, so peaceful. To her, it felt like the world had clicked into place, and nothing could ever be so bad it was unfixable ever again. She didn't realize it, but she was smiling radiantly.

He looked over her head, peering at the alarm clock on the nightstand. "Fae? We should probably get up soon, Galinda will be back…"

"Five more minutes…" He couldn't argue with that. They stayed on the futon for a few more minutes, lying with their eyes closed. Despite the slight urgency to their situation (being that Elphaba would be LIVID if Galinda was to walk in), they were grateful to be in each other's arms.

"Alright, c'mon." Fiyero gave her one last squeeze before propping himself on one elbow. He kissed her forehead gently, and they both got up. Elphaba walked him to the door.

"See you at breakfast then?" Fiyero inquired.

"Yeah, see you then." He reached down for one last kiss, and then left, grinning over his shoulder. Once he was gone, Elphaba turned around and did something else she never thought she'd do: she jumped and gave a little squeal.

"ELPHIE! Open this door RIGHT now!" Galinda demanded. Elphaba, nearly ready, opened the door and got out of the way. Galinda ran in and jumped on her bed.

"Oh! Elphie, Elphie, Elphie, you have to tell me EVERYTHING!"

Elphaba smirked at her roommate. "Well, he-"

"Elphie, you're glowifying! He asked you out, didn't he?"

"Yes. He-"

"Oh Elphie, this is amazifying! So tell me how it weeennnttt?" She gasped. "Did he kiss you?!"

"Yes! We went to-"

"Ooo Ooo, Elphie! Where'd you guys go for dinner?"

The conversation went like this until Galinda finally shouted, "Gah! Elphie, It's time for breakfast! C'mon!" And with that, Elphaba followed her skipping roommate out the door.

When they walked in, Fiyero, Nessa, and Boq were already there at their corner booth in the Primrose Café. As they sat down (Elphaba next to Fiyero), Galinda started talking. Well, she had never stopped, she just directed the conversation at the table's former occupants. "Nessie! Biq! Guess what Guess what! Elphie-" she was cut off by a booted kick from under the table. "Ow! Elphie-"

"Glin! Can't we tell?" Elphaba implored, color rising in her cheeks (as it so often did).

"Oh, alright!" The blonde huffily relented.

"What is it, Fabala?" Nessa asked, looking worried.

Fiyero took her hand under the table. "Well- um, what I meant to say is that M-me and, uh Fiyero we're.. uh, well- Together," she stuttered, trying to ignore the tingling in her hand.

Boq raised his eyebrows. "I don't know what surprises me more- that you guys are together, or that she used bad grammar," he commented.

"Fabala, that's wonderful!" Nessa crooned.

Fiyero snuck a kiss on her forehead.

"Yero!" Elphaba cried indignantly.

"Fifi and Elphie! Eek, you're so CUTE together!" Galinda squeaked.

"Gli-in…" Elphaba whined. Inspiration struck and she spoke. "Glin, why don't you tell them your news now."

"Ooo, that's right! You'll NEVER believe what happened! So. I was walking out of claaasss, and I see this really cute guy. While I was staring, and because I'm really clumsified, I tripped and fell and my stuff went everywhere! But GUESS WHAT! He- the cutified guy- came over. And helped. Me pick. My stuff up. AAAHHH! Then, we got talking. He said his name was Jessen (which I think is hot), and we liked the same things, so he asked me on a date. But Fifi and I were still together, but then we broke up, and now me and Jessen are going on a date tonight, and Fifi and Elphie are together, and life. Is. PERFECTIFIED! "

"That's great, Glin!" Nessa smiled.

"Yeah. Wonderful," Boq said marginally disgruntled.

"Well," Elphaba stated, "I lo-hate to break up the party, but all of us need to get to class."

Fiyero and Elphaba met up again for the class before lunch. It was Animal History, and they had it together.

"Hey Yero!"

"Hey Fae!" He walked over and scooped her hand up in his, swinging it as they went to the Veriktchir Building. She smiled up at him, and he smiled down at her. They walked in and sat down next to each other. Fiyero sat on her left, keeping her hand in his. All throughout the lesson, he was running his finger over her hand. Elphaba, for her part, really did try to pay attention, but that was rather difficult, considering the circumstances. After class, they began walking back for lunch.

"YERO. I was trying to pay attention!" Elphaba fumed.

"Sssuuuuuuuure Fae. You llliiiiiiiiiiiked it," Fiyero teased in a sing-songy voice.

"Yes, but that wasn't the time or the place for it!" Elphaba rolled her eyes.

"So you did like it," Fiyero tortured with a goofy grin and an impish gleam in his eyes.

Those eyes… Wait! We're arguing- "YES. I told you, but-"

He silenced her by putting his finger to her mouth. "I'm sorry Fae." He was still smiling a little when he said it, but Elphaba let it slide.

"Thank you, Yero."

He stooped to peck her on the cheek.

"Yero, cut that out!" she flushed again.

"As much as you deny it, you really do blush a lot," he said, pecking her again so she would blush deeper. Which she did.

They walked in and sat down next to Galinda; Boq and Nessa rolled in a few minutes later. Lunch filled with relaxed conversation, mostly about Galinda's upcoming date with Jessen. Afterward, the 'Fab Five' left for afternoon classes, leaving Elphaba and Fiyero in the booth.

"We should skip afternoon classes," Fiyero mused.

"Yero! Absolutely not!" Elphaba was flabbergasted.

"Aww Fae, please!" Fiyero batted his eyelashes, looking suspiciously like their pink friend.

"Fiyero, as much as I love you, we both need an education."

"Pretty please? Like as pretty as you please? With a cheery on top?" More eye batting.

"Fiyero, there are two things in life I never thought I'd do. One was have a boyfriend. The other was voluntarily missing school. You already convinced me to do one, there is no way in Oz you could get me to do the other."

"If you stay, I'll kiss you," he tried.

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "You'll do that anyway, brainless," she said as she leaned over to kiss him. He grinned as she pulled him out of the booth.

"C'mon, Yero, before we're late."