Elphaba walked behind Pfannee, Milla, and Shen-Shen. Not intentionally, of course, it's just they had the same class as her. There were lots of whispers and giggles and half-glances at the green girl.

"Did you hear?"

"Yeah, I still can't believe…"

"Her streak is gone…"

"Did you think she would?"

"No, never!"

"She took him back after…"

Elphaba wasn't really paying attention, but she got the gist of the story. Some other air-head was taking an old flame, even after some scandal. They really should find more interesting news, she thought. Secretly, her heart still hurt, and she hated hearing about other couples.

She sped up a little, passing the gossipers, who were sauntering along at a slow-ish pace. Walking into the overly-air-conditioned building, she set her book down on the third row from the front on the very right. Pfannee, Milla, and Shen-Shen flounced in, their rapid-fire voices tittering away. They plopped their books on the desks right behind her. Elphaba just rolled her eyes, as she began preparing for class. Until Pfannee reached forward and tapped her on the shoulder, at which she turned around to discover the three girls leaning forward, hanging on to her every word (even though she had yet to speak).

"What?" She asked irritably. "Wait- don't tell me- my skin is green."

"Yep, still there! But guess what else," Milla teased.

"Don't know, don't care." Elphaba turned back around, tucking a stray hair behind her ear. This made her remember the way Fiyero used to do. no No NO. Stop that, she mentally scolded, trying to push those thoughts out of her head.

"Aww, Greenie, you're no fun! Won't you tell us what you think about your Ex and your BFF getting together?" Shen-Shen begged with an innocent look plastered on.

"Ironic, huh? Or at least I think ironic, it could be iconic… Well, iconic, that seeing as that's what happened to Galinda in the first place," Pfannee prodded.

Elphaba refused to turn around, instead focusing on the professor that was walking in. But that was just for her eyes- her head was pin-balling all over the place. How was she supposed to take this news? So much for interesting. Were they really back together? Shiz gossip could be unreliable. Was she dreaming again? She pinched her arm, the skin turning pine needle colored as she pressed her nail into it. She only stopped when a small drop of blood popped up. She rolled her eyes, now to keep back tears. The betrayal was crushing her- No, she stopped herself. Don't pin this on Galinda. You are sad because you. Still. LOVE HIM! A tear spilled out and rolled down her cheek, and she held in a sniffle. The tear dropped on her lap, and more threatened to follow if she blinked.

So- she picked up her books, stood up, and pushed her chair in. The professor stopped talking, and every single eye followed her as she stalked out, chin up. Once outside, however, she all but flat-out ran for her dorm. When she lay under her thick quilt behind a locked door, she let herself cry.

She cried and cried, letting all her emotions flow out of her. She tried replacing them with anger. Jerk, she thought. Now I've broken both of my Oz-dammed nevers. I've had a boyfriend and I've ditched class. Unfortunately, her logical side argued that that was stupid; she was sad, not angry. She wished it would shut up.

Downstairs, an hour later, Fiyero met Galinda for lunch. Both shuffled into the booth a little awkwardly, and they sat on opposite sides.

"I'm assuming you have heard the rumors. Innuendoes… outuendoes…" Galinda said drily.

"Yyy-epuh." Fiyero drew his lips in a thin line. "I hope Elphaba doesn't think they're true," he added with a grimace. Galinda looked a little hesitant, but instead she turned to her food. They both ate quietly, ignoring the rest of the room. Which was just as well, because they were receiving quite a lot of stares, not to mention the sound level had dropped a decibel or two.

"Well, maybe it's not such a bad idea," Galinda suggested, her eyes peering up from her downturned head.

Fiyero nearly choked on his drink. "Glin!" He said, horrified.

"No not seriously. Like, we could be each other's rebound. You're hung up on Elphaba. I'm hung up on Toaquin…" she trailed off with a shrug of her shoulders.

Fiyero could see this was getting to her. Galinda hadn't had a serious relationship- since, well, ever. Their previous relationship had been two months, but even that hadn't been going anywhere. Clearly she wanted some conformity in her life. "But that's the thing, Glin. She is- was, different. I don't want to get over her. I don't think I ever will."

"Exactly. We just need a distraction." It seemed fairly sensible in the blonde's eyes.

He thought about it. Maybe it was a good idea. She hadn't spoken to him in a week. And if she was anything, she was obstinate. She hadn't spoken to him in a week. She's had chances, he thought. Fiyero was hesitant, but still he said, "Pick you up at eight?"

Galinda smiled sweetly yet sadly at him. "Perfect."

As soon as Fiyero stood up and turned to leave, Chalexwa slid into his chair.

"What. Are. You. Doing," she fumed.

Galinda looked at her hands clasped in her lap.

"Let me clarify. Why the hell are you going on a date with Fiyero tonight?" Chalexwa's back was ramrod straight, her arms folded.

"I don't have to explain myself you, Lexi." But Galinda's face was softer than her words.

The latter girl cocked her head, one eyebrow raised as her eyes bored holes in the blonde's skull. "Galinda. Mai. Upland. OF the Upper. Uplands."

This cracked her. "Fine," she looked up, and now Lexi noticed the watery look to her green eyes. "We're going to be each other's rebound."

This was certainly not what she had expected. "You-… what?"

"You heard me. We thought it might work, to help us get over our last relationships." Galinda retorted. But the corner of her left eye betrayed her, it was looking all the wetter.

Chalexwa opened her mouth, than closed it. She looked at the table for a minute. The cafeteria ever buzzed around the two silent girls.

"I have to go," Lexi finally said. "I hope you know what you're doing." She stood up and looked at her friend as if she might say more, but she turned and walked out.

Galinda watched her go, her left eye ultimately spilling over. "I do too, Lexi. I do too."

Chalexwa gently shut the door as she walked into Elphaba's dorm (Galinda hadn't been there except to get a few things while Elphaba had been at class Tuesday). Chalexwa wondered if she had heard the news, and if so would she ever let her roommate back in again. Lifting her head from her book, Elphaba heaved a sigh at the sight of her friend.

"Not today. I'm totally swamped with school work," she excused.

"Ok," Chalexwa snapped. "First of all, I know for a fact that you are not swamped, and that that," she jabbed her finger at the book, "is for pleasure reading. And judging by your attitude, I guess you've already heard…"

The green girl looked away.

"Well," Chalexwa sighed. "I know we both hate pity, so I won't give you any. What I am going to do is say this: your stubbornness is your fatal flaw. You could've had him, if you were willing to talk. Also, I'm sure you've been told, but I'll say it again. You only pushed him away because you're scared."

"So what if I am," she challenged, though her face was still turned away.

Causing her to start, Chalexwa placed a hand on her shoulder, a compassionate look on her face. As she knelt down, she looked her jade friend in the eye. "But I'll still be your shoulder to cry on," she said softly.

The straw that broke the camel's back, she thought as tears suddenly sprung into her eyes (as they had a nasty habit of doing lately). She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do. Aside from school, there wasn't much else in her life. He had left a hole neither of them had expected- a social one. Now on top of all this separation stuff, she was lonely too. It seemed the world was determined everything should go wrong for her.

Unexpectedly, there was a knock on the door.

"I'll see who it is," Chalexwa said, getting up. Elphaba began wiping her eyes on her sleeves. When the door opened, she looked over. A Gale Force officer was standing in her doorway!

"May I help you?" Chalexwa asked politely.

"Is Miss Elphaba Thropp here? I was told to give this directly to her," the soldier inquired curtly, pulling an emerald envelope from his satchel.

Chalexwa's eyes widened at the sight of the shimmering paper. "Yes, I'll go get her!" She turned around and gave Elphaba a get-your-butt-over-here look. Making a final swipe at her eyes, which were slightly less bloodshot, she walked to the door.

"Are you Miss Elphaba Thropp?" he repeated.

"Yep, that's me," she said a little derivatively. Then he handed her the letter. Her eyes lit up (for the first time in a week), her heart raced, her hands trembled. She greeted the officer on his way out and shut the door. Quickly, she tore open the letter and scanned it.

"Is that…?!" Chalexwa demanded elatedly.

Elphaba looked up, a fire rekindled within her. She thrust the invitation at her friend. In all the tumult over the last months, she'd almost forgotten about her dream to meet The Wizard. And now- she had received an official summons- plus two tickets. She handed one to Chalexwa. "You'll come with me, right?" she queried.

Chalexwa giggled. "Yes! This is amazing! I'm so happy for you!"

Elphaba laughed with her. "Wonderful! It says we leave in… two days!"

"Great! To the Emerald City!" She cheered.

"The Emerald City," Elphaba agreed.

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