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Layla's POV ( 5 hours before meeting Ace)...

I was running. Reason? My sister got hurt. She was at her job at that time, but no one suspected strangeness going to happen that day; except us. I told her she should have stayed home, but she refused.

"I need to money to be able to finish my university education," she would say.

"But we can get that money from our other job," I'd counter. Once she puts her mind on something, there's no stopping her.'Man, I have to get there now. I can already feel her pain where she got hit,' I thought to myself. I was at my own work when the pain came. I begged my boss to let me go early cause "I felt sick". Good thing she let me out early, I was about to pass out from the pain. I kept running to the hospital I knew was closest to Luna's job and tried to remember which routes were the fastest. i picked to one that took me past Acme Tech. I heard it was gonna get crowded soon, so I ran faster. I was so into my thoughts i didn't notice a guy was infront of me until we bumped and he dropped his stuff.

"Oh jeez, I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there. Here, let me help you with your stuff," I offered quickly.

"No, no, it's fine. This happens to me a lot, anyways," he responded.

"No, let me help you. It's my fault. I didn't see where I was going." I helped him pick up some of his books while he picked up some. I found a pair a glasses close by and wondered if it were his.

"Hey, are these your glasses?" I asked. that's when i got a good look at him. He wore a lab coat on top of his regular clothes. he had an ID on that said something about being in Acme Tech staff. He actually looked kind of cute. 'No. Don't start thinking nonsense. you almost got hurt once for it,' I thought.

"Yeah, they are. thanks for finding them. and thanks for helping me pick up my stuff, miss..."

"Layla. My name's Layla," I told him. I handed over his glasses while we got up. His fingers brushed mine for a split second, and I swear I felt sparks when he touched me. I felt my face hot a little and tried to hide the blush I had.

"Nice name. I'm Tech. Tech E. Coyote," he introduced himself. He took out his hand and we shook hands. "So, where are you headed in such a hurry?"

"I'm headed to the hospital." my eyes looked away without my face moving.

"Why? Are you sick?"

"No. I- uh... My sister's in the hospital. I just got a call from the hospital saying she was there and in critical conditions. *gasp* Oh man. i have to hurry and get there now!" I ran again toward my original direction of my destination. I turned around a few feet away and waved towards him.

"It was nice meeting you, Tech. I hope i'll see you again some day!" I yelled towards him, and ran again on my way to see my sis.

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