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Chapter 2: Coming of Age

The next week passed in a haze and soon Elsa was getting excited. Soon it was going to be her birthday and sure enough Elsa woke one morning by the sound of someone running up to her and jumping on her bed. Through the haze of sleepiness, she figured out that that person was her younger sister.

"Anna, haven't we grown out of these silly games?" Elsa said sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

"Happy birthday Elsa," Anna said. "Wow you're seventeen now."

"That's right," Elsa smiled. "I can do magic now."

She picked up her wand which was sitting beside her bed on her bedside table. She then flourished and things around the room levitated into the air and flew around the room before they came to a neat stop where they originally had started. Elsa then had fun changing the colour of the rabbits on Anna's pyjamas which made her yell. Elsa spent the next half an hour doing whatever spells she could think of. She caused frost to appear on the windows in patterns such as snowflakes, made her quill to write out random sentences on a blank piece of parchment and rearranged her clothes in her closet. The two girls then raced down to breakfast where there Mum was frying up some bacon for them. Her parents wished her a 'happy birthday' each before Elsa's Mum placed a nice hot breakfast which included bacon, sausages, hash browns and eggs. Elsa was quite hungry and managed to eat the whole lot.

"What are we doing today?" Elsa asked.

"Well there's your Apparition test today," her father said.

Elsa grinned. She had been looking forward to learning how to Apparate for a very long time, ever since her practice lessons the following year. She had managed to Apparate successfully quite a few times during her lessons but she wasn't old enough to take the test during the year. So she was taking it now.

"Then after lunch," her father said continued, "we're going to have a little party."

"Who's coming?" Anna asked as she helped herself to more food.

"Well the Frosts and Elsa's friends Rapunzel and Merida," Elsa's Mum said. "Oh and of course Kristoff."

"That sounds great," Elsa said.

Her parents then walked out of the room and came back carrying a stack of presents. Inside were things like new clothes, some magical things like a new broom for Elsa to have a little fun on, a lot of books (both Muggle – as Elsa had taken a liking to some Muggle authors – and magical) and in a small parcel was a handsome silver pocket watch. It was quite similar to the one that Elsa's Dad uses except his one was gold and a lot bigger. Elsa grinned and hugged her parents before she headed upstairs to change.

Jack was getting ready to head over to the Winters' house for Elsa's seventeenth birthday. Jack was already seventeen. He turned seventeen earlier in the year so he had been of age for a couple of months now. He drifted his hand up and down his clothes that were hanging in his wardrobe. Should he go fancy? He decided on wearing just a nice shirt and some nice black pants. He threw a nice black jacket over the top. He then pocketed his wand and headed downstairs where his Mum and sister were waiting. His mother was double checking she had everything before they left.

"Looking good Jack," his younger sister Pippa said. "Trying to impress someone?"

"Shut up," Jack muttered blushing slightly.

They then headed out the door. Pippa held onto mother's hand while she Apparated and Jack Apparated alongside her. Jack had passed his test only a few weeks ago. All three of them appeared outside the Winters' Manor. Jack's Mum checked her watch.

"Oh we're a tad late," she said, "but it should be fine."

They walked up to the gate where it opened by itself. They then headed up the pathway towards the magnificent house. There they opened the door and was greeted by Anna who was looking quite excited.

"Come in," she grinned gesturing for them to come in.

"Are we late?" Jack asked her nervously.

"Don't worry about that," Anna said brushing it aside. "The birthday girl isn't even here."

"Oh that's right," Jack said. "She's taking her Apparition test, isn't she?"

"Yep," Anna said brightly.

They all headed inside and into the lounge where Jack could see Kristoff, Merida and Rapunzel all waiting alongside Elsa's Mum who was enjoying a cup of tea. Jack's Mum went to sit beside her and used her wand to make herself a cup of tea.

"Where's Jamie?" Jack asked throwing his present down on the table that already had a few presents on it already.

"Oh he's sick with something," Anna said.

"Oh that's too bad," Pippa said swinging on her mother's hand.

Soon they all heard the front door open and Elsa and her father came into the room.

"Well?" they all asked.

"I passed!" Elsa cheered.

"Congratulations," they all said.

Elsa then turned around and headed up stairs to go get changed into something more suitable for the party later. After a while Jack decided to follow her to her room. He headed up the staircase and followed the corridor along to her room. He paused outside it and knocked. He heard Elsa say 'come in' and Jack pushed open the door. Elsa was dressed in a beautiful blue dress. Her hair was done up in her signature French braid and she had matching blue heels in her hand. She grinned when she saw Jack come into the room.

"Hey Jack," she said.

"Hey," Jack went over and sat down on her bed.

It had been a long time since he had been in this room. He looked around it. Not much had changed in the few years since the last time he had been in there. Her usual posters of her favourite Quidditch teams and the Weird Sisters hung around her bedroom. All of them waved at Jack who waved back. Her bookcase had been updated though with a lot of fresh new books just waiting to be read though. The same picture of them as kids was still on bedside table along with one of her and Anna. Jack smiled at the pictures.

Elsa came over and sat down on her bed as she tried to get her heels on. She was finding them a little difficult. She finally managed to get them on before she grinned at Jack who was staring at her.

"So seventeen huh?" Jack asked.

"Yep," Elsa said.

Jack laughed.

"Happy birthday," he said.

"Thanks," Elsa whispered.

Their faces were unusually close together. Her perfume intoxicated Jack with its smell and he felt himself being lost in it. He stared into her eyes and she stared back into his. Jack was about to lean in when the door opened and they both looked up. Anna was standing by the door. She surveyed them for a moment before speaking.

"Mum and Dad asked me to come fetch you," Anna said. "We can't have the birthday cake without the birthday girl."

"Oh right," Elsa said coming out of a daze. "Be right there."

Elsa got up off the bed and followed Anna out of the room. After a few moments, Jack managed to regain himself and follow them as well.

The moment that they were out of earshot, Anna turned to Elsa and grinned.

"So what was that all about?" she smirked.

"Nothing," Elsa said.

"Sure," Anna said a little sarcastically. "I totally believe you."

Elsa rolled her eyes. Anna grinned at the look on her sister's face. She knew that something was going to happen. She just wished that she had arrived five seconds later. Then maybe she would have walked in on something worth seeing. They headed downstairs and came into the lounge where a large cake that had the words 'Happy 17th Birthday Elsa' written in blue icing on top. There were seventeen candles which were all lit by Elsa's father lighting them with his wand. They all then burst into song which made Elsa go slightly red. Anna noticed that Jack sneakily entered the room while they were all singing. Anna had a little grin on her face as they finished the song. Elsa then blew out the candles on her cake. They all cheered when she did and soon pieces of cake were handed out to everyone.

Throughout this entre exchanged, Anna could see Jack giving Elsa certain looks and would look quickly away when she looked in his direction. This all made Anna grin like an idiot. Soon Kristoff came over to talk to Anna. They had a very pleasant conversation that involved them laughing a little too much.

"So how did your test today go?" Rapunzel asked Elsa as she spooned mouthfuls of cake into her mouth.

"I passed," Elsa said proudly, "with Distinction."

"At least you didn't fail like this one," Merida said in her thick Scottish accent. She then jabbed Rapunzel in the ribs.

"Hey," Rapunzel said. "Apparition is hard! We all can't be as perfect as Elsa."

"I resent that remark," Elsa said. "I am far from perfect."

"Oh come on," Rapunzel said rolling her eyes. "Remember Twycross? He could not stop going on about her when we did those practice sessions in Hogsmeade."

"Oh I remember that," Merida said laughing.

"Shut up the pair of you," Elsa muttered. She then caught Jack's eye and she quickly looked away. Rapunzel had noticed this.

"So what's going on between you and you-know-who?"

"I believe Voldemort has been dead for a while now," Elsa laughed. "So how can there be anything between us?"

Rapunzel rolled her eyes.

"You know what I mean," she then scowled. " I meant you and the Frost boy."

"Oh nothing," Elsa said trying to sound as casual as possible. "Why?"

"Well maybe it's because, I don't, know, he's been in love for you for like the last three years?" Rapunzel said very sarcastically.

"No he hasn't," Elsa snapped.

The truth of it was that Elsa did know that Jack thought of her more than just a friend. At first she was pretty sure it was an infatuation. Jack had basically the entire female population of Hogwarts falling all over him except for Elsa. Elsa was sure that it was the whole 'want what you can't get' thing. But lately, her thinking had changed. Was Jack in love with her? She lately was thinking that he might just be.

"Open your eyes dear Winters," Merida said. "A fool could tell."

"Can you just leave my love life alone?" Elsa snapped.

"Touché," Merida said.

The party soon came to an end and Elsa bade all her friends goodbye. Elsa soon headed up to her room using her wand to levitate all presents that everyone had gotten for her. She then gently placed them on her desk. She saw that the top one was from Jack. Elsa opened the car. It was a scrawl handwritten card but it made Elsa smile. She then opened Jack's present. It was the book that Elsa had told Jack about last year. She couldn't believe he had remembered. She and Jack had been walking down a Muggle high street and they had looked in one of those Muggle stores. Elsa had admired the book for its beauty and pristine. Unfortunately at the time, she didn't have any Muggle money on her so she had to let it be. She was sure that someone else would come in and buy it but it looked like that person was Jack. She gently squeezed it between her copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and her Tales of Beedle The Bard. It looked quite comfortable there as if it was always meant to be there.

She then proceeded to her other presents. They were pretty much the same as the previous years. Rapunzel got her that new quill that she had admiring in Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop the last time they went to Hogsmeade. Merida had gotten her a book about Quidditch. She wasn't much of a Quidditch player herself but she could play granted not as well as Merida or Jack. She guessed that Merida was trying to convert her as Elsa never showed a lot of interest for Quidditch. Although she did get pretty exciting during the Quidditch matches for the Quidditch cup.

Elsa got out of her party clothes and into her pyjamas which were just a simple top and bottom. She climbed into bed still thinking about Jack. She groaned into her pillow. Why couldn't she get that boy out of her mind?

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