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Chapter 40: Epilogue: 19 Years Later

The family of four was hurrying their way through King's Cross Station. The youngest, a girl, was swinging on her Father's arm. She had been so ever since they had gotten out of the car in the first place.

"Can't I go?" she begged.

"You're not old enough," her Mother told her.

"But I want to go," the girl moaned.

"That's enough Sigrid," the Mother said.

The girl called Sigrid instantly went quiet. She didn't want to get on her Mother's bad side. Obviously a sign that had in the past and had regretted it very much. She instead looked over at her older brother who was looking quite nervous. He was walking beside his Father who was pushing along a trolley that contained a large, heavy trunk and an owl in a cage that was perched right on top of the trunk. He was about to start his first year at Hogwarts while Sigrid had to be content with having to wait a few more years until she got to go.

"This way, Sigrid, Leif," their Father said gesturing towards platform 9 and platform 10.

The entire family bent their heads and they proceeded to pass through the barrier. Once through a scarlet steam engine could be seen. Leif grinned up at it, although he still looked a little nervous. It was probably due to all the stories that had been greatly exaggerated by his older cousins.

"Where do you think they are Elsa?" Jack asked her.

"I don't know," Elsa's eyes were scanning the platform. "They should have gotten here by now."

"Dad," Leif was tugging on Jack's pants.

"Yeah, son?" Jack replied.

Leif pointed in the direction in front of them. They could see five people coming towards them. The two younger girls were giggling and talking to each other while their older brother pushed along a trolley while their parents pushed the girl's trolleys. Elsa waved them over and they came hurrying along towards them.

"Nightmare, traffic was," Anna said when she reached them, "and of course Heidi would not calm down."

"Well, she is your daughter. I would expect nothing left."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Anna said while Elsa laughed.

After Anna had finished Hogwarts, she continued to date Kristoff and it wasn't long until they got married. Josef, their oldest son came soon after. Josef was currently in his third year at Hogwarts. He had followed his father's footsteps and had been sorted into Gryffindor. His younger sister, Helena, was due to start alongside her cousin. Anna had been the first in her family to get married as Elsa hadn't wanted to get married as quickly as Anna did.

Elsa did end up marrying Jack. She had been quite nervous on their wedding day but not as much as Jack. He had a fear he would screw up the day and make Elsa mad at him. However it was all smooth sailing for them. After Elsa and Jack had gotten married, Leif had come soon after and Sigrid had made it onto the scene. Sigrid and Heidi were of similar ages but Heidi was older. Heidi was a lot like Sigrid in the sense that she couldn't wait until they got to go to Hogwarts. All the thrilling stories that had been shared by everyone just made their desire even more.

When Hogwarts had finished, Anna hadn't entered the Ministry like her husband. While Kristoff worked in the Department of Regulation and Control of Dangerous Creatures, Anna had returned to Hogwarts to teach Charms. She had only recently given up her teaching job at Hogwarts to look after her children. However when Heidi goes to Hogwarts herself, Anna was going resume teaching. She was actually looking forward to it. Elsa, meanwhile, had become a quite the Healer, just like her grandmother. Jack has risen through the ranks of the Ministry and became a prominent member of the department. He wasn't the head of the department yet but it was looking like Jack may just be able to accomplish that soon.

Kristoff helped Jack carry Leif's, Josef's and Helena's trunks on board the train while the two sisters talked with their youngest swinging on their hands.

"So how are things with you?" Anna asked. "I haven't seen you in a bit."

"Oh I've been good," Elsa said. "Jamie and Emma came around last week. She finally had her baby by the way who is adorable."

"Oh great, boy or girl?"

"A little girl."

Jamie and Emma got married quite a long time after everyone else. After Hogwarts, they had broken up for a bit but it didn't take them too long to find each other again. They had two children, a boy Nathan who was Sigrid's age and now a little girl. Jamie works as the Junior Undersecretary for the Minster while Emma works in the Department of Magical Games and Sports.

In the distance, Elsa could see Rapunzel helping her son get ready. Elsa watched as Rapunzel fixed her son's jumper before giving him a hug. Rapunzel had married Eugene shortly after Anna married Kristoff. They had two sons who were both at Hogwarts. Their oldest son was in the same year as Josef while their youngest was in his first year. Eugene had become a Curse Breaker for Gringotts when he left Hogwarts while Rapunzel had decided to enter the Muggle World rather than the Wizarding World. She had become an art teacher at the local school.

Meanwhile, Elsa's other best friend Merida, had run off to become a world renown Quidditch player on the Holyhead Harpies. She had been training very hard and for many hours at a time. She was thinking about quitting through as she had recently gotten married (to another Quidditch player) and was thinking about settling down. Merida was thinking about maybe coaching a Quidditch team but she wasn't quite yet sure. Elsa was sure that Merida wouldn't retire from Quidditch just yet. Maybe in a few years though.

Jack's sister, Pippa, wasn't even in England anymore. She had met this French boy from Beauxbatons when they had gone on holiday there about seven years ago. They had a lost distance relationship until Pippa decided to move to France to be with him. She had just given birth to their first child, a girl, who Pippa's boyfriend simply fawns over. He proposed only a few months ago which she accepted. They plan to have their wedding next year during one of the school holidays so that Leif could come. Already their daughter was showing signs of magic which made her parents very happy. Although they didn't like it when their daughter starts levitating things that they need out of reach.

Jack's friends all went their different ways as well. After Hogwarts had finished for Tooth, she finally admitted she had a crush on Bunnymund. They didn't initially date as Bunnymund hadn't been sure on his own feelings. He quickly realised he liked Tooth too when she started dating someone else. They had married only a while ago and had a daughter. Sandy had met this Muggle girl who worked in a coffee shop. They had married and when Sandy revealed he was a wizard, she was so surprised and a bit of a shock for her.

Elsa spied Christy Hills with her husband and their son. Elsa and Christy had never properly made amends. Christy had been too ashamed of what she had done to try and accept any forgiveness whatsoever. The scars that Christy had caused when she did that spell all those years ago were gone. Only little white lines showed where they use to be. The scars had pretty much disappeared for good.

"Okay," Jack's voice came from nowhere which interrupted her thoughts. Jack had rounded up his son and looked ready to give him advice. Jack bent down and straightened Leif all out. "Okay so don't duel anyone until you've learnt how. Don't mess with Peeves and to please your mother, be good, behave and listen in class."

"Right Dad," Leif said.

"But don't be afraid to have a little fun," Jack smiled.


"Now Josef," Anna said turning to her oldest son. "You also behave and watch out for Leif. He looks up to you. Don't forget about your sister either. Look after her."

"Yeah, yeah, Mum," Josef said. "Don't worry. I got it."

Josef then ran off to meet some of his friends who had just arrived on the station. Helena stayed by her Mother. She was gripping quite tightly to her skirt. Helena seems to be a bundle of nerves. Anna sighed as she watched her son with his friends. Anna was hoping that Josef wouldn't ditch his younger sister and cousin the second he walked into the castle. Josef was also a bit of a troublemaker. Elsa always said that he took after his Mum in this regard. Anna found this to be quite unfair but their history growing up was against her. While Elsa was the calm, cool, collected, poised, regal and reserved one of the siblings, Anna was the messy, silly, crazy, annoying, pestering one of them. Anna, while growing up, pretty much got into trouble at least once a week.

Although Anna had managed to get Elsa back with her own children. Sigrid and Leif had inherited their Father's careless spirit and seemed also get into trouble pretty much every day. Jack would say they were only having fun but Elsa wanted to know how much fun they were having when they broke her ordainment vases.

A whistle could be heard.

"Alright, time to go," Elsa said ushering Leif onto the train.

Leif gave both his parents a huge before he jumped onto the train and waved at them. Helena had let go of her Mum and was now looking excited. She followed Leif onto the train and blew kisses at her parents. Josef had already gotten onto the train. He had followed his friends onto it and was now waving goodbye at his parents. The four parents waved goodbye to their children while Sigrid and Heidi were picked up by their fathers so they could wave goodbye as well. Jack put Sigrid back down and Elsa put her head onto Jack's shoulder.

"He'll be alright Elsa," Jack smiled down at her.

"I know," Elsa said. "It will just be quite weird not having him in the house."

"Well we still have the youngest one," Jack said.

Elsa smiled down at her daughter who grinned back.

"And we will see him at Christmas," Jack continued.

"That seems so long away," Elsa sighed.

"I know how you feel," Anna said.

The train started to move and it started out slow at first but it started to gain speed. Elsa and Jack gave one final wave to their son who waved back. Soon Leif was out of sight and on his way to Hogwarts. Elsa knew that Leif was going to have the most interesting year. Jack was hoping that he would show some talent on the Quidditch Pitch. Leif had been taught Quidditch by Jack and Jack wanted him to be Captain of his house's Quidditch team. All Elsa wanted was that Leif would get good grades despite him inheriting Jack's hatred and desire to avoid studying and to do work.

Elsa couldn't help but think that soon Leif would be moving up in the school, doing his O.W.L. exams and then his N.E.W.T. exams before entering the world outside school. It wouldn't take Sigrid too long to follow him either. Elsa couldn't help think that her children were growing up so fast. She didn't want them to grow up but she knew they had too. Elsa sighed again as she saw the end of the train disappear from view.

"So what should we do now?" Jack asked as he picked up Sigrid and put her on his shoulders.

"Lunch Daddy," Sigrid said.

"Lunch sounds good," Anna said.

"Despite it being early," smirked Elsa.

"Where should we go?" Kristoff asked as they moved towards the barrier to the Muggle world.

"I know this fantastic place," Jack said. "It's a little tiny café around here. It's Sigrid's favourite place."

"And mine Uncle Jack," Heidi said.

"And Heidi's," Jack agreed.

"So it's agreed?" Anna said.

"It's agreed," confirmed Elsa.

They pass through the barrier on the way back to Muggle World. Elsa followed her husband and daughter through King's Cross and into the Muggle street outside. Laughing, Sigrid pointed her Dad in the right direction. The Frosts and the Bjorgmans made their way down the street and to the café that Sigrid and Heidi loved so much. They were laughing and talking about what their children would get up to at Hogwarts. Elsa caught Jack's eye and they both grinned. They both knew that they would have a fantastic time just like how they did.

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