I have a great problem, great indeed! I have a decision, a hard one, to make. And, StarClan, I don't know what to do! These two toms before me are vying for my love, yet how can I give it when I don't know who to?

Should I, perhaps, choose Swiftpaw? His muscular figure and his sleek fur of black and white? Those pale, amber eyes always seem to be looking at me wherever I am in camp, from the elders' den to the fresh-kill pile. The way he shows off his battle moves and tells stories of his bravery, it would seem he was a player. But I've noticed the only she-cat he directs his boasting at is me. He wants to impress me so badly! I couldn't stand to break his heart so brutally.

But then I would have to refuse Cloudpaw instead. Oh, Cloudpaw, that hopeless romantic! Always tumbling over his paws to please me, always offering me the choice pick of the fresh-kill pile. I couldn't bear to see his expression as I trampled on his hopes and dreams like a badger.

Oh, StarClan, what should I do? Which tom should I pick and which should I emotionally wound forever? I can't choose; send me a sign! Send me a sign and I promise I will do what you tell me. I just can't bear to go on living like this. I just can't.