Now I see. It was never meant to be Swiftpaw after all. It was always Cloudtail. Only he could have supported me through those dark times. Swiftpaw couldn't have done the same. It just would never have worked between us.

Cloudtail, thank you. You brought me back from that dark place I retreated to after my injury. You showed me that beauty lies not on the outside, but on the inside.

Swiftpaw, I'm so sorry you had to die for me to finally realize who I wanted as my mate. Through all your boasting an showing off, I know you had a good heart. Perhaps it's better you died, after all. Now I don't have to face breaking your heart.

Thank you, StarClan, for making me realize who my mate would be. But please, don't ever take the life of a Clanmate for my own selfish gain again. Please.