Chapter 11: Traitor in the Castle

Normal POV

'Ugh, this is so damn annoying!' Natsu thought to himself, feeling the urge to just pull out his hair in frustration. It had already been a few hours since Kiyan had told him about his past and how he eventually got together with the brunette, Eara, and despite spending lots and lots of time thinking about a way to get closer with the jade haired princess, there wasn't a single thought that came to his mind.

'How did I get so close with Lucy and the others anyways?' the pinkette thought back to his first encounter with the blonde Celestial mage and how he saved her from a man impersonating to be the Salamander of Fairy Tail, and how he turned out to be a fraud. After that, the two became partners, being in the same team and all, and got closer with one another by going out on missions each day.

'But that doesn't help me with Hisui though.' Natsu thought as he decided to lie down in defeat. He was getting absolutely nowhere with this!

'If only there was someone who would help me with this.' Natsu thought but immediately shook his head. Who in the castle, besides Eara and Kiyan, would know about love anyways?

Suddenly the door opened, and not a second later, Summer Long, his teacher in mannerism, entered the training room, looking around until her eyes eventually fell to Natsu Dragneel's lying figure on the ground.

"So that's where you went Natsu, we were looking all over the palace for you!" Summer said with a pout on her face as Natsu got up.

"So, how'd you find me?" the Dragon Slayer asked curiously raising an eyebrow, knowing full well how large the entire castle was after his tour around the place.

"Well, we had to ask Kiyan for his help since some guards last saw you with him walking down this path. Fortunately enough for us, he was willing to tell us about your current whereabouts." The blonde sighed, thinking back to the annoyed look on the assassin's face after she knocked at his door.

Natsu merely shrugged at her before staring at Summer with a hand on his chin. His gaze on her seemed to have freaked the blonde put as she took a step back.

"W-what is it?" Summer asked, fearing a bit on what the Dragon Slayer might do to her since he is more powerful than her and everyone else in the castle.

"Say have you ever fell in love before, Summer?" Natsu asked curiously causing the blonde to blush slightly at his sudden question.

"W-why do you ask?"

Natsu then began telling her all about how weird he felt every time he was with Hisui and how she would appear in his thoughts every single time. He purposely missed out about the part where he eavesdropped on Hisui and Eara since he didn't want that to be a known fact as of yet.

Summer nodded her head in understanding with a gentle smile on her face, "I understand and I can definitely see why someone who doesn't even know how to greet the King with respect is struggling to confess to a girl who is known to be the most graceful of them all." Summer said teasingly with a smirk on her face and Natsu narrowed his eyes at her for the obvious jab at him causing the blonde to giggle at the expression on his face.

"All jokes aside, I really don't think you need to worry about it so much." Summer said, closing her eyes as she placed a hand on her heart as she thought back to the first time she had met her beloved.

"Love is mysterious in many different ways, so never count yourself out in a battle of love, besides, you have plenty of times to show her just how much you love her don't you think?" Summer said with a wink as Natsu frowned at this.

"That's the thing, I don't know what to do, and I'm scared that I may ruin it since she and I are different in so many ways that I wouldn't have enough time to mention it all." Natsu said with a sigh. Why couldn't life be easier for him? He had done so much in only a few years, he was bound to grow grey hair if things keep on.

Summer sighed as well, not used to dealing with problems like this since she only had Hisui to help, if needed, and she only needed help with minor things, allowing her more time to read on her books. Ever since the Dragon Slayer showed up in the castle, it was the contrast.

Normally she would have hated to have more work handed over to her, spending time with the Dragon Slayer was actually…fun if she does say so herself. His energetic and cheerful behavior reminded her of her younger siblings back at home, giving her the sense of nostalgia. Which made her even more determined to help the pinkette.

"Well, what do you like to do first of all?" Summer asked, wanting to see if his hobbies could relate with the princess's hobbies.

"Well, I like to fight, train, eat and sometimes fish, why?" Natsu asked as Summer sweat dropped at his answer.

'Oh dear this truly is difficult.'

"Is there anything else that you normally do that you'd enjoy?" Natsu hummed, thinking about his answer long and hard before one particular answer came to mind.

"I guess if I had to say another one, then perhaps just talking to my friends?" though the way Natsu had said it made it sound more like a question than statement.

"Really? I guess I can sort of see you as a social butterfly." Summer said with a nod, thinking back to the pinkette's cheeriness and excitement that he always carries with him, with those attitude, she was sure he could befriend almost anyone, potentially even his enemies as Natsu merely shrugged at this statement as he looked out the window and even from the training room, the pinkette could see the wonderful garden that gave the palace such a grand nickname, the Flower Blooming Capital.

Summer noticed the interest in the Dragon Slayer's eyes as she too stared at the garden with a smile on her face. Sometimes when times were stressful she would venture out into the garden and walk around there for hours because of its natural beauty.

"I also like to explore the world." Natsu suddenly said which caught her off guard as she turned to the Dragon Slayer who was still looking at the flower beds.

"What was that?"

"I said I'd like to explore around new areas around this world, it makes the whole job of being a mage so worthwhile despite it being extremely troublesome with the missions and whatnot, not to me of course. Though, as a plus side, I get to explore all sorts of places in the world and even meet different people along the way." Natsu said with a smile on his face, still not turning to her as Summer smiled, at the very least there was something the two could relate since Hisui had once shared about her desire to leave the palace and explore the world for herself.

Summer was about to ask the pinkette another question had she not been interrupted by a loud gurgle, courtesy of Natsu's stomach. This caused the Dragon Slayer to rub the back of his head sheepishly.

"Oops, looks like I forgotten to eat anything while I was here." Natsu said with a smile on his face as Summer giggled at this and her eyes softened when she stared at Natsu.

Why were the Magic Council so hard on the Fairy Tail guild when there were people like Natsu Dragneel with his kindness there? It just didn't make any sense whatsoever. Shrugging it off, she then headed for the exit.

"Well, shall we head to the dining room? I'm sure your stomach is dying for some right about now." At the mention of food, the pinkette's stomach growled loudly yet again as Natsu sighed.

"I definitely am." Natsu said, ignoring the smirk on the blonde's face as they left the training room and headed for the dining room.

"Oh and before I forget, please do refrain yourself from pulling off the stunt you did last time. The cleaning staff were not amused with the amount of mess you created that day." Summer said, trying to be stern but couldn't stop the giggle that exited her mouth. It was definitely amusing to see the silver haired knight who always looked strict to be covered by face full of pie.

"Tch, well that bastard had it coming to him with all of the things he's said and the way he acts." Natsu grumbled to himself though Summer heard it and giggled as well.

As they arrived at the dining hall, Hisui immediately saw the pinkette approaching and as she was about to walk over to him, she saw him walking next to Summer and the two were talking with one another at close proximity.

'Why are they together? Since when did they get so close to one another?' those were only some thoughts that jade haired princess had in her mind as she stared at the two in disdain.

Natsu felt someone's eyes on him and saw Hisui looking at them nearby and gave the princess a smile.

"Hey there Hisui, how are you?" the pinkette asked as he walked up to her and Hisui's demeanour changed when she saw the pinkette and gave him a small smile.

"I am fine, thank you. How are you?" Summer watched the two from afar and a smile appeared on her face, silently wishing that the two would get together soon. It was as plain as day that the two had feelings for one another and she also wanted the money after betting that the two would get together within a week with the other guards of the castle.

"So…what were you talking about with Summer?" Hisui suddenly asked timidly, she had no idea why she asked the question but there was a part of her that needed to know that nothing was going on between the two.

Natsu immediately blushed slightly after thinking back to his talk with Summer, specifically since he basically asked her to help him about his problem regarding his feelings for Hisui.

"It's nothing, just about random stuff is all…" Natsu said with a fake smile, something Hisui instantly noticed since she's seen his genuine smile time and time again.

"I see…" Hisui said with uncertainty as she narrowed her eyes at him, clearly not believing his words as Natsu began sweating profusely under her gaze.

Fortunately for him, he was saved before he Hisui could ask any more questions.

"Ah Natsu, so you've finally arrived. I was beginning to worry that you didn't want to eat any food." Toma joked as Natsu rubbed the back of his head as Hisui merely sighed, looks like she couldn't get the information from the pinkette…yet.

"Well, shall we go and eat?" Natsu nodded his head excitedly as the pinkette stared at the large amount of food placed on the table and he unknowingly licked his lips at the savoury aroma produced from the food.

"Well, let's eat!" Natsu cheered as he rushed towards the table and began gobbling up the food from the table as the king and his daughter stared in amusement.

"Well, at the very least there is a bit of improvement when it comes to dining." Toma joked and Hisui couldn't help but nod her head in agreement as she watched as the guards tried to wrestle with Natsu for the food.

"Though, I feel like it's better if we don't change who he is, it'll take away his charm…" Hisui said, unknowing that her father was listening to her as he smirked.

"Charm, eh?" Hisui instantly blushed, but didn't comment about it.

Meanwhile, on the outside of the castle there were two mysterious figures standing over two knocked out guards.

"So you're sure that there's no one else watching over her at night?" one of the figure asked, getting a nod from the other, causing him to smirk at this as he looked at the Mercurius.

'Soon Princess…'


"Man, I'm stuffed!" Natsu said happily, patting his now stuffed stomach as he walked with Hisui to her room.

"I would be in shock if you still claim to be hungry after all the food you ate, because of that even Kiyan had to give up his dinner." Hisui said and true to her words, when Kiyan and Eara entered the dining hall both were shocked at seeing the minimal amount of food that Kiyan picked up just enough food for Eara and had to deal with the fact that he didn't a single thing for the entire day, after forcing the girl to eat of course.

Natsu chuckled in response, remembering the glare he received from the silver haired knight and the growling of his stomach that came soon after.

Hisui smiled at this, he looked like a child after pulling off a mischievous prank on his teacher.

"Natsu, that wasn't nice, especially since he's one of the strongest guards here." Hisui said a bit sternly and Natsu sighed and nodded his head in understanding.

However, before they reached her room, a guard stopped her and bowed.

"Your highness, your father wishes for your attention in his room." The guard said and Hisui raised an eyebrow at this. Her father would have informed her of such in the dining room if that were the case, but nodded her head nonetheless.

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow Natsu. Good night." With that the two walked off towards Toma's room, leaving Natsu all alone in the hallway.

'Well, what do I do now? I'm bored.' Natsu thought to himself as he was about to walk away when he saw Toma walking towards him.

"Ah Natsu, how are you?" Toma asked with a smile as Natsu looked at him strangely.

"Wait, weren't you supposed to meet Hisui in your room?" Natsu asked and the old man had a confused look on his face.

"What do you mean?" Toma asked and the answer came as fast as a speeding train as their eyes widened in realization.

"Hisui's in trouble!" Natsu shouted in alarm as he chased after Hisui, her scent still lingering the air which allowed Natsu to detect her presence and eventually catch up with the 'guard' who was about to put a bag over the jade haired princess's head.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Natsu shouted in rage as the 'guard' began sweating at being caught.

"Oh shit!" with those words said, he immediately tried to run off, but he could only get so far as Natsu appeared before him with an angry look on his face, smirking evilly.

"Now it's time for you to pay! Fire Dragon's-" However before he could execute the move, someone called out to him.

"Natsu don't do it!" Turning back, the pinkette saw Toma, standing beside his daughter, who looked to be unconscious. Natsu growled at the king for being interrupted.

"He was about to hurt Hisui!" Natsu shouted in rage but Toma held his ground and looked at the pinkette, "That may be the case, but she is alright now. However, I have a feeling that he isn't the only one involved in this plan." Toma said as the 'guard' began laughing.

"You are right as you are pathetic, King." The 'guard' sneered the last word out but Toma wasn't even affected by the tone whatsoever.

"Who was it that sent you, and what is your goals?" these questions came off as harsh but it caused the man to laugh even harder than before, "Do you really expect me to tell you anything?! After all the harm you've caused my family and I, you're lucky if I told you anything." Natsu, having had enough of the man's attitude quickly slammed him into a wall.

"Alright you bastard, you better fess up now!" Natsu growled at him but all he received is a smirk.

"You better be careful Salamander, I'm not the only one targeting the Princess and the mastermind behind it all will get her eventually and not even you will be able to stop him!" the 'guard' began laughing maniacally before Natsu sent a powerful right hook at him which immediately knocked him out cold.

"Gramps, what did he mean by that?" Natsu asked without even turning to him and Toma sighed, placing a hand on his head. Why couldn't he rest easy for at least one day?

"In the past when my father was still the King of Fiore, he realised that our weaponry was much weaker compared to the Alvarez Kingdom, so he decided to plan out the extraction of pure iron and the only place that had this was at a small village located quite a few distance away from the kingdom." Toma said as he closed his eyes as Natsu merely listened on, not wanting to interrupt.

"After discovering this village, he launched a large scale attack on the village…and to kill every living thing alive." Natsu's eyes widened in horror as he looked at Toma who looked down in shame at recalling being next to his father after he made the call, and how he did nothing to go against his father.

Natsu was about to speak up but Toma stopped him by raising a hand, "Please do not remind me of my past failures Natsu. I understand that I should've done something, but even I have failures." Natsu couldn't deny his statement but he forgot all about it when he heard groans coming from the princess.

"Hisui!" Natsu quickly rushed to her as the jade haired princess blinked once, then twice, then thrice before she instantly hugged the pinkette.

Natsu was shocked by her bold action and was about to say something had he not seen the tears falling from her face.

"Thank you for saving me, thank you." Hisui said as she cried on his shoulder, holding onto the pinkette tightly, as if scared that he might disappear forever.

Natsu slowly wrapped his arms around her as well as he petted her back gently, something he usually did with Lisanna and Lucy when they cried. He didn't know why it had such an effect on crying girls, but he was glad that it helped them since he could never stand the sight of a girl crying.

Toma smiled at the sight, somehow the scene in front of him seemed strangely nostalgic.

"Well then, Natsu. I'll leave Hisui to you while I have the guards interrogate him." Toma said and with a flick, two guards appeared and began carrying the unconscious man away, leaving Natsu and Hisui alone in the hallway.

The girl had stopped her crying but didn't seem to want to let go off the Dragon Slayer.

"Let's go to your room, Hisui." Natsu said gently, getting a nod from the princess as he began carrying her bridal style as he carried Hisui to her room.

After arriving, Natsu placed the girl gently on her bed and as he was about to leave he was caught by surprise as he felt arms hug him from behind. He knew whose they were though.

"Please don't leave…" Hisui whispered as she hugged him, tightening her grip on him as if he might disappear any moment. Natsu slowly turned around in her grip, hugging her closer to himself.

"Alright, I will." Natsu said as he tucked the girl in before he grabbed a nearby chair and placed it by her bedside. He could hear soft snores filling the room as he moved the strands of hair that covered her face to the side. Natsu had a soft smile on his face as he stared at the princess in front of him and only a single thought came to mind.

'I promise you that I'll protect you. No matter what!'

End Chapter

The wheels of fate has finally began turning for the Dragon Slayer of flames and the princess. Will the sins of his flames be able to burn through his enemies or will they grow too much for him?

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