Chapter. 23

Ivy, Celes, and Albert went to report to the guild master, outside the hall they found the man they were looking for. "Hello everyone." The master waved to the group then was taken back by the monsters with them.

Celes patted the kirin's side to keep him calm. "Hello sir, you needed us?"

Varis the kirin was calm but the nargacuga Ava was nerve and hid behind Ivy. The guild master holds up his hand and Varis steps back, pointing its horn at him.

The master regained his senses. "Incredible."

Albert tilted his head. "Sir?"

"Yes, I have some urgent news, the gore magala has been spotted in the ancient steppes and it's on its way here."

"What about the other hunters?" Asked Ivy.

The guild master shook his head. "Everyone I've sent was killed by the beast or its virus."

Albert was starting to panic. "And now you're sending us after it?!"

"I'm sorry but yes, you three have experience fighting the virus. And one of you was actually effected by the frenzy and lived."

The three hunters looked back and forth at each other, thinking about what to do. Ivy Took a deep breath. "Okay, when do we go?"

"ASAP." The guild master looks around the three hunters. "You're a man short."

"Something happened today and Zane needed to be alone."

"I'm sorry to hear that, but I need all four of you on this, please."

"Wait, back up." Albert put his hands. "You want us low rank hunters to kill something a few G ranked couldn't? That suicide!"

"But it's own duty Albert." Said Ivy, she bowed to the guild master and walked away.

Celes patted Albert on the shoulder. "Relax, we have something the others didn't." The girl points to her elder dragon.

As the hunters walked away the guild master watched them interact with the monsters. "So there are others who can tame monster."


Ivy arrived at her brother's door and knocked. "Zane, you in there?" She knocked again. "Zane I need to speak with you."

The door unlocked and opened with Zane rubbing his eyes on the other side. "What is it Ivy?"

"You okay?"

"Fine, just tired."

"Well, it's an emergency. The gore magala was spotted."

"What?!" Zane was wide awake now, Fenrir growled at his side. "One minute." Zane closed the door the get his armor back on. As The others waited they returned to their rooms to resupply.

A little later everyone was gathered outside. Albert looked at his team and sighed, feeling left out for not having a companion as well.

Zane was thinking about his dream, he could feel the grip of a bow in his hand.

"You okay Zane?" Asked Celes.

"Huh? Yeah, if not I will be." Zane pet Fenrir and took the lead.

Albert slapped his hands together. "Next time."


The hunters rode a caravan to get to the ancient steppes faster. Albert loaded his heavy bow with crag shots.

Ivy sharpened her switch awe while Ava poked her nose into Ivy's bag and took out some meat. "Hey!" Ivy want to scold the monster but watching her eat Ivy just smiled.

Celes rode Varis along side the caravan, Celes patted the kirin's neck. "You okay?"

"The boy with the zinogre, he is troubled."

"He killed a man, ever if it was in self defense it can tare at anyone."

"He seems familiar."

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing, let us focus on the task at hand."

"Okay, but you're gonna tell me later."

Varis chuckled. "Are you ordering an elder dragon?"

Celes patted Varis' neck again. "Suggesting."

Zane opened and closed his hand while petting Fenrir. He stopped and held up his hands like he was holding a bow and practiced firing it.

"You okay over there Zane?" Asked Albert.

"Yeah, just thinking about taking up a bow."

"Would be good to have another ranged fighter." Said Ivy. "Would you stop that!" Ava poked her head into Ivy's bag again, this time the tamer took the bag away. Ava growled lightly then pounced on Ivy, licking her face.

Zane smiled. "There's the sister I remember."


The caravan stopped and the hunters got out. The team rushed to the supply box to gather its contents and ran into the field. The group approached the mountain with their weapons drawn, the monster started acting up and a large shadow was over head and was coming down.

The gore magala, the black dragon landed before them.

Ivy held her weapon is blade mode. "Everyone keep apart but within shouting distance, don't let any of it's attacks get you. We still don't know much about the frenzy."

"Let's go!" Albert let loose with his bowgun, shooting the right wing.

Celes held up her longsword and rode on with Varis. The unicorn flew passed the magala with thunder fallowing its path. The kirin's thunder boosted Celes sword as she slashed at the monster's wings.

The gore magala roared, stopping the actions of the hunters, except Ivy. The G hunter plunged her weapon into the magala's fore arm making a concentrated burst, the weapon raised while dealing damage to the dragon, then produce a powerful explosion. Ivy slid back from the recoil and the weapon reverted to axe mode.

Zane threw a flash bomb to blind the beast. "Ivy! Hit me with your awe!" Ivy was confused for a moment then nodded. She got behind her brother then golf swung her awe.

Zane was launched in the air and drew his sword, thrusting it into the gore's back. Zane drew his knife and repeatedly stabbed the monster in the back.

The gore started to buck but fell once it put pressure on its injured leg. Zane fell off and rolled to his feet, Fenrir and Ava ran passed the hunter and mounted the gore, Ava clawed at it's wounded wing while Fenrir was going for the neck.

The gore magala roared even louder, it extended its wing revealing they attached to two arms on it back. The monsters were thrown off, Zane and Ivy running to their companies.

The sky grew dark and two horns rose up on the gore's head, glowing bright purple.

Celes and Varis used a hit and run tactic, the unicorn would ride its thunder to get close and charge Celes sword for a powerful attack then get away before the gore could retaliate.

Albert reloaded his bowgun and took careful aim, the dragon was running towards the siblings and their downed monster. Albert fired and hit the gore's hit, breaking it.

The gore magala was enraged and blasted at the siblings and their beasts with black fire. Ivy shoved Zane away and turned to Ava, shielding nargacuga with her body.

"IVY!" A black cloud slowly subsided.

The Gore turned to Celes and Varis, as they attacked again the gore spat up a black mist at the pair, then flew towards Albert, hitting him with his claws.

Zane ran after the magala, impaling his sword into its tail. "You'll pay for this!" The black dragon swatted Zane with its tail, Zane lost his grip and the gore magala lipped away then took off into the sky.

Zane heard a shout and raised his shield, Albert tried to hit him with his heavy bowgun. "Albert! Try to remember, this is the frenzy taking control." Fenrir leaped on Albert biting at his head. "Fenrir, no!"

The zinogre pulled off his helmet and Albert shoved Fenrir off, and he got up Zane punched Albert in the face then in the side of the head with his shield. "Sorry Al." The bowgun fell to the ground.

Zane turned around to see Celes fight her kirin and Ivy fight Ava. Zane threw a tranq bomb at Ava and tackled Ivy. Ivy quickly pushed Zane off and the two were back on their feet. Zane took off his helmet and took a fighting stance. Ivy held her switch awe and swung.

Zane ducked the swung and spun to elbow Ivy in the gut the uppercut his in the chin. Ivy was getting up again till Zane kicked her in the head. "Sorry sis."

Fenrir pounced on Celes and Varis laid his horn on her, a white light came from the horn and the girl passed out.

Zane looked around, all of his friends were out cold, because of him. Zane shook the thought away and took off his shield. her grabbed Ivy's hunting horn and used it to call the emergency caravan. When that was done Zane took Ivy's switch awe and placed it on his back.

The boy tightened his fists as the gore magala was flying higher into the mountain. "Time for some pay back." Zane chased after the gore, with Fenrir still at his side.

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