luke POV

I wonder who my birth parents are. My adopted mother Christina Ross has showed me her name is Vanessa Olsen. I can't wait until the future shows me who they all are. Vanessa Olsen is coming to our apartment on a business deal with her client and bringing her whole family. It isn't my mother I know it. All I can do is hope. The Vanessa lady comes and says hello to all of us. I take a walk and run into a few teenagers who look like me. Three boys year apart One is 17, 16, 15 like me. Then there is a man who is with them. " Sorry sir I will be going." said Luke. " IT's all right. " said the man. He and his children are well built. The Vanessa Woman comes out and kisses him. I run to the elevator and wait for doors to close. The Vanessa Lady and her family walk onto it. I look away from them as we walk into the pent house. My mom came and gave me a hug. " Mom I love you." said Luke. " I love you to Luke." said Christina.," I've talked with your father about saying your from Krypton."" Thanks for that mom." said Luke. " Your welcome honey." said Christina. " Lucas Phibert," said the Vanessa lady. " Mom." Luke said.

The Vanessa lady eyes became wide. She had tears in them. I thought could be her. " Vanessa Olsen my Birth mother are you her." said Luke." Yes I'm Vanessa Olsen your birth mother," said Vanessa. they hugged each other. the Two hug each other. I have kept them safe for a long time. My friend Sabrina is a witch and I'm one too. my parents adopted me and I love them. Brad a witch hunter is at our school. We don't use our magic in front of him. I don't use it much and the witches council don't know about me. I keep my self safe. His friend Harvey Kinkle is dating Sabrina. They Live in our pent house because Hilda and Zelda her Aunts are the maids that clean the house and help keep us kids in line. The witches council found out I was born and am adopted by mortals. They say that I have to live with my birth family. They move into the pent house.

She explained that I have to stay with them and they are staying here so I can be with my mortal family. The training begins and I start with Sabrina and her quiz master Albert. Brad and her start dating and he keeps our secret. The secret that people know are that we keep safe our nanny. Jessie is a witch and her mom and dad are witches too. I think about how she can see her mom about how she will be so happy to see her. Miss Daina is found out to be a full witch that does archology.

Sabrina POV

I stay with my Aunts Zelda and Hilda. My mother is a full witch and does have her job to attend to. My father is serving the other realm army right now. My parents are married. I have my family and right now my parents are doing their jobs. Jessie really understands me. I feel like I have an older sister and can tell her anything. Jessie's dad serves in the American mortal army. My dad is always somewhere and I love his letters. I date brad and love hanging out with my friends. We keep Salem a warlock who got turned into a cat for 100 years for trying to take over the world. He really wants back into a human body. His wife has agreed to us watching so he can learn his lesson. My Aunt Hilda supported his regime and has to watch him. His wife Ariana stays with us so he is more at home. " I'm married to a cat now." said Araina. " Well he has to learn his punishment is one way to learn." said Sabrina.