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Chapter 4

How Zero was feeling now wasn't different than a person who had just got married. As waking up on the following morning after that night and finding himself alone on his bed, he thought it had been a dream, however, the pain from behind assured him they had really made love with each other.

Although they hadn't sat down to talk about it straightforwardly, since then Ichiru returned home every night with lots of food, because Zero didn't feel well to cook for them. He was thoughtful enough to buy medicine for his brother, though not suggesting helping him to rub the anti-inflammatory cream on his injury. They hadn't slept with each other again, but Ichiru slept alone in his own bedroom, not staying out overnight or calling any girl to come over.

Zero believed his brother needed some time to adjust his lifestyle, he himself was also learning to get used to their new situation. It became more obvious when Ichiru met with some real estate brokers this morning to talk about selling their house. He finally decided to put the past behind for a new page of their lives. Zero intended to transfer his whole saving to him as a contribution to their new home. It also encouraged him to put a clear end to the escort service. This time he was going to be in a real relationship with the person he really loved.

After seeing Kaname to terminate their lover package, Zero bought a lot of ingredients to cook a big dinner. Tonight he wanted to make love with Ichiru again, even though his injury wasn't completely healed yet. His brother must have been suppressed himself impatiently, he didn't want him to be uncomfortable any longer, in addition, he wanted to get used to being taken for their mutual happiness.

Yet the special dishes turned cold several times, and Ichiru was no where to see. Zero tried calling him, unfortunately, his phone was off. He sat right at the dining table till midnight, even forgetting his feel of hunger. At last, Ichiru sent a short message saying he was in another province. It startled Zero because it seemed they had suddenly returned to the previous time when Ichiru didn't care about his feeling. He called him again, but his phone once again was off.

Unable to keep on waiting, Zero called his brother's manager, anxiously hoping the number was still in use. Ichiru didn't want to be disturbed for no reason, Zero usually restrained himself from contacting him and his crew while he was away. Probably the manager was busy with Ichiru in the same place, he only answered his phone on the fifth time Zero called, informing the hunter that they were celebrating the completion of the movie at the leading actress's house.

Zero immediately took a train to that province, during the long journey not remembering what he was thinking. He felt so insecure, this feeling was even more pathetic and troublesome than how he had felt for Ichiru before.

Thank to their alike appearance, the security guards at the house were easily convinced that he was Ichiru's twin brother and let him in. There were many people inside, all drunk by alcohol or some other drugs that Zero didn't really know. Some were lying unconsciously, some were swinging their bodies in a weird dance, and some were having sex intensely. Zero sweated as dodging around looking for some aquaintant to ask for Ichiru.

At a corner, he saw a man who looked similar to the manager.

"Ichiru? Finished?" That person was surprised to see him but quickly wrapped his arm around his shoulders as a close friend, and whispered to his ear "Wasn't she good? I wanna try too." He laughed nastily, and pulled him together as walking to another room.

In this room, several people were indulging in an orgy. Zero got panicked. Luckily, his brother wasn't there either. When he took the manager's arm off and was going to leave, a door was opened, a sexy woman walked out, adjusting her hair. Following her was Ichiru, topless and firing a cigarette. Looked like they had just had sex.

Zero was frozen right where he stood. Had they opened the door a minute later, he would have left with a relief that his dear brother wasn't in such a debauchery place. He knew Ichiru had been open with many women, but not imagined reality was much worse.

Ichiru was also stunned to see him. "Why are you here?"

Zero couldn't find his voice to answer. Perhaps he should punch his brother in this situation. It was a patent betrayal, he should be very angry at the human's act, but why was he feeling anxious? From the bottom of his heart, he hadn't dared to believe they were truly lovers yet. The recent growth in their relationship might just be his subjective thought, he didn't have the right to be jealous. If he left quietly now, maybe Ichiru would still come back to him later, maybe his dream would go on.

"What did you travel to such a long distance for?" Ichiru asked softly, not showing his displease to his brother. Of course he understood why Zero wanted to find him urgently, he himself had been very uneasy since that night.

"I came to see what you are doing."

"You have seen it." Ichiru said "This is me, that's my life."

"Didn't you like me?"

"Yes. I like you. But I like the others as well. I tried not to get you closer to me in this aspect, because what you want and what I want are totally different. I've committed a mistake with you, but don't ask me to spend the rest of my life to compensate for it please."

The human's voice was gentle, yet his words were prickly, making Zero feel like his expectations to their future were unfair and selfish. It was too out of date to force a man to take responsibility after sex. Moreover, Zero wasn't a girl. They were being egotistic in how to resolve this issue. Zero mistook his brother's intentions, and when things turned clear, he expected Ichiru to follow what he wanted. In fact, none of them was wrong, they were just not looking for the same future.

"You wanted to monopolize me when we were kids." Zero murmured. "Did that man change you?" Words couldn't express what he wanted to say in this moment. His brother used to be an introvert boy who couldn't accept him to be out of his sight. He used to be important to Ichiru as the air, he used to think he would stay by his side forever. If his brother hadn't chosen the movie career, hadn't met that man, he would have remained the innocent boy who took him as his whole world.

"Kaname?" Ichiru was confused.

"No. That man." Zero corrected him. He meant the man who had supported Ichiru in the first period of his career, and was possibly the one who introduced him to such a lifestyle.

Ichiru shook his head. "He wanted to monopolize me, but I didn't want to be serious or committed. Not yet."

If so, Zero would take responsibility on his own. Maybe Ichiru still said something more, but he couldn't hear or couldn't remember, he even didn't know how he had got out of that place and returned home.

The next thing he realised was he was standing in front of their house, where they had been living together. Ichiru was looking to sell it, he asked where they were moving to, but his brother didn't answer. Perhaps Ichiru didn't plan to continue living with him.

This thought was like a slap to his face and took away his confidence to open the door and see their home alone. He lurched back to the road and kept walking, walking, walking with no idea where he wanted to go.


Kainart was getting busier as night turned deep. At the couch near the stage, its owner, Kain, was making out with his cousin, Aido. On the other side, Shiki was feeding some food to his husband, Takuma.

A tall, handsome waiter came to their table to fill the wine up. As he was pouring into the glass of the pureblood who was sitting alone, his fingers tenderly brushed on the back of his hand as a signal.

The pureblood glared at him.

That waiter immediately understood he had stirred him up in a wrong time.

"Please forgive me, Kuran sama!"

He didn't dare to move until Kain waved his hand to dismiss him.

"Where's your customer? He doesn't call you tonight?" Takuma asked the pureblood .

"We are done." Kaname mumbled.

"You dumped him or he dumped you?" Aido raised his head curiously.

No answer. Kain tried to pull him back so that he wouldn't make more silly questions. Unfortunately, his cousin wasn't the only person who wanted to express concern.

"Kaname, didn't you let Ichiru go many years ago? You still haven't got over him yet?" Shiki asked.

"It has nothing to do with my previous relationship. I thought Zero and I were the same type." Kaname emptied the glass in his hand and poured a new one for himself.

"Um. I'm deeply sympathy with you." Takuma nodded "It's a pity that the ex and the crush end up together, leaving you alone."

Shiki hit his husband's rib lightly and turned to his cousin. "Ignore him. I met a gorgeous guy this afternoon in the office. He came for a casting. I got his photos and his number for you. He'll be thrilled if you give him a ring. He's already very excited when I asked for his number. See, he made many poses."

"Stop it, Shiki! It's your fault that all those new guys believed in the rumor that they have to sleep with me to develop their career." Kaname ground his teeth.

"Eh, he was grateful when I gave him the boys last time." Shiki looked at Takuma for backing.

"It's your fault that Ichiru hates me because you usually make him a great example of how beneficial it is from sleeping with me." Kaname continued his accusation.

"Eh, it's true." Shiki stared at his husband fiercely.

Kaname stood up. Those people really didn't know how to comfort a lovelorn. He wanted to get out for some fresh air.

"Where are you going? Would you need someone to go with you?" Kain asked.

"No, I don't need anyone to climb on my bed right now." Kaname told him, the follower who was usually calm and made appropriate words. "It still hurt so much… here." He laid a hand on his heart.

The others didn't try to say more. They actually wanted to cheer him up, but the pureblood seemed devastated. No matter how to look at it, they found it weird to fall in love and be dumped by twin brothers.

However, Kaname got to know each of them as individuals. He didn't see the shadow of one in the other. They might look alike, but how they thought, how they acted, what they believed in were completely different. He used to be shocked when figuring out his faithfulness and commitment weren't what Ichiru needed. He used to hope Zero would understand him.

But Zero simply took him as an escort who would entertain him when he's lonely. And when the man of his dreams looked at him, he wasn't hesitant to let Kaname go.

When Zero approached him for the first time, he didn't deny that it was partly because of his looks that he agreed to go with him, besides he also wanted to see how Zero would treat him after their hostile in high school. Nevertheless, right in that very first night he acknowledged the hunter with his own characteristics, those twin brothers didn't have anything else in common except their appearance.

Assuming it was just a one night stand, it turned out Zero come back to look for him again. He, who had been independent for most of his life, who had been trained strictly, fought for survival, killed when needed, still held a pure heart to dedicate to his twin brother. Kaname thought it was silly, at the same time he wished Zero would use such pure and passionate feeling to love him. He tried to make the hunter get comfortable to be with him, to depend on him, to cling to him. Unexpectedly, Ichiru slept with Zero. That, Kaname hadn't thought would happen. His plan was shattered, the hunter unhesitatingly left him as though they had never been close.

Driving around for a while, it started getting cold as he was using the convertible car tonight. Passing by a park, he suddenly saw a very familiar figure sitting at the bench. His face stooped down in exhaustion, his whole body stayed still as though he was unconscious. It was undoubtedly Zero, though he didn't look like a person who was enjoying a happy life. Maybe something had happened between him and Ichiru.

It was only a matter of time. Zero was just too blind to see it.

It served him right!

Kaname decided to drive home and ignore him.


As the daze subdued, Zero wondered what he should do next. He had been sitting in this park for hours, unsure where to stay for the next few days. He temporarily didn't want to return home and face the place where he had sunk deeply in his beautiful, yet unreal dreams for years, where he had waited for Ichiru with excitement since that night. He thought about Kaname. The last few months had been easier to get through with his company. Kaname had given him the closest experience of being in a relationship, or to be exact, he was the only person who had accepted to have a 'relationship' with him, though its nature wasn't totally as he wished for.

Maybe he should resume their lover service. To think that he had to buy love and care, a pity suddenly choked at his throat, he almost couldn't breath.

"What are you doing here?"

Zero looked up to the familiar voice, startled as seeing Kaname was standing right in front of him. He instinctively used his sleeves to wipe off his face before getting up to meet him.

"How are you?" Kaname asked gently "I saw someone look like you, but didn't expect to really see you here around this time."

"Um." Zero didn't know what to say. His looks must be very slovenly right now, which got him embarrassed.

Kaname had decided to ignore him, but not knowing why he turned back, parked his car nearby and walked to check on the hunter.

"Are you cold?" He took his coat to wrap around the hunter's shoulders. Having been there for a while, his body must feel unwell.

"Thank you." Zero didn't realise he was getting cold. The pureblood's concern somehow stung his eyes. "Are you on the way to the next appointment?"

"No, I'm free. I can give you a ride back home." Kaname offered.

Zero shook his head. "I don't want to go home."

Kaname was very understanding, though he hadn't asked anything, he could guess why the hunter wasn't ready to resolve his issue yet.

"How about hiring a hotel room? I can bring you there."

Zero was about to accept this suggestion, but he found out his pockets were empty when touching them. His wallet had been gone!

"I've lost my wallet." He might have dropped it at the train station, or on the train. Now having no money, no place to go back, if his mentor and chairman Cross saw him in such a condition, he didn't want to live anymore.

"I can help you pay first."

"No need." His answer was as quick as the pureblood's offer. He didn't feel right to let Kaname spend money for him. It should be the opposite way, they were not friends. He remembered the pureblood had refused to make friends with him when their lover package was terminated.

Kaname kept silent for a while to absorb his quick, determined rejection. Even in this situation, Zero was still fully aware of their distance to refuse his help. Seeing the hunter was about to walk away, he made another offer. "Would you like to resume the lover package? You can go to my place."

Zero paused, Kaname immediately added "You don't have to pay right now. If we are lovers, you can stay over at my place now and then."

When the pureblood was his paid lover, he often stayed overnight at his house. Though Zero didn't visit Kaname's home in turn, it shouldn't be strange if he did it now, as long as they were 'lovers' again.

"Besides my bedroom, I have a guest room."

That sentence finally convinced him to follow Kaname. His mind wasn't clear to think right now, he needed a shelter, and something to eat first. Tomorrow he would start thinking about his future.


Zero wasn't surprised when they entered a high-end apartment building, however, it got out of his expectation as they took a private elevator to the top floor. The pureblood's home turned out to be the penthouse which for sure was more expensive than Ichiru's and his house. What amazed him was how an escort could live more luxuriously than a movie star.

"It's so beautiful." He murmured. Kaname didn't take the compliment as a chance to brag about his house, he handed Zero one of his own night robes and showed him the bathroom. "Take a shower to refresh yourself."

While Zero was showering, Kaname called a restaurant nearby to order their late meal.

As Zero finished and stepped out in the borrowed robe with a familiar aura, he saw Kaname waiting at the terrace. The night view was so nice from this height, he went out to join him and inhaled a long breath and threw his eyes around the great scene.

There was some clatter at the table, then a soft wine scent. "Let's have a drink."

Zero turned around and came to receive his glass from the pureblood.

They toasted and took a sip before starting with the soup.

In fact, the hunter's stomach had been empty for a while. Eating something made him feel better.

"Is the rent very expensive?"

"Um." Kaname answered shortly, not interested in talking about his house.

"You have to work very hard then."

People usually hoped to earn more money from their jobs and were advised to work harder. However, the hunter's comment didn't sound like an admiration or encouragement. It was more like a compassion that unintentionally slipped out of his mouth. Had he been a bit more traditional, he would have never had any relation with people who sold their own body as a job. How could he feel right to encourage Kaname to do this kind of work more? He remembered the pureblood looking to sleep with the other right after having slept with one. It must be the pressure of paying for such a luxurious life. Somehow he wished they could be close enough to tell him to change to a normal job, and save his body for the person he truly loved.

"You don't look very well. It can be better if you say out what is bothering you. You know that I keep my customer's information strictly private and confidential."

Yes, Zero wasn't well. He was sitting here because he couldn't return to his own home. That place was probably no longer his home. He had his own troubles and worries. He had thought about seeing Kaname to confide in those issues, but it seemed more difficult to speak than he had thought.

Good or bad, he was a man, an adult, he should be able to take responsible for his own life. If he couldn't cope with his own emotions, how could he be reliable for a relationship?

Seeing the hunter's stubborness, Kaname glanced at his empty glass and walked over his seat with the bottle. He filled up the glass for him "Just drink more, wine can boost your spirit."

Zero took his suggestion, he finished three glasses in a row. The pureblood satisfactorily bent down to give him an intense kiss. Perhaps it was the effect of wine, Zero felt very good and let him rub his hands along his body. The chair was moved out a little, Kaname knelt to give him a blowjob.

Zero leaned on the chair's back, extending his legs. His unclear mind was engulfed in pleasure, two opposite states drove him crazy, he just couldn't resist it and let himself be drifted away as the crazy feeling increased vehemently.

Kaname skillfully soothed the hunter's nerves by his oral technique. When the moment was ripen, he rose up to whisper to his ear "You want to take me right here?"

What a daring invitation! Zero felt like getting an electric jolt. Although they were on the top floor, they were staying outside, he had been acting very lewdly. His chair was pulled out further to let go of Kaname.

"People like you can't think about anything else but sex." He said it but actually he was reprimanding himself as well.

Kaname didn't move from where he was kneeling, even not looking up.

After a still minute, Zero figured out his emotional words had insulted the pureblood. He was an escort, Zero had agreed to resume their lover package and went to his home. Of course he had to do his service, because that's how he made money.

"I am sorry." Zero stuttered "I am too tired tonight."

"I'll show you your room." Kaname said with a calm voice and stood up, getting back inside. Zero quietly followed him.

They went upstairs to a large room with finest fitting.

"Good night!"

"Thank you."

His exhausted body quickly fell into a sound sleep, yet the strange place awoke him earlier than usual. Zero got a vague idea that he had had many dreams but couldn't remember any. He was a bit calmer, though the pain was still very stingy in his heart.

He stepped out. The house was quite silent, Kaname must be sleeping at the time. He invited himself to the kitchen, opened the large refrigerator. Most of the things inside were drinks and junk food. Kaname didn't cook, he's afraid this well-furnished kitchen was for displaying only. The dishes they used last night were still in the sink. Zero tucked his long sleeves up to clean them up.

Then he poured a glass of plain water and walk to the terrace. Not long later, Kaname appeared behind him.


It was weird to have a vampire greet in the morning. When they slept together before, the pureblood usually woke up around noon. It's because they did it many rounds. But last night they also stayed up very late. It had only been a few hours.

"Are you hungry?"

Zero nodded "A little."

"You didn't eat much last night. Would you like to go out for breakfast or call for delivery?"

So Kaname got up early because he was worried for him. Was it a part of the professional service or he sincerely cared? It's silly to expect for true feeling from an escort, Zero wondered if it's because he was too lonely and desperate. He wanted care or he wanted this pureblood's care?

"I apologise for what I said yesterday."

It seemed Kaname had put it behind, but Zero hoped he would forgive him, not because he was his customer. Even if he was nothing more than that in the pureblood's heart, he wanted to be the pureblood's friend in his own heart.

"If you're really sorry, I accept." Kaname said.

His reply pulled them a bit closer, because he didn't say something like 'No problem' or 'I've forgotten it.' He had waited for an apology, which meant he possibly considered him better than a customer.

"Thank you."


Zero wasn't ready to go out yet, plus he only had one outfit which had been dirty. They ordered food again, Kaname reminded him to contact the bank to block his cards temporarily.

In the afternoon, when they were having tea, Zero slowly confessed what had happened between him and Ichiru. It was embarrassing, and Kaname didn't ask again, yet staying with the pureblood gradually calmed him down and made him comfortable. If there was a person in this world who he could talk about these issues, it could only be Kaname.

The pureblood touched his hand tenderly while listening to him. When Zero finished, he wrapped both of his hands around his which transferred to him a sensation that he was his very precious one. "We have to learn to mend our broken heart to dedicate it to the right one."

"It has only been Ichiru in my heart. I don't know how to love another one."

"But he isn't right for you."

"I'll wait for him." Zero said with determination. He really didn't mind waiting for many more years. Didn't people think more about family when they got older? Both of them were already thirty, he strongly believed Ichiru wouldn't keep that lifestyle forever.

Kaname loosened his hands and turned away as his smile became strained. He respected the hunter's faith and patience, yet he's afraid he didn't have the same level of faith and patience for him. He was willing to sacrifice his own life for his lover, but that person must give him the feeling that his life had been contented with his infinite love.

Zero was so weak and insecure for Ichiru, yet it required a very strong and determined feeling to become that vulnerable. As he told Kaname he was in love with someone in their first night, the pureblood remembered wishing he would say his name. Of course it was impractical, however, wasn't what he was trying, what he was hoping for also impractical?


Zero kept on staying with Kaname for a few more days, ordering delivery food and borrowing his clothes. Life turned serene, he sometimes watched tivi but spent most of his time reading. The large library in the pureblood's house really satisfied his reading greed. He requested for some days off from work, then switched his phone off.

On the third afternoon, Kaname got ready to go out. He didn't really dress up as an escort should, his clothes were business casual, but whatever on him became charming. He was in suit, though the way he wore his suit hinted that he wasn't a normal salaryman working in a normal office.

"Are you going to work?" Zero asked.

"Yes. I need money to pay the bills." Kaname smiled "I'll return very late. You call something to eat and go to bed. Don't wait for me."

It sounded like he was having more than an appointment. To think that Zero was staying in the place, eating the food that Kaname sold his body for, he felt very uneasy.

"How long have you been working in this job?" It wasn't the right time for this topic, but Zero couldn't help asking this question.

Kaname was entranced seeing the hunter's compassion. He displayed a pitiful face. "Since leaving the school. But it doesn't matter, what matters is how long I have to continue doing it. I have no choice until someone ransoms me."

As Zero didn't know what to say, he handed him a door key and an electronic car key. "Go to a bookstore or somewhere if you feel like it."

After Kaname left for a while, Zero still stared at the two things in his palm. The pureblood must trust him completely to give them to him. They had known each other for years, yet didn't really know each other. He still didn't ask what situation had led Kaname to become an escort. Most of the time Zero was the center of their conversations, the pureblood usually tried to take good care of him and make sure he was pleasant. They were in a lover package, however, why did Kaname look more like the patron?

Zero went out later, his first destination was the bank, he filled in some forms to request for issuing new cards and transferred his payment to the pureblood's account, then went to the supermarket. It was like their previous time, thinking about what Kaname wanted to eat and bringing back many bags.

Kaname really worked very late. Zero stored the dishes he had cooked and read a book while waiting for him. He used to wait for his beloved brother, just waited and had no idea if he would return. But it was different this time, he knew Kaname would come back, because he had told him so. Although Ichiru was the one Zero loved, Kaname obviously was more reliable and easier to live with.

The pureblood's smile suddenly flashed in his mind. He realised it felt very good to see him smiling, though he wasn't the only person Kaname smiled with. The pureblood must be staying with someone else in this moment, probably in the process of doing 'it', probably not in the first time this evening.

His thought had gone too far, he started getting disturbed. It kept on and on until one am, he was sitting at the sofa, hand supporting chin, eyes gluing at the door.

Kaname was stunned to see him in such a position. On the contrary, Zero's delight was patent, he immediately stood up and had to hold himself back from walking out to greet him.

Urging him to the dining room and preparing the table while food was being warmed up, Zero discreetly looked at the pureblood's countenance. Kaname was physically well, but his eyes immersed in exhaustion. As a pureblood, his body could recover very quickly, but his soul couldn't. Escorts weren't allowed to choose customers, they had to accept any type of people who wanted to sleep with them, as long as those men paid. Zero had heard Kainart set a very high price for their escort service, however, it's not that all rich men were nice.

Nevertheless, the bar seemed to spread a weird promotion recently, like paying a hundred thousand yen and getting everything as the package Kaname had offered to him. It made it almost affordable to everyone.

"Thank you for the payment. You actually didn't have to pay right now." Kaname said. He had got a text this afternoon informing his account had received an amount of money.

"Ah." Zero put the dishes on the table. "Let's eat! I cooked all these for you."

Kaname nodded and started eating. He loved the hunter's cooking skill, and was hungry at the moment. Before going home, he had only eaten very little. Living alone made his meals irregular, the only time he ate decently was when Zero cooked for him.

The hunter enjoyed seeing Kaname finish his dishes. It was a much fulfilled contentment that he only had with him, because Ichiru didn't care much about the food itself, but preferred dining out with a sexy woman by his side. The last time Zero cooked, he thought he was going to be the one who ate with him from then on.

"I forgot to ask the price, but when I was there, I thought I just transferred a hundred thousand first. Tell me how much more, I will go back to the bank tomorrow."

"You don't have to. It's already enough for six months."

Kaname answered so quickly as though he remembered the quotation by heart, obviously he had been offering this price to many customers. And why was Zero feeling so different? Before he thought about how advantageous to get such a cheap deal. This time he thought about how disadvantageous Kaname got from all the deals he had. In that tiny money he was paid for, how much he had to transfer to Kainart, how much he was allowed to keep? It's totally speechless.

The pureblood paused and looked up, finding Zero gazing at him in deep contemplation. Unexpectedly, as he was wondering if his words were wrong at some point, the hunter reached out with a tissue to help him wipe off the corner of his lips. So gentle and caring as though he was his lover.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" Zero was afraid that Kaname would misunderstand that he asked for sex as soon as he made the payment. "I mean just sleeping. I know you're already very tired."

The pureblood was amazed. Since they met again at Kainart which helped him to discover the hunter's sexual orientation, they had learned to talk to each other, to stay together, to enjoy their bodies' compatibility in bed. Compared to Ichiru, he was still far from the hunter's heart. On the first night coming here, Zero was mad when Kaname approached him. However, what had he just said? He didn't need any of his service tonight, he simply wanted to be with him.

"I'll take a shower and wait in my room."


After cleaning the table up, Zero went to the pureblood's room which was the main bedroom of this penthouse. It looked quite opulent with a large balcony. Kaname was already lying on his bed, naked with a thin white blanket on, deliberately or indeliberately revealing a bare leg up to the seducing slit on his round ass.

Zero found his manhood awaking.

"Kaname!" He called tentatively, wanting to inform him of his presence.

"Come here!"

Having said coming here to sleep only, Zero forgot that the pureblood had a habit of sleeping naked. It was going to be hard, but he would try to restrain himself.

With that resolution, he walked over to adjust the blanket, hoping the air would be cooled down when the pureblood's body was covered properly. Nevertheless, Kaname had another idea in his mind as he grabbed his hand to pull him down for a kiss.

As soon as their lips touched each other, a chill of joy trembled his body. Until now Zero still didn't know how to give pleasure by a kiss, but each time Kaname kissed him, he became so hot and willing to part his lips to invite the other's fervent tongue, to crave to be kissed deeper and longer.

When all clothes were removed and breaths turned short, Zero still didn't believe arousal could be worked up that easily. Kaname took a bottle of lubricant out of his drawer, poured it on his palms and started rubbing their manhoods together. It was a part that Zero couldn't hold too long. He loved the feeling of coming together, to feel both of them were on the same intensity of excitement.

Instinctive desire finally took over him, he pushed Kaname down, bit him and entered him at the same time. Their mutual pleasure rose up and up until their minds turned blank, they entwined to each other, wrapping arms and legs around each other as though they were holding their best treasure.

The pureblood's fervidness convinced him that they were doing a proper thing, his avid moans incited him to try harder, the ardour that they created together burned them up in an impassioned heat.

After climaxed, Zero fell down breathlessly. He squeezed his eyes, then opened them slowly, savouring the sensation that he hadn't got for a while. How long had it been? His mind sluggishly reminded him his last time was only a week ago or so, but it was with Ichiru, his beloved brother, the person who he had been in love with for ages.

In the hunter's dream that night, he recalled the feelings in those precious moments, when his brother held him, when their bodies pressed against each other, when their bare skin for the first time directly contacted each other. Ichiru didn't use lubricant, and Zero didn't dare to suggest, being afraid it would ruin his brother's mood, though for his first time it was really like a torture. The awareness of Ichiru being inside him was too extreme, the pain he was suffering was too vehement, but the consolation that his dream was making true consoled him. He didn't receive any natural feeling of pleasure from his body which sex was supposed to bring up when one was doing it at his free will, but remembered telling himself again and again that Ichiru was making love with him, so he had to keep patient.

The next morning, Zero woke up to see Kaname was sleeping by his side, his breaths were calm and even, a few locks of brown hair lying on his forehead, a very straight and delicate nose and those seducing lips. He hadn't observed him carefully in such a close distance. It was true that purebloods were extremely beautiful, but he didn't like his attitude in their school time or in the night when he terminated their lover package. He liked it when Kaname had that longing look for him, or when they were so sweating together last night. He had figured out the sensitive spot inside him where Kaname would moaned loudly and held him desperately when he hit him there.

"Good morning!" Beautiful claret eyes opened up to greet him.

"Morning!" Zero answered "I don't have class this morning."

"Let's sleep more!" Kaname said dozily, somehow in his tone there was a gratification.

The pureblood must be very tired. Zero scolded himself in silence for having drunk from him a bit too much last night knowing he had lost most of energy for the appointments earlier.

"You can. I have to go out."

"Where?" Kaname mumbled.


The pureblood immediately woke up. "You decide to return home?"

"No, not return. But I need to get my clothes and stuff. I'm planning to move out."

The hunter's words calmed him down, he snuggled up to him. "You want to rent a room?"

"Yeah. I'm looking."

"How about sharing my place?"

Zero smiled sarcastically "I don't have that much money."

"I only paid a hundred thousand yen per month for this place. If you stay with me, we will pay fifty thousand each."

Was he kidding? With that price, one could only get a small room, but not in this area, not such luxurious fitting, unless... Suddenly Zero had an idea which darkened his face.

"Is this landlord your favourite customer?"

Kaname chuckled "Is it important?"

Zero didn't know what to say. When Ichiru told him their house was a gift from his boss, the hunter understood their relation wasn't simply an employer and an employee. He worried that they were going to tie their lives to each other. But it never happened, Ichiru's career grew very fast and they broke up. Zero thought they would move out of that house soon, yet his brother was the legal owner and as far as he knew, that man didn't intend to take it back.

Now Kaname was renting a penthouse with a cheap price, possibly because of the special relation between him and the landlord, and suggesting sharing it with him. If accepting it, Zero would once again sponge on the man who lived off another man's back.

It was a shame that he couldn't financially support the person he lived with. Zero remembered he used to be capable of satisfying whatever his brother wished for when they were kids. In the adult world, he wasn't that successful. He felt more like his brother's old butler, who tried to take care of his house and serving his daily life at home. Ichiru also stopped looking for him when encountering difficulties.

"No, I don't know the owner. It's a benefit from working at Kainart, sometimes they get great deals from business connections and offer them to their escorts." Kaname said.

Kain seemed to be a kind boss, though Zero couldn't help wondering how he made profits from so many promotions for customers and benefits for escorts.

"I'll drive you home. I can help packing up your belongings and bring them here." Kaname gently kissed on the hunter's chest "Just let me know what you need and I will also tell you what I need. Then we will see how to renovate this house to suit both of us. I'll be very easy to live with, I promise."

The pureblood's skin was so smooth that Zero didn't want to take his hand off once touching him, and Kaname also wanted him to continue. Their bodies nestled to each other, some lower parts started growing.

Before Ichiru also asked what Zero thought about his arrangements for the house, but he only asked for form's sake, not really cared the hunter's thinking. After a while, Zero figured it out and just shook his head lightly when Ichiru asked him. Day by day it became a habit, he let him decide everything and simply followed his decisions.

Now he wouldn't know what to say if Kaname asked. If they lived together, just let the pureblood decide then. He really couldn't think anymore, his body was getting so hot, Kaname had climbed on him and was now straddling him.

He could feel the pureblood's hardness in between their stomachs.

His hands rubbed the firm ass and nastily sought for the hole.

His fingers teasingly touched around the closed ring, pressing, flipping it on the outside, yet reluctantly making the next step.

Kaname nibbled his earlobe with impatience. "Inside me."

Practice had taught Zero some skills. He wouldn't say he was an expert now or that he could bring anybody in ecstasy, but he knew exactly what this pureblood wanted to be done.

-to be continued-