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Chapter 6

As they woke up, sun was already setting. It seemed to be a relaxing Sunday. Zero found the pureblood's warm body pressing against his chest. Kaname was tall, but slender, his weight didn't really make Zero uncomfortable, on the contrary, their intimate sleeping position created a very fulfilled, satisfactory feeling in the hunter's heart. His hand tenderly touched the pureblood's back, the smooth sensation reminded both of them had fallen asleep naked after their long, passionate session. If becoming his exclusive customer, wouldn't it be like lovers?

Zero was surprised that his parents' friend didn't say anything to Yagari and Cross. With those two old men's personalities, they wouldn't stay silent if hearing about the fuss he had caused in San Diego. Maybe the other hunter didn't want to expose his own son's personal issue along with it. It was good anyway, because Ichiru seemed very attached to him these days. Had his brother known it, he would have flown into a fury and their relationship wouldn't have been developed that favourably.

"Let's eat out tonight." Kaname mumbled.

The pureblood had also woken up. Zero gently stroked his hair. "OK."

"And do something more. We haven't gone out recently."

Since returning from the trip, Kaname continued very busy, while Zero was nervous whether his relationship with a pureblood escort would reach his seniors' ears or not. They really hadn't been out for a while.

"Let's go to a movie after dinner. I heard Fuukiran just opened a new cinema." Zero suggested, but not saying he heard it from Ichiru.

Fuukiran owned the production company that Ichiru had the exclusive contract with. They were very big in the movie industry and included many companies involving in producing and distributing the Japanese and foreign movies. Also from Ichiru, Zero knew the Fuukiran's owner, the man in his brother's past, was looking to expand his business in other big movie markets.

Ichiru told him all those stories in their conversations on the phone, which he had never done when they lived together, and Zero felt like the gap between them had gradually disappeared, they were no difference than a couple, who would share with each other all daily news and trivial stuff.

Kaname tittered. "Good. I heard they worked very hard for it, but haven't been there to see how it is yet."

Ichiru had been required to attend its launching ceremony a week before. When he told him so, Zero asked if that man would also be there as worried it wouldn't be a pleasant part for his brother. However, Ichiru said the Fuukiran's owner wouldn't have time for it.

Nevertheless, he couldn't avoid him forever as long as he was still an actor. A few days ago, they met at the company's foundation anniversary. Zero had seen all articles and video clips of that event on internet and believed that his brother was favoured by the company. Ichiru's newest movie was also its most important project this year.

"How is the Fuukiran's owner doing?" The question was quite strange as they hadn't mentioned about that man and Ichiru for a while.

Kaname adjusted his position to face the hunter. "Why are you asking about him all of a sudden?"

"Even if I don't mention him, he was an important part that influenced our lives and made us how we are now."

Had Ichiru not met him, his career would have been different, his view on homosexuality might have also been different. Although they hadn't any personal relationship at present, the boss was usually a significant portion in one's concern and continued influencing his life.

"Do you hate him?" Kaname was tentative.

"I hate him for using the career development to force Ichiru." Zero said honestly.

"That man has slept with many actors and given opportunities to many others, before and after Ichiru. But he slept with ones who suggested it with him, and gave opportunities to ones who were talented. He hasn't used the career development to prey on anybody. Is Ichiru not confident of his own ability?" Kaname seemed very defensive each time they talked about the Fuukiran's owner.

Zero sighed. "You seem to know his intentions very well. Plus, your and Ichiru's opinions in dressing style, home arrangement and decoration are very similar. Ichiru was taught by that man, he probably influenced yours too."

"When Ichiru first joined Fuukiran, he was introduced to that man because he suited the main role in the movie which that man was the screenwriter. Ichiru showed his excellent acting skill and a very promising future. After a few months, that man was satisfactory and comfortable to work with him that he confessed Ichiru actually looked a lot like his crush in his school time, one he would never have a chance with. Ichiru said he wanted to replace that person in his heart, to be by his side." Kaname reached for the hunter's hand and gently pressed it on his face. "That man was vulnerable to the looks Ichiru had, he thought he would give them a try. He fulfilled whatever Ichiru wanted him to do. In return, Ichiru gave him many sweet words and promises, but kept on delaying getting married to him. In the end, that man heard Ichiru slept with an actress who he was working with. Ichiru admitted he actually loved women, he couldn't tie his life to a man."

"Because that man didn't truly love him, he took him as a substitute for his crush." Zero felt unfair for his brother after hearing the story, and anxiously denied the pureblood's statement that Ichiru wouldn't accept a man, as deep in his innermost, he hoped one day his brother would open his heart for him.

"Nobody could be the other's substitute forever. That man wouldn't have urged Ichiru to get married if only considered him a substitute for someone else. At the time he thought about marriage, he was ready to take him as his husband, and was willing to change his family name to Kiryuu."

When two persons got married, one would take the other's last name. Most of the time, it would be the wife who took her husband's last name. It went the same way for same-sex marriage in the vampire society, though it's likely that the one with a higher social status would adopt his spouse into his family, regardless of his being top or bottom in bed. Zero used to think one of the reasons Ichiru refused to marry the Fuukiran's owner was he didn't want to follow another man's family name.

In fact, that man wanted to be his family. It was the best evidence of his sincerity. Zero had never imagined there was another person who loved his brother more than him. In the agony of his unrequited love, he carried the pride of the person who loved and dedicated to Ichiru entirely and unconditionally. However, that man's existence seemed to shade his pride, especially when he was capable of satisfying Ichiru's dreams and goals. If his brother chose that man, he would understandingly step aside and give them his bless.

Kaname relaxed the hunter's fingers which had been clenched up and laid an affectionate kiss on his palm. "Have you ever thought clinging to the wrong one would prevent him from finding his right one, and at the same time torturing your right one in denial and loneliness?"

His phone suddenly sang a sweet melody, Zero hastily pulled out from the pureblood's hold. "It's Ichiru."

Kaname gazed at his now empty hand. It took place too fast that he didn't know how to react. Maybe he should pull him back. Didn't Zero say he wanted him all for himself last night? Did it not mean the hunter would exclusively be his as well? Sometimes you thought you had taken a great hold onto something but it might have never been yours.

"It sounds different than your usual ringtone."

"So I'll never miss it." Zero got off their warm bed, still naked, rushing to the sofa where he had left his phone.

"What if you missed it?"

"He would be angry." Zero grabbed the phone, then took his night robe and headed out. "Hi Ichiru!"

"How did it take too long? What are you doing?" The other end was pretty loud, making it quite easy to overhear their conversation, but the door soon shut up, returning silence to their bedroom.

"Ah, I've just woken up."

"At this time? What did you you do all night? Who are you staying with?"

"I'm alone in my room." Zero guiltily glanced at the closed door, hoping Kaname didn't hear his answer. He didn't want to deny him, but it was meaningless to irritate Ichiru with their escort and customer relationship.

His brother didn't question more. They started talking about a few things, one continued by the other. To be more exact, it was Ichiru talking about himself and Zero happily listening, happily agreeing and smiling with him. Ichiru just asked about Zero a little in the beginning, same questions each time, before changing the topic to his own life, his own issues where he was the center. Sometimes the hunter wanted to share with his brother a funny story at work or some problem which he was coping with, but Ichiru wasn't really interested, he let it pass with one or two pointless comments and led them to another thing of his. Nevertheless, Zero appreciated that Ichiru talked to him. He knew his brother didn't talk that much to the girls he dated with, and it meant he had a better place in his brother's heart.

Zero sat down at a couch, leaning on its soft back and closing his eyes. On the other end, Ichiru was talking about the home maintenance. Since Zero wasn't there, everything became a mess. Some people seemed to be better in telling what needed to be done than carrying it out on his own. Zero got more worried, he probably shouldn't have left home too long.

After a while, he sensed a warm breath brushing over his helix, then his ear was licked by a moist, avid tongue. Knowing who he was, Zero didn't bother to open his eyes. The pureblood's teasing was kind of pleasant that he quietly accepted while continued listening to his brother.

Suddenly Kaname tugged his earlobe with his lips, it wasn't really hurt, but enough to startle him.


"Huh?" Ichiru asked as hearing the weird sound.

Zero lightly pushed Kaname out. "Nothing."

The pureblood moved to the front and approached his sensitive part. He removed the flaps of the hunter's robe to expose his manhood and started kissing. Zero wanted to stop him, but didn't know how when Kaname insisted going on.

"Let's have dinner tonight." Ichiru suggested.

"Tonight?" Zero repeated with excitement, but he remembered agreeing to go out with the pureblood already.

Kaname paused to look at him, seeing regret brimming over his eyes, he bent down to engulf his whole length into his mouth. Zero grabbed the pureblood's hair in an attempt to stop him, but it only made him more fervent, pleasure swiftly rushed over his body, he struggled to suppress his voice.

"I've promised to meet a friend already."

"Really?" Ichiru was surprised at his brother's refusal. "Can you cancel it? I've booked a table for us."

The hardness was being squeezed in strong fingers, Kaname raised a brow at him. Five seconds seemed as long as a century, he took his robe completely off.

"Sorry," Zero stuttered. Kaname wouldn't break his manhood, would he? However, this feeling was embarrassingly fantastic. "I... cannot."

"Are you sure? I have to travel around to advertise the movie for a while. You really don't want to see me before I leave?"

Kaname had already undressed himself and climbed on his lap, settling both of them in a very intimate position, the masculine arousal was pressing against the sexy slit where it hungrily craved for.

"I have something to do now. Can we talk later?" Zero definitely didn't want to hang up but afraid what was happening next would be out of his control.

Ichiru sounded upset. "You don't want to see me?"

His manhood had found its sweet home, their chests were so hot against each other, the pureblood's aura pervaded in the air. Zero realised he had got so used to him, to the point that he would react to his desire, and want him whenever he wanted it.

Ichiru subtly got the change hinted in his brother's attitude. When they lived together, Zero never rejected his suggestions. He used to think it would be good if his brother found a lover, but hadn't carefully thought about how it would affect their lives.

"I miss you."

The hunter's body stiffened. The passionate movements also ceased. Was it the very first time he heard those words from Ichiru? His unrequited feeling had become so hopeless that he believed his presence had no meaning to him. For years it was only Zero who thought about his brother, worried about him, waited for him, and missed him.

Finally Ichiru had understood it, had recognised his dedication. Zero felt his eyes stung but his heart was dancing with an overwhelming joy. How should he answer him now? If only he could meet him immediately and went home together with him.

All of a sudden, the phone was snatched from his hand and thrown away.

Instead of an answer that he was undecided of how to arrange his words properly, his lips were sucked by the other's intense ones. When strength was the decisive factor, he couldn't win over a certain pureblood who was forcing him to continue this unfinished intercourse. He didn't deny his body's natural reaction, but not in the mood to enjoy its pleasure.

As Kaname had to break their kiss to catch his breath up, Zero snorted. "What do you think you are doing?"

"It's only good for you." The pureblood resumed moving up and down to grow their sensation, his weight relied on him, his short pants lingered on the hunter's bare skin.

Zero shut his eyes, he didn't want to think about his lower part, but the great feeling of being deeply swallowed and ground continuously jolted to his mind.

Their sweat mixed with each other.

The sweet melody was being sung again. Zero tried to struggle in vain.

It's gone, then was repeated instantly, even sweet melody sounded furious.

He was like on fire.

But he wasn't in control, his body was beneath the pureblood's, his arms were restrained.

It's obvious that they weren't making love, maybe it had never been, but the previous times felt that way. Nevertheless, Kaname really got great skills, and what Zero was feeling was something mixed between unwillingness and pleasure.

As they finally came and the pureblood released his arms, Zero almost didn't have enough energy to push him out. They stayed still until their bodies recovered a little bit.

"You jerk." Zero uttered.

"I'm just helping you."

"Help?" He gritted his teeth. "I thought you were a professional."

Kaname smirked. "I am professional."

"What kind of professional who raped their customer?" Zero sat up, determinedly left the couch.

Kaname didn't stop him, but sank himself into the soft cushions. "How long have you tried your best to please him? Didn't it only get better after you moved out? If you want more of his attention, abandon him more. Give him more time alone to reflect on how good you are."

Zero ceased his steps to ponder on the pureblood's opinion. By hearing Ichiru would realise his good points, his anger with the forceful sex completely vanished. His ultimate purpose was to gain his brother's attention. Kaname was a professional escort, he must understand men much better than him. With his advice, maybe Zero would have a chance with Ichiru.

"Is it true? Can I really treat him like that?"


"He will surely get mad at my hanging up all of a sudden. He even called back several times. He didn't need me when I put him at first priority. If I treat him like that, he will ignore me."

Kaname rest an arm on his forehead. "Trust me. He may be angry at first, but he will think about it if you keep on ignoring him. If there is no change, you will never see thoroughly how the meaning, how your feeling and hope for something may have changed with time."

Zero carefully contemplated on the pureblood's words. It sounded risky, however, he wanted Ichiru to change his view on their relationship. He wanted him to see them in a romance rather than a brothership. He wanted to become his lover instead of supporting him and standing by his side as his brother. If only the change of attitude would make Ichiru figure out they could be a couple, and his relying on him not as a family member, but a partner.

Of course Kaname wouldn't tell Zero his words were more straightforward and direct than the hunter thought. He was obviously interfering in the issue between the Kiryuu's twins. He wanted them to keep a distance so that Zero, not Ichiru, would think about his own hope and feeling to see whether they had been changed.

Zero bent down to pick his phone up. Luckily, it landed on the soft, thick carpet and wasn't broken. There was a new message.

"I am sorry. I'll check with you earlier next time. Call me when you want to talk."

"Kaname!" Zero almost couldn't believe in what he saw. His heart thumbed loudly. "He said sorry. He thought I was mad because he asked me out in the last minute."

But the pureblood lied still on the couch, eyes closed, arm on forehead as though he had fallen asleep.

"Kaname!" Zero called gently, yet his word fell into silence. He wanted to tell him his advice was actually right, he wanted to share his joy with him. But Kaname was probably too exhausted these days.

Zero brought the pureblood's night robe back to their bedroom to hang it on a hanger, and took a blanket out for him. Kaname didn't move since he left. He covered his naked body to make sure the pureblood was warm, and went downstairs.

They didn't go out that night. Kaname ate very little and didn't say anything. After dinner, they watched a sitcom on tivi but he didn't laugh once.

Zero glanced at him and murmured "Would you like a jacuzzi bath? I'll prepare the tub."

Kaname nodded.

Zero immediately ran to fill the bathtub, check its temperature and drop in the low-foam essense with lavender scent. There was a variety of essential oils in the bathroom, but it seemed to be for decoration only, since Kaname used his favorite lavender scent most of the time.

When the water was ready, the pureblood walked in and settled at a corner of the tub, resting his arms on the edge.

Zero got close to him, tenderly offered. "Want a massage?"

Kaname opened his eyes to look deeply at him. "You are the customer. Why do you want to serve me?"

"You are too quiet. I just want to make you feel pleasant."

"For what?"

Yes, for what? With the nature of their relationship, Zero should make his request straightforwardly if he wanted something. And Kaname would tell him the price if he did provide such a service. Would it really be necessary to consider his mood?

Zero didn't know, he just felt uncomfortable when Kaname was distant and silent. They didn't stay together all the time, the pureblood was actually away more recently, but Zero had been used that Kaname would return to him, would listen to him, would care about him, that he had a part in the pureblood's tight schedule. Kaname cared about him not only when he had nothing else to do, but he would try to satisfy him, even if it was merely a part of their agreement which Zero paid for.

"Do you care about what I feel?" Kaname asked him.




Kaname sighed, his fingers touched the hunter's lips, and pulled him closer for a kiss. The atmosphere was softened, Zero got delighted, unconsciously opened his mouth to welcome him, also held him back passionately.

Kaname seemed hesitant, as though he wanted to say something but couldn't decide if he should. He whispered the hunter's name a few times, but in the end occupied his lips again to kiss him more.


Since the hunter's attitude toward his brother changed, Ichiru concerned about him more. He asked more about his life, about what he was doing. When they talked, he took more time to listen to him. However, Kaname reminded Zero not to answer every his calls and messages. Sometimes he should ignored the routinely ones, and might tell Ichiru that he accidentally didn't hear it or see it.

Although it was against what Zero wanted to do, he totally trusted the pureblood's method and his burning desire to have his brother's attention. He struggled with his own longing to follow the pureblood's advice, even honestly told Kaname the content of his conversations with Ichiru and let him read their message exchange.

Many times Zero thought his replies would cause big problems, but Ichiru's reaction wasn't very bad. Many times Zero thought he was crazy, because he was telling his brother exactly what Kaname wanted him to tell, unsure if it was because he wanted Ichiru desperately or he couldn't refuse what the pureblood said.

"Did Ichiru call? Let me see his messages." Kaname was out all day, and Zero didn't know how many men he had met or done something else with, but those sentences had become the first thing he said upon returning home every night.

"Uh." Zero didn't feel it totally right, but he had been questioned like that too often that it became a habit. "He has arrived Seoul two days, everything was good. The event will start tomorrow. He said he bought some gifts for me when wandering around."


Zero smiled. "Yes. Do you think he has fallen in love with me? He thinks about me when he goes out."

Kaname frowned. "Did he tell you whom he went shopping with? Did you know the company offered an additional ticket for his partner and he didn't waste it?"

Zero was hurt to hear it. He read on magazines that the superstars could request to bring their family and staff with them. In his brother's case, his crew were the people worked for the same company and paid for taking care of him. As for his family, shouldn't it be him, his brother?

But Ichiru didn't choose him. He talked to him frequently, but didn't ask him to travel with.

"Perhaps he's afraid people will know." Zero tried to comfort himself.

"Really?" Kaname seemed irritated. "Why did it take him two days to call you? You think it will take him two days to call someone he loves?"

"He has a lot of things to do."

"Ah, not that he was busy enjoying the leisure time with his woman?"

It seemed like they were having a quarrel. Each time the pureblood's advice brought a good result which Zero wanted to compliment on, his comment on this result usually smashed it up. Nevertheless, the joy of the latest conversation still overwhelmed him. He didn't hope Ichiru would leave all his girlfriends at once to be with him.

After a few moments, Zero murmured. "I think that he is changing, he recently…"

"I think that you have forgotten why you had to sit in the park at midnight, why you had to move out of your house." Kaname cut him short.

"But he is treating me much better than before."

"You were not in his eyes before." The pureblood smiled. "Even though it's better now, he still doesn't treat you as his lover."

Why must his words be too cruel? Zero managed to soothe his pain. "It doesn't matter. I can wait."

Kaname went upstairs, but stopped in the middle of the staircase. "Ichiru won't return your love in the way you want. Why do you keep suffering?"

"I'm not suffering."

There was nothing else to say. Zero looked after the pureblood's figure, feeling kind of sad. It seemed their relationship occurred some problem recently. Kaname wasn't the kind and considerate person as how he had been, he's surly and critical when they talked about Ichiru, while he himself was the one who asked.

Speaking of that, they hadn't had sex for a while. Zero looked forward to hearing from his brother, but he was craving for Kaname at the same time, and this craving was getting worse and worse. He had initiated it before, it happened quite naturally, yet he couldn't do it now. Kaname didn't look like he wanted him to touch him.

Perhaps he shouldn't update him with the status of his relationship with Ichiru anymore. The pureblood didn't really give any 'advice' now, he only criticised his thoughts.


Unfortunately, their situation wasn't improved at all. Kaname remained cold. Today he got up early and packed up for a trip. Having companied him once, Zero knew what he had to do in that kind of trip.

"How long?"

"A week."

"Can you…" Zero watched him selecting the suits in their walk-in wardrobe. "… cancel it?"

"Can't." Kaname answered sternly. "He is an important customer. Usually pay generously."

Zero felt like he had gotten a piercing slash. His income wasn't bad, but he couldn't afford to pay Kaname a luxurious life as how he was living. He had thought about monopolizing him. Was it when they were in their most pleasant days?

"It's… about… we talked previously."


"The exclusive package. I'll be your only customer."

"I decline." Kaname said calmly. "Because I don't see your sincerity."

"How to let you see my sincerity?"

Kaname smirked. "Think about it by yourself."

Zero didn't know what was in the pureblood's mind. He had been straightforward to explain he didn't want him to sleep with other men, he wanted to pay more so that Kaname didn't have to exhaust himself, would have more time to rest and do other things. He sincerely didn't keep any fishy intention behind it.

"I don't know how to think."

"That's why I said you don't have sincerity." Kaname shut his suitcase. "Did Ichiru call? Did he send message?"

There, he asked again, but he had just asked when came back last night. What could happen during the time they were sleeping?


"No? How come has he not contacted you for several days?"

"Maybe he's busy." Zero pretended to turn to another direction. In fact, he talked to his brother a little before Kaname returned home, but in the pureblood's eyes, it would only be some silly thing if he told him now.

"Aren't you upset?" Kaname stood up.

"Why should I? I don't need to hear from him everyday."

Zero must have chosen the right answer, because Kaname came to hug him and whispered into his ear. "Want something before I leave?"

"What?" Didn't his attitude change too fast to adapt?

"How long have I not satisfied you?"

All of a sudden, Zero was embraced and kissed passionately, his arms were pulled to wrap around the pureblood's waist, his tongue were sucked ardently, his erection felt the similarity on the body pressing against him.

They were too urgent that they couldn't take off their clothes completely, Kaname bent down to let Zero enter him from behind. The craving which had been amassed for weeks took no time to rise up. Zero held his waist and thrust into him with eagerness.

The next round was right on the floor. Zero was still behind him and Kaname was on all four. Zero didn't know why he had so much energy. Clothes became too annoying, he hastily tore the pureblood's shirt off to kiss on his skin.

Of course he didn't care how expensive it was at the moment. It was the very first time he did that, something which he hadn't thought he would ever do. However, he so much wanted more of Kaname, to see him in need of him, in yearning for him, in ecstasy because of him. It brought a very enjoyable feeling as though he had reached a great achievement.

Seeing his own manhood disappeared in the pureblood's body, with his appealing hole being stretched around him, Zero got a strong feeling of happiness and contentment. Not having it for a while, he could feel it very clearly and thoroughly now. It must be because of this, because he didn't want Kaname to receive anyone else but him.

It was too good to hold back any longer, but he didn't want to leave him, didn't want to detach from his body. His mind turned empty, oh this pleasure. Was it true to say men cared for sex more than love? To make a weird comparison, Kaname agreeing to have sex made him feel even happier than having a long, sweet conversation with Ichiru.


And home alone, without the pureblood, was much worse than not hearing from his brother. Zero found himself back to the canteen in the Academy for meals. He loved cooking, but it was meaningless to cook and eat alone. When living with Ichiru, he only cooked on the days when he expected him to go home early. But his guess was wrong most of the time, which discouraged him to cook frequently. Since moving in with Kaname, he spent time for cooking almost every day, unless they had plan to dine out together. Meals got exciting as it wasn't something on his own anymore.

The pureblood didn't say he shouldn't contact him when he was away, so Zero sent messages to him now and then. Kaname liked it, he replied very quickly, and called to talk to him at night, but just for short conversations. He seemed busy, once Zero made the call, but he wasn't around to answer, probably was in the middle of something.

Zero wondered what sincerity Kaname expected from him. He had never lied to him, the only thing he couldn't give him was his love, which he had already given to his brother before he met him.

A week passed uneventfully. Ichiru asked him to have dinner again, letting him choose the day this time. As a matter of fact, Zero was overjoyed to hear his invitation. He would have been convinced to go out with him the previous time if Kaname hadn't ended their talk.

Couldn't wait any longer, he agreed to see him immediately. Putting his new outfits on, and thoughtfully calling a cab, he didn't want his brother to see him driving a luxury car and make unnecessary questions, even though he now used a white Cadillac to go around as the black BMW remained the pureblood's favourite car.

Ichiru reserved a nice view corner of the terrace for their dinner. It had been a few months, Zero had seen his brother's new hairstyle on the magazine, but just had the chance to see it in reality today. He was charming, any hairstyle just fit him well.

"I was afraid you would reject me again." Ichiru smiled.

"How could it be?"

"I miss you." His smile was so tempting.

Zero was dumbfounded. They weren't on the phone, his brother was saying he missed him face to face. He didn't dare to imagine how his facial expression had turned into upon hearing it. He was shocked, a very pleasurable type of shock.

Ichiru observed him carefully. "You look better than before. More attractive."

Zero blushed, even the fork and spoon became awkward in his hands.

"I bought a tie for you." Ichiru pushed a small box toward his brother. It was something he had told to him on the phone. Looking at the box was enough to know it was an expensive, well-designed thing.

"Thank you."

Both of them seemed a bit clumsier than usual. Zero didn't know what to say. They hadn't often eaten together, even when they lived together, but having his brother right in front of him now, leisurely enjoying his meal, it was like heaven.

"Are you still seeing Kaname?"

"No. It's been a while." If only Ichiru knew 'a while' in this case was a week, and the reason they weren't seeing each other was because Kaname was on a trip. Nevertheless, Zero had learned that he better not tell one of them that he was in contact with the other, since they didn't like to hear it at all.

"Oh? He didn't try to seduce you?"

Zero carefully thought about the pureblood's treatment. He was kind, caring and made efforts to please him, but it was the service, not seduction, isn't it? Zero was living with him in a luxury penthouse, driving a luxury car, traveling with first class ticket, going to luxury restaurants, but it wasn't free, he did pay for it, though his payment, to be realistic, could hardly cover one of them, let alone all together.

"That man's secretary said he recently has a new lover who lives together with him. It's the first time he lives with someone. I think he wants to get him used to living in wealth first, then induce him to get married. His new lover looks like me, after many years he still can't stop running after the guys with similar looks with his high school crush."

"You and the secretary...?"

"What strange thing are you thinking about?" Ichiru laughed. "How can I touch his secretary? Even if I wanted, she wasn't stupid to sleep with her boss's ex. She just leaked out some information to me and helped me to transfer my gift from Seoul to him. He's the big boss, I have to show him I always think about him. He doesn't need expensive gifts, just something that implies my care. This time I bought a lavender massage oil, it's his favourite scent."

Until now Zero had learned enough to conclude that the Fuukiran's owner wasn't Takuma. That man was still single, and was trying to look for someone who loved him. Ichiru criticised his method of pampering his lover. Maybe it wasn't the best way to win a person's heart, maybe it only provoked the other's greed and got himself taken advantage of, but Zero believed he would also give his lover everything he had, financially, physically and emotionally.

"Are you dating anyone now? Who are you living with?" Ichiru asked.

"Ah, I share a house with a colleague."

"When will you go home? I really miss you." Ichiru seemed very generous in saying this sweet sentence today. As if it wasn't convincing enough, he continued. "I know I was irresponsible before. It's our home, but I let you take care of everything on your own. After you left, I finally understood how tired to handle them and how costly the expenses are. I can pay for all expenses, but I need you at home, Zero. I have met so many people, made so many friends, they just come and go with no trace left, but you are the one I need in my life."

It wasn't a love confession, nor a marriage proposal, but Zero was already enraptured with his brother's words. He wasn't valueless in Ichiru's eyes, on the contrary, his brother needed him, relied on him, even tried to share his responsibilities. Zero missed him too, he also wanted to come back, but would he be able to tolerate the agony of seeing his beloved brother playing with different girlfriends?

"I will think about it."

Ichiru was silent as though he was having a serious thought. At lengths, he asked. "Do you still love me?"

Zero was panicked. This love was definitely not the brotherly love. Ichiru had known what relationship Zero wished for them, they had practically slept with each other, but how did his brother expect him to answer? Neither Yes or No was appropriate, Zero had hope, but even himself found ashamed to admit such an abnormal hope.

Ichiru stood up, walked over his chair to stand behind his back, held his shoulders and bent down. As Zero curiously looked up, Ichiru kissed him. The human's technique was good, Zero was about to retreat as an instinctive reflex, but remembered it was the person he yearned to be intimate with, his lips gradually parted for him, it was kind of enjoyable, it was kind of unfamiliar.

After five or ten seconds, Ichiru stopped and whispered. "Like it?"

Zero felt his breaths so hot. He threw his eyes around to see if anyone caught them. He didn't care for himself, but Ichiru was a movie star, the last thing he wanted was to ruin his brother's career.

Fortunately, nobody was turning to their table.

"I... I gotta go."

"I'll drive you home."

"No need." Zero straightened up, feeling dizzy as if he was having a fever. If staying longer, he couldn't be sure what would happen next.

"Send me a message after you arrive home." Ichiru murmured sweetly.

Zero took a cab back. His heart still beat in disorder as he opened the door. Light was on inside, Kaname was sitting at the sofa.

He turned around upon hearing the sound and smiled with him. "I thought you were preparing my favourite dishes to welcome me back, and maybe a nutritious soup mixed with your blood again."

To think he used to invite a pureblood to drink his own blood, Zero realised he had had crazy moments for this person. "I'm sorry, I had to go out." Looking at the small box in his hand, Zero knew it would be more awkward to hide it behind his back now.

Kaname glanced at his hand, his smile was even sweeter. "Went out for a date?"

The word reminded Zero of his kiss with Ichiru earlier, he got more nervous, but this delight was too much to hold back, even if Kaname might give some bad comment, he had no reason to deny it. "I had dinner with Ichiru. He bought a gift for me from Seoul."

"Oh." was all Kaname said.

"Have you not eaten? I'll take a shower and cook dinner for you." In fact, Zero had planned to cook a big meal today, all ingredients were ready, but Ichiru called to ask him out, and he decided to delay it. Plus, Kaname said he might return very late.

"I'm home." Quickly sent a message to Ichiru, he left the phone on the dining table and went upstairs.

In the shower, he recalled each detail of their meeting. His brother's gentle words and gestures made him smile happily. He touched on his own lips, savouring the sensation of their first kiss. Last time Ichiru hadn't kissed him, and for now he could say he knew how to bring pleasure to his partner by a kiss. It's all thanks to Kaname, but the kiss between him and Ichiru was more meaningful than that. His brother had really changed, he was confident to hope for a future now.

The shower took a while as he touched himself while imagining about his dream. His hands rubbed his hardness pretty roughly to seek for the feeling he could have had if making love with Ichiru. Orgasm came as a storm, water flowed away the passion juice in his hand, he reached for the soap to clean his body thoroughly once more.

When he returned downstairs, Kaname was still at the sofa. His legs stretched on the coffee table, his laptop was on his lap. Zero often saw him concentrate on typing something, though he wasn't supposed to have anything to work on a laptop in his escort job.

Most of people nowadays used smartphones which combined a lot of features, but Kaname chose a gold plated Vertu with diamonds engraved on the front, besides its valuable case, it even didn't have a camera. Zero thought the pureblood wanted to show off, however, a professional escort knew enough to use stuff that could imply his rank, but at the same time avoid offending his customers' pride that he might make more money than the people who paid him.

Unless it was a gift from a generous customer like the one whom Kaname had just come back from. It cost the hunter's full-year income. Zero had never thought about buying something like that all his life, and it obviously hindered him from persisting on his exclusive package idea, assuming the pureblood's refusal was probably because he couldn't provide him such a luxury life, but within his ability and willingness, he was happy to cook for him.

Before starting the cooking, Zero checked his phone for Ichiru's reply, but there was no new message. He kept waiting and checking many times but to his disappointment, Ichiru remained silent. By instinct, he worried his sudden departure might have irritated him, or a girlfriend came over and his brother forgot to reply to him.

He wanted to call, but Kaname was nearby, he didn't want to be criticised again, plus, he wouldn't be able to cover his distress if getting hurt after talking to Ichiru. It was already lucky that the pureblood didn't say anything at his gluing his eyes to the phone while he was eating. His mind must have turned too dull that he didn't recognise he was putting himself between these two men, worrying about getting them mad, trying to hide what they disliked him to do.

After the late dinner, they went to bed, but none of them could sleep. Each turned to their own side, following their own thoughts.


The next day, Zero sent a few more messages, but Ichiru never replied. At last, he closed his door to make a call before leaving the office.

"Hi." It took many rings until Ichiru answered with an indifferent voice.

"I just wanted to ask if everything is fine after we said goodbye yesterday."

Ichiru took a deep inhalation and sniggered. "How would you like me to be if not alright?"

"What do you mean?"

"What do you want, Zero? You're determined to reject me, then called to express your concern. I don't understand what you want from me after all."

Zero almost dropped his phone. "Rejected? What did I say?"

Ichiru laughed mockingly. "You woke up this morning and forgot everything? Don't tell me you replied to my messages in your dream."

The call was hung up right there.

Zero knew his brother was in rage. This whole thing sounded very strange. He immediately came to meet him in person.

Ichiru narrowed his eyes as seeing him at the threshold.

"My only message after we parted at the restaurant was I was home." Zero tried to explain.

"Not that one." Ichiru folded his arms in front of his chest. "After that one."

"After that, I waited for your reply all night but you didn't answer."

The human's expression changed a bit. "You didn't get my answer?"

Zero shook his head. Things might go wrong from there. Ichiru grabbed his phone and threw it to him. "Read them by yourself."

"I keep thinking about you these days. Maybe I have fallen for you. Can you return home? We will try and see if we can become a couple."

"I will try to spend more time with you. My only condition is you can't ask me to stop seeing the others."

"How do you think about that?"

Three long messages which Zero had waited in the whole night but never arrived. In fact, he had been waiting for them much longer. Although not being able to have Ichiru committed to him completely, his brother had finally accepted his unrequited feeling.

From now on they would be much closer and more intimate than brothers.

He could look forwards to better things in their future.

No word could describe his delight in this moment.

But the conversation didn't end there. The next messages were his 'own' replies.

"What do you mean by falling for me and keeping on seeing the others?"

"Are you thinking you are trying clothes and can try on as many as you like?"

"I have known you are not a good man, but I can't believe you are actually such a low life."

Zero got sweated. He had never said a bad word to his brother all his life, but the messages which were supposed to be sent by him insulted Ichiru terribly. Who could tolerate it?

"It wasn't me!"

"Then who? Who are you living with?"


When Zero returned to the house where he was living with Kaname, the pureblood was closing the refrigerator and holding a glass of water in his hand. It was pretty far from where Zero was standing.

Kaname didn't go out today, he was again doing something on his laptop, which at the moment was on screen saver mode, next to it was the Vertu phone.

Zero believed he still had a clear mind for not pulling out his Bloody Rose, but taking the pureblood's phone to throw directly at him.

"You bastard!"

Kaname used his free hand to catch it, but what he got was a deformed thing which had already been ruined in the hunter's grasp.

"I comforted you when you were down. I brought you home when you didn't know where to go. I encouraged you to balance your life. And you call me bastard?" Kaname glared at him, not intending to deny what Zero had figured out.

"You read my messages without my consent and said nonsense to Ichiru."

"Nonsense? All my words were true. Or you are willing to let him do whatever he wants? You are willing to let him treat you as clothes, try you on, then throw you away?"

Zero couldn't hear that much, just a few familiar words as what he had read on his brother's phone had stirred his nerves up. With the strength of a well-trained hunter, he jumped on the pureblood, pressing him against the wall. He hadn't tried to analyze what kind of feeling he had for him, but in his mind, Kaname had always been someone by his side, in his team, who understood him, supported him, stood up for him. Having his dream shattered by the person he trusted totally was a painful experience that he didn't know how to cope with.

"It's none of your business. Who allowed you to decide for me?"

Kaname was actually angry no less than Zero, but seeing the hunter's regret imprinted on his face, he sighed. "I'm afraid you will get hurt. If Ichiru really thinks about your feeling and respects you, how can he leave you alone to see the others? How can he not think about what you may feel?"

It was the only part that Zero wanted to neglect, though he wasn't sure how long and how much he could manage to. Except for that part, his brother's suggestion was like his happy dream coming true. He didn't want to think about it, or be reminded of, especially by Kaname.

"Even if I'll get hurt by Ichiru, so what? He's the person I love. It's still better than living with you and having no idea how many men you sleep with out there." Zero didn't mean to humiliate the pureblood, all he wanted to say was Kaname didn't have the right to talk badly about Ichiru while he wasn't better.

Chagrin and fear flashed through those claret eyes, but hastily vanished in a second. Kaname smiled. "If you say so, why don't you go back to your brother before it's too late?"

A chilly wind had just blown over the room, Zero unconsciously loosened his grip. The pureblood was totally expressionless in front of him. It was like the night he terminated their lover package at Kainart. In one moment Kaname was looking at him affectionately, the next moment he turned around to leave as if nothing had ever happened between them.

This time their bodies were still in contact, but it wasn't the countenance which Zero had gotten used to.

They were breaking up.

Yes, he had always known this relationship wouldn't last long, this person wasn't the one in his dreams. Somehow it would come to an end.

"Right, I'm going back to Ichiru. Good bye!"

Zero went straight to the main door, but his hand on the door handle was unexpectedly flung away, his whole body was pushed back by a sudden force.

He instinctively managed to balance himself and held out his claw to the attacker.

However, the pureblood was faster to lock him in his embrace, and leaped them upstairs.

Zero was shoved into their bedroom, collapsed onto their bed.

"Do you want a fight?" He asked furiously.

Kaname started undressing himself. "If you don't make it clear to me today, don't think about stepping out of here."

Zero sat up on the bed. "What are you doing? What is unclear between us?" As far as he understood, they had agreed in a lover package including accommodation for six months. The term wasn't finished yet. "There is no rule that I can't terminate the package. I did it before."

"I'm glad you remember you dumped me once." Kaname smiled coldly.

"I don't ask you to refund my payment. Even if you want a penalty, just speak out how much."

"You really can't wait to go back to Ichiru."

"Stop it! I'm not in the mood now." Zero yelled as the pureblood walked closer to their bed.

Kaname clutched his clothes, they struggled until his shirt was taken off and used to tie his wrists up. Then the pureblood used his sharp nails to make a cut on his right palm.

Blood flowed out swiftly.

The air sank.

Zero cooled down a little for another desire to rise up.

He hated unfair games like this.

Pure blood was greatly beneficial to its consumers. However, the more a vampire drank from a pureblood, the more he became loyal to him. That's why purebloods gave their blood to their followers to strengthen their power, and at the same time, to reinforce their loyalty.

His will to fight Kaname was fading away.

The pureblood undid his belt and took his pants off. "I really want to know if I can't make you happy at all. Would you prefer being taken by Ichiru to taking me?"

Zero resolutely gazed at another direction. His limp manhood was caressed by the blooded hand, and awaken vigorously when the warm, magical liquid coated around it.

He could feel it hardening more and more, to the extent that he couldn't lie still any longer.

"Maybe you aren't interested in looking around to know your size is quite an exception." Kaname whispered into his ear. "You're so big, Zero! I didn't know it when I… saw you in the Academy."

Perhaps "saw" wasn't the original word he wanted to say. He climbed on the hunter's body and slowly put his erection into his entrance.

After all in, he bent down to kiss his face.

"I can heal very fast, but you shouldn't have taken that excuse to do it all night long each time you came to me. But I was happy, because you must feel good with me or you wouldn't have started the next round. Right after you left, I started waiting for you to contact me again."

Zero stirred a little bit by instinct, Kaname moaned.

He immediately tried his best to stay still, showing his uncooperativeness.

Kaname attempted to guide his head back to face him, but Zero insisted on fixing his eyes at another way.

"What else can I give you, Zero?" The pureblood's voice turned weak. "What do you want from me? Tell me again, please!"

He licked on his face, his ear, down to his neck with deep intensity. The hunter used to think it was pretty wild, but it usually stimulated a very weird pleasure and got him addicted.

He squeezed his eyes. "I don't know what Ichiru is thinking. But if there is a chance, I want to seize it."

Kaname paused. When one was with a pureblood, he couldn't be sure whether his thoughts, his feelings, his desires were still under his control, or being influenced by the pureblood's will. Nevertheless, Zero possessed a very strong will, even in such a sensitive moment, he could be able to resist him to think about another issue.

He was physically inside him, but his mind and his heart weren't there.

"I've waited for Ichiru for a long time. I wished one day he wouldn't just look at me as a brother and give us a chance. I told you about it right in the first time. You knew what I dreamed for, you knew why I got hurt, you even advised me how to gain his attention. Why did you want to ruin my chance? Why did you make Ichiru misunderstand me?" Zero said softly, but kept his eyes close, refusing to look at Kaname. He believed the pureblood didn't mean to hurt him as he was kissing him, but he didn't like his intervention nor what he was doing.

The arousal which hadn't come from his free will was subsiding while so many thoughts were occupying his mind.

They lied still in silence.

"I am sorry." Kaname stuttered as resting his head on the hunter's chest. "Do you love Ichiru?"

"Yes." Zero answered without thinking.

"You want to go back home with him?"


The pureblood's hands tightened around the hunter's body. "Isn't there any other feeling in your heart now? Isn't there anything can keep you here?"


Kaname rose up to stroke his hair. "Look at me when you answer me." His fingers gently inserted into those soft locks of silver hair. "Please!"

Zero reluctantly opened his eyes to face him. They were on their large bed, face to face, warmth to warmth, skin to skin.

He hadn't seriously thought about what kind of feeling he had for him. Although the nature of their relationship and what Kaname was doing out there continuously bugged him, in the moments like this, it was simply very secure and serene. Such feeling he had never experienced with Ichiru.

But he had never doubted about his feeling for his brother. This feeling had grown up with him for years that it became a part of his life, as if one of the reasons he came to this world was because he wanted to follow him.

"I love Ichiru."

And Kaname had thought he would kill Zero if the hunter ever repeated it.

But he couldn't.

To be exact, that idea didn't form completely in his mind, and he realised he hadn't been honest to think he would hurt Zero.

"I got it." He resignedly pulled out and left their bed, going to the bathroom.

Their intercourse could never finish. Zero got a very new feeling of loss when it was only him left. It wasn't the result he wanted for both of them. The pureblood said he got it, but what did he get from their unclear conservation? Had Kaname not brought him here and started all these, Zero wouldn't be too mad to say what he had said. Had he just let him walk out, he would have just gone to somewhere nearby until both of them calmed down, then return for a better talk. With a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, he surely wouldn't go far.

"You should start packing up."

Zero turned to the direction where he heard the pureblood's voice, seeing him already in a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, though not looking like how he often dressed for an appointment.

"If cannot handle everything on your own, call a home mover. The package and the rent ends today. I'll transfer the leftover of your payment to your bank account."

He was reluctant at the door, but didn't turn back. "Don't contact me! I won't see you again!"


Why did it sound like a break up between lovers? Zero gazed at the closed door, somehow hoping it would be opened again, but the pureblood had left with a great part of his keenness and zeal. They had lived in the same house, slept on the same bed, he had cooked for him and waited for him to come home every day, but one thing just came after the other, their closeness deepened just because they felt comfortable to let it grow.

He hadn't planned to fall in love with him.

He just hired him twice and terminated their agreement twice.

So why was he feeling loss? He had been very angry after finding out the pureblood assuming him to answer Ichiru, but if knowing it would lead to this, he wouldn't be harsh to him. He wouldn't say a word.


He wouldn't have said he loved Ichiru.

Honest or not, lying or not, loving Ichiru or not, he just wouldn't do what would make them never look at each other again.


He kept lying there until it turned totally dark, until dawn returned. Maybe he would ignore Ichiru's suggestion and stay if the door opened again.

Unfortunately, the pureblood's phone had been broken, there's no way Zero could find out where he was.

And no matter how long he waited, it was just him by himself in the room getting colder and colder.

-to be continued-

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