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Chapter 7

Zero was reluctant as standing in front of the house where he had lived together with his brother for more than eight years. In the first time Ichiru brought him here to show this house to him, his expression was overflowed with excitement.

"This is my house, Zero! We will live here from now on."

For a twenty three years old guy, who hadn't gotten any achievement in his career, it was impossible to own such a big house. Zero didn't question Ichiru, but he knew life was using its materialistic temptation to separate them. In the career with lots of illusions and enticements which Ichiru chose, he was incapable to support him.

So he kept his unrequited love for himself, to appear as a dedicated brother, to take care of his home, to attend to his daily needs. He had never complained on his brother's indifference, because it was his own decision, his own voluntariness. At least Ichiru didn't disgust his strange feeling or his different sexual orientation and allowed him to stay by his side.

They could have grown old together in that way, could have spent their life together as best friends, best brothers, if only the time Ichiru stayed home hadn't been too little, and Zero hadn't found too many traces of his girlfriends on his dirty clothes.

He thought his heart had been immune to those agonizing facts, but it kept being tortured in silence day after day. With this pain, he had nobody to share with, nobody to feel sympathy. As a matter of fact, his heart had eventually given up on this hopeless dream. Or he wouldn't have searched for places where people like him often went for a date, wouldn't have come to Kainart bar, wouldn't have slept with Kaname.

It could have been a totally short and different experiment if the escort he picked up that night was a strange guy. As standing at the house where had once held his most beautiful dreams, Zero suddenly realised there were many possibilities that might have led his life to another way. Fate sometimes was the reason of some events occurred in one's life, but most of the time was the result of his own choices and decisions.

Ichiru got surprised to see him, but quickly put on a broad smile. "It's so good you have come back."

Zero thought he should say one or two words about his return, but Ichiru simply assumed it was because of his suggestion to be a couple and didn't bother to ask.

Everything in the house was in disorder, even though their part-time house keeper still came to do her job twice a week. The refrigerator was full of junk food, many things weren't in their right places. Ichiru smiled embarrassedly when Zero put the gloves on and started cleaning up.

That night they went out for dinner and Ichiru reminded him of his plan to renovate the house. Zero remembered his brother inviting some architects to their home several months ago and made him misunderstand that he wanted to built a new home for two of them.

That plan had been postponed because his brother couldn't arrange his time to supervise their work.

"Actually you can ask someone to recommend a good company who can do their job properly without the owner's daily check."

"I can't trust strange people. I don't want to have no idea at all when things are going so wrong at my home." Ichiru said. "I need your help. I only trust you, Zero!"

It was a kind of reliance and confidence that he truly only had for his brother. The hunter had been used to it, proud of it and craved for it. Having Ichiru's words, Zero immediately checked his schedule, trying to arrange some time each day to check the renovation.

Ichiru adjusted the proposed design many times until totally satisfied. All rooms got changed, some places were converted their functions, his own bedroom was expanded further, and as a result, the hunter's room was narrowed. But what bothered Zero was they still had separate bedrooms, regardless of how many times Ichiru changed his design. It was just like how they had always been, but maybe Zero had become greedier, maybe he had been spoiled.

"Half of this room is yours, which side would you like? I'll rearrange my stuff into the other side."

"Are you not sleeping with me here? There are many things I don't use anymore, I will put them away. How about you taking the left side, and mine on the right?"

When he first moved in the penthouse, though only planned to stay for a short term, Kaname shared his place with him equally, even willing to reorganise things to adapt his habits. They had lived together as a couple, rather than roommates. Upon leaving, all Zero brought back was clothes and his hunter tools. The cooking utensils and some small decorative things were still there. He remembered a pot of his favourite plants placing at the main entrance. Since Ichiru didn't like it, after many years Zero could finally buy it and put it in the penthouse. His brother would have gotten pissed off and asked him to throw it away, but Kaname, on the contrary, was delighted whenever he added or changed something. As a matter of fact, that penthouse had more of his personal marks than the house where he had lived for years.

Zero and Ichiru rent an apartment to live when the renovation started. The master bedroom belonged to his brother, and Zero took the smaller one. Every day he came back from work and cleaned up the place, cooked for himself, then went to bed alone. Ichiru didn't invite any girl to come over, but often stayed out all night, complaining their temporary shelter wasn't comfortable. However, he wasn't the only one who suffered. Nobody could rest well in the place where wasn't his own home.

The better thing was he really made efforts to meet Zero. A few times a week he called him out for dinner to ask about the renovation and tell him some trivial things as he often did when Zero was with Kaname. However, he didn't mention his suggestion about their relationship again. Zero knew his brother was avoiding to stay alone with him in private, but after a month, he decided to confront him.

"Before I moved back, you used to say wanting us to become a couple."

"Ah that,..." Ichiru turned sadly uncertain. "I thought about it over and over. I know I am selfish, but I have always been a bad man, while you are a very pure, sincere person in my heart. Whenever I think that you stayed with someone else out there and lied to me, I still can't get over it."

It's obviously a bad excuse, but Zero didn't argue with him. Perhaps he had already predicted the answer, he knew they weren't going to have a sweet romance after his question, so he wasn't really disappointed. Having waited for Ichiru too many years, he didn't mind keeping waiting. Each time his brother's body brushed his, each time Ichiru touched his hand, or kissed him, he understood that his brother was trying. However, Ichiru was such a talented actor, Zero wasn't sure if those physical contacts got any portion from his heart's desire.

Of course he couldn't be compared to the women Ichiru had dated with. They were in his preferable gender, younger, sexier, their skills must also be better. Zero was even hesitant to hope for another love making. Their first experience hadn't gone well, all he could feel was pain, which bothered him for a while about how Kaname truly felt when they did it. He doubted if men could enjoy sex in a receiving role, he doubted if he could do his part properly to please his brother.

Those things had never occurred when his partner was Kaname. Although Zero was rather unconfident in their first times, the pureblood kept encouraging him to go on, and tactfully showed him more tips. When he was convinced that he was doing accurately and Kaname was truly in ecstasy, he got his greatest pleasure.

In fact, his constant anxiety these days wasn't Ichiru's indecisive attitude, but Kaname's silence. The pureblood told him not to contact him again, but on the contrary, Zero sent messages to him every day. He didn't go looking for him at Kainart, but chose this softer way, being afraid a too direct method would annoy Kaname more.

Zero, by his very nature, was a stubborn guy. He didn't want to reveal his weakness, didn't want people to know his feelings. After many years hiding his sexual orientation, hiding his love, he even turned more introverted. But he had been quite open to Kaname. He could tell him a lot of things, from his very personal dreams, his very private thoughts, to many tiny topics which he would rather keep for himself if wasn't with him. The pureblood didn't give Zero a pressure that he needed to consider what to do and what not in front of him. Zero hadn't called it happiness, but it was undeniably serenity and contentment. And now, when all those had become memories, he sometimes wondered how people defined the meaning of 'happiness'.

In his daily messages, Zero told Kaname what dishes he was cooking, what he had just seen on the way home, he informed him of the release of the books they wanted to buy, reminded him the time of his favourite shows, or sometimes just to ask silly questions such as "Are you sleeping now?", "Have you gotten up?", "Did you have a good weekend?"

It could be sloppy, but it was what Zero had often told Kaname when he was away. Actually what he said wasn't important, he just wanted to maintain the connection with him. As they weren't seeing each other, and he has no idea of what the pureblood was doing, without those silly messages, they would soon fall into oblivion as in the last thirteen years.

As long as Kaname didn't complain about it, it was fine. However, the pureblood had never replied to him, Zero even didn't know if his messages were read. But he had many things to tell him, and he had time for it. Sometimes he also talked about the progress of their home renovation, and about Ichiru.


In fact, weekends had become quiet and lonely since. Kaname was watering the plants around his house, he stopped for a while at the plant which Zero loved, gently touched its large leaves as though caressing his lover. When the hunter put it there, and excitedly talked about its type, Kaname knew it was his favourite. He had hoped this house would gather lots of the hunter's favourite things, so Zero couldn't convince himself to neglect it one day.

But Zero didn't bring any of them with him when he left, because the place where he went to had no space for them. They and Kaname were all abandoned.

After directly telling him to pack up and leave, the pureblood still returned home with a hope that Zero was waiting for him. He ran around the house looking, opening each room, calling his name. In the end, as he opened the room where Zero stored his hunter tools and saw it totally empty, he couldn't deceive himself anymore.

Kaname paused when his phone dropped another sound of new message alert, it had been three in total. He didn't dare to check it right after the first sound, being afraid of getting disappointed. If more than one new message came continuously in a short time, there was a great chance that they were from Zero. He didn't reply to the hunter, but waited for him all days. It was pretty contradictory, but to keep the person he loved by his side and not having his love, he would rather let him go, though this time it was so difficult.

He thought his scarred heart wouldn't get hurt again, he thought he no longer had tears for another breakup, but that day, as looking at the empty bed, his tears had fallen uncontrollably. The hunter's care and kindness had rekindled a false hope in him, made him believe that there could be a possibility.

"Ichiru had dinner with me tonight. He informed me around noon, but I had already planned to cook tuna. I thought what else I could make instead. At last, I still cooked tuna."

Kaname smiled, thinking Zero was getting more independent from his brother these days. When he said tuna was his favourite fish, the hunter was amazed as he hadn't thought about tuna for ages. It turned out Ichiru disliked this fish, and Zero had stopped putting it in the list of food to buy for a long time.

"He didn't enjoy the meal at all. He said there were so many things going against his will recently. Maybe I should've changed the food to cheer him up."

"The Fuukiran theatre has been completed. It is that man's best interest right now, he has invested a lot in there and been quite busy preparing for its first play. Ichiru said it is going to be a big success and the main actor will gain a great reputation. But that man has refused to give the leading role to him."

Ichiru was a movie star, however, he had a passion with theatre and wanted to challenge himself in another field, just like that man wanting to expand his influence to the stage performing art. While the most important movie of this year had been trusted to Ichiru, that man didn't plan to get him involved in his theatre. A talented actor had been selected, however, he got an accident a few months ago and had to give up his opportunity. Ichiru tried to talk to the people at the theatre, but none of them could help him to get the role.

"I have read the script. I think the hero role suits him perfectly. But I think that man is being prejudiced. He continues giving big movies to my brother after they separated, because producing movies is his business, what he cares is the profit that my brother can contribute. However, Ichiru has never again got a role in the movies which he was the screenwriter. He has written this first play for the theatre by himself, and I think it is the reason he doesn't want to put Ichiru in."

"You are smart, Zero!" Kaname gently kissed on those wise words, imagining the hunter's facial expression if they were talking in person. Ichiru might be thinking the Fuukiran's owner didn't want to give him this chance because he didn't want to give him more glory. However, Zero had seen the truth of his refusal. The Fuukiran's owner just didn't want to put his brother close to where his passion was. If looking at things not only by the eyes, but also the heart, one could see more of the hidden sides. In fact, Zero was quite a good observer and could comprehend the meaning of the fact to its ultimate depth. "But why could you not understand my feeling?"


The next day, Zero received a call from Ichiru, his brother's mood was highly up as informing he had just had a talk with the Fuukiran's owner and was officially offered the hero role in his play. He said he would tell more details when they met, and he was going to be very busy to prepare for the play.

Of course Zero was happy for him, and understandingly accepted that they weren't seeing each other until Ichiru's first performance on stage. Zero had always been tolerant and supported his brother, he had never asked Ichiru to do any particular things for him. Before he had dreams and hope, but this time, he looked deep into his heart and confirmed to himself that there was no expectations or disappointments.

He was sure that he would be fine in three weeks without Ichiru, and even after, when he saw him again, supported him more, he would be fine that there wasn't going to be any change in their relationship.

He questioned himself if the feeling he had for his brother was still love. If Ichiru had accepted him and allowed his feeling to grow, it would have been engraved to his bones, immersed in his blood, this life he would live solely for him. Unfortunately, his love had only received indifference and bitterness. His brother had been, was and would always be a significant part of his world, but not the whole thing.

Because Ichiru had refused to embrace his whole world, and Zero had got to know someone else. Due to their specific backgrounds and the situation he and Kaname met, he didn't plan for anything serious with him. He expected to leave right on the first day moving in. He believed what they shared was only momentary.

But he couldn't forget it.

He missed him.

And realised that not planning for anything serious was just his caution to prevent himself from getting hurt.

If he couldn't convince Ichiru to love him, what did he have to keep Kaname?

However, sending messages daily calmed him down pretty much. At least the pureblood didn't get mad at him or request him to stop it. Zero found out that he was still easy to be satisfied, just a bit of acceptance like this was enough.

The big day had finally come. Ichiru came to bring him to the theatre. It was pretty far from their apartment. As a result, they had a long drive together, his brother asked about the renovation, and when they could move back to their home.

When Zero was least expected, Ichiru suddenly asked "Would you like to share the master room with me?"

The hunter was amazed. His brother's suggestion was more than transferring from one room to another. He turned to look at him, but Ichiru was still looking at the front, and smiling gently, those amethyst eyes were also smiling.

"I have played more than enough. It's time to settle down. We have a home already, and we have lived together peacefully. I think we'll be fine as a couple."

Wasn't it very similar to a proposal? How come Zero thought it was lack of fervour and vehemence? How come he didn't feel Ichiru loved him?

"Why all of a sudden?"

Ichiru wasn't hurry to answer but waited until they finished the turn into another road. "When that man asked to see me and gave me this role, we had a long talk. It was the first time we sat down to talk after our breakup. He asked me to change my lifestyle and he would pave the path for me to Hollywood. A real star can only be a serious and responsible man."

It was reasonable. A man with real reputation couldn't be one who slept with different women each night.

"Why me? Shouldn't it be better if you get married to a woman?" Zero challenged.

"Because I realised I love you." Ichiru uttered, and none of them spoke anything more.

Zero remembered his brother saying missing him and wanting him to come back. But it was obvious that Ichiru needed him to organise things and take care of their house. He didn't say his brother was taking advantage of him, but needing someone didn't mean loving him. He was willing to help Ichiru out, however, if becoming a couple, he wanted to be needed in the way Kaname had needed him, to be treated in the way Kaname had treated him.

"I will change for you, I promise. I will try my best to make you happy." Ichiru added when the hunter didn't comment on his confession.

Zero got a chill. Those words sounded too easy on his brother's lips. Maybe he should feel overwhelmed with happiness, but his mind told him a semi commitment as before would have been more convincing. He understood Ichiru too well, and in this moment he sensed that his brother was lying. Ichiru could be indifferent and careless, but he had never lied to him. What had the Fuukiran's owner said that changed his attitude? To become an international star was the reward, and Ichiru was trying hard for this opportunity, however, what made him decide to choose him to carry out his effort?

Nevertheless, Zero was being given the second chance. Kaname had ruined his first, if he was still hesitant now, his dream would never come true. Especially when his brother was asked to settle down, he would hurriedly look for another one among his girlfriends.

Zero asked himself if he was sure to let this chance go. In the end, even if he took it to be with Ichiru, he still couldn't win his heart. But why did he care about it now? He quietly despised himself. Hadn't he always wanted to become Ichiru's lover? Hadn't he immediately moved back to him as soon as being offered a non-committed relationship?

The condition was much better for him now, why was he hesitant?

"Isn't there any other feeling in your heart now? Isn't there anything can keep you here?"

Zero felt like he had just waken up from a long sleep. Maybe a thing was only meaningful at a certain period of time. There were dreams that were only beautiful when they remained dreams, there were wishes that were only good when they were still wishes.

The superb Fuukiran theatre appeared from a distance. Many people were gathering at the front. Ichiru took a turn to the back entrance to avoid the crowd.

"You haven't answered me."

"Ah, focus on your play now. I'll tell you my answer later tonight." Zero said.

Ichiru smiled confidently "Fine." He knew his brother couldn't believe in what he had heard right away. It's just hard to accept after waiting for many years. He would generously give him a little more time and everything would be fine. His own charm was what he had never doubted at.


Zero thought he wouldn't be in the right mood for the drama, but it was too appealing that he was fascinated right in the first scene. He forgot his own emotion, his own issue to follow it, moved by it, and smiled with it. The storyline was profound, the actors were brilliant.

As the last scene completed, Ichiru and the leading actress received lots of flowers from the audience, everyone in the hall clapped their hands loudly. When it was his turn to deliver a speech, he bowed to thank them and gave them his sweetest smile.

"Thank you for your applause, I am proud to be a part of this success. We have been working hard for your acknowledgement. As I have a chance to stand here tonight, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Fuukiran-sensei." The uproar reduced as the name was mentioned. Half of the hall was that man's business partners, his supporters and celebrities who came to congratulate on this theatre's opening. They knew him, knew this very man on stage was his ex-lover, who he had wanted to get married to. "Had you not given your hand to me, nobody would ever know my name. You are my patron, my teacher, and forever a part of my life. As you can see, I'm bringing my most important person with me here. And you will see I'm going to try my best efforts to make that person happy. I will be a reliable and caring man for that person as you expect."

His statement was quite a surprise. Ichiru had never admitted any relationship. He had had so many girlfriends, he had brought so many of them home, he had visited so many of their parents. But it was the first time he published his relationship status. Everyone knew he didn't do it in a whim, the smart people even apprehended that his statement and his lover had been arranged by the Fuukiran's owner.

"He must be serious this time." A lady next to Zero whispered to her husband.

Thunderous applause congratulated Ichiru. The hunter suddenly found himself isolated in their reaction. It was true, his brother had got over the age to be a young idol, his reputation had passed it. Now he needed to change his image to a mature, trustworthy man. The Fuukiran's owner had been wise to ask him to end his easy lifestyle. Speaking of it, that man was the playwright of this play but he didn't make an appearance. On the row above his, Zero saw the acquainted nobles, Kain, Aido, Ichijou and Shiki.

Kaname wasn't with them. Before going out, Zero had sent him a message "I'm going to the Fuukiran theatre." Hopefully it hadn't cancelled the pureblood's intention to watch this play. Considering his relation with the Fuukiran's owner, Zero had hoped to see him tonight. He actually didn't plan to continue the next message as something like "I'm home." He had promised to give Ichiru an answer after the performance, but it wasn't one which his brother was assuming, not one which he himself would say in his own dreams.

Ichiru still had to talk and hug many people before he could retreat to his private dressing room. Zero was waiting for him there.

Ichiru excitedly embraced the hunter and asked "Did you like my performance?"

"Yes, you've done a great job." Zero gently hugged him back.

They were interrupted by a knock. A woman opened the door before Ichiru could answer. She was that man's secretary.

"Ichiru-kun, the President calls you. He wants to introduce you to some VIPs. Hurry up, they are leaving."

Ichiru immediately left with her, even forgot to say a word to Zero. The hunter understood this introduction was important to his brother, and really didn't mind being left behind. He had been used to this kind of treatment. He didn't expect Ichiru to treat him better, or he wouldn't feel better even if his brother did.

Because it was lack of sincerity.

"Oh President!" The secretary greeted when the door wasn't shut down yet.

Zero looked up. He didn't expect to see him tonight, but that man, who had influenced their lives, who was manipulating their future, was right here in this moment.

He wanted to have a look.

The door was opened again, there were four men, human and vampires, walking toward Ichiru and the secretary.

One of them was Kaname, in black suit, speaking to an American pureblood, who appeared more dominant and powerful than the other two's, and in the way he was looking at Kaname, it seemed he just wanted to take his clothes off and ravish him immediately.

The Fuukiran's owner must have called him to entertain his VIP guest.

Zero found his blood boiling up. His eyes glued at Kaname, who looked thinner and paler than the last time they met. Purebloods hardly changed their appearance, because their system, by nature, adjusted their body to its best condition, unless they were mentally unwell. During stress or anguish, their system didn't work perfectly and it affected their looks. It's obvious that Kaname hadn't lived pleasantly in the last two months. However, beauty wasn't a top priority to vampires as all of them were charming, weakness and vulnerability were what provoked their desire.

Zero realised he was vaguely imagining pushing Kaname down and embracing him. For those crazy imaginations, he couldn't go far with Ichiru, knowing his brother didn't like it. But on the contrary, Kaname had been his real partner, what they had actually done were much wilder. While Zero stubbornly harboured his unrequited love for Ichiru, he was having a compatible sex life and a harmonious companionship with Kaname.

They had once been together.

The pureblood startled upon seeing him, but he quickly turned away, and entered the opposite room with the other men. Ichiru also followed them.

Zero gazed at the closed door for a few moments, then got back to his brother's dressing room. The large mirror unintentionally reflected his image. He stepped forward and for once looked at himself carefully. His students often asked him to help getting Ichiru's autograph, some others discreetly observed him or boldly requested to take pictures with him, so they could deceive themselves that they had had moments with Ichiru. In the eyes of this world, he wasn't Ichiru's twin brother, but his look-alike. He used to feel uncomfortable with his own appearance, and afraid of disappointing the others that he wasn't the one they hoped to see.

However, he no longer felt like his brother's shadow, who couldn't be separated from him. He had tried moving out and lived well. He had got new experiences. Thanks to his brother's proposal tonight, he finally realised where his heart inclined to.

On that day, Kaname had begged him to stay, but he was too stupid and turned him down. Of course he couldn't expect the pureblood to greet him with a smile now.

Some light knocks echoed.

He went to pull the door open.


"No. I'm his brother." He said to the young girl with red, swollen eyes in front of him.

"Zero-san, can I have a few words with you?"

"Come in!" He pushed the door wider for her. She was an acquaintant. They had met many years ago, when she first joined the Academy as a transferred student to the Moon Dorm. Maria Kurenei.

"I ordered these vitamins for him online. They have just been delivered to my house today. Please give them to him." She handed out a bag with some boxes inside.

Ichiru was human. It's normal that he needed vitamins. It's also normal that some girls bought them for him, though girls who wanted to impress their boyfriends didn't often think about giving vitamins. However, Zero believed it wasn't all Maria came for.

"Thank you."

"I actually hoped to see him. I know he won't change his mind once he has decided, but I still can't accept it yet." Maria trembly clutched her handbag. "Zero-san, could you please remind him to take the vitamins regularly? Could you watch out and not let him smoke again? Could you give him the left side of the bed, because he sleeps better on this side? Also turn him around when he buries his face into the pillow in his sleep. And don't cook tuna, he doesn't like tuna, he likes shrimps and squids."

"You know Ichiru very well." Zero murmured. A friend wouldn't know all those. Somehow he thought his brother was lucky to have many people care for him. "Do you love him?"

Maria wiped her tears. "We… love each other."

Zero didn't know about his brother, but Maria was a simple girl. Ichiru was her first love, after so many years, she must have been through lots of painful experiences because of his brother's unfaithfulness. In her relationship with Ichiru, she got more than Zero, and unlike him, she was still unswerving to her feeling. One day Ichiru would be committed to someone. Indeed, it would come very soon.

"How can you be sure?"

"I know Ichiru is a womanizer. But I trust him. His feeling for me is true."

"Fuukiran is asking him to settle down. If you love each other, I'll support you to get married." Zero sounded typically as a big brother now, and he felt it was going to be alright. He wasn't in the middle of his struggle anymore, his heart had patently leaned to the other side.

Maria stared at him with widened eyes. "But... ... Fuukiran-sama asks him to settle down with you."


"Ichiru has a great ambition. He wants to place his name on the Walk of Stars."

It wasn't an answer for the breaking news Maria had just leaked out. But it explained everything. For a talented actor as Ichiru, he had failed this role.

"I will change for you, I promise. I will try my best to make you happy."

"As you can see, I'm bringing my most important person with me here. And you will see I'm going to try my best efforts to make that person happy. I will be a reliable and caring man for that person as you expect."

So it was his brother's ultimate reason. Zero should have been happy when hearing those words, but he had not. He should have felt depressed in this moment, but he did not. His lips curled a little. At least Ichiru wasn't playing with his feeling, he would really be trying to be a good lover if he agreed.

"I'm in love with someone else." Zero said. "I'm not accepting Ichiru."

Instead of joy, Maria was nervous. "Please don't refuse him. Please don't tell him we talked. Have I offended you? You can scold me, but don't leave him because of me."

The door was suddenly knocked and opened again. The secretary knew these doors weren't locked and never waited for anyone to open them for her.

"Oh, sorry for disturb. Zero-kun, Ichiru-kun has left with the President and his guests. He will return very late. You can go home first. Would you like me to call a cab?"

"Thank you. I can do it myself."

"Okay. Good bye!" She came and go as a wind.

Maria was still worried. "I don't want to ruin his chance. Ichiru has always wished to go to Hollywood. If he isn't with you, Fuukiran-sama will cancel the plan."

Zero hadn't had a good impression with her. When they first met, Shizuka was possessing her body and he had a hard time reminding himself that she was an innocent, another victim to be more exact, in the grudge between him and that female pureblood. They met once again a few years ago, he managed to be polite to her, but deep in his heart, he was jealous, because she was in love with Ichiru, and his brother also showed a fondness for her.

Maria didn't work in the movie industry, she didn't get close to Ichiru for his reputation. They had been together for a long time, though Ichiru had many other women beside her. Zero hadn't considered their feelings love. He didn't intend to acknowledge anyone as his brother's lover until he himself experienced the real yearning to be with someone.

"The person I love has a relation with Fuukiran. Maybe he can arrange for me to talk to him. But I need to meet my lover tonight. I have to go."


"I am sorry, Ichiru! I will explain later."

Zero went straight to the apartment building where Kaname's penthouse was on top. As a guest, he couldn't use the private lift to go up this time, and resigned to wait for him in the lobby.

Ichiru didn't reply to his message. He was busy with the VIP guests, and surely didn't have time to check his phone yet. Zero realised he had missed the chance to look at the Fuukiran's owner. Just a sight of Kaname threw everything in his mind away. He couldn't take his eyes off him, unfortunately, he had no rights to cancel his appointment and brought him home.

But this time was going to be the last time, he wouldn't let Kaname continue doing this job. Even if the pureblood turned him down, he would force him, because he had confidence that Kaname wasn't honest about rejecting him. It had taken him two months to understand his own heart thoroughly. The pureblood used to advise him to give Ichiru some distance so that his brother would go through the time without him and recognise how good to have him around.

But Kaname hadn't pulled away at his free will, it was Zero who asked to break up. Had he suggested the exclusive package once more, would Kaname have agreed? The pureblood was trying to keep him in that moment. Desperately and passionately. Because of the situation they met, the service packages Kaname offered, the relationship between an escort and a customer, and Kaname had never said he wanted to spend all his life with him, it hindered Zero from seeing how deep his feeling actually was.

In fact, he wasn't against the tradition of being the sole provider of his family and keeping his woman home, though Kaname wasn't a woman and he didn't expect him to do their houseworks and errands either. He wasn't worried about supporting Kaname and having him depended financially.

The pureblood looked so fragile earlier tonight, and that foreign guy couldn't wait to eat him raw. For that kind of customer, would he be comfortable to sleep with? Zero remembered Kaname loved being kissed and touched while their bodies jointed. Would the others also do that or solely focus on their own pleasure at that time?

Nevertheless, Zero wouldn't feel better even if the pureblood had other customers who cared for him. He wanted his body to belong to him exclusively, only for him to see, only for him to touch. And if one day Kaname found it acceptable, he wanted to have his love.

"Isn't there any other feeling in your heart now? Isn't there anything can keep you here?"

Yes, there was a person who Zero couldn't stop thinking about, who he wanted to go home with, who he yearned to wake up beside.

Yes, he had been conquered. He thought his heart would never change, he would love Ichiru as long as he lived. But he was a creature with flesh and blood after all, he craved for warmth and kindness, craved for affection and acceptance.

So he could continue to look after Ichiru, could try to support him as much as his brother expected, but he wanted to live with Kaname, to try even harder to make him happy.

It's almost three o'clock when Ichiru called him. Zero was about to answer, but heard the main glass door was pushed out and wanted to see who was coming back.

Kaname headed to the private lift going up to his house, but paused at the lobby as sensing a familiar aura.


Zero tossed his phone back to his pocket and hastily ran to him.

The pureblood was totally surprised, but tried to keep his voice even. "What are you doing here?"

"I've been waiting for you. I want to see you."

"For what?"

He was reeked of alcohols and a strange male scent, which disturbed Zero terribly. It made him remember the pureblood had never come home with strange scent when they lived together, though he went out to 'work' every day.

"Can we talk in your house?"

Kaname couldn't predict what exactly the hunter wanted to say, but their conversation was definitely not suitable to take place where they were.

Zero followed him to the lift, and entered the penthouse together with him. Nothing changed. His plant was still there, the small vases he bought were still there.

He turned around, Kaname was standing at the door, not getting close to him, not inviting him to take a seat.

"I want to ransom you."

His words dropped in the ocean of silence.

After a few moments, Kaname smiled bitterly. "No need. You don't have to worry about me. Just enjoy your happy time."

Maybe he had heard Ichiru's statement at the theatre and thought Zero wanted to help him out of pity before starting his love life with his brother.

"But… I… want to be with you. If you can't trust me now, it's fine, just keep me by your side, I will gradually show you my sincerity. I only have you in my heart now, I want to live with you and take care of you. Please let me ransom you. I am not rich, but I will give you everything I have. We will open a joint bank account to manage my salaries, I will issue a supplementary credit card for you, I will take more works to increase my income."

Kaname finally stepped forward to shorten their distance. He appeared so beautiful in the light. How magical the hunter's words affected him. He couldn't completely comprehend how it had taken the hunter to reach this decision yet, but he had really been longing for him.

"You seem to have thought a lot while sitting at the lobby."

"Longer than that. I asked myself how much I could do for you." Zero murmured. "I still don't know. But whatever you want, I will manage to satisfy you."

"You have to take full responsibility of your words."

"All my life."

"Don't answer so quickly." Kaname gazed at him. "Will you forgive my past? I have slept with countless men, including Ichiru."

"I have no right to complain about your past."

"I was in love with someone else."

Zero looked back at him fiercely. "It was in your past."

Kaname couldn't gather enough courage to reveal his bad scar to his love in this emotional moment. Hiding the truth wasn't a good method, but he couldn't open his mouth right now, he wouldn't be able to deal with it if Zero stepped out of his house tonight. "Don't abandon me, despite of how angry you are. You can hurt me, but don't torture me with the pain of sharing you with the others or losing you."

So this pureblood wasn't arrogant as he appeared in high school, wasn't cold as he appeared as they parted. He had been wounded by love, but hidden it. Zero protectively wrapped his arms around the pureblood's back and encouraged him to lean on him. "They are also my words, Kaname. Don't torture me with the pain of sharing you with the others or losing you."

Their lips touched, kiss deepened little by little. The pureblood's mouth had a strong wine taste, but nothing else. As their clothes were discarded piece after piece, the strange male scent also disappeared. It relaxed the hunter's nerves considerably, and a vague perception was nurtured in his mind that Kaname might not do anything earlier with those men, no matter how impractical it sounded.

But Zero wasn't going to think deeply about it. An hour ago the pureblood was still not his, but from this minute onward, Kaname solely belonged to him. Solely his.


Extra chapter 1:

The Fuukiran's owner

Tonight Zero came back from a hunting trip. They had just been lovers for ten days, and he had got two hunting trips, two nights away from home already. Need not to say, Kaname hated it.

Zero didn't allow Kaname to go to work anymore. The pureblood's schedule was quite easy these days, he woke up after twelve pm, had lunch with Zero, then the hunter kissed him good bye and left for the school. He idled away until late evening. Zero sent messages to him now and then or made short calls, and those were what Kaname looked forwards to at most. Zero went to the HA headquarters after school to work more before going home.

Every night Kaname patiently waited for his lover to return and cook dinner, then they ate together, then Zero made love to him, then held him to sleep.

A few days ago, Kaname sent the hunter a message saying he had just received the supplementary credit card. Zero replied "Go out to buy something."

And he did. He bought some books.

It was the very first time someone had given money to him to use. No, not someone, the man who loved him gave money to him. Their joint bank account had also been established. The bank account of Zero Kiryuu and Kaname Kuran.

He felt loved.

But Zero was ignoring him tonight, after his trip.

Well, the hunter had undressed him the first thing he returned and ravished him, had bitten him sensually as he liked, had also fed him with delicious dishes.

But it wasn't enough. They were now in their bedroom, and Kaname was lying on their bed alone. He had tried some seducing poses, but not earned a glance from his lover.

Finally his patience ran out. "Zero, let's sleep!"

"I still have some unfinished work. You sleep first, I'll join you later!"

But Kaname couldn't sleep without the hunter's arms. He went to the sofa with him.

"You must be tired now. Let continue tomorrow!"

"I'm not tired. I'll finish soon."

"Please don't work too hard, you will make me worry that you're avoiding me." Kaname grabbed his lover's hand.

"Don't be silly. I will follow you wherever you go." Zero kissed on the pureblood's cheek. "But you will have to sacrifice a lot to be with me. I can't give you the luxurious life you're having now. When the lease term is expired, we'll rent a normal apartment. I want to work hard to have enough for a decent place, and I'll buy a car for you, I can't give you a collection, I can't buy the same BMW you are driving, but give me more time, I'll save for it. Right now I'm afraid of not having enough for the ransom. I have twenty million Yen in my saving. Maybe I can talk to chairman Cross to receive 1-year salary in advance. It will be about forty million Yen (A/N: USD400,000). If more than that, do you think I can pay the rest in instalments?"

In fact, the hunter's saving was too little in comparison with his income, as he had to spend almost his income for the house with Ichiru and other stuff that his brother liked at home. Nevertheless, it wasn't about the amount, Kaname was totally mesmerised with his lover's plan. Zero was planning a future with him, Zero said he would follow him, they would always be together. He held him intensely. "Don't worry too much. We'll be fine. Please don't wear yourself out."

Zero sensed the pureblood's words weren't just hollow, and somehow got alerted. "Are you thinking about asking for financial support from someone else? I'm your only man now, you can only rely on me."

"Yes, I will rely on you. Please take care of me." Kaname satisfactorily pressed his head on the hunter's shoulder.

"I…" Zero patted on his lover's back affectionately. "I want to meet the Fuukiran's owner. He asked Ichiru to settle down with me as a condition to support his advance in Hollywood. I don't know why he knew about me and my previous hope, and why he wanted to help me."

Kaname tightened his arms around his lover. It seemed the hunter couldn't wait any longer while he was still not confident yet. "He has figured out it was a mistake. He will still support Ichiru. Don't worry."

"You know it too? If he just asked Ichiru to change his lifestyle, I could understand that he still cared for an ex-lover, and I think it's very kind of him. But he wanted Ichiru to be with me in particular. Somehow I think he was doing it for me, not for Ichiru."

"Make love to me, Zero!"




After several rounds as if there was no tomorrow, they fell asleep in each other's embrace at dawn. When Zero opened his eyes again, he found Kaname was looking at him quietly.

It was unfair, the pureblood usually recovered faster. When Zero got more awake, he could feel the congenial sensation of their bare skin brushing against each other.


"We can go to meet the Fuukiran's owner today if you want." Kaname said.

His voice sounded like he had pondered on this matter for a while, and to decide to do it, just because he understood it couldn't be postponed forever. Zero didn't know why Kaname was too anxious about it, the Fuukiran's owner wasn't his customer, if he didn't lie to him.

Anyway it was being revealed today. He didn't want him to feel more insecure and uneasy in any circumstance.

They ate a little, then Zero got dressed. As he finished, Kaname had already done and was waiting for him. Normally, Zero would finish first, because the pureblood had more clothes to choose and was very careful in his dressing. Today he had a casual shirt outside a pair of jeans and no belt. The hunter would still think it's hot, but it wasn't how Kanamle often dressed, especially to meet someone.

"Are you ready?"

Kaname nodded, and stood up, heading to the main door. Seeing his cell phone left on the coffee table, Zero took it and walked after him. It was a Vertu Signature again, similar to the one he had ruined.

He handed to him when they were in the car.

"Thank you." Kaname stuttered.

"It's inconvenient, you know. I want to chat with you on LINE. I wanted to send some links and photos when we were chatting, but since you couldn't view them, I didn't send." Zero drove out of the parking basement. "Don't think about a Vertu touchscreen, I want you to use the same model as mine. I'll get you one."

The pureblood's reaction was sweet. He leaned to put a peck on his lover's lips.

Zero smiled "I'm driving."

He was actually pressurized by Kaname's luxurious life, but believed the pureblood treasured him even more. As they started with a full month package, Kaname usually enjoyed coming to sleep with him on his small bed in his small bedroom, and never asked him to buy any gifts. If he only needed money, he wouldn't have tried to keep a stingy customer like him. If he didn't harbour some feeling, it wouldn't be that easy for Zero to get back to him in both times. After the ransom was done, Zero wanted to ask about his feeling, when he started liking him more than a customer, how he should do to win his heart completely.

It took time for a couple to feel secure in a relationship, even after they had made up their mind to be together.

The house located on top of a hill. They stopped at a closed black gate. From the outside, Zero already saw its similarity with the house he and Ichiru had lived. As he was about to step out to ring the bell, Kaname pulled out the glovebox before him to get the electric opener.

So he could enter the house by himself, it was an evidence of his close relation with the Fuukiran's owner. Zero drove in and parked. Sunlight was still fiercing, he took an umbrella and walked to the opposite side to open the door for Kaname.

Normally, the pureblood didn't wait to be served like that, but he seemed indisposed now. Zero stretched a hand out for him. Kaname took it, and walked down the path under the shade created by the umbrella in his lover's hand.

They got inside, nobody around, its interior once again proved it was the original model of Ichiru's house. Though a few years before, the human had agreed to repaint his house with different colors and changed new curtains.

"Zero, you promised that you wouldn't leave me despite that you are angry with me."

The hunter didn't understand for a second, then realised it was going to be the first time they met someone together. Maybe Kaname hadn't said enough about his relation with the Fuukiran's owner and wasn't sure how to introduce them now. In fact, Zero had been thinking about how to handle the situations that they met the pureblood's ex-customers and the people who knew he had been an escort.

"Yes, I won't leave you as long as you appreciate my love. I would rather keep my personal issues personal, but I'll tell the people who are close to me and care for me that you are my partner. Eventually I want to get married to you in your tradition. I'll be proud if you want to follow my name, but I'll be proud no less to follow yours."

Kaname looked at him with disbelief. What Zero had given to him was already more than his expectation. To be the hunter's lover, to live together with him was good enough. He had hope, yet hadn't dared to shape his hope into something particular. Such behavior wasn't in his personality, wasn't his typical manners. He might be the bottom in sex, but was usually dominant in relationship. However, whenever Zero was involved, he couldn't be so sure.

The hunter smiled "You may think it's too sudden, that's why I didn't tell you. I think I always take things too serious, but I wouldn't have refused Ichiru and looked for you if I hadn't thought about being with you for the rest of my life. You don't have to say yes right away. I have had a long time in love with my brother, I understand you can't trust me completely right away. As for now, you can decide who you don't want to reveal our relationship, who you want to introduce me as your friend, or as your partner."

"I will marry you, Zero! I will add your family name to my name, I will rely on you as much as I want you to rely on me, if you still want it after you know the truth about me."

"You've been very uneasy about it." Zero touched the pureblood's lips. They shouldn't have come here to talk about their own issue, unless it was related to the owner of this house. His fingers were gentle and loving to encourage Kaname that it was alright to confide in.

"Are you involved in a business that my life is devoted to fight against?"


"Are you in a relationship that hasn't been finished properly yet?"


"Do you not love me?"

"I love you."

Zero smiled.

"Then tell me!" The hunter coaxed.

Kaname suddenly embraced him and kissed him avidly, as though he had been craving for it for a long time, as though Zero was going to abandon him in the next moment.

The hunter welcomed his sweet attack, and kissed him back with similar intensity. Kaname hastily sucked his lips and inserted his tongue deep in the hunter's mouth. As Zero thought they were falling down, he felt a thin piece of paper sliding into his hand.

A name card.

The pureblood unwillingly let him go and observed his reaction as he read it.

Fuukiran Corporation

Kaname Kuran

President / CEO




Kaname Kuran

Fuukiran Corporation

The words danced in his eyes. Zero looked up. Was it a bad joke? Out of many possibilities he had blindly guessed, it had never occurred in his mind that Kaname was the Fuukiran's owner, the powerful man behind Ichiru's success, behind his prejudice, behind their fates.

However, it was a perfect explanation why he lived in a lap of luxury, why he was so used to things around Ichiru's house, why he got uncomfortable when Zero assumed his brother had suffered in his relationship with the Fuukiran's owner.

He had taught Ichiru about acting skill, about elegance and courtesy, about the upper-class lifestyle. He gave him a big house, a blooming career.

He, who had swept off his brother's admiration to him.

He, who had pulled Ichiru away from his embrace the second time after he got him back from Shizuka.

"Is this whole thing your wicked game?"

Kaname shook his head. "The Fuukiran's owner had a crush in his high school, who Ichiru looks extremely like."

Zero startled. "It's me?"

"Yes, it's you. The only way to get your attention was to appear as a prince charming to Yuuki, to say sweet words to her, to touch her in front of you."

"You took advantage of her feeling? It's very low."

"Yuuki didn't talk to me a few years." Kaname was disheartened. "I was too desperate. You never looked at me. Even after drinking my blood, your hatred to me didn't reduce at all."

It wasn't true. Zero had gotten crazy after biting him. His falling to E was postponed, but he felt going insane in another way. He had dreams of making love to Kaname, he felt the pureblood's desire and longing, he was panicked because he didn't believe it could be possible. He avoided him more as an attempt to calm himself down.

If really only had hatred for him, he wouldn't have approached him at Kainart on that night.

"Fine, now give your most honest answers to my questions."

It was like an interrogation, and Zero didn't feel good about many confessions, though he knew Kaname was utterly honest as his request.

So wearing the K earing was a penalty for losing a bet to Kain.

The love hotel nearby was the destination for his 419 affairs.

As already said when they talked about the Fuukiran's owner, he had slept with many men before and after Ichiru. But he hadn't slept with anyone else after his first time with Zero, even during their breaks, he was alone.

He owned the penthouse and the car collection, there was no rent, no sponsor.

All free vouchers they used had been pre-paid by him.

Ichijou and Kain were teasing Zero, and he played along with them.

The man who came and stayed overnight in his study was the director of his first play, they wanted to adjust the storyline.

They went on an unexpected trip together because the actor who he originally selected for his play got an accident.

He spent a lot of time with his laptop for work and writing.

Fuukiran was his pen name as a playwright and screenwriter.

He went to LA to meet his potential business partners.

All he had done with the man named Bobby which caused a fuss between Zero and Nao was to hug him.

The American pureblood who he wanted Ichiru to meet was that Bobby, and again he was hugged and had his scent.

"No more hug."

Kaname gazed at Zero with confusion. It was the first sentence which wasn't a question after an hour. It sounded like an order.

Did that mean Zero had accepted him?


"No." The pureblood said hurriedly. "No more hug. I have remembered. But will you allow me to shake hands?"

Zero would prefer not, but it was too unreasonable. Nevertheless, Kaname wasn't serious to ask that, he just ignored him.

"Why did you change your mind and give Ichiru that role?"

"You said he suit it, but I rejected him just because I didn't want to give him the works I put my passion in. You're actually right. I give him works because it benefits both of us, but I don't want to work directly with him anymore. If we have a distance, he will be assured that I'm not trying to get him back or threaten him. In the end, what I can give him is freedom. He isn't in any debt or responsibilities to me."

Ichiru was ambitious. He had followed Shizuka to escape their family's arrangement. That attempt wasn't really successful. The next time he used Kaname. Zero thought their parents hadn't been fair to him, but Kaname had tried to satisfy all his desires. Another person probably woudn't have let Ichiru go without paying back.

"But you work directly with him again, and take his freedom away because of me. You forced him to be with me."

"I didn't force him. He could have chosen to continue what he was doing. As long as his movies brought profit to me, I would continue giving him good projects. But he has chosen to take part in my theatre and in the projects I cooperate with the US companies. In return, he promised to make the man I love happy."

Zero glared at him.

"I would prefer to do it myself, if you will let me." The pureblood added.

"When will I become a target who you calculate on, Kaname?" Zero sighed. If saying he wasn't scared, it's a lie. Didn't the pureblood say he was truly in love with Ichiru and wanted to marry him? But for his new love, he was willing to use him as a chess piece.

"You hunters say purebloods are cunning and calculated. Maybe it's in our blood by nature." Kaname didn't deny his lover's thought, he gently grabbed his hand. "If you don't want to become a target who I calculate on, don't ever betray me or…" The hunter's hand was placed on his heart. "Shoot me right here when you decide to leave me."

Zero pressed his hand on that warm, lively place. It was a very strange feeling to sense his lover's heart beat in his chest.

"Your heart is beating fast."

"I'm afraid you will choose the latter." Kaname smiled worriedly.

"You can fight back."

"If I fought back, you would die." The pureblood shook his head.

Why was it suddenly leading to live and death issues? Zero felt like he was sitting on a roller-coaster. Before coming here, he had tried to practise what he wanted to tell the Fuukiran's ower, he arranged and re-arranged his words to make sure what he said was proper. At the same time, he hoped to go back early to stop by a grocery to buy some ingredients for Kaname's favourite soup. The pureblood deserved a reward for setting up this meeting, and he simply enjoyed cooking for him.

He was also thinking about letting Kaname bite him. It was unfair that he was the only one who bit. There were times when they were making love, and he couldn't restrain the urge to bite Kaname, the pureblood's body trembled with pleasure, his eyes turned red by instinct, and his fangs protruded. As a drunken, Zero even used his bare fingers to touch his lover's sharp fangs. In normal circumstances, he would say it was a stupid act, however, those moments utterly satisfied the taming nature of a hunter in him. Kaname had never let impulse take over his control, never made him bleed by mistake.

Zero believed Kaname loved him, also felt sympathy for his reason to cover his true identity. They would have never become a couple if he knew from the beginning that Kaname was Ichiru's ex-lover or knew he was a rich man, because of his prejudice to him in their school time.

"What did you think when I assumed you were an escort at Kainart and asked if you were available?"

"I hoped I didn't misunderstand your words."

"I was like a fool."

"It was like a dream."

It's too silly to think he could buy a night with him. Why hadn't Zero worried that the pureblood would laugh at him and make fun of him when he attempted to ask him out? Their beginning was unbelievable, and the pureblood was now fondly leaning on his gentle touch.

His lover was so adorable.

"I won't be able to leave you, Kaname. But I'm feeling a little confused, a little awkward, a little hard to believe, I think I need some time to pull myself together."


Some time was an unclear concept which differed in different situations. It could be a few years, a few months, a few weeks or a few days. Maybe one would use that some time wisely to seek for a right decision, and another took it forever as an excuse.

Zero entered the room which was proportional to his bedroom in Ichiru's house, there was also a door led to the pool area. Its view was fantastic here because the house was on top of a hill. Nature was gentle and serene, air was fresh and pure. There was no decision to make, he had chosen to be with Kaname, it's just going to be different than how he had planned. He wondered if he was prepared for it.

"Good afternoon, Zero-sama!"

He turned around and saw Seiren putting a tea tray on a table behind him.

"Long time no see. How are you?" He asked.

"I'm very well." She poured a cup of green tea and presented it to him respectfully with both hands. "Please have some tea, Zero-sama!"

It reminded him of their school time when she was unhesitant to fight with him.

"Thank you." Sweet aroma of the highest grade of tea made peace between them. "You don't have to use that honorific to me."

It wasn't that he wasn't familiar with it. In fact, many people in the HA called him that way, but he had never heard it from a vampire. Because of Ichiru, he kept a distance with all vampires and got a reputation that he was a racial, condescending hunter, while ironically being a vampire himself.

"I should. You're Kaname-sama's partner." Seiren smiled.

Ah yes, he was thinking about preparing a life with Kaname. His brother had had more time living with purebloods and probably knew their habits better than him. But without sympathy Ichiru couldn't tolerate them, without love he couldn't accept their nature. Nobody was perfect, even purebloods with gorgeous appearance and supernatural strength still had flaws and weaknesses. One shouldn't hope to find an ideal partner, but a compatible one. Zero felt lucky to have found someone who accepted him as who he was. In the future, when the pureblood wanted to be sweet and clingy, he would pamper him, and when the pureblood received respect from the others, he would also stand in his same level. They were a couple. He wanted to step in his society, and at the same time, encouraged him to join his.


As Zero entered the master bedroom, Kaname was standing near the glass door opening to the pool area. Curtain was down, he was leaning on the wall. He had stood there watching his lover furtively since Zero said wanting to be alone to contemplate on all the events. At least Zero hadn't left him immediately. Kaname thought he had been in heaven these days, having the person he loved stay by his side, take care of him, treat him like a precious, promise him a good future. He had so much wanted to trust that what he was having with the hunter wasn't a dream which could be shattered anytime, but reality that he could commit and contribute to.

That's why he brought him here, confessing to him who he really was.

And waited for his decision with anxiety and longing submerging in his claret eyes.

"The bank sent three messages to inform the receipts in our joint bank account." Zero stepped toward him "One was my monthly salary. The others must be yours." Among those two's, one might be Kaname's salary as the CEO of the Fuukiran Corporation which was ten-time higher than his. And the third amount was even ten-time higher than that one that Zero didn't know what it could be.

"You said I can use this account too." Kaname whispered.

But Zero had expected him to withdraw money from the account, not put in. Same with the credit card, he was planning to tighten their expenses to save for the ransom, but it would be fine if Kaname went shopping and bought a few things. However, besides buying the books on the first day, Kaname hadn't used it again. Each night when Zero came back, the pureblood was either reading a book at the terrace or watching tivi. Many used tea bags in their trash bin and the fruit Zero prepared for him was finished, hinting he had stayed home all day. Somehow those traces made the hunter's heart feel very warm.

It was like having a lazy and sexy wife at home.

He tenderly kissed on the quivering crescent of the pureblood's long lashes, and the tip of his cute nose. "Thank you for agreeing to meet me, Fuukiran-san! I haven't heard much about you from my brother, but I'm grateful for what you have done to him. I know his career couldn't be that successful without your support. You didn't only give him chances, but also taught him necessary skills. I've only found out about your previous relationship with Ichiru, and heard you're a good person." Their arms wrapped around each other tightly and their bodies leaned on each other as a balance of one. "I've found out that you asked Ichiru to settle down with me as a condition for your support to his development in Hollywood. My conscience was smite because I ruined my beloved brother's opportunity by turning him down. I wish I could do something for him, but I couldn't accept his proposal. My first feeling has faded away when I found true love in someone else. I urged Kaname to help me meet you in person, to thank you for your kind intention, to beg for another chance for Ichiru, and to ask why you wanted to help me to accomplish my previous dream."

It was the speech Zero had prepared to speak to the Fuukiran's owner. He had also considered the questions Fuukiran might ask and situations when his request was declined. But they had become unnecessary.

"What else can I give you, Zero? What do you want from me?"

Because it all was the pureblood's arrangement to fulfill his wish. Since Zero said he loved his brother, Kaname had used his power as the boss of the movie industry to ask Ichiru to cut off all other relationships and settle down with him. Zero hadn't known how much of intensity the pureblood had put in his love for him, how many efforts he had quietly tried to give him happiness, how hurtful it was to decide to support the dream of the man he loved with someone else.

"If you wish for something, I'll obtain it for you. If you want someone, I'll bring that person to you." Kaname uttered.

Zero wanted to pull back a little to kiss him, but the pureblood's embrace was too passionate, too needy that he was afraid of scaring him if trying more to break it.

"I want you, Kaname! I want your intense love." The arms around him were tightened, Zero smiled. "Can I kiss you?"

The pureblood obediently loosened his embrace and parted his lips, closed his eyes waiting. Zero couldn't waste a second more, he occupied those inviting lips while hastily slid his hands under his lover's clothes.

They soon moved to the bed, any clothing that prevented them from devouring each other's pleasure was removed. The hunter knelt between his lover's spreading legs. Flaming desire burnt in their looks.

Zero cursed his own stupidity for thinking Kaname had slept with different men every day before going home with him. It had only been him in the last months, only him.

His fingers gently touched the closed entrance, teasing it around as the pureblood moved with desire, trying to expose his private part further for better stipulation.

They had learned each other's bodies very well and known perfectly where and how to make each other feel good.

The pureblood's eyes dulled when Zero glided his erection into him inch by inch. Kaname used to say he was too big. Indeed, he hadn't had experience to be aware of his size. He only felt that his lover was very tight, he had to use lots of lubricant each time but it seemed the pureblood was usually stretched to his limitation to accommodate him.

Zero had thought it was because Kaname was a man, and they were making love in an alternate way as a male body didn't have the particular part which was designed for intimacy with another man. But he was wrong, the problem was his oversized thing.

It was finally all in. Kaname gasped, sweats oozed on his forehead.


Are you using your lower head to think?

We should only be kissing. Kissing. Kissing Kaname.

The hunter hastily straightened up, but his lover was surprised and wrapped his legs around him to hold him back.


"I am sorry. I didn't prep you properly. We don't have lube here."

"You've finally realised it." Kaname chuckled. "But you are inside me already. Can you really stop?"

"But you would get hurt if I moved. We can do oral." The word made the hunter's face all red, his voice turned lower and lower. "We did it so many times last night."

"Actually not your fault, my blood in your system sensed my desire and inspired you to satisfy me." Kaname inserted his fingers in the silver hair with adoration.

"Is it a kind of manipulation?"

The pureblood shook his head. "I could have used it to manipulate you but then it depends on your strength that you would go with it against your will, or fight seriously to quench the urge. Just now, how you felt was simply my blood transferred my desire to you by nature."

That's why pure blood was scary, even if it had left the body, it was still linked to its original owner.

"I haven't sensed it clearly before." Zero said.

"Since I don't try to give you orders through my blood in your system, you will only be affected by my emotions and desires when you accept to receive those signs in my blood."

"Accept? I don't remember doing anything."

"You have accepted me, your feeling and acceptance to me and our relationship have been deepened in your heart."

Zero looked at his lover. This revelation was both romantic and disturbing. For vampires, there was no privacy between a couple, they yearned for their lover's blood, they yearned to sense each other's feelings and desires. For a person like Ichiru, he definitely didn't like it. And for Kaname, he was willing to give this advantage to Zero without receiving it back.

"Bite me!"

The pureblood was amazed with his lover's unexpected offer, all he could react was to gaze at him fiercely.

"Bite me!" Zero repeated. "I want a bond between us now. I want you to sense my feelings."

"Are you sure today?" Kaname whispered tentatively.

"Right here, right now. I can't wait to create a bond with you." Zero said with resolution. "Unless you don't trust me yet."

"You are my first love and first one who has bitten me!" The pureblood confessed.

Zero widened his eyes, he hadn't expected it. How could he be the first to Kaname? Oh my Goodness, it was fifteen years ago when the pureblood invited him to his chamber and offered him his first.

But he treated him very rudely and didn't care how he was feeling. He even aimed Bloody Rose at his temple as a precaution. They were not friends, there was no standing to talk about trust.

As a matter of fact, fifteen years ago, Kaname was in love with him.

"Did you hope I would sense your feeling in your blood?"

The pureblood nodded lightly.

Pity that Zero had never found it out because his heart was full for his brother, he ignored the signs, ignored to discover the pureblood's motive behind his offer. He had ignored him fifteen years, and this sincere, devoting feeling could have been buried forever in silence.

Yes, he should have figured out who Kaname really was if he hadn't been indecisive with his feeling. So he couldn't complain it when Kaname said he didn't see his sincerity.

"We will continue after you have bitten me." Zero pulled a few inches out and shoved up.

Kaname grabbed his lover's back as the sudden move sent a fierce sensation to his marrow. The hunter lowered his neck to him, natural aroma of flesh skin swirled into the pureblood's nostrils. Kaname carefully pressed his lips on the hunter's neck. He had kissed everywhere of his lover's body, but the neck, being afraid such contact would scare him away. The last thing he wanted was to make Zero think it's unsafe to stay close to him. So he had urged him to drink his blood again, silently waiting for a day when the hunter realised his true feeling. But it had been totally hopeless. Zero was very kind to him, very gentle and caring, but it wasn't love, he couldn't brush off the hunter's dream with his brother.

His tongue wet the biting area little by little, trying to lessen his lover's pain when the fangs went in. Zero gradually got a stingy feeling, and the moment the pureblood's fangs sunk in his flesh, a sensation of hotness and numbness took over his neck, then pleasure overwhelmed his body as a storm, a very weird kind of pleasure that he hadn't experienced before.

Kaname was withdrawing his blood. Oh it felt like they had become one, the blood in his body was being transferred to his lover, together with his love.

Zero wasn't scared, because he loved him, he wanted him to feel that he loved him. His heart was screaming, each of his blood cells was screaming. Kaname must sense it, understand it and embrace it.

He instinctively moved his hips to thrust his full aroused manhood in the pureblood's body, trying to go as deep as possible. He wished he could get inside him thoroughly, to entwine them, to combine them together so that they would never separate again.

His movements got more and more urgent, Kaname had stopped drinking and was clinging to him desperately as though he would fall out without him, legs clutching around his waist, arms hooking his neck.

Incoherent moans and cries slipped out of his reddened parting lips.

Was it too vehement?

Zero smiled and bent down to kiss his beloved.


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