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Theodore had quickly moved both of her wrists up, grasping them in one hand. And though his hands weren't very large, they were just enough for a grip strong enough that she couldn't quite escape.

Using his other hand, he very lightly traced his fingers down her side to her hip, pausing there, his touch so gentle that for a moment she couldn't even feel it.

The git was teasing her!

His touch was back, and slowly, he began to move his fingers in little circles on her hip, his hand moving lower, until he was at the bare flesh of her leg, making it extremely difficult to stop her hormones from getting the best of her. As if his body pressed so tightly against hers wasn't bad enough already. Plus, she had already been in a bit of a... state, thanks to that damn book.

That Damn Book!

Hermione, however, was doing the best she could to get away from him, pushing away as many unnecessary thoughts as she could in the process. She wriggled and shoved against him, ignoring the books that pressed so uncomfortably into her back.

And the way he tasted like vanilla and cinnamon; two of her favorite things.

And the way he smelled like both pumpkin spice and hot cocoa.

Not chocolate, hot cocoa.

And the way he kissed her so-


She would not give in!

This was wrong. Wrong. Wrong!

Realizing she had paused in her endeavors to escape him, momentarily distracted by her thoughts, Hermione quickly resumed them, with fervor.

She wiggled, squirmed, yanked, tugged at her arms, and attempted to stomp on his feet. When that didn't work, she went right for his family jewels, but he caught her leg between his before she could make contact, pinning it there, his lips still pressing and moving against hers mercilessly.

Hermione was missing the most obvious thing she could do to escape him. It was a little bit difficult for her to think clearly in this situation. Well, a lot difficult. After all, she had been dreaming about this, not that he needed to know, or ever would. But the reality was so very different. So much... better.

Despite that, the only emotional connection she had to the boy currently invading her morals, personal space and all of her boundaries, wasn't exactly a good one.

No, she knew his type, his view of her, and of all muggles and their magical children. She knew his real opinions and views.

And they definitely weren't to her taste. Which was exactly why this had to stop.

Aside from the fact that it went against everything she stood for as a person.

She wasn't dating him.

She barely knew him.

He was a pompous Pureblood.

He had no redeeming qualities. Other than that he was very intelligent. And handsome. And good at-

There she went again! These infuriating thoughts were so damn annoying!

And they were distracting her from her mission: escaping Theodore Nott.

His hand suddenly moved to right between her legs, successfully breaking her from her reverie; his fingers just barely tracing the bare skin there, a few inches under her knickers, causing her brain to fog up even more. And finally, almost like a light bulb, something in her snapped to realization.

And she bit him.

Yes, she bit him, hard enough to cause his lip to bleed.

In hindsight, she could have done so much sooner, if she hadn't been so bloody distracted by his completely unorthodox and bizarre violations. And her body's completely unwanted and traitorous reactions to them.

He pulled back immediately, looking both somewhat shocked and somewhat intrigued.

And a tad irritated.

Then, Theodore smiled.

It wasn't a nice smile.

"You just keep racking up revenge points, Granger. See where it gets you."

Hermione, for her part, was gasping for breath. While Theodore wasn't even breathing hard.

He must have had a lot of practice.

After she caught her breath a little, Hermione glared up at him, and though it was dark in the library, there was enough light for him to recognize that same firey passion in her eyes that had been half of the reason for his annoying dreams the past two weeks. It captivated him, nearly putting him in a trance. He could get lost in those eyes.

Then, she opened her mouth and it was broken.

"What do you think you're doing, Nott?"

He paused for just a second, barely missing a beat, before replying nonchalantly.

"I think I'm snogging you senseless, Granger."

As if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Her glare hardened.

"Do you know how many school rules you're currently breaking?"

His hand had moved away from her legs, his forefinger currently tracing his lower lip, where she had bitten him. But at this, he paused, raised both eyebrows at her, and then chuckled.



Before leaning in once more, whispering softly, huskily in her ear.

"School rules are the last thing you should be worried about right now, Granger."

Leave it to Hermione Granger to be thinking of school rules at a time like this.

However, Hermione didn't miss a beat. She turned her head, biting his right ear. Hard.

That was the second time in less than two minutes that she had bitten him.

He quickly pulled back, again, his body leaning away from her now, eyes narrowing slightly, angrily. And, luckily for Hermione, because he had been so caught off guard, his grip loosened just enough for her to be able to yank her wrists away.

As soon as she was free she jumped away from him, reaching into her pocket for her wand.

Only it wasn't there.

Slowly, he smirked, and then held something up.

Her wand.

Realization smacked her in the face. He hadn't been just teasing her earlier─that moment when she couldn't feel his touch, he had stolen her wand!

Right. Under. Her. Nose.

The bastard.

"Looking for something, Granger?" he asked, only managing to infuriate her more.

With a glare, she leaped, attempting to grab it, but he easily pulled it out of her reach, grasping her wrist and slamming her back up against the other bookshelf. This time, though, she didn't let him get the upper hand.

She twisted her wrist against his thumb, managing to break his hold, and sprinting for the door. Her wand would have to wait.

Only, she didn't get far.

In a second, he was on her.

And then they were both rolling on the floor, her reaching for her wand, him keeping it barely out of her reach. At the end of it, Hermione was somehow straddling him. Her cheeks grew warm at the feel of his arousal directly beneath her, but she wouldn't let that stop her. Not now that she had the upper hand, and was able to pin him down instead.

Or so he let her think.

"Give me my wand back, Nott. Now."

Her voice actually sounded dangerous, but rather than scaring Theodore, it excited and intrigued him.

He smirked.


"Make me. Mudblood."

She gritted her teeth, barely suppressing the urge to punch him. He was trying to rile her up, and it was working.

"I wouldn't be throwing insults around right now, Snake. If you were so worried about my blood status, you wouldn't be trying to get into my knickers."

Theodore simply put his hands behind his head, giving her a pointed look.

"Don't be such a prude, Granger. We both know you want it."

Hermione suddenly looked extremely affronted, her mouth literally dropped open.

The audacity! How dare he?!

Even if it was true.

Slowly, she closed her mouth, eyes narrowing at the smug-looking Slytherin, her grip on his shoulders tightening, fingers digging into him rather roughly.

And yet, there was something almost... arousing about the way he so shamelessly said it.

And the way he saw right through her.

Not that she'd ever admit it!

"Don't pretend to know what I want, Nott."

Her voice wavered, only slightly.

Then, before she knew what had happened, he suddenly had her underneath him.

Somehow, quick as a Snake─which was exactly what he was─Theodore had reached up, grabbed her shoulders, and flipped her over underneath him.

And he was pinning her much more efficiently than she had pinned him previously.

Unfortunately, acadamia was much more of Hermione's strong point. Not wrestling, or any other sport, especially one involving touching.

If looks could kill... Theodore Nott would have died about a hundred times in ten seconds.


"Tsk, tsk. Don't look at me that way, Weak Little Gryffindor. You can't tell me you aren't at least a bit excited at the thought of shagging a Slytherin."

"I'm not even at least a bit excited at the thought of shagging a Slytherin." she said, repeating him word for word.

He raised an eyebrow, leaning down, his hands still pinning her arms to her side.

Then, once again, he brought her arms up, holding both of her wrists in his left hand. With his right hand, he traced a trail from her forehead, slowly down the side of her face to her lips.

Leaning down further, his torso pressed to hers, he whispered softly to her.

"You see, Granger. The problem with that is... these lips can lie."

Then his hand continued down, between her breasts and their bodies, and further, tracing her stomach.

Just like in her dream.


And then further, right underneath her skirt.

Up her legs, between them.

And underneath her panties.

"These lips can't."

Then he smirked devilishly, those same hazel-and-golden-flecked eyes alighting with something she couldn't quite put her finger on. Pushing one finger into her folds just enough to feel how wet she was, before drawing it upwards, he nicked her clit slightly as he pulled his hand away, causing her body to jolt at the foreign, shocking sensation.

At this point, Hermione had stopped wiggling. She knew it wouldn't work anyway, but really couldn't move regardless. No, Hermione Granger was frozen in place, completely immobile, other than the involuntary jolt a few seconds prior.

For once, it was like her brain had stopped working. She had no idea what to do in this situation.

But her face, which was normally pale with a few small patches of barely-noticeable freckles spread across her nose and the tops of her cheeks, had turned quite the rosy color. Even more than earlier, when she had been pinning him.

Theodore looked more smug than he had looked all night.

"That's what I thought. You want me."

Then he lowered his voice, telling her very softly, and very assuredly.

"And before this night is over, you are going to beg me."

Before Hermione could respond, a different sound rang through the library, causing him to freeze right along with her.

It was the sound of a door opening.

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