Mother's dark love

Bjorn and his Mother



We find ourselves in a private villa, and inside said villa was a young boy genius who was watching the news on a large flat screen while his robot look-a-like stood beside him with a matching frown.

"Okay, where did I fail this time.." he said as the screen revealed an army of look-a-like robots getting beaten by Robotboy. "I was sure I had Robotboy this time with triple the amount of Bjorn Bots, and yet he still managed to defeat them. Maybe I have to make stronger ones?" he said before the screen showed hyper muscular Bjorn Bots attacking Robotboy at once, but in a blink of an eye he threw all of them off. "Then maybe a hacker?" and the screen showed a team of Bjorn Bots trying to hack Robotboy but that lead to them exploding.

"Yah." Bjorn Bot let out while Bjorn himself clicked the TV off with annoyance.

"That annoying Robotboy must have a weak point. But what?" He kept thinking for a while, but everytime a plan came to his mind, either he or someone else already used it and it failed, miserably at best and pathetically at worst. "I can't work on a scheme right now." he sighed before getting up and walked to the door with his hands behind his back. "I'll come up with something after some breakfast. Come Bjorn Bot." he said with Bjorn Bot following him.

(In kitchen)

Bjorn Bot opened the kitchen door to Bjorn only for both of them to be jumpscared by Bjorn's mom who just woke up from her nap.

"Oh! Sorry about that dear, I didn't hear you come in."

"You should always consider that, especially if you are...wearing this." he said while trying to not vomit from seeing her in her underwear.

"Wearing what?" she asked while putting her hands on her hips and garbed in a blue and white striped bra and panty combo and he closed his eyes...but the image didn't disappear. "Oh! Silly me, I'll be right back to make your breakfast."

"Please don't tell me it's-"

"It's herring!"

"Of course it is." he rubbed his nose and went to his seat while Bjorn Bot pulled it out for him and stepped back. "Thank you Bjorn Bot."

"Yah." he let out stiffly.

"Hmmm, I really should do something about your speech."

"Yah." Bjorn Bot said in agreement.

"Perhaps I can give you a more sophisticated accent as well. I've been in need of someone with a regal tone like my own." smirked Bjorn with pride, while his robot silently rolled his eyes.

"Who wants some herring?!" shouted his mom as she kicked the door and holding a plate full of herrings, the smell was strong enough to make Bjorn Bot get dizzy.

"Ugh, must you be focused on that insufferable fish mama?"

"Of course! What else will make you grow healthy and strong?"

"I have a few guesses.." he muttered with a grimace.

"Well don't just sit there, you have to eat plenty if you want to be full until lunch time."

"I don't need that, there's probably some chocolate here." he said as he started to search, but his mom held him from his pants and put him in a chair.

"Oh no you don't young man. So much sweets will stunt your growth." she frowned.

"Because so much herrings on a daily basis won't do anything worse." he said sarcastically before she patted his head.

"Now you are starting to learn."

'I sometimes question if I'm adopted.' he thought as he sighed.

"Hey! Don't do that at the table!"

"Yes mama."

"Good, now you're behaving."

"If you bring me some chocolate."


"Look I had a bad day so why don't you just give me what I want for once instead of making me forcefully take it like usual." he frowned with his mother giving her own glare.

"Bjorn, everyone has bad days, but that's no excuse to give orders to your own mother. Now eat your herrings."

"Fine, Bjorn Bot, give her a trip outside the house."

"Yah." spoke his robot before walking around the table and picked up his mother by lifting her by her chair, making her yelp and hold on before he activated his jets.

"Bjorn! You are-WAAAHHHH!" she screamed before the Bjorn Bot flew her out of the kitchen with his master smirking.

"Much better, now where does she hide all the good stuff?" he said as he started searching the kitchen, but surprisingly, his mother was actually good at hiding things. He frowned and had to crawl around in some of the cupboards while the camera panned outside the large hut with his mother screaming as she held onto the chair to keep from falling off.

"Put me down this instance!"

"Yah." said Bjorn Bot with no care.

"I swear if you don't put me down this instance, I will-" she said before Bjorn Bot put her in a forest and returned to his master home. She looked around the forest and fumed as she got up and kicked a rock. "Ooooh, that son of mine is getting too cocky for his age!" she started to stamp back and forth as she huffed. "I try to be a good mother, I try to support his life choice by being a genius robot maker, and this is the thanks I get? I knew I should have been more strict when he came back from that private academy. Now I have to walk back home on my own." she talked to herself only for Bjorn Bot to return. "Huh? Did he finally realize his mistakes? Well it's too lat-!" she said before Bjorn Bot carried her to her home again, faster than before. "AHHHHHH!"

By the time they came back to the kitchen, she was panting and looking frazzled while her son didn't seem bothered as he stood in front of her.

"Alright mama, where have you hidden them?"

"Aaah...ahh…" she panted, shaking while he started to lose his patience. " talking...about?"

"Come now, we both know I'm talking about those expensive bon bons. The ones you've hidden from me."

"Bon...bons…? No!" she said as she started to gather her thoughts, much to his annoyance. She inhaled and managed to catch her breath before standing firm and frowned at her son. "I said to eat your herring, and I meant it. NO sweets."

"...Fine, if you aren't going to give me what I want, then I'm not taking anything from you." he said as he was leaving the kitchen, only for her to hold him from his ear. "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!"

"Now you listen to me young man, and you listen good." she frowned picking him up without letting go as he tried to make her let go. "I am your mama, you are my son, which means you do what I say. Genius or no, as long as you live under my roof, you follow my rules. And I'm going to punish you for making your robot fly me out to the forest, especially when I nearly had a heart attack." she walked over to one of the chairs and sat down with him bent over her lap.

"Wait, what are you-OW!" he yelped when he felt her spank his rear.

"I don't want to have to do this, but you've gotten a big head for far too long Bjornson."

"OW! OW! OW! What do you want from me!?"

"I want you to eat your herrings and show some respect to me." she spoke firmly while briefly stopping as Bjorn winced from the stinging sensation. "I will not be a doormat in my own home any longer. You either eat the meals I set out for you, or I will do what I did before when you were a baby and feed them to you with a spoon."

"Show you respect?" he said while totally trying to ignore the spoon part. "What did you ever do to me so you can deserve my respect?" he said and for a moment everything went silent, and in the other her cries were mixed with the sounds of his butt getting spanked.

"Ahhh! My own son doesn't care!" she let out while she didn't stop her spanking. "I do everything I can as a single mother, and he ends up ungrateful and cold hearted to his own mother! Oh where did I go wrong!?"

"Stop! Stop! I'm not sorry, but please stop!" he let out while his arms and legs flail about. "Bjorn Bot! Ow! Do-Ow! Something!"

"Yah." nodded said robot who moved over, only for Bjorn's mother to turn and glare at it with a cold look that made him stop.

"You take one more step and I will personally send you into the scrap pile. Don't push me right now." she said, making him sit in his place, ignoring all of his master's cries and commands.

"COME ON! Okay, tell me one moment that you deserve my respect and may-OW!" he said as she spanked him one more time and stopped.

"You remember the time I went to my family home so you and your childhood friends could have your sleepover party?"


"The time I stayed awake for several days to help you make your first Bjorn Bot, even when you yourself slept?"

"Any parent would do that." he remarked while crossing his arms.

"And when I supported you to continue on your dream even when everyone made fun of it?"

"Well….again, any parent would do that."

"And what about the time I stayed a month helping you with your second Bjorn Bot? And all you did was just talk."

"Maaaybe you have a point….maybe.." he admitted looking away with his mother nodding.

"And do I even need to bring up the time you tried to impress that girl and it turned badly?"

"Hey! We both agreed never to bring that up again."

"And who got you out of the depression you suffered after that?"

"You..and Bjorn Bot.." he admitted, looking at the floor while his mother picked him up and set him on his feet before standing.

"Bjorn, I have given you much freedom to do what you want to help you grow as your own man, but I've also caused you to be quite the arrogant boy. Which is why I'm going to be a firmer mother, but that doesn't mean I'll stop loving you." she smiled while hugging him from behind, which actually touched the young blond in the heart.

"Eeeh...okay...I'm sorry for saying you don't deserve my respect, just stop doing this, it makes me uncomfortable." he said while trying to fight the warm feeling in his heart.

"Not until you apologize while looking me in the eyes." she said as she let go only for him to turn around and faced her. "And I expect you to keep your eyes locked on me, no looking away until you're done."

"You don't need to tell me that! I'm sorry for what I said and did but...I hate herring! And it seriously didn't fit the mood at the moment."

"Why is that?"

"I was in a sour mood because that no good Robotboy foiled my scheme yet again."

"And why didn't you just tell me?"

"Well I didn't want to talk about it." he huffed while looking away with a frown. "My issue with that annoying robot is my business, and it's something I will handle on my own."

"How about you stop your war with him and work on something else?" she suggested before patting her son on the back. "Maybe you should take a little break? Too much stress can be bad for a growing boy."

"What happened to supporting my dreams?"

"I'm not against any of your dreams, but you have to accept that you can't do everything, especially when you are getting stressed." she spoke with concern. "With your brain, maybe you could work on something else that won't make you having to make another Bjorn Bot every week. That's just throwing money away."

Bjorn looked down and let out a heavy sigh before rubbing the bridge of his nose. "And just what COULD I work on?"

"I'm sure you'll come up with something."

"Something...maybe...I should make brainwashing machines to conquer the world?" he suggested with his mother shaking her head.

"I was talking about something that could be more helpful for people."

"And why would I do that?"

"Well if you want people to really praise you and appreciate you, shouldn't you work on that sort of thing?"

"I can make them praise me if I brainwash them…"

"But you wouldn't deserve it, now will that be as fulfilling?"


"No, you will get bored because no one will challenge you anymore and you will return the world to normal, at best you will return home like nothing happened and at worst you will be thrown in prison for the rest of your life."

He let out a tired groan and crossed his arms. "Fine, I'll try to find something else to… people." he grimaced saying the last part. "Maybe...I will try to make something that can give people good dreams?"

"There you go. That's using your head."

"But if I end up even worse than before, don't say I didn't warn you."

"Okay, now sit and I will bring you some sweets."

"And then the herring?"

"Of course, sweets alone won't fill you up."

'I figured as much.' he thought as she left the kitchen. 'Well I at least feel a bit better, maybe I should thank her for that? Not because I want to help her of course! just to give her a reason to give more sweets.'

Bjorn Bot stayed where he sat before his master walked over.

"Come Bjorn Bot, we have work to do." he said as he was going to leave the kitchen, only to see his mom return. "A work that will wait until I fill my stomach!"



Bjorn was in his personal lab with numerous supplies littered around as he was busy scrolling through random subjects using his computer, most of which were current problems in the world.

"I can't believe there's this many problems I wasn't aware of, well thankfully with my brain I will be able to take care of it...hopefully." he said as Bjorn Bot touched his shoulder, "Is it finished?"


"Good." he turned and walked over to the work table where what looked like a beaker of water sat and looked around. "Well? Where is it?"

"Yah." his robot pointed at the beaker.

"Is this is it?" he said as Bjorn Bot nodded. "Well it isn't as impressive as I thought, but we will work on that the next time." he grabbed the beaker and moved over near a microscope and took a small slid to dip into it, slipped it back into its place and looked through the scope. He zoomed in on the wet spot which began to focus more and more until he saw dozens of what looked like tiny spherical robots. "If my calculations are correct, these nanobots will assist mama a hundred fold, but we'll need to test them out. Did you get the test subject like I asked?"

"Yah." his robot nodded before holding up a cage that held what looked like a hamster that was barely moving and looked tired with grey fur.

"Excellent. Inject a small portion of the nanobots." he said as Bjorn Bot did so.

He and the robot looked at the animal as it twitched and didn't move, but that's when the skin on its body seemingly began to twitch and ripple causing it to let out a squeak and roll around, an awkward moment of silence fell only for the hamster to start breathing loudly all of sudden.

The hamster blinked and looked at itself while suddenly feeling full of energy and began to move around on its legs while it's fur looked like it had gotten more color to it.

"I...I DID IT!" shouted Bjorn as he held the beaker before running out of the lab.

Bjorn Bot was ready to follow him, but he noticed something weird going on with the hamster. It squeaked more before the fur got more and more colorful, the same color as in it's prime while it started to move around without any trouble or issue. And while it seemed natural for a moment there, once it noticed him, it jumped straight into his face and hugged it while making weird noises.

"Yah..?" he let out in confusion while Bjorn looked around the villa as he ran, unable to find his mother.

"Mama! Where are you!?"

"I'm in the kitchen!" she shouted making him run in her direction, as he came to the kitchen she noticed the beaker with weird colors in his hands. "What is this? The good dreams thing?"

"No, it's something I worked on to assist you."

"Oh really? My son is finally loving me back!" she said as she moved to kiss him, but he tried to keep their distance.

"Please mama, try a little of this, you'll see just how it will help very soon."

"Of course I will!" she said as she drank all of it directly.

"I don't thi-!" Bjorn said before she fell on the ground, everything was silent for a moment until she started screaming. "Mama!" he cried out as her body started to get taller until her clothes became unfitting for her, the blond color in her hair began to shine more clearly as it came undone from the buns and fell down her back and her curves started to take a better shape. While all of this was good, the loud and painful screams didn't put any of them in ease, and once they ended everything became silent again. ""

"Ugh…..ow….ow….." she let out, her voice sounding smoother as she rolled on her side and rubbed her forehead while it was shown even her arms had slimmed down with clear smooth skin. " happen..ed?" she said revealing a bit of her face, which looked unfamiliar to her son.

"Mama?" he let out in shock as he saw her sit up and rub her head, slack jawed and speechless.

"Oooh….my head, I feel like I just got hit by a yak." she said as she tried to get up, but failed thanks to sudden change in weight. "Will you stop just staring and help your mama?"

"Oh! Sure." he spoke as he moved over and tried to help her move over to a chair and sit down, still gobsmacked. "Mama? How are you feeling?" he said as she moved her hair and revealed her entire face to him, making him both blush and question if this person is his actual mom.

"I don't know, my head is just spinning." she said before noticing the blush on his face. "More importantly, why are your cheeks red?" while she felt tired and dizzy at the moment, she couldn't resist asking the question of why would he blush. "Is it that girl again?"

"Wha? No, more importantly, are you okay?"

"Oh you are so sweet!" she said before she suddenly hugged him in an energy both of them didn't believe she had at the moment. "I'am now better knowing that you are concerned about me."

"Ahh..okay?" he let out, blushing since his head was pressed against her chest, but what made this different than others was the fact her chest felt like it was more firm and perky, even slightly bigger.

"Just what was in that beaker though? Some sort of new energy drink?" she asked while rubbing his head, only to notice her hair and stopped before holding a strand up and looked confused. "Wait...why is my hair so shiny? It hasn't been this way in years? And….why does my voice sound so much clear?"

"That was..the purpose of the beaker..put it simply, it made you younger..can you let g-!" he said before she hugged him even tighter.

"Awww, you went through all the trouble to make me younger? You really are a sweet young man!"

'Even though it was only meant to trim back a few years, not this much. She looks like she is in her mid twenties.' he thought as she let go only to start kissing his face repeatedly.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she said while still kissing his face, coming dangerously near his lips a few times.

"Mama! Mama I get it!" he spoke up while flailing his arms as she stopped with him looking annoyed. "Can you please put me down now?"

"Oh fine, but only if you ask nicely."

"Ugh, do I have to?"

"No you don't." she said as he felt her getting ready to shower him in kisses again.

"...Ugh..Mother, can you pardon my rudeness and let go of me?" 'I can't believe I said this again.'

"Much better." she smiled and pecked him on the forehead one more time before setting him down and stood up while giving herself a look over. "My word, whatever was in that beaker did a perfect job. I feel all my aches have vanished, not to mention all that weight I gained over the years is gone."

"Yes well, originally you were only meant to take a small dose, and it was supposed to take off a few years."

"Well this worked better, and I feel full of energy." she said as Bjorn Bot came to the kitchen, with a hamster hugging and kissing his face.

"You got a new friend?"

"Yah." said Bjorn Bot in a bothersome tone.

"Hmm, you know, now that I'm younger, I could do more things I never got the chance to." remarked Bjorn's mom tapping her chin. "Maybe I could get around to seeing what dishes herring can be used for instead of just using plain old herring. Maybe that will make you enjoy it a little more."

"I was thinking of learning how to bake and this sort of thing…"


"Kidding, kidding, you can learn whatever you want, but I made you younger so you at least owe me that much." he clarified while looking away casually. "Which to me sounds like a reward is in order."

"Fine, but you will taste my new herring dishes!"

"Maybe..." he said before noticing her face twitching in disappointment. "...Just kidding, but they better look and smell good or I won't ever bother to be near them!"

"Bjorn? Do you need another spanking?" she asked, rolling up one of her sleeves.

"N-No! I will make sure to taste all of them!"

"Good, now why don't you tell your robot and his friend to leave us alone to enjoy some mother-son time?"

"Do we need to?"

"Of course! You still need to get used to seeing me like this, and I'm still concerned about that blush before."

"I-It was nothing."

"Really? You are sure it wasn't because you remember that old crush of yours? Because she seriously doesn't deserve something as good as you." she said, shocking him while blushing a little. "That's why I say you and I spend the day together, especially since I'm going to need some new clothes. These ones are just too tight."she said, making him notice that detail and how good her body actually looks.

"F-fine..Bjorn Bot, leave."

"Yah." said Bjorn Bot while feeling worried for getting a liking to the hamster which didn't hold back on showing it's love toward him.

'What's up with that animal?' thought Bjorn before his mom held his hand.

"Now we go to town!" she said as her son tried to match her speed.

(Nearby village clothing store)

"I can't believe I ran all this distance non-stop!" said the mother in an energetic cheerful voice while her son was covered in sweat and breathing heavily.

" here.." he panted while trying not to throw up as his legs felt like jelly. 'Curse you gym class! I should have taken it more seriously instead of skipping it.'

"Now...Bjorn, would you like to choose clothes for me?"

"What? Why?"

"Well I just thought you might have a better knowledge of fashion these days."

"The only fashion I care about is for boys my age, and even that isn't much of interest to me." he remarked bluntly while wiping at his forehead. "I haven't got any clue on what females wear nowadays."

"Fine, but you will tell me what you think of the clothes I choose."

"I don't have a problem with that really." he shrugged. 'Giving an opinion is child's play.'

"Good, now...what do you think of this?" she said as she held a black bra. "It certainly looks fitting for my current size."

"Mama!" he said as he closed his eyes with his face turning red on the sudden image of his mom wearing that bra.


"Look, why don't you change first and I will tell you my opinion?" he said while still keeping his eyes closed.

"Fine." she rolled her eyes and went to try and find some clothes while Bjorn went to take a seat as one of the women working there walked over to the mother.

"Hello, can I help you with anything?"

"Yes, you see that boy over there?"


"Well he is my son."

"Oh, he is certainly handso-" said the woman before feeling a chill from the mother's stares.

"You let me finish, if you or anyone working here get or even think of getting close to him, I will make sure this store reutrn to ashes. understood?"


"Now, pick whatever clothes you think look good on me." smiled the mother while the employee gulped.

"W-Well, we do have a lovely new set that just came in earlier this week. Perfect for women wanting to show off their natural looks."

"That sounds nice, pick all of them up and I will be waiting."

The girl nodded and walked off while shivering. 'Just how old can you be to look like that and have a son?'

(After a few minutes)

"Bjorn~" sang his mother in a loud and clear voice that made him wonder why none of the employees told her to lower it a bit.

"Yes let's-wow!" he said as he felt his entire face heating up.

"What do you think?" asked his mother who was clad in a long sleeved grey winter fitted top with black gloves and a matching winter hat, a dark grey scarf that hung around her neck and in front of her chest with a long black skirt that clung to her waist while decked in a pair of black leg fitting kneesocks with a pair of grey high heeled boots.

"Amaz-I mean good! It..looks good on you..." he said lowering his face to hide the blush

"Why thank you. I thought I'd try something a bit more covering since it does get nippy off and on." she remarked looking herself off, but noticed Bjorn looking at the floor. "Bjorn, why are you looking away?"

"N-no reason!" he said, making her irritated.

"Young man, it's rude to look away when your mother is speaking to you."

"I know, but...what about trying something else? I won't bother myself with looking at the same image twice."

'Oh really now?' she raised an eyebrow before getting an idea when she glanced at some other clothes and smiled. "Alright, I'll try something else on, but you better make sure to look."

"I will, but don't try asking me twice!"

'Oh I won't need to.'

(After a few minutes)

"Damn it, I don't have an entire da-!" he said before hearing footsteps walking toward him, when he looked at it, he felt something coming from his nose. "….goodness."

"How does this look on me?" asked his mother who was wearing a brown fur lined top that covered her stomach and was connected to a matching fur skirt, and wearing leather shin high boots with a small horned viking hat on, with her hands on her hips, with the clothes hugging her in all the right places.

"It…" he tried to say something, but nothing other than those words.

Satisfied by this reaction, his mom walked towards him slowly and held him from his chin. "Tell me, does it look a little…tight?"

"Yes! I mean no! I mean...maybe?" while he wanted to just tell her the truth and end it, a part of him still wanted to continue this moment, and that part was the current controller.

"Really? So I suppose there is no problem if we return home with me wearing just this right?"

"What? No!" he spoke up with his hands up as his mind was working out an excuse. "We...We can't leave just yet. I mean, what if there's something else you see that might fit? It'd be a complete waste of time to leave now and then needing to come right back."

"Well that's true, thanks for advising me!" she said as if he did a big favor to her, and while their lips were so close to each other, she teased him by moving his shin to the left and kissed his cheek.

Bjorn turned red and tugged at his collar as he watched her walk away and shook his head and slapped his cheeks. 'Keep it together you fool! What is wrong with you?' he thought as he tried to look at her again, only for his mouth to open thanks to staring at her ass. It was like a more primal and normal side clicked since with how hot his mom was like, she could literally pass as a norwegian model, which was what made this so hard to focus!

(After ten minutes)

"I'm here~"

"Finally…" he said as he turned his head around to see his mother after falling in thoughts of how he was viewing his mother, only for said thoughts to be kicked out of his mind. "Oh….my….GOD!"

"I feel this one is more loose." smiled his mother, now draped in a thick white fur coat, but the inside part was opened up to reveal a snow white fur leotard with thigh high black boots."And why aren't you looking again?"

'Because if I do I won't be able to look away!' he screamed in his mind while trying to keep from being tempted on looking up. "I-I-It looks….fine."

"Just fine?" she said as she lowered herself, when he accidently took a glimpse, he saw a bit of her breast.

"It's great, amazing! Whatever you want to hear just...don't force me to look at the same thing twice!"

"Mmmm, well….alright, just let me try on one more outfit and then we can go home."

"Fine, just finish faster."

"If you want I can return home with just this~"

"I mean take your time, just don't force me to look at it twice."

"Got it." she said as she left him alone again, and again, he still checked her ass before slapping himself.

"What's wrong with me?!" he closed his eyes and shook his head. 'She's my mother, my mother, my mother! She is not a complete stranger, she is the woman who gave birth to you! Don't act like any other pathetic prepubescent boy! Especially to your own mother!'he thought, only to stare at her once again. "DAMN IT!"

(After..actually a short amount of time)

'Just look at her like your mother, which she is! And you can get this done and over with.' he thought only to see her again wearing some clothes he is more used to. It was white blouse with puffy shoulder sleeves, but with a long blue skirt that reached near the top of her knees, but her hair was styled in a braided pigtail that went over her shoulder, and he swore the blouse was exposing more skin than before. 'Better than before at least.'

"How do I look?" she asked with a smile. "It's like my old one, but it fits just right, and I even went with a different color."

"It's good, I can at least look at it for more than a second." he said without noticing the last part.


"Nothing! Now that you found some decent clothes, can we return home?"

"Sure, but since this is the only decent one, I suppose you don't want me to buy the others?"

"NO! I whatever you want with them." he spoke while coughing into his hand and blushing, which his mother picked up on and discretely chuckled.

"Fine, I will buy them, but next time you will take a better look, promise?"

"Why shoul-!" he said before she raised her hand. "I mean sure! I will!"

"Good boy." she said as she kissed and patted his head.

(In Bjorson house)

"Bjorn? I have an idea." shouted his mom from the living room.

"What's that now? Didn't you encourage me to work more?" he sighed.

"Well yes, but one day off won't be bad will it? We can make a better connection."

"We spent half of the day together!"

"And we will enjoy the other half even more, so come here."

"Fine, fine..are you alright?" said Bjorn looking at Bjorn Bot who now seemed to be returning the hamster's affection.


"...Eww, I'm coming mama!" 'Whatever I'm going to see, it's better than this.'

He rushed out of his room and saw his mother sitting on the living room couch with a smile. "What is it mama?"

"Well i thought to myself what are the best things a mother and a son can do together and-"

"You found out it's helping me create million versions of the youth potion?"

"...No, I found out that it's watching romantic movies together!" she said showing several CDs of famous romance movies, some are famous for different reasons than the others.

"...say what now?" he replied with a raised eyebrow.

"Think about it, a mother and her son watching movies about love, and movies about love that sucks."

"Yeeah, shouldn't it be...I dunno, movies about family?"

"That's good as well, but not my taste."

"Well there is no movie genre that fit my taste so if you excus-"

"No favorite movie genre? Even though you have all those written stories about female robots under your bed?" she said, making him unable to breath from shock.


"Well unlike you I care about cleaning, and unlike you I have some interesting friends who might like making movies about your sto-!" she said before he put his finger in her lips, stopping her from talking and making her cheeks redden as well, and silently he walked and sat on the couch with her.

"Alright, you've made your point. Let's just watch the movies and agree to never speak about those stories again."

"I knew you'd see it my way."

(After one fine movie)

"Darn it, this always makes me tear up!" she said as the TV showed the final scenes of Titanic.

"Then why are we watching it?"

"Because it's so beautiful." she sniffled while blowing her nose as Bjorn rolled his eyes.

"I mean it could have been worse, but I don't think it's worth crying for," he said before noticing her arm raising a little bit in a suspicious way. "Then again, maybe I'm not used to how I should feel about this movies"

"I mean you did laugh at the french girls part."

"Only a small chuckle, that's it."

"I didn't think a chuckle could be that loud."

"Maybe there is something wrong with your ears."

"Maybe, but after watching this movie what about me trying to draw you? That might be fun."

"Yeah I don't have time or interest for that." he remarked bluntly with his mother pouting.

"Aw, you're no fun." she said before getting a funny idea. "Do you like vampires?"

"I don't think so."

"Too bad because we are going to watch a movie series about vampires and romance."

"Please tell me it at least has some form of violence."

"Not only that, it has vampires shining when the light touches them!"


(Ten minutes into Twilight.)

"I don't feel right about this.."

"Come on it's just ten minutes in the movie!"

"I know..."

(After long minutes into Twilight)

"This is dumb, why do vampires shine under sun in this movie? This is their biggest weakness!"

"Oh come now, it's not that bad."

"Thinking about it, how old are vampires in these movies?"

"Old enough to be legends."

"With the ability to walk normally under the sun, shouldn't they be controlling the world now?"


"Doesn't this bother you?"

"A bit, but if I'm going to get bothered, you're with me." she said as she rested her arm on his shoulder.

Bjorn stiffened up hearing that and gulped, while trying to focus on the movie as best as possible.

(After some long time)

"..Jorn..Bjorn..wake up.." Bjorn heard his mother saying this while awakening again, and to his happiness the movie ended. "You fell asleep."

'Thank goodness.'"Too bad, well I think now we can mov-"

"There are still sequels."

"You're kidding right?"

"I think this series has five movies."

"...Please me you're kidding, right?" spoke Bjorn going wide eyed as his mother shook her head. 'Oh good lord!'

(After a long and painful series of movies)

"I..can't believe I wasted on this.." spoke Bjorn who looked drained of all energy.

"I mean we could have tried drawing each other for fun, but you didn't have interest or time for that, did you?" remarked his mother while pouting. "Can you really blame me?"

"Well no, but at least you could have a movie that is bad, but better than this!"

"Actually, there is a series of movies based on Twilight fanfiction."

"What's that now?"

"It's about this girl who gets into a relationship with a guy who is super rich and...into some interesting stuff."

"Why does she get into the relationship with him?"

"I told you, he is super rich."

"...You wanted to draw me didn't you?"

"Well….maybe." she smiled with an innocent expression.


"Good, now do you prefer to do it without clothes?"

"What? No!"

"You sure? It might look better, plus I'm your mom so it's fine."

"Y-Yes!" he blushed bright red. "I'm not getting drawn in the nude!"

"If it makes you feel better, what about me getting naked and you draw me?" she said with a light blush, only to notice him paralyzed with a red face.

"H-H-H-H-How does that change anything!?"

"Well it makes us even and it's fair." she smiled, making him groan and slump over.

"...Just draw my face."

"Fair enough dear." she said with a bit of disappointment.

(After some hours)

"Aaaand done! You can move now."

"Finally." sighed Bjorn moving off the small pedestal he had been using.

"I think it turned out pretty well." she said as she turned the painting around for him to see it, it was a realistic and glorified take on his face with some mature features.

"Hmm, I will admit, you did a great job, it looks almost like the real thing." he said with a satisfied expression.

"Why don't I go ahead and do another one? This time with a little….flare."

"And just what sort of flare do you mean?"

"Well...y'know how those painters used to draw some greek men." she said as he started to see where this is going.

"Mama, please tell me you didn't."

"Not yet, but it's never too late." she winked, making him blush and look away while shaking his head. "Don't worry, I'll be sure to make you older in it."

"Yes, I will refuse that." he remarked flatly, turning to her with her pouting.

"You mean you won't let your own mama at least try?"

"Why should I?"

"Because if you do, I might just be persuaded to let you run off and get into all sorts of mischief like before, provided you don't get hurt."

"...You have a deal."

"Awww, I knew you cared."

"Sure, sur-hey! Hands off!" he shouted as she started stripping him.

"But I need to make sure I get all the details spot on."

"I get that, but I can do this on my own." he said as he took off his shirt. "Is this good enough?" he asked with a glaring blush.

"Yes, that will be perfect, for the first part."

'God this will be long..'

(After some hours)

"Can I move now?...again."

"Give me another minute."

"That's what you sai-!"

"Don't move your mouth!" she warned firmly, making him quickly close his mouth as she went back to the picture. "Don't worry, we're just about done….aaaaand done! Now to the lowe-?" she said before seeing Bjorn running away to the bathroom. "Bjorn? Where are you going?"


"Well don't take too long!"

(With Bjorn)

'Now that we are done with that, I have to find a place to hide.' he thought as he quietly got out of the bathroom. 'Being drawn shirtless is one thing, but to do it without any pants is more than I could handle.'he thought as he looked around while walking silently, 'If I can just get to my room and lock the door...'

"Bjorn! Are you done in there yet?" his mom shouted but he remained silent. 'Maybe I should check on him…' she thought while blushing. "Nononono, not yet!"

Bjorn covered his mouth and tip-toed back to his room.

When he got there his hand reached to push the door, a small noise came out, alerting his mom senses.


'Stupid door!' he thought as he continued to push the door as carefully as he could, but to no avail until the sound of someone walking came to his senses, making him throw all the carefulness away to enter the room and close the door violently.

"Bjorn! What have I said about slamming doors shut?"

"Sorry!" he said as he pressed a button in the wall, with several metal doors appearing and covering the first one. He sighed with relief and walked over to his bed to plop on while his mother tried to open the door.

"Open this door now!" she said trying to open it herself.


"Damn left me with no choice." she said as she raised her arm and punched the door! Leaving a clear mark.

Bjorn jumped hearing the bang as it was followed up by another, and then another.

"Open this door right now young man!" she shouted, and while he wanted to say something smug, he was just shivering in his place, until her punch crossed the metal doors with her fist unscratched.

"How are you doing that?!"

"It's my motherly love!" she said before tearing the door apart with her bare hands!

"Eeek!" he cried out without being able to make a move.

"Now take off your pants right here and now and let me draw you like the little angel you are!"

"That doesn't sound like something that should ever be said!"

"I don't care!" she shouted before she jumped at him and started trying to pull his pants down.

"Stop it!"


"I..said..sto..!" he said before she finally pulled it off. He turned bright red and covered his crotch, but his mother had seen enough to make her cover her mouth with a gasp. "Don't..look.." he said while she didn't know what to do, with both her angel and devil appearing on her shoulders.

"Look! Look at what your son is like, and at such an age! Wait till he really gets older."

"Come on! If you don't take him now now some guy or girl will do it at one point later."

"Take him from me!?"

"If you do anything to him now you will just encourage him to search for someone else!"

"How? She is strong, sexy and his mom, it's a dream come true to any pervert."

"My son isn't a pervert!" both her and her angel shouted.

Bjorn looked at his mother with worry since she was talking to herself and was afraid to speak up.

"Uhh girls, I think we're scaring him."

She immediately shut up and saw Bjorn staring at her. "Uh...ignore anything I said. I'll go get the paint."

"Can I at least put a leaf on my crotch?"

"Oh very well."


"Sorry." she said while completing Bjorn's angelic wings.


"For forcing you to do this...and breaking your door, I really don't know what had got into me." she admitted, looking away with a blush. "Can you ever forgive me?"

"...depends on whether I like the pairing or not." he said, making her smile.

"Well it's...done! Take a look! She turned the canvas around, which basically showed Bjorn as an angel, halo and wings in all, with sunlight streaming on him, leaf cover of course, and altogether made him look like a saint. Oh the irony.


'Scared? horrified? disgusted?' she thought in fear.

"I...never saw something so real! It's like I'm a saint! How realistic!" he spoke in shock, amazed and near tears. "It's like I'm looking in a mirror. A mirror that shows my true reflection!"

"So you like it?"

"Like it? I love it!" he said before running close to her and kissed her cheek. "Thank you mama!"

'He loved it!' she thought before squeezing him in a hug. "Oh you're welcome my darling little Bjorn!" she said squeezing him tighter and kissing his face...a bit too much, and by "a bit" this meant her trying to get to his lips.

"M-Mama?" he said before she put her lips over his. His eyes bugged out of his head, and that was the moment Bjorn Bot chose to walk into the room and see this.

He stared at them silently, when Bjorn noticed him he moved his hands asking for help, but all Bjorn Bot did was take a photo of them together and leave as if he had seen nothing.


His mother pulled back with a pop, and smiled at her son. "That was heavenly~"

"Uhh...hh..." he tried to say something, but just couldn't, while he felt something growing between his legs and hitting the leaf.


"So, Turnbull, ready to accept defeat?" said a smug Bjorn with an army of Bjorn Bots made of gold.

"Ha! We've been over this before Bjorn. No way would Ro get beaten by a bunch of tinker toys."

"You will see what this to-" said Bjorn before being cut from his speech.

"Show him what you can do sweetie!" said his mom as she was wearing a shirt and holding a flag that had his face on it.


"Ha! Still needs you mo-"

"Make me proud Tommy!" said Tommy mom doing the same but with Tommy face.

"Mom!" He cried out turning red. "I told you to stay inside! It's dangerous out here!"

"I'll be fine! I know you'll protect me!" she smiled making Tommy look down while Bjorn smirked.

"What was that Turnbull? Sounds to me like your mommy came here to keep an eye on her baby boy."

"Well you're one to talk. You're having some model call you sweetie."

"That's my mama you're talking too!" he yelled, making Tommy look lost.

"Uhhh, how about we call it even until later on, when they're asleep and all?"

"Oh~ so you are runn-!" said Bjorn before getting cut by his mom's cheers again. "MAM-...after some thinking, I decided I agree with your plan."

"Alright, come on Robotboy."

"But Tommy, why?" asked the robot tilting his head.

"It's..." he said before looking at his mom who smiled at him in a weird way. "I'll explain it to you in the future..."

"Bjorn Bots, we are returning home" said Bjorn to all of his army.

"Yah!" all of them cried out at once with the old one seemingly in a relationship with the hamster.

"Why did you let him escape?" said his mom.

"I have...some stuff to take care off."

"Like what?" Bjorn's mom asked

"Uh...personal stuff."

"Okay" she said before she lowered herself to Bjorn's height and whispered in his ear. "But once you are done with that stuff, mind coming to my room before finishing your fight with Tommy?"

"Why?" he said as her breath in his ear made him blush.

"Personal reasons~"